Happy 10th Month Birthday Wishes for Baby Girl

Happy 10th Month Birthday Wishes for Baby Girl

Babies are very adorable, and they deserve to be celebrated every day especially on special milestones like 3 months, 6 months, 10 months etc.

You can be a dad, mum, aunt or uncle, let me show you one of the best ways to celebrate a baby girl. You need to shower her with loads of beautiful baby gifts and adorable birthday wishes.

These sweet happy 10th month birthday wishes for baby girl shows how much she means to you and when she grows up, she’d blush at how much love she received as a baby.

Create lasting memories of love and affection for this beautiful baby girl, by using some of these wonderful messages to celebrate her tenth month anniversary.

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Happy Tenth Month Birthday Wishes and Quotes for Baby Girl

Happy tenth month birthday to my adorable baby girl. My wishes for you this day are that you’d always be happy and grow up to be a sweet princess.

1. I want to be honest with you my baby, carrying you from birth to this 10th month has given me so much closure to you that I can’t stay without having you around me. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

2. Let me be honest, I still haven’t figured out your personality but I am sure you going to be my little sweet angel as you grow More. Happy 10th birthday, my darling.

3. Gradually you are becoming a big girl, you are in your 10th month now, very soon you’d become a bigger baby. Happy 10th birthday my love.

4. My baby that I am fond of, I want to let you know that I will love you from now till you grow up to take care of me. Happy 10th birthday my baby.

5. Little wonder how you have grown to this month, it is the Lord’s doing and it is marvellous in our eyes. Happy 10th birthday my love.

6. You are the apple of my eyes, my very own child whom I am pleased to have. Happy 10th birthday baby.

7. Your smile gives me soothing relief when am down, you are the best baby I can ever ask for. Happy 10thmonth birthday, sweetheart.

8. When you laugh, it fills the atmosphere with so much love and joy. I thank God for keeping you till this time. Happy 10th month birthday.

9. From day one to weeks and months, I have never regretted having you; I appreciate God for giving me such a valuable gift. Happy 10th month birthday my baby girl.

10. My treasure, my baby, I love and cherish you more than you can imagine and I am happy that I am beside you to celebrate your 10th month birthday.

11. I am super excited that you are clocking 10 months today and I can’t hide this feeling that to tell it to the world so they will celebrate with me. Happy 10th birthday my baby girl.

12. Hey! See who’s 10 months today, my very own super special baby girl, happy birthday my dear, may you grow up to become a great person.

13. Your smiles make me smile, your laugher makes me laugh and been blessed with such a beautiful damsel makes me feel alive. Happy 10th month birthday, darling.

14. My treasure, I am blessed to call you my own; you are so special and loving, may you grow old and prosper. Happy 10months birthday to you.

15. When you were born, the whole world became brighter because a child of light was born into the world, Happy 10months birthday to you my baby.

16. Whose baby is 10months today? Definitely mine, I am so happy that I am celebrating you today my special one, happy birthday, my beautiful baby.

17. You are 10months and not yet 10 and words have started failing me to explain how much I love and cherish you. Happy 10 months birthday.

18. Is God not wonderful? He didn’t just bless me with you but gave me a perfect gift that will make me smile all day. Happy 10 month birthday, my baby.

19. In as much as God has brought you into my life and has spared you till this time, then, I believe he has brought you up to spread great love around. Happy 10months birthday, my darling.

20. It has been a beautiful, wonderful and exciting journey so far and it’s not ending here because I believe God is taking you to a higher level in life. Happy 10th month birthday, my sweetheart.

10 Months Birthday Wishes for Baby Girl

My baby girl is 10 months today. Happy birthday my adorable princess, my wishes for you this day is a life of love and happiness. Love you, darling.

1. It has been a beautiful, wonderful and exciting journey so far and it’s not ending here because I believe God is taking you to a higher level in life. Happy 10th month birthday, my sweetheart.

2. You are such a smart beautiful child; you are truly a blessing to me. God bless your new Age baby. Happy 10th months celebration.

3. I watched you from birth, then crawling and now you are trying so hard to walk on your 10months birthday. It is my prayer that God elevate you.

4. There’s no need to hide this, you are the best baby ever at your age, you are unique and wonderful. Happy 10months birthday may God bless your new age gracefully.

5. I wish that you stay healthy as you grow up in grace and love, continue to be that blessed child that you are. Happy 10months my sweetness.

6. It is my prayer that you continue to enjoy the goodies of being a baby and may God bless you abundantly. Happy 10month birthday, my darling.

7. Happy 10months birthday to a blessed and beautiful child, may you continue to be that joy God has placed you to be in this family, happy 10months birthday my darling.

8. Even if you can’t speak yet, I already know the favourite gifts you need and I will provide them for you today is your 10th month birthday.

9. From one month to the 10th month today, God has been faithful to us and he has reassured me that you are a blessing to us. I will always cherish you, my baby. Happy 10 months birthday.

10. Coming to this world and through this family is truly a special blessing ordained from above, though you are still small you kept being a bundle of joy to us all. Happy 10months birthday to you.

11. Your giggle is always contagious and changes the atmosphere for good, you are a very valuable gift that we appreciate every day. Happy 10 months birthday, baby girl.

12. Congratulation young hero, May you live long to make a difference on planet earth, happy 10months birthday darling, cheers to a great life ahead.

13. You naturally attract the people around you by your rays of cuteness. Happy birthday our darling daughter, it’s 10 months down, forever to go.

14. I hope you get to be as happy as you always are baby, enjoy your special day with lots of love from me. Happy 10 months birthday, baby.

15.I know you going to grow up into a beautiful young girl but know that you will always be my baby for life. Happy 10months my baby.

16. I love you, my little baby, you are small in size but your smiles fill the atmosphere with so much weight. I cherish you and have a beautiful 10months celebration.

17. Here’s to the cutest and most awesome baby who turned 10months today, I love you sweetie and Happy birthday to you.

18. Happy 10th month Birthday my princess, am going to dress you so fine and treat you like a princess that you are on this day and more to come. I love you dearly.

19. You are growing fast; I can’t believe you are 10 months already. Grow in grace and favour my little princess. Happy birthday.

20. You are born with a natural ability to charm everyone around you with your cuteness. Thank God for blessing us with you. Happy 10months birthday

Birthday Wishes and Prayers for 10 Months Old Baby Girl

Today, my baby girl is 10 months old and I’m so happy. I love you so much, darling. My wishes and prayers are with you, may your life be sweet and blessed.

1. May your 10 months birthday turn out to be the most beautiful birthday children of your age can have and may it be sweet as honey. Happy birthday, damsel.

2. Hearing your little giggles makes me so happy, how I wish you know how much you mean to me. Happy 10months birthday, my pretty baby.

3. You are an angel sent to me; you are my life and the reason for my happiness. I love you, baby, happy birthday 10 months birthday dear.

4. It’s your special day and the sun is shining bright to celebrate you on this day. Happy 10th-month celebration my love.

5. I wish you a very bright future because you are smart and loving. Happy birthday my 10months baby girl.

6. My dearest little angel, I wish you a hundred more of these wonderful days, I love you dearly my baby, happy 10months birthday to you.

7. You certainly deserve all the best things in life and I will try as much as possible to provide all for you, Enjoy your day little one, happy 10months celebration.

8. This day strikes a remembrance of how grateful we are to God for blessing us with such a wonderful baby like you, I love you and happy birthday.

9. Here’s wishing you the best 10months birthday, it’s still your 10th month, there is more to celebrate, Happy Birthday little one.

10. My little angel, may God bless you on this wonderful day of your life, I love you now and forever, happy birthday, darling.

11.You may be 10months old today but you have brought so many miracles to our lives and the people around you, Have a happy 10 months birthday my dear little baby.

12. There is nothing more special than celebrating your existence every day must especially on a day like this, Happy 10months my angel.

13. You are truly the sweetest baby I have met, you always make people smile just by looking at them, enjoy your 10th month birthday little one, Happy Birthday.

14. You are the light of my life, when you smile you brighten up my day, my sweetest baby, I wish you a very happy 10months birthday celebration.

15. To the special gift given to me by God, I wish you a joy unending, grace in abundance to grow up and prosper. Happy 10months birthday, my baby.

10th Month Birthday Wishes for Daughter

My wishes for you on your 10th month birthday is a life of bliss and happiness. God bless you, my sweet little angel, you’re the most adorable daughter ever.

1. I wish you would never grow up and always stay the same, I know that is impossible though so I will just wish you the happiest 10months birthday ever today.

2. It is obvious that you are a brilliant little girl, may you grow in wisdom, understanding and knowledge, and I hope you enjoy your birthday and many years to come.

3. Whenever I look at you my baby, I see pure love and it penetrates down my spine. Happy 10th birthday, my love.

4. It is your 10th birthday, May it be wonderful today and for the years to come in Jesus name. Happy birthday my treasure.

5. To the sunshine of my life, May this 10th month be bright and may you always shine. Happy 10th birthday, my darling.

6. You are a miracle and will always be the miracle that makes our life complete. Happy 10months birthday, my baby.

7. I know why I am always particular about your smile, when you smile you leave a sparkle in everyone. Happy 10months birthday my baby girl

8. You are so unique and wonderful; I bless the name of God for giving me such a beautiful baby. Happy 10months birthday, darling.

9. In two months my baby is going to be plus 1, isn’t that wonderful? But before then let’s celebrate your little beginnings. Happy 10month birthday, darling.

10. We have been celebrating you month by month; I pray God gives us the strength to continue celebrating you till you grow old. Happy 10th month my, sweetheart.

11. It has been 10 months of wonderful existence, you have made me smile, you have occupied so many holes in my heart and I am so blessed to have you. Happy 10th month birthday.

12. I thought it would take a long while before you will start transforming our lives with your existence but you have done a lot with your existence in such a short while. Happy 10months birthday, darling.

13. Just like yesterday, you are already 10months old, you have taught me how to love you first and put you as number one in my life, I cherish you, my baby. Happy birthday, my angel.

14. I am short of words, I don’t know where to start appreciating you from, you have made having a child easy for me without going through too much stress, happy 10months old birthday my baby.

15. Having a baby is such a wonderful thing and a miracle; you arrived into our life and brought sunshine and joy. Happy 10months birthday, darling.

10 Months Birthday Captions for Daughter

Happy 10 months birthday sweet daughter. May you grow up to become a shining light. More beautiful smiles to you my angel.

1. There is so much love to give when you are blessed with a darling baby girl, before you know it, this little lady will be the light of your life. Happy 10months old birthday baby.

2. I want you to know that you are braver than you believe, stronger than you think and loved more than you know. Happy 10months birthday to you, my love.

3. No matter what the moment, you always render sunshine in my life with your adorable smile. Happy birthday, my baby girl.

4. There is no better feeling than watching your baby burst into laughter, it fills the atmosphere with love and tranquillity. Happy 10months birthday to you, my baby.

5. You are a precious gift, wrapped in love and presented to me; I appreciate every moment with you because you bring joy into my life. Happy 10months birthday, my love.

6. With you in my life, I am assured that my future is bright and beautiful because you are a blessing to my world. Happy 10 months birthday my darling.

7. I love you to the moon and back my baby, you are a miracle in this family, and may you continue to grow gracefully. Happy birthday, my love.

8. You are full of beauty and forever beautiful, you are a miracle that never ceases to be miraculous, you are my beat baby and I adore you. Happy 10months birthday.

9. You are one of the most treasured gifts I have; opening my eyes every morning to see you brightens my day. Happy 10months birthday, my dear.

10. Every day since you were born, I haven’t stopped thanking and appreciating God for giving me you today is your 10month birthday and I wish you more months to celebrate in good health and wealth.

11. You are beautiful, you are lovable, you are adorable, You are a Darling and a treasure. Happy 10months birthday, my baby.

12. You are beautiful, full of energy, soft and lovable, it is your 10th month today and I can’t keep mute about it. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

13. I pray to God every day to give me the strength and all I need to take good care of this wonderful give he gave to me, You are special and you deserve special treatment at all times my Darling. Happy 10months birthday, sweetness.

14. I asked and God gave me more than I expected, he didn’t just give me a child, but he gave me a special and valuable gift. Happy 10th-month celebration, my love.

15. I have never regretted having you and I will never because you are a miracle and at the same time a blessing to us, happy 10 month birthday, my darling baby girl.

10 Months Birthday Status for Daughter

You own my status today, my darling princess. Happy 10 months birthday to you, I’m proud to have a daughter as beautiful as you are.

1. Hey baby! I have set this day aside to specially celebrate you; I will buy you lots of gifts and make sure you are happy all day. Happy 10months birthday, my love.

2. God has been faithful to us and he is fulfilling his promises every day, you are 10months today and I believe God will continue to fulfil his promises till you grow old. Happy birthday, my angel

3. You shall be favoured, grace will speak for you, joy will surround you all the days of your life as you grow from days to weeks, weeks to months and months to years. Happy 10months my baby.

4. Happy 10 months birthday to an amazing, ever-smiling, cheerful and beautiful child, I pray this day brings you loads of love and gifts.

5. 10times of blessings, 10times of love, 10times of care, and 10times of everything you deserve is what you will get as you clock 10months today. Happy birthday, baby girl.

6. My young champ, you are still too young to understand how special this day is to you and I pray this day that God will bless you this day and more in Jesus name. Happy 10months birthday, my darling.

7. Today marks 10months of your existence on earth and it has been a sweet and beautiful journey so far, may your life continue to be sweet and graceful. Happy birthday, darling.

8. Today marks the 10th month you came into our lives with so much joy and happiness that radiates from your smile. God bless this day and more for you, my baby.

9. I pray for blessings, guardian and protection from God to always be with you all the days of your life, keep growing in God’s grace, baby girl.

10. Happy blessed birthday to you baby girl, may God continue to cause your light to shine, ug you shall continue to grow in God’s wisdom you t and grace.

11. Happy 10th month birthday to you Darling, May you grow in grace and wisdom. I’m not sure may you find favour with God and man.

12. May God’s grace which is sufficient fill your life and make you grow in Christ as you clock 10month today. Happy birthday.

13. As you are growing, may you glow, may you continue to be a source of inspiration to everyone that comes across you. Happy 10month birthday, my baby.

14. May you be blessed without stress, favoured without labour and grow in grace and not in shame. Enjoy your 10th month birthday, sweetheart.

15. No evil shall befall you, God will send his angels to keep watch of you from today onwards and you shall continue to dwell in the favour, love and grace of the lord. Happy 10 months birthday, my sweet baby.

Love is not just felt, it is expressed through words and actions.

Make her 10th month memorable by using these beautiful happy 10th-month birthday wishes for baby girl, she’d grow up to cherish you forever.

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