Cute Things to Write in a Birthday Card for Boyfriend

Cute Things to Write in a Birthday Card for Boyfriend

Have you noticed that birthday cards are going extinct? It’s no longer common like it’s in the past. A beautiful birthday card with beautifully written words is a unique way of celebrating your boyfriend’s, especially on his birthday. It’s a super cute way of ‘wowing’ your man. Your thoughtfulness is as pleasing as the cute words on the birthday card.

Your boyfriend’s birthday is a special occasion to reiterate your love for him in a special way. If your man has been feeling insecure about your love, douse the fire with your loving reassurances with a cute birthday card. A neglected boyfriend will feel lost and isolated on his day, but a beautiful birthday card will extinguish the fire of doubts and love will be restored. Your smitten boyfriend will never get tired of knowing how much he means to his babe.

It’s your adorable boyfriend’s birthday! Time to slay his heart with beautifully crafted words on a lovely card. Are you stumped for words to write? Are you too swamped with work to think of what to put down? Has your mind suddenly gone blank? No way must writer’s block stop your plan for your boyfriend’s special day.

Help is here already. Check out these beautiful cute things to write in birthday card for boyfriend:

Happy Birthday Love Words for Him – Boyfriend

‘ On a special day like this, no word can convey the intensity of my love for you. Happy birthday, my precious boyfriend. You are a rare gem. I love you loads.’

Thrill your guy with these amazing happy birthday love words for boyfriend:

1. Happy birthday to the love of my life. With you, I experience true love. Life’s imperfection becomes blurry because you’re just perfect for me. You complete and complement me completely. You are my soulmate, confidant, friend and lifeline. Loving you and being loved by you is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love you, now and always.

2. Happy birthday, my Candy crush. You make me feel like a queen. Your love brings out the best in me. It’s the wind beneath my sail. The anchor on which I rest with no care; my staunch support system. You’re my number one cheerleader; your love and encouragement give me wings to fly. You fit the bill of being my perfect match. I love you, boo! Have a smashing day!

3. Happy birthday, Handsome! You are a breath of fresh air, boyfriend. A smile from you turns on my upbeat button; your enchanting smiles give me positive vibes all day. It makes me feel energised, optimistic and in charge. It’s magical and surreal! Being with you makes me feel fly and ‘high’. Your charms and aura intoxicate my senses. You are all I want with extras. I love you, always.

4. Happy birthday to the love of my life. Loving is like winning the jackpot and investing it in a good stock: one’s purse keeps smiling. You make my heart smile with delight. May your birthday be as amazing as you are.

5. If loving you is a mystery, I’d love to write the best mystery novel of all time. It’ll be an instant hit; a page-turning bestseller. With titles like Love demystified. Unravelled. Happy birthday, my forever love. You’re the best!

6. Happy birthday to my love. You are the cherry on my cupcake topping and the perfect filling in my pie. You are the sun that adorns and shines in my sky; my Sunshine. You are so gorgeously handsome that I can feast my eyes on you all day. Everything about you is just perfect for me! This is why I skip breakfast: your love fills me up to the brim. No space for extras. Have an amazing day, I love you.

7. Happy birthday to my darling boyfriend. You are a precious gem; a rarity among men. I love the way you are intentional about your love for me. It makes me feel like a teenager falling in love for the first time. It’s exhilarating and enriching knowing that the heart of the best of all men belongs to me. You are my treasure and I’ll always cherish you. I love you madly.

8. Happy birthday to my premium boyfriend. Sometimes, my love for you is as calm as the millpond: soothing and pleasing. At other times, it crashes upon me like the angry waves of a turbulent sea. I find myself drowning in the ocean of your love. Time hasn’t diminished my love for you; instead, it strengthens it. I’m nuts about you, sweetie. Enjoy your day.

9. Happy birthday, my heartbeat. Your love is on a roll, it has a metropolis in my heart. It envelopes my entire being till I’m consumed by it. Loving you has brought nothing but pure bliss into my life. Being you is all I need to make my life picture perfect; like a fairytale movie. Have a wonderful day and I love you.

10. Happy birthday to the Desire of my heart. Fate brought us together, my precious. Love kept us glued to each other, making us inseparable. Your love gives me pure joy. For your birthday, I ordered the stars so that I can give you cuddles and soft kisses as they watch. I love you being your girl! Have fun!!

11. Falling helplessly and hopelessly in love with you, is the best thing I have ever done in my life! I savour every moment we spend together like a child given a rare treat. I love you, my precious man. Your endearing smile is mind-blowing. I’m a willing captive of your love. I adore you to stupor, boyfriend. Happy birthday, my Lollipop.

12. Happy birthday, boyfriend like no other! You’re handsome, suave, smart, vibrant and tush; exactly all I desire in a man and some! I love you passionately. Your love is the extra spice that adds an enviable swagger to my gait. You’re my energy booster and my number one cheerleader. You are forever in charge of the control buttons of my heart: manual, automatic and remote. Have a blast this new year and forever! I love you.

13. Happy birthday to the love of my life. I’m sending you oceans of love on your special day, with a mountain of kisses and tons of cuddles, with all my heart.

14. Hey, Handsome! It’s your birthday today and I feel like painting the whole city different colours of fun. Just so you know I’m forever ready to put a huge smile on your face just as you do to me. I love you with all my heart.

15. Happy birthday to my everyday crush and sweetheart. Want to know how much you mean to me? Take a deep look into my eyes; it’s the mirror of my soul. It harbours no pretence or deceit. My love for you blazes forth like a roaring inferno. I’m smitten and enamoured by you, my darling. You mean the world to me. Have a fantastic day!

16. Happy birthday to my heartthrob. May your new year be as amazing as you are. All I need in life is fully packaged in you. You are my ticket to eternal bliss. Prince of my heart, this love party is never going to end! We’re the producer, the director and the star actors of this blockbuster love story. Love you loads, Honey!

17. Happy birthday to my super-duper charming boyfriend. Your love is the rose-tinted glass through which I view my beautiful world. On this special day of yours, know that you mean the world to me. When you smile in that special way of yours, my heart quickens and my whole world comes alive. You didn’t just catch this babe; I’m totally hooked! I love you to the moon and back.

18. Happy birthday to the special guy whose love makes me giddy with joy, my stomach flutters with excitement and my heart beats erratically. Thank you for loving so specially and thoroughly that I’m dazed. I wish you the most amazing and unforgettable day!

19. Happy birthday to the man that makes my world complete. I love you to the moon and back. On this special day of yours, I wish you loads of joy, peace and blessings. Cheers to an amazing new year!

20. Happy birthday to my charming and adorable boyfriend with a cute smile. What better than this to let you know I’m still head over heels forever in love with you. I adore you, sweetie. I hope you have a great day and a fulfilling new year.

Funny Things to Write in a Birthday Card for your Boyfriend

‘Happy birthday, my darling guy. I’m busy browsing through bookstores, supermarkets, and gift shops for the best birthday card for my funny boyfriend. If I don’t get one by tomorrow, I’ll come over and write a lovely one for you myself. This is one of the special things I do for love. Keep my cake warm, please!’

Your boyfriend’s birthday is the perfect time to tease or poke fun at him …just for the laughs. These funny ones for a birthday card are perfect:

21. It’s your day, I know. Just check this out. The penny finally dropped! This is the biggest discovery of the century: I love you like it’s going out of fashion. Happy birthday, my forever crush. Have a fantastic day!

22. Happy birthday, Handsome. Have you any idea how much I adore you? As much as a slay queen needs her make up kit. Oops, more! I got you a special gift, you’ll have it when I see you: a smashing kiss. Anticipate the kiss and enjoy your day.

23. I was having sweet dreams about you when I was rudely jolted awake by the sound of the alarm. I was so upset that I switched off the silly thing and hid it under the pillow. There it’ll stay till it apologises for being a spoilsport. Now, I’m rushing back to sleep to continue my dream. Happy birthday, dude! I love you.

24. Happy birthday, my precious boyfriend. I’m sending a double of the daily shots of your desired brand of Tender loving care (TLC), packaged in a loving kiss, cuddly hug and sunny smile. Love you crazily. Have fun!

25. Happy birthday to my incurable addiction. I’m so high on you, I do not want to be detoxified. You mean everything to me; you are my superhero.

26. Happy birthday, boyfriend. On this special day, you’ve got to choose the best gift of your choice: me, myself or I. You have a second to decide. Sending you hugs and kisses, my love.

27. Happy birthday to my tall glass of sparkling gorgeousness! Prepare to paint the town red, blue, yellow and every shade of merriment. Bring the paint, I’ll bring the brush with all my love. Have fun, darling.

28. Happy birthday to the chief executive officer of my control button. I was going to buy you the car of your dream, but a little bird reminded me of your advice to cut down my expenses, so I got you fine pens, instead. I love you, Sugar.

29. Happy birthday to the hottest looking guy on earth: my boyfriend! So hot that I plan on toning it down with the yummiest ice cream to prevent snatching matters. Love you, darling! Rock your day like the prince you are.

30. Happy birthday to my super cool boyfriend. I love the fact that you aren’t materialistic. This is why I planned a low budget party for two. Well, three is a crowd, anyway! Have a great day, sweetie.

31. Happy birthday to my heartthrob. Darling, I love you so much that I got you the best and most expensive gift available: ME! Have a fantastic day!

32. If love is a beach, I’m your sand. Go ahead, wash over me with your waves of intriguing love. Happy birthday, my precious gem of all.

33. Hugs and kisses are so underrated that I’m packing them in excess as birthday gifts for you. I know other gifts bore you to tears. Happy birthday, my Sunshine. Keep smiling, I love you!

34. Birthday cakes are too common. As proof of my undying love for you, I got you something better for the camera: pizza. Please, smile widely as you cut the cake. Oops, pizza! Happy birthday to you, darling boyfriend. You rock my heart!

35. Happy birthday, baby boy. Finally, you have outgrown your love for fine wine. Let’s splurge on fine kisses, instead! I love you silly!

36. Happy birthday to the amazing boyfriend of an amazing girlfriend. Why fake modesty? Our love is that amazing, too! Rock your day, sweetheart. I love you.

37. One date, and you stole my heart completely. I don’t want it back yet; you may keep it for now. I’ll let you know I’m ready. Say, like never? Happy birthday, my love. You are the best!

38. Happy birthday, sweetie puff. Sorry, I can’t make it to your party today. I have a very important date with the love of my life. Oh! That’s You! Very well, we’re going to have a party dinner date for two! I’m nuts about you, always.

39. Happy birthday, my most prized treasure. I’ve got to let you in on a closely-guarded secret: I love you more than my favourite cup of coffee. You are the boyfriend after my heart.

40. If loving you were a colour, then I’d be red. A real riot to make your birthday hot and saucy. Happy birthday my baby boy. I love you!

Birthday Card Sayings for Boyfriend

‘Saying I love you is a gross understatement. I am crazy about you in a really big way! Happy birthday, darling boyfriend. This birthday card can never reveal to you just how much. But, I do.’

Need beautiful birthday sayings for a birthday card for a boyfriend? Here you have it:

41. Happy birthday to my guy, who always make me feel like a million bucks. You have this special knack for bringing the best in me. You are my priceless and timeless treasure. I love you. Have a blast!

42. Happy birthday to my bundle of gorgeousness! I wish you the loveliest birthday ever. I’ll think of you all day as I anticipate the pleasure of drinking in the sight of you, tonight. It’s a date, babe! Can’t wait to celebrate with you, boyfriend!

43. Happy birthday to the guy who lights up my world with his endearing presence. Darling, you make me so indescribably happy that I pinch myself to be sure I’m not dreaming. l trying. My sugarplum, this guy is nuts about you! Have a lovely day!

44. Happy birthday to my magical wand. When I’m with you, your love waves the wand and all my worries, pains and anxieties disappear into thin air. I love you, my dearest boyfriend. Have a great full of sunshine!

45. Happy birthday, Gorgeous! Thank you for loving me despite my imperfections. I’m a better woman today, because of your life-transforming love. You are the real superstar. I love you, my darling boyfriend.

46. Happy birthday to my loving and lovely boyfriend. Honey, you’re my joy tonic, energy booster, and laughter pill. Renowned scientists have sent in proofs that my only shot at happiness is in your loving arms. Have a swell day. I love you!

47. Happy birthday to my handsome as sin, charming as a debonair, and cute as a baby, boyfriend. Thank you for making me feel beautiful, brilliant and confident. I cherish you! Have a wonderful day!

48. The sun may take its fine time to rise today; it bothers me not a whit. I’m on a roll already; today is my baby’s birthday. Happy birthday to you, love of my heart. You are the rarest of all gems. I love you! Have a most pleasant and pleasurable day!

49. Happy to my Lollipop. You are my inspiration, my strength and my heartthrob. You are the sweet music that plays quietly in my heart and my breath of fresh air. I wish you a lifetime of happiness and success. I love you, massively.

50. You are such a dream, boyfriend! A very good one. Being loved this much is my sweetest fantasy. I’ll cherish you forever. Happy birthday, my precious love!

51. Happy birthday to you, my love. In case you’re still wondering; I don’t fancy myself being in love with you. This is what I’m certain of: I’m totally, passionately, wholly and irrevocably in love with you! Have a blast, Sugarplum!

52. Happy birthday to my heart’s sole delight. Loving you gives me so much pleasure and peace. Being equally loved by you is a lesson in pure joy. You are the best, boyfriend. Have a splendid day!

53. Happy birthday, Sugarpie. I love your sunny smiles: a healthy dose is all I need to have a beautiful and fulfilled day. I wish you a fun-filled day. I love you, very much.

54. If perfection had a definition, you’d be named perfect. Perfect manners, perfect physique, perfect girlfriend and everything perfect in between. Exactly perfect for me.

55. Happy birthday, my precious love. The rhythmic beating of my heart dances only to the tune of your love’s song. Loving you is a decision that is completely out of my control. I love you passionately.

56. A hearty and happy birthday to my captivating, enchanting and enthralling boyfriend. You own the patent to my heart. It’s exclusively yours, not up for grabs to others. You won my heart completely and the winner gets it all. Have a fabulous day!

57. Happy birthday to the only chink in my armour. My darling boyfriend, I love you so much it’s scary. You are my Achilles heel, but you make me feel secured and protected in your love. My heart beats for you, fiercely. Have a lovely day of pure cruise!

58. Happy birthday to my man. I adore you, dearie. When I’m in your arms, I get a taste of Paradise. You are loving, kind, caring and thoughtful. Being your girlfriend is a thrilling experience. I love you so much. I wish you happiness and success.

59. Happy birthday to the guy who gives me a glimpse of heavenly bliss in his sweet embrace. Thanks for all you do to make our relationship work. You are the real MVP. Cheers to more love, good tidings and joy.

60. Happy birthday to my mind-blowing boyfriend. The depth of your love amazes even me, just that I love you even more. Please, leave your quirks and colourful past in the past. I’m here for the total package. You are more than enough. I love you.

Nice Things to Write in Boyfriend’s Birthday Card

‘ I wish you I could get a blank card and write all the nice things you’ve done for me but I’d be constrained by space. You are the nicest person I’ve ever had the good fortune to meet. Being my boyfriend makes it doubly so. Happy birthday to you, my gem. I love you.’

Wondering what to write on your boyfriend’s birthday card? This here is for you:

61. Happy birthday to m adorable boyfriend. I love you very much. Hope it rings in your ears at all times. I plan to keep telling and showing you in little and big ways till it’s imprinted in your heart. You’re the best and I cherish you.

62. Happy birthday to my big shot boyfriend. Loving you came with a massive bonus: laughter, love, fun, and pure bliss. Being with you is like an unending adventure. I love you, darling. Have a swell day!

63. In the game of love, I aimed for the moon and got the sun with the shining stars as a bonus. You are the alpha of the pack, my darling. God’s very best! Happy birthday, bae.

64. Happy birthday to the most loveable man on earth. Falling in love with you is as easy as pie. Staying in love with you is so peachy. You are cute, charming, suave and irresistible. I wish you the best this year. Cheers!

65. A wonderful birthday to my love. You are my heartbeat; you always set my pulse racing! May your birthday be as wonderful as you make me feel. I adore you!

66. Happy birthday to the man that rocks my heart. You’re my passion, my joy, my wealth and my life. I wish you everything beautiful, peaceful and excellent. Have a blast, love!

67. Happy birthday to the special man that rocks my world in grand style. Darling, you are an exceptional many; an epitome of excellence and a one in a trillion boyfriend! I’m proud to call you mine! I’m forever yours in love, fun and pranks.

68. Happy birthday, my heartthrob. You are a rare find, my adorable gem! I love you plenteous, the man of my dream. I love you so much, bae. Have a wonderful day!

69. Happy birthday to you, Treasure. My love, you are my forever delight. The icing on my favourite cake. Loving you is my sure ticket to Paradise. Rock your day, darling boyfriend!

70. Happy birthday to you, Honeypie. Your love transformed me in every way. You are my Prince charming and I love you to stupor. Have an amazing day!

71. Happy birthday to the one that captured my heart, the man of my dreams. I will always be here to make you smile with delight, today and always.

72. Happy birthday to my handsome boyfriend. You are my endless love; you mean the whole world plus plenty of extras to me. I adore you, my heartbeat. You are simply the best! Have an exciting and fun-filled day!

73. Happy birthday to my treasure of immeasurable value. I love you, dearest boyfriend. I cherish every moment of our time together. I can never have enough of you. I hope your birthday is as amazing as you are.

74. Happy birthday, my man. I love you, dearie, now and forever. Exactly the way you were, are and will be. You are more than enough. Always. Have a great celebration!

75. To the man of my dreams, a happy birthday to you. I love you, my Sugarplum. I reiterate this: you are enough, in every way. Rock your day like the prince of enjoyment you are!

76. Happy birthday to my mood changer. Your love brightens every moment of my day. You are my joy; my heart overflows with happiness from loving you. You’re the most precious gem, buddy. Have fun!

77. Happy birthday to the prince of my heart. I cherish every moment of our time together. I can never have enough of you, never. You are my priceless gem. I love you, always.

78. A massive birthday wishes to the one that has me in the palms of his hands. My pumpkin, you are my every breath: the little spark that became an uncontrollable inferno! I love you from the depth of my soul. Have a blast, love!

79. Happy birthday to my exceptional boyfriend. You make me indescribably happy. Thank you for wiping away the memory of the past and giving me new and beautiful ones. I love you.

80. A happy birthday to you, my darling boyfriend. I struck gold in you in every way. My heartthrob; my mind, my prayers and the very best of me are forever with and for you, today and always. Enjoy your day!

Wordings for Boyfriend’s Birthday

‘ No creatively or powerfully crafted wordings are good enough to express my love to you on your birthday. I’ll aim for simplicity: I love you. You are exactly what I want in a boyfriend. Happy birthday to you, sweetie.’

These cute wordings will be great for your boyfriend’s birthday:

81. Happy birthday to the one that captured my heart with a smile so charming it’s irresistible, and true love exceptional character. My heart skips at the sight of your royal cuteness. No complaint here, please! I love it just so! Have a wonderful day!

82. Happy birthday, my one and only boyfriend. Two minds beating as one isn’t a cliche, it’s the reality of two unpretentious lovers completely and unashamedly in love. Baby, am forever bonded with you. I love you.

83. Happy birthday to the one that put a smile on my face. I’m forever yours, sweetie. Today, and every day, you’re welcome to invade and occupy my space. Have a fabulous day, boyfriend.

84. Happy birthday, my precious gem. Love conquers all when it is as genuine as ours. Love is my forever song for you. I love you with all my heart, darling bae.

85. Hey, Gorgeous! Happy birthday to you. You are so sweet, cute and amazing. I love you very much. I hope you have a really interesting day!

86. Happy birthday, my charming prince. I’m enthralled by your vibrant smiles, infectious laughter and loving presence. There’s never a dull moment with you, my baby. I wish you loads of love and happiness today and forever.

87. Your birthday is as good a day as any to remind you that, from the depth of my heart, with every breath I take, and all the passion I can muster; I adore you, my cute and handsome boyfriend. You mean the world to me. Have a day of pure cruise!

88. Happy birthday, the man of my wildest imagination. Love is my eternal song to you. It’s in lines and stanzas of the poem my heart recites for you. I compose for you. I love you from the depth of my being.

89. Happy birthday to my special man on his special day. When I searched my heart, I found a love so fierce, it’s amazing. When I delved into the depth of my soul, I found love so deep, it’s endless. Your love means the whole world plus plenty of extras to me. I adore you, my cute boyfriend. Enjoy your day, dearie!

90. Right now, I’m thinking about you with nothing but love in my heart, singing a sweet melody for you. Happy birthday, my love. I wish you everything that gives you happiness and fulfilment.

91. Happy birthday, my darling. I love you so much I’d be lost without you. You are my perfect fit, my other half. Enjoy your birthday groove, bae.

92. Happy birthday to the man that rocks my heart with glee. Each time I look at you, I find myself blushing and smiling like a teenager. I wish you a colourful and meaningful birthday!

93. Happy birthday to the number one man in my life. You always ask me why I love gazing at you and drinking in your sight. I’m helplessly and hopelessly in love with you! You make me incredibly happy. I love you unreservedly, my sweetheart. Have a great day!

94. Happy birthday to you, my love. Being with you is the highlight of my day. Darling boyfriend, this is to remind you that I love you to bits: cross my heart. Hugs and kisses!

95. A sweet birthday to my cool, calm and collected but naughty boyfriend. When you give me that slow and lazy smile of yours with pure mischief in your eyes, my heart quickens and my whole world comes alive. You didn’t just catch this babe, dude; I’m totally hooked! I’m every angle of crazy about you! You rock!

96. Home is where the heart lies. Wherever I am, near or far; my heart is forever with you. I can’t give you up for the most valuable treasure. I love you so much, my darling boyfriend. Happy birthday, sweetie.

97. A wonderful birthday wishes to my loving boyfriend. I love everything about you, my rare gem! I find pure bliss in your arms. My love for you is without qualification, reason or end. Hugs, kisses and love!

98. Happy birthday to the best gift bestowed upon me by God. Saying I love you is an understatement. I’m crazy about you!

99. Happy birthday, my superhero. I love you to bits, today and always.

100. Happy birthday to my valiant knight in shining armour. Thank you for rescuing me from life’s odds and crushing blows. Your love is the powerful light that chases away the lingering shadows of my fears. I love you with all my heart. Have a most enjoyable day, bae!

Wow, that’s awesome! I am absolutely thrilled you chose this write-up in your search for a unique and romantic way to make your darling boyfriend happy on his birthday.

You deserve a big pat on your back. These beautiful cute things to write in a birthday card for boyfriend will certainly stoke the embers of love and passion in your smitten boyfriend.

These cute love messages will go a long way to communicate your love to your heartthrob and will be the highlight of his birthday. It is as special as any gift you’re giving him. More even, because words are powerful. It is also more effective than the verbal words of love you exchange over a voice or video call. This is because he’ll be able to read it all over again each time his heart yearns for your affection.

Celebrating your man’s birthday with witty, funny and meaningful words of love is an unforgettable experience for the love of your life. Special memories are built on such.

Kindly share with your family and friends. If you have questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to drop them here. I will gladly respond to them. Thank you.

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