Happy 6 Month Birthday Wishes for Niece

Happy 6 Month Birthday Wishes for Niece

Remember how you felt when your beautiful niece was born, now it’s her 6 months birthday and you need to celebrate her.

The best gift for a 6-month-old isn’t the candies and sweets, it’s the heartfelt wishes and prayers they would grow up to meet. It could be for your niece, nephew, goddaughter or godson.

Here are wonderful birthday wishes for your adorable niece, as she journeys halfway into a year on earth. Scroll through these happy 6 month birthday wishes for niece and have your pick.

6 Month Birthday Prayers and Wishes for Niece

My prayers and wishes for you this day is that you’d grow to become a great woman and a solution to the world. Happy 6 months birthday, sweet niece.

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1. You are half a year gone to becoming plus one. I pray that you find peace and joy as you grow and your life will be a blessing.

2. Happy 6months birthday my Darling. I hope you have a beautiful day as you celebrate your 6months old birthday. God bless you big, big my baby.

3. You are turning 6months today and I am so excited, may God grant you the grace to push through these months to a new age.

4. Happy birthday sweetheart. I am so excited that you are 6months today, you brought so much joy to us that we cannot explain. Happy birthday my baby.

5. Thank you very much for giving us peace of mind and not making us regret having you, you are blessed beyond measures my darling. Happy 6th month birthday my dear.

6. You didn’t just bring joy to us but you are joy yourself, I appreciate God for giving me a special child as my niece. Happy 6th birthday darling.

7. As little as you are, you shine bright like a star, I know as you grow old, your star will become brighter, happy birthday my super niece.

8. We love you more than you know, we cherish you more than you think and we adore you more than you can imagine, happy 6th birthday my beautiful baby.

9. My prayers for you increases every month and grows as you add to every day, week and months. Happy 6 months birthday sweetheart.

10. I am the happiest aunty on earth because I have a niece whose presence gives me joy. Happy 6th month birthday my girl.

11. Glory be to God for his safety upon your life, he has kept you from day one to month Six and I pray that God grants you good health and long life to always celebrate your special day. Happy birthday my sweet baby.

12. You are a bundle of joy that cannot be traded for anything; you are little but smart and brilliant. God’s blessing on you my baby as you clock 6months today.

13. On this special day, I pray that you continue to shine as the light God has created you to be, glow and shine in Christ. Happy 6th birthday my baby.

14. Everyone should have a niece like you, you are a miracle baby and has brought countless testimony in our life. Happy 6th month my sweet baby.

15. You are gifted and lifted to shine bright and bring forth goodness into everyone that comes in contact with you, I am blessed to have you as my niece. Happy 6months birthday my darling.

16. Truly, this day is special but it wouldn’t have been special if we don’t have a special child celebrating her 6th month birthday today. Shine bright and blessed my darling.

17. I join the host of angels to celebrate my little niece today as she clocks 6months, live long and prosper baby. Aunty loves you.

18. Come join as I celebrate the latest 6months old baby in town, I love and appreciate you specially my love, Enjoy your day of celebration my darling niece.

19. God blessed me with a special gift and it is you, my baby, I can’t stop but appreciating God for giving you to us. Happy 6th month birthday.

20. Celebrating your 6months of existence in our life is worthwhile and we pray God keeps you alive so we will celebrate more in good health. Happy birthday my special baby.

21. I feel amazed at your little company, as you grow my love for you grows when you smile I forget my worries, may you be blessed with all it requires to grow. Happy 6months birthday, darling.

22. Seeing your little face, injects me with so much emotion that assures me of a greater future with you. Happy 6months birthday my Angel

23. 6months of your sweet existence, all these months you have made us smile and we pray that this feeling of having you won’t stop, God bless you, Darling. Happy birthday

24. Exactly 6 months ago, you came into our lives my tender baby, and since then it has been a lovely journey, I pray that celebration will not cease in your life. Happy birthday

25. Never imagined that you would transform our lives in such a short time. Happy 6 Months birthday my Angel. God bless you for us.

6 Month Birthday Wishes and Quotes for Niece

It’s your 6 months birthday cutie, my wishes for you this day is that you’d keep being in good health and you’d grow to become an intelligent beautiful girl. Enjoy your day, dear niece.

1. How time flies, just like yesterday you were born, but thanks to you for making the journey seamless and wonderful. Happy 6th-month celebration, sweetheart.

2. For the past 6months I have learnt a lot, especially the love of an aunt to a niece. You truly deserve a great celebration today. Happy 6th month birthday, my favourite.

3. The love I have for you my baby is great and there are no words that can describe it, I love you my little angel, God’s protection upon you Darling. Happy 6months birthday, my baby.

4. My Darling baby that’s turning 6months today, you have achieved a lot within this short period, you can sit and try to walk, I promise to help you through the journey of achieving a balance. Happy 6 months birthday, my baby.

5. You are half a year today, wow I can’t believe this; my baby is growing big with so much beauty and sweetness. God bless your 6months today.

6. Within the past 6months, you have taught me a lot, you have taught me how to be patient, how to love and cherish a special child like you. Happy 6 months birthday darling niece

7. When I say I love you, I mean it and I do not mince my words, mere looking at you is joy let alone smiling, you are my best baby and I can’t hide this feeling. Happy birthday, darling.

8. This calls for a celebration, my little niece of that day is now 6months today, May God protect you and guide you in Jesus name. Happy birthday, baby.

9. You are halfway to 1 year, halfway to becoming a big girl, halfway to starting a new exciting journey. Happy birthday my favourite niece

10. Today is one of the important days of your life because you are turning six and you will be getting a lot of lovely gifts from everyone. Happy birthday my baby

11. I wish you well on this super day of yours, may you always shine and smile because you are heading to a year of joy and laughter. Happy birthday, my darling baby.

12. Happiest birthday my cupcake, my sweetie pie, have a wonderful celebration my Darling niece as you turn 6months today.

13. I wish you a day as bright as the sun, a day as peaceful as a river, a day as lovely as love, Happy 6months birthday my baby niece.

14. I have every reason to celebrate you most especially today that is you are 6months old, may God crown you with his grace and love. Happy birthday, sweet niece.

15. We celebrated you when you were born, we celebrated you each date of the months and now we are celebrating a half year, we won’t stop celebrating you until you clock one year old. Happy 6months birthday, my angel.

16. My jewel of inestimable value, my golden gift, princess and joy giver, you are half a year today and we can’t keep calm but celebrate you today with lots of gifts. Happy 6months, my baby.

17. Happy birthday my Darling and sweet niece, you are little but intelligent and full of love and strength. Happy birthday my Darling as you clock 6months today

18. You shall forever be a blessing to us and the world at large, keep growing in grace and strength my baby. Happy 6months birthday sweet niece.

19. Truth be told, you are a special gift to us, you shine bright in beauty, love and riches, God bless you as you clock 6months today. Happy birthday.

20. You are a testimony and a great treasure to us, when you smile; you leave the whole atmosphere filled with love. I pray you will continue to be a blessing to us all, Happy 6months birthday.

21. My little niece that I love so much is 6months today; I pray that the second half of your life will be the best year you have ever lived. Enjoy your birthday my Darling

22. This may be your 6 months birthday that you have lived on earth, but I wish you an entire year of blessings until the next half birthday my Darling niece

23. Happy half-year birthday to the most beautiful and Darling niece I have, you are so adorable and I wish you an honourable celebration today.

24. Hugs and kisses to you my adorable baby, she’s 6months old today, my prayer for you is that you grow old in good health, love and grace. Happy Birthday, beautiful niece.

25. I give glory to God for the journey thus far, May God grant you the grace to continue to live in joy and happiness in Jesus name. Happy birthday, adorable niece.

Happy 6 Month Birthday Greeting for Niece

Birthday greetings to my dear niece, I pray that your life will be filled with sweetness and happiness. Happy 6 months birthday princess.

1. The journey so far hasn’t been sweet all through but the joy of having a wonderful niece like you makes everything seamless and lovely, happy 6months birthday darling.

2. As little as you are, you’ve got the magic to lighten the world with your existence, your smiles and giggles make everyone happy, may you continue to grow in grace and love. Happy 6months birthday my darling baby.

3. You deserve so many gifts today but I won’t give you all until you turn 1, may God keep you safe and alive in good health as you move from your first half to the second half of your existence. Happy birthday sweetie pie.

4. My sweet and adorable Darling niece, I wish you a great celebration and lots of gift on your 6months birthday.

5. A little princess like you deserves an elegant and beautiful birthday. happy birthday my sweet niece.

6. Your presence in our family has made our life blissful and calm. Happy 6months birthday my little angel.

7. Cheers to the latest 6months old baby, with the cutest smile and adorable look. May you continue to grow and glow in grace. Happy 6months birthday.

8. I feel on top of the world today because it’s my baby girls birthday, she is 6months old and cute. Happy birthday, my sweet niece.

9. You know it’s a feeling an undying one that is unconditional just like my love for you. Birthday wishes baby girl!

10. Celebrating you today is one special feeling because you are growing into a beautiful damsel, I pray God continue to beautify your life. Happy 6months birthday, my baby.

11. I feel so happy and it’s like I am on top of the world today because it’s your birthday and I won’t deny you from having lots of fun. Happy 6months birthday, my dear.

12. Celebrating you today gives a reassurance that you are loved by all and we ain’t leaving any stone unturned but to make this day a memorable one. Happy 6 months birthday baby girl.

13. You will always remain that little cute princess that you are no matter how old you have grown. I pray God blesses this day in Jesus name. Happy 6months birthday, cutie.

14. You will always be my little one no matter how soon you are growing and how big you will be but you will always be my baby girl. Happiest birthday, my sweet niece.

15. You are one special child God blessed us with, you are a star indeed and you always shine with your smile on at all times. May you continue to smile and give us joy darling. Happy 6months birthday, my Angel.

16. To my darling baby niece, may God always bless you with good health, good love, and good life. Happy 6months birthday Angel.

17. You are growing up really fast, you are beginning to make attempts to speak, and you are laughing aloud because it’s your birthday baby girl, 6months birthday wishes to my cutest little niece.

18. May goodness, mercies, blessing continue to follow you my sweet baby as you celebrate 6months birthday today. Happy birthday, darling niece.

19. May God always bless you, my little angel with favour, grace, happiness, love and good health in our heart and all around. Happy 6months birthday, my baby.

20. Happy 6months birthday darling, keep showering your laughter to everyone, have a fun day, my sweet niece.

21. Staring at you always makes me feel relieved because your smile gives me a soothing relief. Happy 6months birthday to you, my dear niece.

22. Your one smile gives millions of love because it reaches all and sundry. May God continue to make you smile as you grow. Happy 6months birthday, sweetheart.

23. With tears there comes joy, with you baby girl it’s all the moment we enjoy. Wish you a very happy 6months birthday to my Angel.

24. You are what we need my Darling to make our family happy, Happy 6th month birthday to my little happy baby, I love you.

25. You are and will continue to be my cutest and lovable baby, you clocked 6months today, may this birthday be greater than the former. Happy birthday, darling niece.

Happy 6 Month Birthday Blessings for Niece

Dear niece, as you clock 6 months today, I wish you abundant blessings and love. Happy 6 months birthday to you, may you grow to become a shining light.

1. When you came into our lives, we thought we have gotten a gift not knowing we didn’t just get a gift but a rare blessing and that you will always be. Happy 6months birthday, my love.

2. Today is one of your best days and we will appreciate God for blessing us with a valuable gift like you. Happy 6months birthday to you baby.

3. Our infant is growing into a big baby already, she’s super special because she has brought blessings to us since she was born and may you grow in grace and love. Happy 6months birthday, my love.

4. We dedicate this day to God almighty because he is the one that kept you till this day for us and I pray he will continue to keep you alive in good health to celebrate this second half of a year. Happy 6months birthday, my love.

5. Happy sweet and beautiful birthday to you my darling, you ain’t walking yet but still crawling, I pray that you will crawl into great grace, into favour, into good health as you complete 6months today. Happy birthday, my dear.

6. I am so grateful each day for you, you are certainly one of God’s greatest gift, I pray that the remaining months to complete one year will bring you countless and abundant blessings. Happy 6th month, my love.

7. Happy birthday to you sweetheart, I wish you a long bright life with an abundance of blessings and love. Happy 6months birthday sweet niece.

8. Happy birthday to you my dearest baby, I am wishing you all the best life offer to you, may you be joyous and happy at all times. Happy 6months birthday, my love.

9. Happy birthday my sweet baby, May the good Lord bless you with the blessings, grace and everlasting joy attached to birthdays. Happy 6months birthday my beautiful niece.

10. Happy birthday sweetheart, you are blessed in all ramifications of your life and you will continue to be a blessing to everyone around you in Jesus name.

11. Happy 6months birthday my darling. What do you want as a birthday gift? I know you can’t tell me but I will shower you with lots of love and gifts today. Happy 6months birthday, my baby.

12. May you grow old and prosper my sweetest baby of all time. You will grow in age, grow in beauty, grow in love and grow as a blessing to us all. Happy 6 months birthday darling niece.

13. Thank God for blessing us with strength, Joy, favour and grace, I am grateful that you are all these to us when we are down. Happy 6months Birthday baby.

14. We appreciate God for giving us the strength and capability to take care of you from birth, we pray that God protects and keep you alive from today onwards. Happy 6months birthday niece.

15. You are a bundle of excitement and delight, your giggles come from deep inside and it touches all who hears it and put a smile on their faces. Happy 6months birthday, my darling.

16. You have always been wonderful and precious to us, so much that our love for you knows no bound. Happy 6months birthday, sweetie.

17. No matter how the atmosphere is, you always render sunshine in our life with your adorable smile, May this smile not cease. Happy 6months birthday my darling.

18. You are a brilliant dear child. I hope you enjoy your birthday and many years to come in goodness, love and wisdom.

19. Happy 6months birthday darling niece. I love you today, I love you tomorrow and I love you forever my baby, stay cute as you are. Happy 6months Birthday my love

20. Today is your first birthday in 6months, may it be wonderful today and years to come. Happy 6months birthday, my girl.

21. Oh Happy Day for the Lord has made the greatest gift, May your birthday be filled with light and wonderful gifts. Happy 6months my dearest baby.

22. To the sunshine of our life: May your years be as bright as the sun and may you always glow like the rainbow in due season. Happy sweet 6months birthday baby girl.

23. To our special gift from God I wish you a very Happy 6months Birthday. May you grow up to be a great person. Happy celebration, sweet niece.

24. Your half birthday is an important day that we all accomplish in life before we plan for the second half, happy 6months birthday darling.

25. You truly are an amazing baby, and we will celebrate you today, happy 6months birthday my baby niece.

Take your time to celebrate your loved ones with these happy 6-month birthday wishes for niece, especially adorable babies like nieces and nephews, they’d grow up in love and live a happy life.

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