Happy Birthday Status for My Niece

Happy Birthday Status for My Niece

The social media has almost replaced the traditional method of giving out cards during birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and many other celebrations. For this reason, care must be given to the best messages to share with a loved one on social media and many other places where many people can have access to it.

Yet, it is always a very great feeling for a loved one to see their birthday as the status you kept on your social media networks. A loved one like your niece will feel on top of the world seeing you maintain her birthday as your WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter status. The special effects given to birthday status messages makes social media a unique place to display your love openly to someone on their day.

Celebrate your niece with exquisite messages for birthdays and the happy birthday status for my niece that are carefully written here to fit into as many social media platforms as you have. The good thing is, you can pick different messages for different platforms. It all adds to the fun and love. Now, get to it.

My Niece Birthday Status

I can’t just keep calm. It’s my niece’s birthday today. The little girl I held in my arms a few years ago. Friends, celebrate her with me. I love you, my darling niece.

1. Friends, behold that day has come to celebrate my beautiful niece. Happy birthday to this cutie that I am attached to. May your years on earth be full of adventure and grace.

2. My niece clocks another year today. HURRAY! I pray that the best of the years will begin to show forth in your life, my dear niece. Keep shining in the beautiful light God has given to you. Happy birthday.

3. Sound the alarm, let the whole world know that this day belongs to my beautiful niece on her memorable birthday. Friends, join me to wish her all the best in life and that the Lord should keep her under his canopy. Happy birthday to my niece.

4. Today is the day the Lord has made, I must rejoice and be glad in it for the birthday of my lovely niece is today. Happy birthday to you! May the Lord grant you wisdom, knowledge and understanding to live right and make the best decision. Happy birthday to my niece.

5. To my niece whose birthday is today, I celebrate you and wish you a beautiful day. Continue to enjoy the presence of the Lord at every phase of your life. You are more than conquerors, my dear. Happy birthday.

6. Sound the alarm. Let the whole world know. It’s my niece’s birthday today. I pray that the heavenly blessings fall on you and that you will find favour in all you do. Congratulations, my dear.

7. Happy birthday to the most adorable niece in the world. On your birthday, I may not keep praying and wishing but I wish you all the best as you grow. May life never outlive you. Cheers.

8. Congratulations to my niece as she turns ONE more year older today. Join me in wishing her all the best. May the glory of God over her life never be down and may her light never be snuffed out in her prime. Cheers, my dear niece.

9. My niece is ONE YEAR OLDER. Happy birthday to you. I wish you abundant life and greatness all around. Please, join me in sending her the best of prayers and wishes. May all that concerns you be made perfect. Happy birthday my dear.

10. I have a beautiful niece. She is a YEAR OLDER today. Happy birthday to my dearest niece. Have all the fun that is available today and enjoy your day. I love you to the heavens.

11. Hello Facebook, please join me to celebrate my niece, the special one who celebrates her birthday today. She is such an amazing girl. I wish her the best in life and may all things work for her good. Happy birthday, dear niece.

12. To the best niece in the world, I celebrate you today as you mark another complete revolution around the sun. Long life and prosperity to you. Friends, let make her happy. Celebrate this jewel with me.

13. To have a niece is a blessing. Happy birthday to my beautiful niece. A lady of good character and manners. I love you to the moon. Happy birthday to you.

14. I cannot but celebrate your birthday, my amazing niece. You are to me, a special breed and with you, I can doubly celebrate because your day to me is like my own day. Happy birthday to you.

15. Happy birthday to the most intelligent niece in the entire world. Don’t doubt it. You have been a very good niece and I celebrate you today. May God continue to bless you and keep you.

16. Have you seen my niece? She is the best niece in the world. If you doubt it, drop a comment below. You are a beauty to behold and a blessing to the family. Happy birthday to you.

17. I have always boasted about having the best niece in the world. Happy birthday to you, my dear niece. I am wishing you plenty of fun on your day. Have a beautiful day.

18. Don’t be intimidated; it’s the birthday of my niece. Happy birthday to my dear little girl. Having you is a gift and a blessing from God. Continue to grow higher and higher. Cheer, my beautiful niece.

19. Happy birthday to you, der niece. Seeing how big you have grown gives me the fulfilment of an aunt. I wish you all the best. Friends, celebrate my niece with me. Flood her wall with beautiful wishes.

20. Happy birthday to you, dear niece. Congratulations on celebrating another year on the planet. Dominate and replenish the earth according to the power that has been bestowed upon you. Happy birthday to you.

21. Happy birthday to you, my dear niece. I remember how little you were on that day of your arrival. How time flies. I cherish those moments I carried you in my arms. I wish you the best in life.

22. You are an amazing, beautiful and adorable niece. I celebrate you today on your birthday. May the Lord bless you and keep you. May his face always shine upon you and shower you with his love.

23. My niece, happy birthday to you. I pray that all your wishes come to pass. I desire to see you grown and become a mighty pillar in the society and nation at large. Happy birthday to you.

24. I am sending this beautiful message to my beautiful niece on the occasion of her birthday. Ride on, ride in glory given to you. You are lifted to realms untouchable by the evil one. Happy birthday to you.

25. Happy birthday to my darling niece whose birthday is today. I wish you abundant success, joy and wisdom to meander in the path of life.

26. Happy birthday to my niece. On your special day, I’ve decided to honour you with this status. May your growth never be truncated. Cheers. Enjoy your day.

27. The best of your years are still ahead. Turn the journey into an adventure and explore everything therein. The sky is your platform to soar.

28. Happy birthday to you, my beautiful niece. I wish you a day filled with laugh, joy, merriment and showers of love and care because you deserve all. Have a splendid day.

29. Your birthday is here once again, my dear niece. Enjoy your day to the fullest. Don’t keep it to yourself. Shout it out and let’s celebrate for your day deserve to be celebrated.

30. Happy birthday to you, my dear niece. I wish you more of Gods goodness on earth. May you be favoured in all you do. Enjoy every bit of the day; It’s your day!

Status for Niece Birthday on WhatsApp

Have you a wonderful, amazing, obedient, beautiful and exquisite niece all in one package before? Meet my niece. She is everything combined you want in a niece. It’s her birthday! Happy birthday.

31. People, let’s celebrate this beautiful girl, she is my niece and today is her birthday. May all the blessings of your birthday fall on you, my dear niece.

32. On WhatsApp, and other social media platforms, the birthday of my niece must ring out. I am happy to have such an amazing girl as my niece. Happy birthday to a shining light.

33. This daughter of Zion, my beautiful niece adds one more year today. Happy birthday to you. May your light shine brighter than the number of candles on your cake. Enjoy.

34. You deserve to be my display picture because with you, I became an uncle, and I had a sense of responsibility. Thanks for all the gist and the unending questions, lol. Happy birthday, dear niece.

35. Happy birthday to this beautiful girl. My gist partner, my encyclopedia, my dictionary and my one and only one more question. Thanks for making my life a beautiful one. Happy birthday to you, dear niece.

36. May the heavens pour upon you loads of blessings today as you mark your birthday. Happy birthday to you, my beautiful niece. Have a blast.

37. This beautiful girl is a year older. I pray for more growth and that you continue to expand in grace, wisdom and favour of the Lord. Cheers, my dear niece.

38. Happy birthday to you, my lovely angel. As you grow, I ask that your years in life will never be wasted. You shall be head and not the tail. Happy birthday, my dear niece.

39. Let every social media platform know that today is my niece birthday and we must paint the city blue and black. I pray that you will continually grow in wisdom. Have a splendid day.

40. Happy birthday to you, my favourite niece. Many happy returns of this day. May the joy in you today never be cut short, Have a wonderful day.

Happy Birthday Niece Facebook Status

On that glorious day, a little girl was born to us and everyone was filled with joy. Today, we have a little girl growing and bouncing in good health. She is my niece and today is her birthday. I wish you all the best, dear.

41. Hurray! My beautiful niece is a year older. Happy birthday to you. I wish you more years in pleasant memories and divine provision.

42. My niece birthday is today. Join me to wish her well. I pray that her years be made perfect and her family be covered in glory for her sake. Happy birthday, dear niece.

43. Congratulations to my niece as she marks her birthday today. May all things work together and may heaven and earth combine together to make you great.

44. Today is a day of joy. It is the day that the Lord has made. It is the birthday of my niece. Happy birthday to my niece. Keep shining in glory.

45. I wish you plenteous grace and divine provision to supply everything you need for a better future. Be rest assured that you are in Gods hands and you can never be abandoned.

46. Happy birthday to my niece whose birthday is today. The grace of God be upon you as you celebrate your birthday. I pray that this joy will never cease in your life. Happy birthday to you.

47. Friends, if you are seeing this, join me to celebrate the birthday of a special girl, my beautiful niece whose birthday is today. May the Lord lift you higher, my dear. Enjoy your day.

48. Happy birthday to my delectable NIECE. As you celebrate your birthday today, I pray for open doors and grace to live above the limitations of life. Enjoy your day.

49. Have you seen my display picture? Hurray, happy birthday to that wonderful girl, that beautiful angel added to our family. Happy birthday to my niece. Long life I wish you prosperity.

50. The nest of your years are yet to come, my dear. Your life has just begun. May the diving guidance of the Lord be upon you. Join me to celebrate my niece on her birthday.

Flaunt your niece with style on her birthday. Copy the happy birthday status for my niece here and paste. You may also decide to add her picture to it. Show your friend the face of your beautiful niece and let the wording of the messages do the rest.

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