Happy 33rd Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Happy 33rd Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

A girlfriend must be an amazing person for you to be her boyfriend. She must have been showing love and care to you at all times and know everything going on with you, as should be so for every lover.

While these are the right things to be to your partner and you’re lucky enough to find all these in your girlfriend, then you really should celebrate her and let her know you appreciate her love and transparency in the relationship.

Looking for beautiful happy 33rd birthday wishes for girlfriend’s 33rd birthday? The happy 33rd birthday to girlfriend below was written so you don’t have to bother yourself about what to write.

Best 33rd Birthday Prayer Messages for Girlfriend

Even though you’re a year older today, I pray the blessings of God in your life never go out. This year will bring a lot of good things your way. It’s also my prayer that you get wiser with each decision that you’ll make. Happy 33rd birthday to the best girlfriend.

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1. Happy 33rd birthday to the most beautiful woman in the entire world. Babe, you make me so happy with your presence and love. I can’t stop thanking you for finding me worthy to be yours. God bless you with long life. All my love, babe.

2. I just wanna hold your hands and walk-through life with you. I want us to weather each storm together, as we live. I want us to be as happy as long as we are together. Happy 33rd birthday to the one to who I gave my heart. I wish you long life and prosperity.

3. Instead of surprising you with a bouquet and a box of chocolate today, I have decided to take you on vacation, so it can be just you and me. You remain the most beautiful woman I know, and I’m super blessed to have you in my life. May God increase you, babe. Happy 33rd birthday.

4. You work so damn hard, babe. I wish you can just leave work for today alone, so we can have the time of our lives together. It’s your special day, and I wish you celebrate many more in the land of the living. Happy 33rd birthday my love.

5. Even when I close my eyes, I still feel your love around me. I still perceive the sweet scent of your perfume. Babe, I will forever be thankful to you for accepting me just the way I am. I pray God grants you peace and happiness. Happy 33rd birthday to you.

6. It’s no news that I am with the most beautiful and lovable woman in the entire world. For you, I will climb mountains and walk a million miles Here’s to the woman to whom I owe my entire happiness. Happy 33rd birthday, my love. May the love of God never depart from you.

7. I have been with so many ladies, and no one was deserving of my love like you. You make every day beautiful and worth waking up to, with your smile. When I think about you, I just know everything is going to be fine. You are in for something great, this year. Happy 33rd birthday, love.

8. Dearest girlfriend, I want you to know that you are the only one my heart beats for. I am hopelessly in love with you, and I’m scared it will be like this forever. I know you got me. May today bring you joy and laughter. Happy 33rd birthday.

9. So many people have asked me why I go crazy at the mention of your name. Well, I don’t blame them because they do not know how great what we have is. On your birthday, it’s my prayer that the best of the world be brought to you. Amen. Happy 33rd birthday.

10. I love you more than you know. I’m going to keep taking care of you even more than your expectations. You are a sweet lady, and I can’t imagine my life without you. May God beautify your life the more. Happy 33rd birthday to the most beautiful woman around.

11. In case anyone is looking for true love, you are love in its truest form. You are my best friend and girlfriend. You make me want to keep living, with the love you shower on me. It’s so great having you in my life. Happy 33rd birthday, my baby.

12. You are not just the most beautiful, but the kindest woman I have ever seen. I’m so happy that you are mine and that people get to mention my name when they talk about you. Thank you for blessing me with your presence and love. May God keep moving you forward. Happy 33rd birthday to you.

13. It’s your 33rd year on earth and it feels as though you have lived a thousand years. If there’s anyone who lives a good life while still maintaining the reason for humanity, then it’s you, my love. Thank you for doing God’s will effortlessly. I pray He gives you the power to do even more. Happy 33rd birthday.

Happy 33rd Birthday Girlfriend Quotes

My baby, this quote is for you on your 33rd birthday. You know how much I love and want the best for you. You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me. I sincerely hope that you never leave my side. Happy 33rd birthday, my girlfriend.

14. I love you more than I have ever loved anyone in my entire life. There’s just something about you I haven’t yet figured out. I know you are a wonderful person and you’ve made me proud in so many ways. I will continue to have your back, babe. Happy 33rd birthday to you

15. I have never been made to understand the true meaning of love until you came into my life. You are love itself, and I’m thankful I get to do life with someone like you. As for me, I won’t stop loving and caring for you. Happy 33rd birthday to the one I place above everyone else.

16. From the bottom of my heart, I really want to thank you for everything you’ve taught me in this relationship, especially teaching me how great love can be. I’m certain we’re going to be together forever because we know exactly what love is. Happy 33rd birthday, baby.

17. I have never felt this magnitude of love in my entire life. You practically stopped on everything you do, just to give me the love I deserve. You already have my loyalty and love forever, baby. Happy 33rd birthday to the one I want to come home to for the rest of my life.

18. How great can our love be. I wouldn’t have thought about ending up with someone like you, because I feel I don’t deserve it. I thank God for making me see clearly what I was doing wrong. Thank you for contributing to my success, babe. Happy 33rd birthday.

19. You are a perfect woman, and every man will be so blessed to have you. Without you, life would be so unbearable. I’m grateful for brought you my way, and I’m going to keep loving you forever, except you ask that I stop. Lol. Happy birthday, perfect woman.

20. You have the sweetest heart and the most compassionate smile. You are a blessing to me and so many others. On behalf of us all, I am saying we love you. I wish you a happy and sweet 33rd birthday, my love.

21. There’s no better feeling than basking in the euphoria of your love today, on your birthday. I just want us to love up more than we’ve ever done. Happy 33rd birthday to my priceless jewel. I wish you more of God’s love and blessings in your life. I love you.

22. Only God has helped me to stay in love with you, through all these years. Even though it seems not easy, you make it all worth it babe. Today being your special day, I want us to be together enjoying all the fun like our lives depend on it. Happy 33rd birthday, sweetie.

23. I’m the happiest man alive today because it’s my baby’s 33rd birthday. Babe, you are a good woman and I will do everything within my reach to make sure I marry you. Baby, I love you much more than you can ever think of and my heart will continue to beat for no one else but you. Happy birthday.

24. Falling in love with someone like you is so great a feeling. I mean, I get to spend the rest of my life with the sweetest lady ever. Even though we aren’t married, I know my heart belongs to no one else but you. I love you forever, babe. Happy 33rd birthday.

25. You know I won’t lie to you; your love has turned my world around and gave my life a beautiful meaning. I sincerely wish that this new chapter of your life comes with an abundance of blessings. I wish you more happiness than you’re currently enjoying. Happy 33rd birthday. I love you so much.

26. I know I haven’t yet proposed marriage to you, but baby, you are the one I want to be with for the rest of my life. The happiness you bring to my life is priceless. Even at work, I just want to keep thinking about the blessings you bring me. I want this to become a lifetime thing. Happy 33rd birthday.

33rd Birthday Greetings for Girlfriend

Hey baby. I hope this greeting meets you well. You have been with me through thick and thin. You’re a great blessing to me and you deserve great blessings from above. Happy 33rd birthday, my beautiful girlfriend.

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27. I have so many presents to gift you on your birthday, but the biggest and greatest one is the gift of love. You have helped shape my life into its sweetest form and I owe it all to you, babe. Happy 33rd birthday to the sweetest one ever.

28. It’s a beautiful thing to know that I’m never going to get tired of loving you. I know you have your shortcomings, but I’m going to keep shouldering them like it’s no one’s business. Trust me, I will keep loving you till the very end. Happy 33rd birthday.

29. It is such a wonderful thing to know that you will be right beside me forever. I have been tested a lot of times, but your love got me back on track. I just want to use this moment to tell you that you will remain in my heart forever. Happy 33rd birthday my love.

30. On your birthday, I specially want to thank you for agreeing to share your life with me. I know I haven’t really earned it, but you know I am trying. I promise to disappoint you and also make it my job to always put a smile on your face. Happy 33rd birthday, my angel.

31. Because of you, I have had to experience years of happiness and peace. Your love is all-encompassing and I want to spend the rest of my life proving myself worthy of this beautiful love. You are loved forever, honey. Happy 33rd birthday to you.

32. My life has never experienced this level of happiness, ever since I was born. You spread love, happiness and peace everywhere you go and to everyone you meet. You are a lady filled with wisdom and love. Thank you for being such a great woman. Happy 33rd birthday to you.

33. My life has always been an open book, even before you came. Everyone knows what goes on in my life, and can testify that it’s better off now than it was before. This could only happen because I met you. It only happened because you are mine. I love you till eternity. Happy 33rd birthday.

34. You are the only reason my life has been a happy one all these years. You mean so much to me, and words will never be enough to express the love I have for you. I hope we end up together as husband and wife. Happy 33rd birthday, sweetheart.

35. You have been such a wonderful girlfriend. You have tried in making me a better man. You have laboured a lot for this relationship to be what it is today, so I owe it all to you. Happy 33rd birthday, mama. I love you.

36. The world has so many things in store for you and I’m glad to see you claiming them with hard work and determination. I am very sure you’re just about to unlock more successes, this year. I really can’t wait. Happy 33rd birthday.

37. Hey babe, it’s your birthday and I know you feel really good about it. I know how hard you work to get where you are today. I hope you enjoy the best things this life has in store for you today and every moment you spend on earth. Happy 33rd birthday to you, my love.

38. Please baby, will you believe me if I say I love you more than the air I breathe in and out of my lungs? This is so true, baby. There’s absolutely nothing I can do without you. Your love gets me on track; it makes me experience the sweetest things of life. I love you more than words can say. Happy 33rd birthday, love.

Cute 33rd Birthday Wishes for a Girlfriend

Today is one of the best times for me to remind you how cute and loving you are. It has been a very long year, and you really should thank God for keeping you. I hope you have the best birthday ever. Happy 33rd birthday. Best wishes, my girlfriend.

39. Your love is the sun that keeps me warm and brightens my day. Your love keeps me cool all day long. Your love eases me off unnecessary stress. Your love is what I think of whether or not I am with you. I never want to stop having this great feeling of your love. Happy 33rd birthday, darling.

40. Just like Esther in the Bible, your virtues and qualities are unique. So many people don’t even know how great you are, but I’m glad your great works are speaking for you already. I hope you enjoy every second of your birthday. Happy 33rd birthday, babes.

41. No one can ever come close to how wonderful you are, my baby. You are everything and more to me. I’m grateful because I now have all that I ever prayed for. Thank you for choosing to weather the storm of life with me. I will choose you over and over again. Happy 33rd birthday.

42. You are my love, my happy place, my soul mate, my life, my happiness, and my everything. On your birthday, I wish you all the happiness and joy that your beautiful heart can hold. I know with you, it’s going to be a happy ending. Happy 33rd birthday, queen.

43. You are the most beautiful woman who would ever walk the surface of this earth, and I’m so happy that you are mine; that’s fulfilment in every sense of it. You make me so proud, and I will continue to love and support you, my baby. Happy birthday, my love.

44. I love how you colour my life. I love how you bring the best out of me. Even when I feel I’m not doing enough, you come with hugs and assure me I am doing just fine. How wonderful can you be? May your wisdom and beauty never diminish. Happy 33rd birthday.

45. You make my life whole with your beauty and wisdom. I have never seen any woman as wise as you are. I am very sure you are the right one for me, and I will keep loving and supporting you no matter what. Happy 33rd birthday, dearie.

46. Today, I want to focus on nothing but making your birthday a memorable one. I want you to have the time of your life in the presence of family and friends. I have taken the whole day off, just to be with you. Let’s enjoy this day to the fullest, baby. Happy 33rd birthday.

47. You’re an amazing person, my love. I’m sure it’s going to be a full house today because so many people will be here to make your day a very special one. But none of them will be as happy as I am about your birthday. Happy 33rd birthday, my love.

48. More than your previous birthdays, more presents are coming your way today, trust me. This time, I went all out just so you can have the biggest celebration ever. Baby, just tell me what you want, I am going to do as you say. Happy 33rd birthday.

49. My love, you’re a wonderful person and you are deserving of every blessing coming your way. I am going to make sure that this birthday is the greatest ever. I hope that all your dreams for this new year come true. Happy 33rd birthday, girl.

50. Even though you are getting older, you will forever be a child at heart. Thank you for all you do for my family and me. You are a great person and I seriously can’t wait to go down the aisle with you. I hope you enjoy your birthday. Happy 33rd.

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