6th Month Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy

6th Month Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy

Your baby boy at 6 months old has become a big part of your life that you cannot live without. You have spent so much time with him you know a lot about him; what he likes and don’t like, the amount of food he needs etc.

At this age, you will want to greet him with 6th month birthday wishes for baby boy, though he might not understand you but it’s the thought that counts and the memories will be there for him to reminisce when he grows up.

Also celebrating the 6th month of your baby boy which is also referred to as half birthday gives you the chance to show the world how much he’s grown.

Here are 6th month birthday wishes you can use for your baby boy to express your feelings.

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Happy Sixth Month Birthday Wishes and Quotes for Baby Boy

For six months now I have been enjoying your awesome company. Seeing you wake up with little sweet smiles inject pleasant emotions into the day. I enjoy being with you a lot during the day and at night I love to see your sweet and innocent sleep. Wishing you a happy sixth month birthday my baby boy, stay blessed every day.

1. If the rest of my life continues as the past six months has been, my world will be paradise. Happy sixth month birthday to my baby boy.

2. The most precious and expensive jewel I have worn since my baby boy was born was his hands around my neck. Happy sixth-month birthday sweetie.

3. With your first smile you changed my world and your kiss stole my heart. Happy sixth month birthday my baby boy.

4. Today marks the sixth month you have been filling my life with pleasant memories, may you continue to grow as a happy baby boy. Happy birthday, sweetie.

5. Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional and you are doing both my baby boy. Happy sixth-month birthday buddy.

6. Congratulations my baby boy on your sixth month on earth. You have adapted so well showing us that you are very sociable. Happy birthday, dear.

7. I will grab every opportunity I have to celebrate you my awesome baby boy even on your sixth month birthday. Continue to grow with much joy and happiness. Happy birthday, kiddo.

8. You are an amazing baby boy and deserve the best things in life including celebrating your sixth month on earth. Happy birthday, sweetie.

9. With all the moves you display at this age, it shows we have a lot to learn from you. Happy sixth month birthday my cute baby boy.

10. My baby boy! You just reached your sixth month and you like to stay seated, we will work on your balance so you can grow up to be the strong boy I know you are. Happy birthday.

11. You now struggle to reach objects and pass them between your hands, it’s a good time to start teaching you how to eat by yourself. You will enjoy your meals better and have fun at it. Happy sixth-month birthday baby boy.

12. It’s just the sixth month and my sweet baby boy is already very attentive, turns to look for who is calling when he hears his name. I can’t wait to hear you speak. Happy birthday, sweetie.

13. You have reached your sixth month and you are growing so fast. I am happy for you my baby boy. Happy birthday, grow strong and handsome.

14. Warmest wishes to my charming prince on his sixth month birthday. May this carefree happiness and joy continue for many years to come. Happy birthday, dear.

15. At this age, you get to celebrate without actually getting older. Happy sixth month birthday my baby boy.

16. Let’s add to the fun we are having with you been in our lives and celebrate your birthday twice a year. Happy sixth-month birthday dearie.

17. Today is an exciting day for you and me. You are halfway to your first year, halfway to eating your cake by yourself. So happy for you, stay blessed all the way. Happy sixth month birthday sweetheart.

18. This is the sixth month I have been holding you delicately in my arms and it seems like yesterday. Happy birthday buddy, wishing you much love.

19. I am so happy to be celebrating your sixth month on earth today. It’s your first milestone in life, stay blessed and stay happy my little munchkin. Happy birthday.

20. Happy sixth month birthday to amazing little you. Wish you happier days till your first birthday.

21. I cherish today been the sixth month of your birth. Looking forward to the day you will turn one. Happy birthday, stay blessed my sweet baby boy.

22. Now you are half a year, let’s keep celebrating until you get to your first birthday. Happy sixth-month birthday darling.

23. It’s just like yesterday your baby boy was born. It’s the sixth month already, I wish him well on this day. May he always smile and shine. Happy birthday.

24. I am reminded by your innocent eyes that you are my life’s best gift, you are worth celebrating every day. Happy sixth month birthday my little prince.

25. I hear you’ve entered your sixth month today, and I think a cool baby boy like you deserve the best. Wishing you many smiles and laughter today. Happy birthday, dude.

6 Months Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy

6 months ago, you came into our lives my tender baby boy and turned it upside down for good. In such a short time you have brought so much joy to our hearts. Happy birthday dear one, wishing you all the love your heart can hold.

26. Babies are cute and you can’t help but adore them, with their smooth skin, adorable laughter and sweet smile. My baby boy, I hope you remain as happy as you are and hope your 6 months birthday is a blessed one.

27. I wish that you stay healthy as you grow up and also enjoy the wonders of being a baby as long as it lasts. Happy 6 months birthday my baby boy.

28. You are just 6 months old and cannot speak, but I already know what you want and what you need. So today I will give you your favourite because it’s your special day.

29. Congratulations my young hero on your 6 months birthday. May you grow to make a difference in the world.

30. Any parent will cherish and take pride in raising a beautiful baby boy like yours. Sending him warmest wishes as he turns 6 months today.

31. I am so happy today celebrating you at 6 months. It’s will be fun to celebrate your birthday twice a year. Happy half birthday my baby boy.

32. You spent nine months in the worm, and now here you are 6 months later, small but definitely a bundle of joy for us. May you have a joyful birthday.
33. You are so cute you naturally attract people to you, you are as magnificent as the sun. Happy 6 months birthday my baby boy.

34. Wishing you on your 6 months birthday with lots of cheer in my heart. You can’t imagine the many good things coming your way my cute baby boy.

35. You are already 6 months old but I am still loaded with the joy and happiness you have brought to this family. Stay blessed my sweet baby boy. Happy birthday.

36. My sweet little baby boy, thank you for bringing so much happiness to my life this past 6 months, even your charming smile is contagious. Wish you a happy birthday.

37. Your little baby boy has grown so fast you are already celebrating him at 6 months. I wish him happiness and may today be the most wonderful day.

38. At 6 months, it’s still a delight to hold and cuddle you in my arms. Have a great birthday and enjoy your life.

39. These 6 months of being parents to your sweet baby boy must have been exciting for you. Sending warm embrace to the little one as he celebrates this special birthday.

40. It’s your 6 months birthday but I wish you love and joy that will last till your first birthday.

41. I know you wouldn’t enjoy much cake today, but not to worry 6 months from now you will and also get lots of presents. Happy birthday, dear.

42. So happy for you, your baby boy has turned 6 months. I hope the second half is as crazy and amazing as the first.

43. You can’t walk to move about yet but your presence fills the whole house and it fills us with so much joy and love. May your 6 months birthday be fabulous.

44. I can not believe you are 6 months already you are growing way too fast. Happy birthday dear baby boy, can’t wait to celebrate you at one.

45. I need another 6 months to look to find you a perfect gift, for now, make do with this. Stay blessed dear baby boy.

46. It’s just like yesterday you got a flawless little package and today he is already 6 months old. What proud parents you are. Wish him cheer and happiness on his half birthday.

47. Hey my baby boy! May you have a rocking 6 months birthday party. You deserve to be happy buddy, stay blessed. Cheers.

48. Happy 6 months birthday my baby boy, I am glad you are still small enough for me to cuddle in my arms.

49. At 6 months is a good time to let you know you are indeed the best thing that ever happened to us. We love you so much our dear baby boy.

50. You are born with a natural ability to charm everyone around you with your sweetness. Thank you for bringing joy to all of our hearts. Happy 6 months birthday.

Birthday Wishes and Prayers for 6 Months Old Baby Boy

Dear Lord, thank You for keeping my baby boy strong and healthy this first 6 months of life. As he grows older, I pray that he remains in good health at all times. May the process of growth like crawling, walking and toothing not cause him too much pain. My best wishes are with you on your birthday my marvel.

51. Lord, bless my baby boy as he marks his 6 months birthday today. May he continue to grow in good health of body and mind. Imprint Your word in his heart so he will grow up to know You. Amen.

52. I bless You Lord for the gift of my sweet baby boy. As he turns 6 months old today, fill his heart with joy and happiness. Teach us to bring him up to know and love you. May your birthday be awesome dear one.

53. Heavenly Father, thank you for gifting me with this cute baby boy. As he is 6 months old today, I pray for Your continuous divine protection over his life. Let him grow up to love and serve you. Have a fantastic birthday son.

54. As your baby boy turns 6 months old today, may God bless him with good health. May he grow up to reflect God’s love and light in the world. Stay blessed and stay happy.

55. Our dear little angel, may God bless you on this special day of your life. May you grow in His presence with a hunger for His Word so you can influence the world positively for Him. Happy 6 months birthday dear baby boy.

56. My baby boy, today may you receive God’s abundant blessings from above. May He order every of your step to fulfil His purpose for your life. Have a fabulous 6 months birthday darling.

57. Dear Lord, thank you for my strong healthy baby boy. May he continue to grow in strength and knowledge of You. Bless his 6 months birthday and the many more he will have in his life.

58. Happy 6 months birthday to the cutest little baby boy I know. May the Lord guard and protect you, may the love, guidance and power of the Holy Spirit be with you now and always. Grow up in God’s favour dear.

59. As my baby boy marks his 6 months old birthday today, may You fill his young mind with love for You and the desire to know you more day by day. May this day be a glorious one.

60. Blessed Lord, I give You praise for the amazing gift of my baby boy. I pray you to protect and keep him in good health always. Shower him with your love so he will grow to know you early in life. Happy 6 months birthday son.

61. Thank you my sweet baby boy for being a blessing to me and your dad. You may only be 6 months old but you have brought so many miracles to our lives and those around you. May you continue to grow in God’s love and favour. Have a happy birthday our dear little man.

62. My baby boy, as you celebrate your 6 months birthday today, may you be blessed. As you grow to relate more with the world, may you be influenced by God’s word in everything you do. Stay blessed dear.

63. My dear baby boy, I pray your 6 month birthday is a happy one. May you receive God’s abundant blessings and lots of love and gifts from family and friends.

64. Dear righteous Lord, my heart is filled with gratitude for my wonderful baby boy you have kept strong and healthy this past 6 months. Cover him with your wings of love and keep him safe from harm’s way. May this birthday celebration bring glory to Your name, amen.

65. Congratulations to my baby boy on your 6 months birthday today. May God walk with you through your lifetime and guide you to His perfect plan for your life. Cheers and enjoy your day.

66. You brought love into our lives and filled a void in our hearts. May God bless you with good health, long life and provide for you in abundance. Happy 6 months birthday my baby boy.

67. You are a precious gift from God and your 6 months birthday today reminds us of how grateful we are to have been blessed by a wonderful baby boy like you. We love you, stay blessed dear.

68. My dear baby boy congrats on turning 6 months old today. May you grow up in God’s love and wisdom. You shall find joy in His presence and bring glory and honour to His name.

69. Thank you Lord for filling our lives with this bundle of joy. Today marks his 6 months birthday, cause him to grow nearer to you every passing day. May your divine covering be over him and may he always find joy in you.

70. To my gift from God, happy 6 months birthday. May you have a great start in life and grow to uncover God’s path for your life.

71. As you celebrate your 6 months birthday today, may God always find His way to bless you with love, happiness and good health. Keep growing my baby boy.

72. Happy 6 months birthday my handsome baby boy. As you grow, may God bless you at every stage of your life. May He provide all you need to grow strong and healthy. Stay blessed dear.

73. My baby boy is growing big and strong. I thank God, family and friends for all the support given me in raising this beautiful son. May the good Lord continue to make this baby put smiles on our faces.

74. Happy 6 months birthday dear. May God bless you with everything you need and may you always be comfortable. You will make us proud my baby boy.

75. Wishing loads of blessings to my baby boy today. May God hold your arms always and protect you from every harm. Happy 6 months birthday my charming prince.

6th Month Birthday Wishes for Son

With lots of love in my heart, I wish you my cute and adorable son a fantastic 6th-month birthday celebration. A cool kid like you deserves all the good things your heart will ever desire. May you be filled with the same enormous amount of joy you gave me when I gave birth to you. Keep growing my boy.

76. As you mark your 6th month birthday today, I wish you lots of love. You are my heart and soul and I want to see you growing happy and healthy. Stay blessed my son.

77. This is just the 6th month we have spent with you and it has been the most interesting time of our lives. We continue to love you more and more every day. May your birthday be a blast son.

78. I cannot believe how much you have grown. It seems like yesterday an amazing son was born into this family, it’s the 6th month already. Have a blast dear it’s your special day.

79. Today been your 6th month birthday we celebrate the miracle of your birth and new life. May this day be an incredible one for us and especially you, my son.

80. Congrats on your 6th month birthday. You now can sit very well and even move about a little, it feels amazing to see you growing so fast. God bless you, my son.

81. It’s your 6th month on earth today and we look forward to seeing you continue to grow. You are going to be a big boy soon, grow steadily son.

82. Happy 6th-month birthday sweetie. The gift of an awesome son like you is the best your parents can ever have. Enjoy your day dear.

83. Hey kiddo! We wish you a great day today. Though it’s your 6th month birthday, hope you get to have some fun and not nap all day.

84. Here is wishing you a happy 6th month birthday. We are so blessed to have you in our lives. Wish you the best son.

85. My sweet son, on this 6th month birthday of yours, we wish you all the best things life could bring and we pray you will celebrate many many more birthdays to come.

86. As you mark your 6th month birthday, we want you to know you are the reason for our happiness. Son, thank you for filling our home with smiles. We love you and have a great day.

87. This is just our 6th month with you and you have proven to be a great son, an amazing nephew and a wonderful brother. We look forward to celebrating many more of your birthdays.

88. Congrats on your 6th month on earth and thank you for making such an impact on our lives in such a short time. Have a fabulous birthday dear son.

89. We want you to stop growing so fast, we need to enjoy your laughter and giggles some more. You will always be our happy ever after. Have a fabulous 6th-month birthday son.

90. Dear son, this is just the 6th month you came into our lives and you have made everyone around you happier. We gratefully look forward to celebrating you at one as we watch you grow.

91. As you mark your 6th month birthday today, I only wish for the brightest future for a smart little baby boy like you. Stay blessed and stay happy my son.

92. Dear son, you are an angel sent to us, the reason for our never-ending happiness. Have an awesome 6th-month birthday son and stay charming.

93. You seem to have superpowers, my little son. You can’t walk or even talk but the whole household runs on your command. Happy 6th-month birthday dear one.

94. I am a very lucky parent to call you my son. This is the 6th month now I have been enjoying your awesome presence. May you grow up to be a fine young man. Have a great birthday my son.

95. Birthdays are a perfect time for people to gather together to tell you how much they love you and your 6th month birthday is a good start. We love you son, have a fantastic day.

96. My dear son, you just don’t know how much you mean to us. Hearing your little giggle fills our hearts with gladness and your charming smile is breathtaking. Happy 6th-month birthday son.

97. A sweet son like you deserve a great birthday celebration even though it’s your 6th month birthday. So I hope your birthday is full of fun and sweetness just like you.

98. May the 6th-month birthday celebrations of the most handsome boy turn out to be as sweet as honey. Son, may you grow up to be great.

99. Dear son, it’s okay if all you want to do today is take a nap, we’ll understand. After all, it’s just your 6th month birthday. Stay blessed my little angel.

100. It seems like just yesterday we were referring to your age as weeks and now it’s the 6th month already, how time flies. You certainly are God’s gift to us and we love you son. Have a fantastic birthday.

I hope you find happiness wishing these 6th-month birthday wishes to your baby boy to your awesome and sweet baby boy.

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