Happy 50th Birthday Wishes for Friend 1

Happy 50th Birthday Wishes for Friend – Female or Male

Every birthday is important, but the 50th birthday, in particular, is special. It’s not just a milestone age but one has hit the half-century mark also referred to as the golden jubilee age.

It is a good time for family and friends to let their loved ones who just turned 50 know they are loved and cherished and also acknowledge their lives many accomplishments.

Your female or male friends at 50 deserve a special birthday wish from you, one that befits the momentous occasion and also fits his or her personality and lifestyle.

But 50 they say is now the new 40. People at 50 today are more vibrant and fuller of energy, passion and dreams than ever. So, what exactly do you say to your female or male friends at 50?

This post has got you covered, it contains messages, wishes and quotes for a friend at 50 and even beyond 50 to 59. Just choose the ones that suit you best and send them to your friend.

50th Birthday Messages and Quotes for Friend

This message is sent to let you realize the amazing life you have created over the past 50 years, today I am celebrating every one of those years. Recalling all we’ve shared through the years as friends, I am forever grateful I met you. May the coming years bring you more smiles and adventure and your 50th birthday celebrations be a glorious one.

1. Congratulations on your 50th birthday my dear friend. Today allows me to reflect on how wonderful you have been to me. You have been such a great friend. May your future be bright and full of God’s abundance.

2. There is a silver lining in every cloud, yours is on your hair and you look amazing with it. Happy 50th birthday my friend.

3. Dear friend, I celebrate you today for your milestone achievements. You are an inspiration to us all. Hope your 50th birthday celebrations be as fabulous as you are.

4. Here is wishing you all the very best on your 50th birthday. May the coming years be full of love, peace and happiness. Have a great day my beautiful friend.

5. Many happy returns on your 50th birthday. Hope you get and enjoy all the attention from family and friends on your special day, you deserve it, my lovely friend. You have accomplished a lot and needs to be celebrated.

6. My heart is filled with gratitude for your friendship and all the fun times we have had together. May we share many more good times in good health. Hope you have a fabulous 50th birthday.

7. The world became a better place when I met you. You are such a nice person and deserve happiness on your special day. I hope your 50th birthday be filled with joy and laughter.

8. It’s your 50th birthday, a very special day in your life. You have reached half of a century and you are wiser and more experienced to tackle whatever life throws at you. So, relax, have fun and enjoy.

9. Whenever I count my blessings, you are top on the list. Thanks for being a friend and sister. Happy 50th birthday my dear friend.

10. Many happy returns on your 50th birthday my dear friend. I hope the years ahead are long and full of blessings. Have a great day and enjoy the celebration you deserve it.

11. Happy birthday to the world’s most elegant 50th-year-old. You make 50 look very attractive my friend. May you have an incredible year, full of fun and laughter.

12. This is the best birthday you should enjoy, your 50th birthday. You get the chance to redo anything you didn’t get right the first 50 years of your life. Have a blast, my friend.

13. At 50 you are not old, you just get tired much easily and more impatient too. Hope you have a fantastic celebration dear friend.

14. To the coolest 50-year-old guy I know. May you have many more happy moments as you journey into the next phase of your life. Have a wonderful 50th birthday buddy.

15. On your 50th birthday, I hope you rekindle those dreams, do what you’ve always loved to do and show the world how good you are. You have what it takes dear friend.

50th Birthday Wishes for a Special Friend

You have made the world a more beautiful place in the past 50 years. I wish to see how special you are going to make the next 50. Though you will be older, I know you to be young at heart and will give every opportunity that comes your way your best shot. Have an amazing 50th birthday celebrations my wonderful friend.

16. You may be 50 years old today but you are younger at heart than most younger people I know. You have what it takes to keep the hustle and bubble of life going. Have a fabulous 50th birthday my special friend.

17. Dear friend, you are now half of a century old. Celebrate your uniqueness, your awesomeness and your wonderful achievements. No one would have done all you did better than you. Happy 50th birthday.

18. It’s easy to do certain things when you are younger and difficult now that you are 50. But you can relive those moments by giving it a try once in a while. Hope you have a fun 50th birthday dear friend.

19. For 50 years you have held your shoulders high, overcame many challenges and got to where you are now. May your courage and resilience be even more in the next 50 years. Congrats on your 50th birthday my dear friend.

20. You don’t have to panic in blowing out the 50 candles on your birthday cake. Take a deep breath, relax and everything will be just fine. Happy 50th birthday dear friend, do a fantastic celebration.

21. Because you have brought so much beauty and joy to your family and especially to me your special friend this half of your life, the next half will be filled with all the good life can offer. Happy 50th birthday dear.

22. You deserve all the special treatment you will get on your 50th birthday because you have earned it. You have blessed the world with your awesome personality. Do have a memorable celebration, dear friend.

23. At 50 you have done enough impressing everyone, now it’s time to impress yourself. So stop trying to look younger and go all the way to enjoy yourself, have fun and make memories.

24. Your birthday is always unique because there is always something special to celebrate about you. My world became a better place since you became my special friend. Wishing you a joyous 50th birthday.

25. As you enter the next half of your life, you don’t need to change anything you are special the way you are. Have a fabulous 50th birthday celebrations, my friend.

26. Quit thinking about your age and start doing stuff that will bring you pleasant memories, that’s the perfect way to celebrate at 50. Have a nice 50th birthday my friend.

27. I celebrate you my friend for your 50 amazing years on earth. You have spread so much love, joy and happiness. May your next 50 years be as special as you deserve. Happy 50th birthday.

28. As you celebrate your 50th birthday, may you receive twice the love you have spread to us all in the next half-century of your life. Have a glorious day.

29. This is a perfect time to follow your heart and give your best desires yet unfulfilled another chance. You’ve got what it takes dear. Happy 50th birthday my friend.

30. The next 50 years of your life is an era of new and exciting possibilities. Make sure you grab every of it and leave a legacy. Have a great 50th birthday celebrations.

Birthday Messages for a 50 Years Old Friend

I am sending you this message my old friend to let you know that at 50 you don’t need to withdraw to your comfort zone. There is still much you can achieve, so do your lovely self a favour and pursue that dream you’ve always had. May the years ahead be that of satisfaction and happiness. Have a great birthday.

31. You are 50 years old now and they call it middle-aged, but age is just a number, you are just getting started. Happy birthday my friend, may you stay forever young.

32. Happy birthday to my friend at 50. Thank you for making my life so amazing with your incredible personality and friendship. Hope you have a fabulous day.

33. You are 50 years old today and have spent half a century of your life. May the other half be even better than the first. Happy birthday my friend.

34. Congrats on your 50 years on earth. I hope it’s just the beginning of wonderful things that are coming your way. Happy birthday, dear.

35. For 50 years you have soared for greater heights mindless of the obstacles and landed safely on your feet. May your courage and strength not diminish next 50 years.

36. My dear friend, celebrating you at 50 fills my heart with so much joy. May you continue to strive and give us more reasons to celebrate you. Happy birthday.

37. I am grateful to have been a part of your life all these years. As you clock 50 years old, may you receive courage and new strength to fulfil all your dreams. Happy birthday my lovely friend.

38. My world is much more beautiful because for the past years you have made it a truly wonderful place to live. I know the next 5 decades will be special. Happy birthday dear friend.

39. You have accomplished so much this 50 years of your life and I know the best is yet to come. Happy birthday my friend, hope you have a fantastic day.

40. You look stunning even at 50, life had been so good to you. May the years to come be more beautiful. Happy birthday my friend.

41. Today I am celebrating every one of the 50 years that has made you the wonderful person you have become. May you enjoy many more years of bliss. Happy birthday, dearie.

42. Today is the start of a new year in your life, the start of the other half of a century. Enjoy the day, cherish your achievements as you look forward to better things in the coming years. Happy birthday dear friend.

43. Happy birthday and congratulations on your 50 years on this planet. You now have the privilege to refuse certain fun things but since privileges are meant to be abused, so go out once in a while and have some fun.

44. I wish that your life continues to be as beautiful and peaceful as these past 50 years have been. Hope you have a wonderful birthday my good friend.

45. This past 50 years, you have sacrificed for your loved ones to be happy, you have earned the right to enjoy the good things of life. I hope you have the best birthday ever.

50th Birthday Words for Male Friend

You are the best among my male friends, your words are always comforting whenever I feel down, I feel secured and protected knowing I can always count on you. As you celebrate your 50th birthday today, may the sun shine brighter for you and may you continue to age like a fine wine that gets better with age. Happy birthday, dearie.

46. Your 50th birthday reminds me of how lucky I am to have you as a friend. I hope this year be an unforgettable one for you. Do have a fantastic celebration.

47. Today is a very special day not just for you but for me too. You have been a wonderful friend and a pillar of support. May the years ahead reward you with good success. Happy 50th birthday.

48. Happy 50th birthday my amazing friend. You have grown finer, wiser and more handsome over the years, I wish it continues that way and I hope you have a day full of love and laughter.

49. They say your youth is over at 50 but for the masculine you that I know, you have more exciting and youthful years ahead of you. Happy 50th birthday my friend, do have a great day.

50. Friendship with you these past years has been awesome, I wish you live another half a century so I enjoy more of your goodness. May your 50th birthday celebrations be as wonderful as you deserve.

51. Life has been good to you these past years of your life, may it be more beautiful in the years to come filled with joy, happiness and wellness. Happy 50th birthday my dear friend.

52. You are someone I admire and love. I wish you a very happy 50th birthday. Hope this day brings you all the success and happiness you ever desired.

53. You are more fabulous at 50 than ever, for your life truly began at 40. Enjoy every moment of this day and face the years ahead with a smile. Happy 50th birthday my friend.

54. Dear friend, don’t worry about the grey hairs popping out on your face, they make you look more handsome. Wish you the happiest 50th birthday.

55. I have always known you to be brave and adventurous, don’t let your age keep you from making fresh memories and exciting moments, you deserve to be happy. Happy 50th birthday my wonderful friend.

56. Happy 50th birthday my amazing friend. Thank you for being a mentor to me, you have thought me many life lessons, I remain ever grateful. May you be rewarded with the finest things of life.

57. Wishing a very happy 50th birthday to the most handsome old-timer I know. I wish I will look as adorable as you at fifty. Many happy returns of the day.

58.At 50 you have gained a wealth of experience, this is the best time to put them to use. So don’t think you are old and begin to slow down, you still have the best of life coming for you. Happy 50th birthday dear friend.

59. You have always been there for me whenever I need someone to talk to, whenever I need anything and whenever I feel lonely. I pray I get the chance to return some love. Happy 50th birthday my lovely friend, you are the best.

60. I wish you have a beautiful and memorable birthday. Enjoy this day and every good thing that comes with it, you deserve it, my lovely friend. Happy 50th birthday.

Birthday Messages for a Female Friend Turning 50

Happy birthday and congratulations on turning 50. Of all the messages you will get from your female friends today, I know mine will be the most heartwarming because it is coming with all the love and best wishes from deep within my heart. May you enjoy many good things in the years ahead.

61. You have amazing wisdom, a loving heart and positive energy that rubs off on everyone around you. Congrats on turning 50 dear friends, may all your dreams come true.

62. At 50 you still look as elegant and gorgeous as ever. Happy birthday, dear, hope you have a fabulous day.

63. Happy birthday and congratulations on turning 50, my wonderful friend. I hope you will be around for another 50 years because friends like you don’t come by easily. Do have a nice celebration.

64. It’s a privilege to congratulate you on turning 50 and wish you a happy birthday but I hope you don’t start acting your age because you don’t look it. Warmest wishes on your special day.

65. Congratulations my friend on turning 50. Don’t let those smile lines and winkles border you much, they are signs of how much effort you have put into earning your amazing life.

66. Happy birthday to a wonderful friend who has achieved an incredible milestone at 50. Keep up the good work dear and do have a wonderful day.

67. Don’t let turning 50 get the better of you, you still look as adorable and stunning as ever. Happy birthday my dear friend.
68. Happy birthday beautiful, I am glad to see you turning 50 so gracefully. But remember to rest more and drink lots of water, so we don’t have to visit the clinic often.

69. Who cares if you are turning 50 today. You are older, wiser and more experienced than us. You know exactly what you want, so relax and enjoy it’s your special day. Have a fantastic birthday.

70. I hope you are happy you’ve turned 50. Very few reach this age and still look as beautiful and healthy as you do. May you be blessed with many more happy and healthy years. Happy birthday, dear.

71. Hope you don’t think you are old because you are turning 50 today? If you do, just wait till you get to 75. Happy birthday my lovely friend.

72. Happy birthday to the kindest and faithful female friend I have. I hope you have a wonderful day as you turn 50. I wish you live the rest of your years in good health and happiness.

73. I thought when you turn 50 you will look less pretty and less smart but you don’t.. Happy birthday my gorgeous lady.

74. Congrats my dear friend on turning 50, may today fill your life with wonderful memories and the years ahead with success.

75. Now that you’ve turned 50, it’s time to reawaken those dreams you have put off and do what you’ve always loved to do and prove yourself to the world. Happy birthday, dearie.

Happy 50th Birthday Best Friend Quotes

Best friends inspire each other to be the best they can be. That you have done by accepting me the way I am and helping me become a better version of myself. Thank you for believing in me. May the years ahead reward you with all the good life can offer. Happy 50th birthday.

76. Wishing you the happiest of birthday today, the first of your milestone celebration. Hope you have five more decades of milestones to celebrate. Happy 50th birthday.

77. The past 50 years has been about everyone else, today let it be all about you. Take some time out and enjoy your special day. Happy 50th birthday my friend, have a blast.

78. To the most remarkable friend I have. You are beautiful inside and out. Happy 50th birthday my best friend, may you be favoured now and always.

79. You are one friend I can talk to and feel better no matter how bad the situation seems. I value you so much. Have the happiest 50th birthday.

80. It’s heartwarming to have that one person you can be yourself around. Love you, my friend, wish you have a very happy 50th birthday celebrations.

81. Whenever I get afraid, I remember I can always tap from your courage and I get strengthened. Thanks for being there my best friend. Hope your 50th birthday is as wonderful as you are.

82. Your strength has been an encouragement to me all these years. Hope you continue to wax stronger. Happy 50th birthday dear friend.

83. A half-century is a milestone worth celebrating. Congrats on all your great achievements. May today and the years ahead be bright and beautiful. Happy 50th birthday.

84. They say age is just a number, 50 might look big but it’s still just a number, you can decide to be young at heart at any age Happy 50th birthday dear friend, enjoy your day.

85. You make 50 enviable with your gorgeous look and smartness. Looking forward to celebrating more of your achievements. Happy 50th birthday my friend.

86. The next half of your life will be payback time for all the good you’ve brought into the lives of your family and friends especially me your best friend. Happy 50th birthday, have a day filled with beauty and joy.

87. Happy 50th birthday my best friend. They say you are now in your ”middle age” but you and I know that you are just getting started.

88. 50 is the age to see every challenge and trials of the past as fallen away and believe you can fly with everything that comes your way. Happy 50th birthday my love.

89. Happy 50th birthday my friend. Dreams come true for resilient people like you in their fifties. Hope you fulfil everyone you’ve ever had.

90. Happy 50th birthday dear, I celebrate you today because I know you have what it takes to make the next 50 years of your life better than the first.

Golden Jubilee Birthday Wishes for Friend

Dear friend, you deserve all the accolades and attention you will get on your golden jubilee birthday celebrations today. You have been a perfect example to me as a friend and an inspiration to all those who know you. I wish the years ahead be as beautiful and bright as you are.

91. I want to use the opportunity of your golden jubilee to thank you for being that one person I can completely be frank with and be myself with at all times. May you continue to dwell in peace and good health. Hope you have a great day my friend.

92. Your golden jubilee gives me the privilege to let you know it’s an honour to have you as a friend and to celebrate every one of your fifty years that has made you the wonderful friend that you are.

93. Your golden jubilee birthday takes me down memory lane, reminding me of all the good times we’ve had. I am blessed to have a true friend like you. May this year bring you your well deserved peace and joy.

94. Celebrating your golden jubilee birthday with you has created a lifetime of unforgettable memories. I am grateful to be your friend and blessed to have shared so many years with you.

95. Don’t fret much about celebrating your second jubilee, the more jubilees you celebrate the longer you live. See you in your third jubilee. Happy celebrations my friend.

96. That hair on your head and face might look grey, but they actually reflect the fact that you are now golden. Do have an incredible golden jubilee birthday celebration, my friend.

97. The longer I get to know you the more reasons I have to appreciate you. I have not met anyone as generous and kindhearted as you, my friend. I celebrate you today on your golden jubilee birthday.

98. Celebrating your golden jubilee comes with some benefits, now you can get away with certain things by simply calling yourself an old man. Hope you have a fantastic day.

99. I hope your golden jubilee birthday brings you all the things you’ve ever wanted. I wish you many happy returns and more opportunities come your way.

100. Happy birthday my friend, your golden years are here. I hope you live them to the fullest in good health, peace and happiness.

101. It’s quite hard to find true friendship but I got mine on a platter of gold. I am forever grateful to you. I wish your golden jubilee birthday be as beautiful as the beauty you’ve brought into my life.

102. It gives me great pleasure to be among those wishing you on your golden jubilee birthday and an even greater pleasure to call you my friend. Thanks for who you are and the things you do, happy birthday.

103. On this anniversary of your golden jubilee, I hope you know that life at this age can still be exciting and fun. So put on your dancing shoes let’s get this party started.

104. As you celebrate your golden jubilee today, I pray that your strength will be renewed, good health and wellness will be your lot and rejoicing will never depart from your life. Enjoy your day dear friend.

105. I hope the celebration of your golden jubilee birthday usher in the perfect fulfilment of your dreams and heart desires. You deserve it my friend, hope you have a glorious day.

Happy 51st Birthday Wishes for Friend

You are now truly living out your fifties, don’t worry much about the midlife crisis it’s all part of the fun, so just relax and enjoy every moment. Sending you love and best wishes on your special day. Happy 51st birthday my friend.

106. You have actually started enjoying the best chapter of your life, your fifties. Happy 51st birthday, dude.

107. Happy birthday to someone who has been fabulous at every age and is now more fabulous than ever at 51.

108. They say 50 is the youth of old age and you are just 1 year gone, so enjoy the rest of your youthful years. Happy 51st birthday dear friend.

109. People have different expectations of how their fifties will be like, but I know yours will be more fabulous than your past years. Happy 51st birthday sweetie.

110. Happy 51st birthday my good friend. With all the hard work I know you have put into life, you can look back with pride and forward with hope.

Happy 52nd Birthday Wishes for Friend

Two years down your fifties and you are still looking as radiant as ever, Your smiles still sparkle like the stars in the sky. May the years ahead continue to be bright for you and all your best wishes come to fulfilment this year. Happy 52nd birthday my friend.

111. Now is the time to put all the wisdom and knowledge you have gathered over the years into action, hope you get to accomplish all your life greatest desires with them. Happy 52nd birthday dear friend.

112. With all the dedication, love and care you have given to your family and friends, your life finest moments starts now. Enjoy it to the fullest my awesome friend. Happy 52nd birthday.

113. Real beauty is in the soul and that is the one you reflect most, making you look more beautiful even at 52. Happy birthday my lovely friend.

114. Happy 52nd birthday girlfriend. Quit worrying about your health today and indulge in some birthday things like eating lots of cake. Wish you lots of love dear.

115. Today, forget your age, remember the good memories and cherish them, go with the flow and enjoy yourself. Have the happiest 52nd birthday buddy.

Happy 53rd Birthday Wishes for Friend

As you advance into your fifties, may your happiness and wisdom increase with your age. May you enjoy every privilege you deserve and another year of good health, peace and love. Happy 53rd birthday dear friend, wish you lots of love and special moments in the years ahead.

116. Congratulations my friend on your 53rd birthday. You have done a lot of incredible stuff and I know you still have more up your sleeve, can’t wait to see your new venture. Wish you the happiest birthday ever.

117. My lovely friend, happy 53rd birthday. Hope you are not worried about getting older, forget your age and live every day to the fullest because there will always be ups and downs in life.

118. Happy birthday, guy, I hope you have a fantastic 53rd birthday and you are really spoilt by this beautiful day.

119. Happy 53rd birthday to my dear friend. You are such a wonderful person and deserve all the happiness on your special day, I hope it is filled with joy and laughter.

120. Always stay true to yourself and to all you believe in. Happy 53rd birthday friend, hope you enjoy your unique day.

Happy 54th Birthday Wishes for Friend

Happy 54th birthday my friend. You have entered your mid-fifties but I know you still have so much energy, I hope you use it to achieve heights beyond your imagination. I wish you the very best in all you shall do this year, have a great celebration.

121. I want you to realize there is still something better out there for you and your age is not a barrier, go grab it, my friend. Happy 54th birthday.

122. Congratulations my friend on your 54th birthday. I wish this year be one of the most beautiful years of your life. Do have a great day.

123. Even the worst days of your life is worth celebrating they all made you the strong person you are today. Happy 54th birthday buddy.

124. Happy 54th birthday my friend. At this age, you should be looking old but you are as beautiful and elegant as ever. May this year be a good one for you.

125. Dear friend, you are still in the first half of your fifties so stop pretending to be old and let’s celebrate your birthday in style. Happy 54th birthday.

Happy 55th Birthday Wishes for Friend

Congratulations on hitting your mid-fifties. You have only done half of what you need to do for the decade, so brace up for the other half and I wish it is bigger and better. Happy 55th birthday my amazing friend, hope you have a birthday as amazing as you are.

126. Today at 55, I admire and celebrate you for all your wonderful achievements. I wish you a very happy birthday, just take some time out, relax and enjoy yourself my friend.

127. There is nothing better than celebrating your date of birth with the people you love. Happy 55th birthday dear, I love you.

128. It’s your birthday again, another moment to shine. May your light never be dim so the world can see and celebrate you. Happy 55th birthday dear friend.

129. Dear friend, I know being you can be difficult at times with all the responsibility on your shoulder. I pray you have the strength and courage to continue to strive and succeed in all you do. Happy 55th birthday.

130. You are a rich man my friend, you have a family that supports you in whatever you do. May you continue to find favours and excel in all you do. Happy 55th birthday.

Happy 56th Birthday Wishes for Friend

Congratulations my dear friend on your 56th birthday. Don’t think you are too old to make those changes you always desired, it will make a whole lot of difference and help you accomplish all you’ve ever dreamt of. Sending you lots of warm wishes.

131. At 56 you are as amazing as ever doing the wonderful things you are known for. May you continue to increase in wisdom. Happy birthday dear friend, do have a fabulous celebration.

132. You make the world a little better for your family and friends every day and it seems the older you get the better it gets. On this special day of yours, we wish you more love and joy. Happy 56th birthday.

133. For all the years I have been friends with you, there is nothing I wish to change about you. You are perfect the way you are and I love you, my friend. Happy 56th birthday.

134. I am privileged to still have you as a friend after all these years. Thanks for loving me with all my flaws. Happy 56th birthday.

135. You are old enough to know you should not let your past affect your present. So stop worrying, enjoy life and live to the fullest. Happy 56th birthday girlfriend.

Happy 57th Birthday Wishes for Friend

You have entered your late fifties, but life can still be what you want it to be. It’s never too late to pursue your dreams, after all, they say age is just a number. Wishing you a joyous 57th birthday and all the best for another great year.

136. They say friendship gets better with age and you are a true description of that. May you be blessed and be a blessing to others and may this new year bring you peace and joy. Happy 57th birthday.

137. Don’t fret about your age, just think of all the good times we have shared as friends and you will feel energetic to keep moving on. Happy 57th birthday dear.

138. As today is your birthday, I pray you will always feel the love of family and friends. And may you always know how important you are. Happy 57th birthday.

139. When you go down memory lane today, don’t recall how hard life could be but see the good in today and know that tomorrow will be better. Happy 57th birthday my lovely friend.

140. Happy 57th birthday my friend. As you celebrate your special day today, I want you to realize that more adventures await you and you have more rounds to conquer. Have a wonderful day.

Happy 58th Birthday Wishes for Friend

Dear friend, congratulations on your 58th birthday. I wish you can see yourself as others see you. You are awesome and beautiful and have a very big heart that can accommodate everybody. May this new year of your life bring you more success, love and happiness. Happy birthday and have a fantastic day.

141. It’s a great honour to be celebrating you today my friend. It’s a good time to thank you for inspiring me to be the best I can be. Happy 58th birthday dear, have the best day ever.

142. Happy 58th birthday dear friend. You deserve all the love and support you get on this very unique day of yours. You are worth all the love you will get today because you have given out so much love. May every day be happy for you.

143. This day is extra special because a wonderful person like you was born into the world. I am grateful to have been friends with you all these years, I hope we spend many more together. Happy 58th birthday.

144. At 58, you still amaze me every day with your beauty, charm and character. I thank God I am friends with you. May this year bring your way all the good things of life. Happy birthday my amazing friend.

145. You look gorgeous even at 58. Life has been so gracious to you, may the coming years be more colourful. Happy birthday, mate.

Happy 59th Birthday Wishes for Friend

Let me use the opportunity of your 59th birthday to tell you how blessed I am to have you as a friend. I owe you the best times of my life’s journey, I am thankful for your love, care and support that has made me come this far in life. Happy birthday, may this year reward you with all the good you deserve.

146. One can only come across a unique and extraordinary person like you once in a lifetime. You are worth celebrating every day. Have the happiest 59th birthday ever.

147. With all these years gone by, you have not changed a bit. You are still as beautiful and wonderful as ever. As you end this decade of your life, may it be the beginning of greater achievements in your life. Happy 59th birthday my lovely friend.

148. May this last year of your golden jubilee be celebrated in grand style. May you be honoured for the awesome person you are and may you look to the future with a smile on your face. Happy 59th birthday my friend.

149. My dear friend, as you celebrate your 59th birthday today, may you continue to live life to the fullest in good health and prosperity. Hope you have a fabulous day.

150. You are already marking your 59th birthday, can’t believe we have been friends for this long. Our relationship keeps getting better because you are a wonderful person. May the years ahead bring you blessings from above.

Having gone through this post on 50th birthday wishes for friend, send the ones that convey your heartfelt wish the most to your friend. And please don’t forget to share.

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