Happy 18th Birthday Wishes

Happy 18th Birthday Wishes, Messages and Quotes to My Niece

Everyone knows that birthdays come once in a year, and it will do you more good than otherwise to celebrate with your niece as she takes a turn into the big 18!

The turning of a new age for some people can be a challenging process as they are faced with mixed feelings which can be fear of what the future holds in store for them and if they will be able to do well for the incoming age/year.

Irrespective of whether she is the type that gets excited about her birthday or not, celebrating your niece should be a big deal to you.

Every birthday is worth a good celebration, but then the 18th birthday comes with a difference. Although kids grow fast and are more exposed in this day and age, without dispute and in many countries around the world, the 18th year is when a child is finally acknowledged as being a full-fledged adult; When they have the right to some of the life choices.

Your niece is celebrating this age and as you should, too.
Girls like attention, a lot, and now you have a niece in your hands who is on the verge of becoming an official member of the young adult club.

One way to dish out attention to your niece is by sending her some cute text messages especially on her birthday; to show that you do care for her.

Celebrate with her, send her any of these quotes in form of wishes and prayers. Some sprinkle of words of motivation is also fine so that she can be mentally prepared for what the years and life have in store for her.

This birthday or the ones that are to come, it is imperative that you make it a point of duty to show an iota of love to your niece on every of her birthday, trust me, it is one very effective way of maintaining family bonds.

You might not have the money for a big present but then in the little way that you can, help her appreciate and embrace the idea of being an 18-year-old, an adult. Your little effort can even be more than enough to set her on a path of being an amazing adult and young lady.

Human beings hold a strong belief in divinity or God (well, at least some percentage), this is why you will never look too far to see prayers for different occasions.

Faced with the challenge of what the perfect gift for an 18-year-old girl should be? Send her some birthday wishes first then subtly ask her what she wants as her gift. That’s one of the major life hacks there, and you’re welcome of course.

These happy 18th birthday wishes to my niece; messages and quotes is just what you need to be that perfect uncle/aunt on your niece’s birthday.

Birthday Messages for A Niece Turning 18

This message is for you my dearest niece, as you are turning 18 today. I pray you will grow into a respectable and very strong adult too, happy birthday to you my little niece.

1. My prayers and wishes are not complete today if I haven’t welcomed you formally into adulthood. With the whole of my heart, I’m wishing you beautiful years ahead. Happy 18th birthday to you my niece.

2. It’s been great fun watching you grow from infancy to now; I do not have any doubt as to whether you will be because I’m so sure that you’ll grow to be a very responsible adult. You already know that I love you, happy birthday my beautiful niece.

3. My dearest most precious and beautiful niece, I’m glad that you are growing to be a fine young woman. Happy 18th birthday to you today, darling.

4. You brought smiles and great joy into our lives and that’s why I am wishing you nothing but happiness and plenty of smiles every day of your life. Thank you for doing so well so far, happiest 18th birthday to you my favourite niece.

5. May all that you wish for every morning come through for you, and your life be an avalanche of excitement and pleasant surprises. Happy 18th birthday to you my little niece.

6. You can go ahead and make a wish today because it will come through, but make sure you don’t bill me though. I’m just joking! Happy birthday to you my niece.

7. May this new year bring in more joy and erase all your worries. Your 18th year will mark as a milestone for greatness baby, happy birthday my beautiful niece. Long life and prosperity to you.

8. This is the year that your life picks up speed and accelerates for good. Welcome to 18 baby and happy birthday to you my lovely princess. I wish you a very beautiful life and years ahead.

9. I know you love to aim high, that’s why my wish and prayer for you today is that you don’t fall or stumble. Let me sing a happy birthday song for you, my niece, you deserve it you know.

10. You came into our lives and caught my love, I’m grateful to God for the gift of you to us. Happy 18th birthday my sweetest baby girl turn lady, long life and prosperity to you my love.

11. I wish that you will be showered with the biggest joy of life and bliss that never ends. Thank you for being our lives gift, I pray you will continually be. Long life and prosperity to you my dear niece, happy 18th birthday.

12. It’s the breaking of another day but this one is with a difference as you have become a grown woman, an adult. May all your days be amazing and very perfect, happiest birthday my niece.

13. Welcome to the first day of the next 365 days of your 18th year, there is a lot to be grateful to God, for you and us all. I pray that life will only show you its good sides always. Happy birthday to my little niece who’s now a woman.

14. I am most grateful to God because, since the day you came into our lives, you have been a blessing and more. Continue to grow well and beautifully, happy birthday to you my love.

15. My dear niece, it’s a happy day because it’s your birthday. You’re older now so you don’t really need a birthday present, that’s why I was thinking all you need is a birthday song. Happy birthday to you my favourite niece.

16. 18 hearty cheers to you darling, you are loved always. Make sure you continue to be the good girl that you are. Happiest birthday to you today.

17. One thing I am grateful for is the fact that you are not just getting older by the day but your maturity is also top-notch. I pray you will grow well, happy birthday my niece.

18. I promise to sing you a happy birthday song when we see it but for now, make do with your present and this message. Happy birthday to you my baby girl turned adult woman.

19. I wish you many happy returns of today. I know you’re looking forward to a present and I won’t disappoint you, you already know that. Happy 18th birthday my adorable niece.

20. A year older and I’m sure you’re wiser. Long life and prosperity to you darling. Remember you’re 18 now, we’re all waiting that you act it and don’t disappoint us. Happy birthday!

18th Birthday Prayer Quotes for Niece

It’s your 18th birthday and trusts me I have been up early to look for the perfect quotes just for you. I’m sure prayers won’t be too much today, so here is me wishing you a very happy birthday. May your life be seasoned with prosperity, my beautiful niece.

21. Because He’s the only one who can do a perfect job of it, the God of the heavens and the earth will take care of you now, always and forever. Happy birthday to you my dearest niece. It’s going to be a beautiful 18th year ahead for you.

22. I know you have been looking forward to it and now that it’s here, I pray that you fully utilize it and make good use of it too. Welcome to 18 my baby, happy birthday to you.

23. I am more than excited that I could celebrate your 18th birthday with you. I pray that Gods grace will continually follow you every day of your life and you will not be left alone. Dearest niece, happy birthday to you.

24. God has blessed you with another fabulous year and this one is the year that you attain full adulthood. May your light shine bright and your glow never dims, princess. Happy 18th birthday to you.

25. We will forever be grateful to God for the gift of you, your smiles and your beauty. May eternal happiness be yours, baby, happy 18th birthday to you my favourite niece.

26. No matter what life may hold in store, I pray that your journey will be smooth and filled with pleasant experiences. I love you now and always baby girl, happiest birthday to you.

27. My sincerest prayer is that everything you need for a prosperous life will be granted unto you and you won’t ever be stranded. I commit you into the hands of God, now and forever. Happy birthday, baby.

28. My message is not complete if I don’t send you a prayer today; In all you set your heart on to do, God will show up for you. Happy birthday my niece.

29. Everything will work for you good so much that you won’t have the slightest feeling of what regret truly means. My dear niece, happy birthday, long life and prosperity to you darling.

30. Thanks to God who not only gave you to us but also took good care of you for us right from infancy till now. My genuine prayers are that He will continue to take care of you, every day of your life too. Dearest niece, I wish you a very happy 18th birthday.

31. Heaven’s light will flood you and help you throughout your life journey. I am excited to welcome you into adulthood my girl, I pray you to have a beautiful life ahead. Happiest birthday to you my adorable niece.

32. I know everyone is wishing a very happy birthday and I just want to chip in my prayer for you; may God be with you all the days of your life darling. Happy birthday to you and many happy returns of today.

33. It is with great excitement that I welcome you into your 18th year. May your life’s journey be so perfect and be a reflection of Gods beauty. For you my niece, it’s the happiest birthday.

34. Like I always do, today again, I’m praying that your life will be perfected and you will have it all figured out no matter what. Birthday prayers for you today my niece, I love you always. Happiest birthday to you.

35. A happy birthday song will be perfect for you but since you already know that I can’t sing well, of course, you’ll pardon me. Im singing you one in my mind. Happy 18th birthday my baby.

36. I pray for Gods for you today and every year that you spend on earth. I look forward to seeing you grow into an amazing woman.

37. Believe me when I say you’re worth celebrating every day because you’ve proved over time that you can handle all and everything. I couldn’t wish you yesterday but still, I say a happy belated birthday to you, my niece.

38. Now, you’re an adult, of course, I’m sure you know what that means. I forgot your birthday, but I’m sure you definitely understand that it is not intentional. Just make sure you don’t grow as forgetful as I am (I’m kidding!). belated happy birthday to you my adorable niece.

39. I always see you as my baby that I failed to remind myself you’re growing every day. I guess I can no longer call you my baby so here it goes; happy 18th birthday to you my adult niece, I wish you a long and absolutely fulfilled life.

40. Happy birthday to my beautiful niece, now that you’re 18 I hope you’ll stand up for what is right and whatever you believe in, always. Cheers to you my cute niece, happy birthday to you too.

Birthday Messages for 18 Years Old Niece

My favourite niece is not a baby but a full-grown adult. I’m glad you grew to be a beautiful and outstanding woman. Don’t ever forget that your life is a positive message for everyone around you. Welcome to 18, happy birthday to you my love, grow old with grace.

41. It is with great enthusiasm that I welcome you my beautiful niece into adulthood. Now you know what it feels like to be a woman. Happy birthday to you sweetheart.

42. This happy birthday card for my niece is specially designed for none other than you. One thing though, make sure that you make us all proud no matter what. Happy 18th birthday to you my baby.

43. On behalf of other uncles and aunts, I raise a glass. Cheers to the beautiful experiences that will come with being 18. Happy birthday to you my baby niece. We all wish you amazing years ahead.

44. Every day makes me more aware of the fact that you bring joy and laughter to all our lives. May you continue to be so. With all of my heart, I wish you the happiest birthday ever my beloved niece.

45. Happy belated birthday to my niece, the one who stole my heart with her cute and angelic smile right from infancy. Cheers to 18 my love, I pray you to grow well.

46. Since infancy, you have always brought happiness to everywhere you go. My prayer is that you will never lose this touch. May your smiles too never fade away, happy 18th birthday to you my crazy cute niece.

47. Belated happy to you my favourite niece! I know I am sending this in too late but that’s the new cool so, make sure you enjoy this wish and your 18th year too. Birthday blessings my girl, welcome to the big 18.

48. You may not be everyone’s favourite, but you’re mine and that’s all that matters. You weren’t born to be everyone sweetheart, you were born to be you and to do you so make sure you live your life to the fullest. Happy 18th birthday darling niece.

49. You were a sweet little baby that watching you was more than enough to give me joy. I pray that you grow into an outstanding woman, no matter what. Happy birthday from your aunt to you my niece.

50. I used to think that you’re one very daring young girl, but now, I see it’s a very good trait that shows you’re resilient no matter what. I pray that God will never leave you all alone. Best wishes darling, happy birthday to you my gorgeous niece.

51. It would have been more fun if you were still here with us all but God understands it all completely. We all miss you, happy birthday in heaven my niece.

52. Forever you live, in our hearts. We are grateful to God that we at least had the opportunity to see your face even if it was for the briefest of time on the heart. We love you baby, happy birthday in heaven, my niece.

53. My little baby is now a very grown woman, and I am a very proud uncle. May life be sweet and soft on you always baby. Happy birthday my niece.

54. It is going to be a very beautiful and pleasant 18th-year baby so, relax and enjoy your ride. May your road be smooth and free of bumps, happy birthday my lovely niece.

55. You are a very brave and extremely beautiful soul, with all of my heart, I wish you the happiest of birthdays so far and a very beautiful year ahead of you. Happy birthday, my little princess niece, I love you.

58. Make sure that you celebrate and have fun to your heart’s content today because it doesn’t come, ever again. Welcome to 18, may adulthood be good to you. Happy birthday my gorgeous niece.

59. Happy 18th birthday to our little princess turn a gorgeous lady! Cheers to you, love, enjoy your day and of course the cake too.

60. I wish I could remember the song we used to sing to you when you were very little, that would have made a very perfect song to celebrate you today. Maybe I should come up with another and tag it Happy birthday my niece song. Long life and prosperity to you my sweet niece.

Birthday Wishes for My Niece on Her 18th Birthday

The best wishes you will get today are the ones that I am sending to you right now to celebrate your 18th birthday. You are my niece that I can never trade for the wealth of this world. As you celebrate today, I pray that the world will celebrate you one day. Happy birthday to you darling.

61. Silver and gold I do not have but this love in my heart for you, I’m sure it can never be quantified. Hearty cheers to you my favourite niece in law, happy 18th birthday to you.

62. Congratulations because you already are an adult. As your uncle, it’s only proper that a happy birthday message comes from me to you. May all the good things of life that you desire and we desire for you come true. Happy 18th birthday my kid niece.

63. Thank you for making me fall in love with you right from infancy, with your sweet and cute giggles. I join the whole world to celebrate you today my love. Happy 18th birthday sweet, may your life be colourful, forever.

64. Greatness is ascribed to you darling, your light will shine bright and never grow dim. Among your peers, you will always be the best. Happy birthday my princess niece, you already know that my love for you is incomparable.

65. All of your days will be for ease and may every accomplishment of your life be groundbreaking; these are my heartfelt prayers for you as you celebrate your 18th birthday. Long life and prosperity to you my most pretty princess.

66. Happy birthday to a very wonderful princess, the most treasured in all of our lives, my lovely niece that spares no effort to crack us all up. Thank you for being the sweetest niece for me. I am happy you’re 18 at last, lets get set to have all the fun that you deserve.

67. This is me trying so hard to come up with an appropriate happy birthday song for you my niece. If this doesn’t come out as the most beautiful song, then we have to change your musical taste. Happy 18th birthday to you darling.

68. This is the time that you will rise and shine because that’s what you were born to be. Cheers to 18 and the amazing years that are to come, my darling niece. Happy birthday to you.

70. No matter how beautiful your cake may be or how great your party today, it can never be as unique as you are. Now, I can stop referring to you as a baby because evidently, you’re an adult. But for the last time let me wish you; happy birthday my baby niece.

71. Happy birthday to my adorable niece! I am more than excited because at last, you successfully subscribed to adulthood. I don’t promise that it’s going to be all phone but I can assure you that I’ll be right there with you, every step of the way. Cheers to a very beautiful 18 years darling.

72. I don’t need a present in my life anymore, you’re my life’s most perfect gift. Happy birthday to you my beloved niece. You know I love you and I got you forever. Many happy returns of today babe (I should call you baby, anymore)

73. You are sunshine to our lives, the one that always presents us with more than enough reasons to smile. May every year that you celebrate on earth be a golden one. With all of my love, I wish you a very happy 18th birthday.

74. I don’t need a soothsayer to tell me you are going to grow into a very gorgeous woman, it runs in the family. I look forward to the beautiful woman you will become with great enthusiasm too. Happy birthday to you my beautiful grandniece.

75. 18 cheers to the newest adult in town. Trust me, I thought you were more than that already, so please forgive me. I wish you a very beautiful 18th birthday my favourite girl. Happy birthday to you my great niece.

76. May this day be filled with fun and pleasant surprises for you my dear, thank you for being the most spectacular highlight of my life. Happy birthday to my niece like my daughter. I wish you long life and prosperity.

77. I hope your dreams and aspirations in life are as beautiful as you are, I pray that your life will be filled with Gods blessings too, forever. Long life and peace of mind to you, happy birthday my one and only niece.

78. As you into the years ahead, make sure to laugh more, enjoy life, love unrestricted and live beautifully. May the odds forever be in your favour my darling. Happy birthday to my sassy niece.

79. You are adults now, remember that only you can make your decisions so make sure to make the right ones as much as you can. May life favour and bless you, this is my utmost prayer for you both. Happy birthday to my niece and nephew.

80. Right from your childhood, you have always been gifted with lighting up wherever you go, I pray you don’t lose this touch forever. May your world be beautiful, complete, happy birthday my sweetest niece.

Happy 18th Birthday to My Beautiful Niece

To my most adored beautiful niece, the only princess in my kingdom, the one that makes me long for motherhood so much; happy birthday to you. May your 18th year be the beginning of your best years on earth.

81. You are special, always and you know it. Keep shining bright my baby, the whole is set to welcome all you bring to it. I wish you a long and prosperous life. Happy birthday to my smart niece.

82. I have waited so long to do this; Happy 18th birthday to my special niece! I welcome you to your 18th year, make sure you rock it to your satisfaction. I love you and I got your back, no matter what!

83. I hope you know that you have got so much to offer the world so you have to put in your best in everything you set your mind to do. May your kind and pure heart never be defiled by life. Happy birthday, long life and prosperity to you our beautiful niece.

84. Special birthday wishes to the kindest, sweetest, cutest, nicest and most beautiful niece in the whole world. I hope that your life is an exemplary and inspirational one for generations to come. Happy birthday to you, sugar.

85. 18 and fabulous, that’s you, my sweet niece. Like the butterflies, may your life be merry and very colourful too. I join everyone to celebrate you and wish you a very beautiful 18th year ahead. Many happy returns of today my darling niece.

86. The world is set for all that you have to show forth, I hope you will grow to be celebrated and be a light to your generation. I wish you Gods blessings forever. My dear niece, happy birthday to you.

87. Today is not like any other day, the whole world stands still because my niece, the cutest girl in the world was born. Thank you for coming into our lives and adding fun to them. Happy birthday to you my precious niece.

88. I am more than happy that you made it to your 18th-year baby, having you in my world as my niece is the most exciting gift my life received. Today, I wish that you will grow strong and healthy. Happy birthday my baby.

89. It was a very long journey but thank God you made it to your 18th year. You will live long to celebrate your 80th year and beyond, happy birthday to you my little precious niece.

90. Looking back to those days when you first came home to us, now I understand that you are more than our life’s blessing. Thank you for being my adorable partner in crime. Happy birthday to you my wonderful niece.

91. I think we should do something very special to celebrate your 18th year birthday. I’m thinking annoying your parents will do, right. You are my most beloved niece now and forever, happy 18th birthday sunshine.

92. I love how you uniquely make use of your abilities to bring out the smiles in everyone’s faces even when they don’t feel up to it. You have the heart of an angel and I pray that you won’t ever lose this. Happy birthday to my wonderful niece.

93. I solemnly wish that you get everything you could ever wish for today, that you have a beautiful and memorable birthday celebration. Long life and prosperity are assured for you my love, happy birthday my beautiful niece.

94. From year 1 to this day that you turn 18, I make bold to say that you are the most amazing baby I ever met and I’m glad that you’re my niece. I promise to always love, support and encourage you, every step of the way. Happy birthday, princess.

95. May life reveal to you only the ups and highs. You will never go low. As you grow older, go with Gods grace and strength. I wish you long life and prosperity too. Happiest birthday to you, my wonderful niece.

96. AS you advance in age, my prayer for you is that you will receive discernment to make the right decisions and go the right path always and forever. May your life be filled with love always, happy birthday to you, darling niece.

97. I’m not sure I would love you as much as I do if you weren’t my niece. Your awesomeness is something that runs in the family and Im glad you got a share of it. Continue to grow and blossom princess, happy birthday to you.

98. I’m glad that my sister had a daughter as beautiful as you are. You are our golden child, never forget that. The beginning of your amazing years is now. I wish you growth and prosperity all round. Happy 18th birthday dear child.

99. I hope your parents are not giving out chores for you to complete today as it is your big day? Let me know if they are so we can plan something in return for them. But first, happiest birthday my sweet niece, I wish you a beautiful life ahead.

100. I’m sure going to miss having you tagging along wherever I go to, I’m sure I won’t be having any of that anymore now that you’re an adult. Still, you’ll remain and forever be my cute and starry eyes, little niece. Happy birthday to you, darling niece.

Thank you for reading through these happy 18th birthday wishes and quotes post, I’m sure you will agree with me now that your niece deserves to be sent any of these to help her have a complete birthday celebration.

There are different words of love and endearments for your niece which of course she deserves.

Don’t forget that I always look forward to your comments on here, feedbacks help me know what you think of the posts. And before leaving, I would love to remind you that you sharing is not an impossibility; you can do that with just a click.

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