Happy 14th Month Birthday

Happy 14th Month Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy or Girl

No matter what anyone else says, one undeniable fact is babies are beautiful! Those adorable round faces are an unending bundle of joy and cuteness!

Quite a number of people love babies, some are completely taken to children and as a matter of fact, who wouldn’t fall in love with these little humans bubbling with life and with no worries about anything at all? There is a great aura of carefree-ness around them.
If you are yet to fall in love with these cuteness overload little humans, I think it’s safe to say you’re missing out because the mere thought of them while writing all of these is tinkling my insides!

It’s fun and quite thrilling to watch babies grow from their first day in this world, and as they advance into days and months. First, you find their growth intriguing. From the first few weeks or months of their life, you watch as they try to figure where they are and adjust to the situation and boom, they’re crawling on all fours making a beautiful mess of everything they can get their hands on. Aren’t they just adorable?

If you have one of these lovely creatures in your life, maybe yours, adopted or of a close relation, you should show love to them today, a little bit of parenting tips won’t harm. No one says you can’t have a pet name for them, some Cute baby names are quite awesome if you want to grow a special affinity with them.

And to celebrate their 14th month anniversary, you should take time to celebrate them. It definitely is not an easy task throwing tantrums and crying their insides out just to get attention!

Who says you can’t throw a little party for them if you can afford to do so? You could even pick out some party ideas for a toddler and birthday themes for babies.

You should not underestimate the power of prayers too, prayers for children is another way you can prove your love for these little folks.
Even if they’re not directly yours, you should let their parents know that you truly care and that they have captivated your heart by sending them any of these happy 14th month Birthday Wishes for a Baby Boy or Girl as a text, a beautifully handwritten note, on a gift card or even post on your social media.

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14 Months Birthday Prayers and Wishes for Baby Boy

My dearest baby boy is 14 months today and I am more than excited. My heartfelt prayers and wishes are that you will grow strong and well my baby. I’m rooting for you always, so, happy birthday to you darling.

1. Your sparkly eyes are what I always look forward to seeing at every moment. Each day brings the awareness that you are a special gift in our life. It’s the anniversary of your 14th months my baby, I pray that you will never lose your smiles, ever.

2. Happy 14th month birthday my darling, thank you for being the source of our greatest joy. May you continue to grow in beauty and strength and may the joy you bring into our lives never stop.

3. 14 months and my tiny little baby boy is now a sweet bundle of bubbly and smiling prince charming. It has been an amazing time having you in all of our lives my baby. I love you now and I’m sure it’s going to be forever.

4. Since the first day of your coming into our lives, it has been a great time of fun, smiles and laughter. Thank you for being our little cute boy, I pray that you grow into your full potential and prosper tremendously. Happy 14th month birthday my prince.

5. My baby is 14 months old and I am super excited! It feels just like yesterday when you came into our lives and we first held you in our arms. I love you always and forever my darling boy, I wish that you will grow well and beautifully too.

14 Months Birthday Wishes and Quotes for Baby Girl

14 months of knowing you, seeing you and caring for you my baby girl and it has been nothing but an awesome time. My wishes are that nothing will stop you or hinder you in life. Happy birthday to you my baby.

6. Dearest princess, it’s been the greatest 14 months of my life, knowing you and caring for you. As you are celebrating 14 months today, you will love to celebrate 14 years and even more. May you shine my darling princess.

7. My dearest and sweetest little cutie, happy 14th month to you. On behalf of everyone, we all love you and pray that you will grow up to be an amazing and very strong young lady and woman. Long life and prosperity my darling

8. The cutest baby girl in the world is 14 months old today and I am more than excited to celebrate you, my darling princess. My greatest wish is that you will live a very and long and absolutely fulfilled life. From 14 months to 100 years darling, you will grow well.

9. My beloved baby girl, my little pinky princess, my adorable baby girl, her mom’s pride and her dad’s joy, happy 14th month birthday to you my darling. I pray that as you grow, you will enjoy the grace and favour of the Most High God.

10. One fact I’m sure of is that you will most surely grow to be our own golden girl. It’s been our greatest pleasure having you in our lives, may this joy never fade away. Happy 14th month my baby, I pray that God will keep you for us all, forever.

14 Months Birthday Wishes for Daughter

Dearest daughter, it’s been an amazing 14 months knowing you and having you in my life. Thank you for being an incomparable joy to me. Happy 14th months my baby, happiest birthday to you. May your wishes in life always come true.

11. It is a great joy to always encounter your smile that I am definitely the most fortunate mother in the world. Happy 14th month birthday my little princess, I love you so much, today and forever.

12. Undoubtedly, you are my greatest life gift, my special life package and my dearest princess. 14 months that you have been in my life has been the best for me so far that today, I pray that God continues to keep you for me.

13. Many words in my mind right now but I really cannot piece them together, but most importantly, I am super happy that you are my dearest baby girl. Happy 14th month to you my sweetheart. I promise to take care of you as much as you deserve my darling, so help me God.

14. Many things to say today but the most important of them all is that I am grateful to God for the gift of you to me. Happy 14th month birthday my baby, it’s been my greatest pleasure being your mother and taking care of you.

15. Today it’s 14 months of your existence, of you coming into my life as my daughter and bringing joy to me and us all. I am a proud mother and it’s because you’re mine, my baby girl. I pray that you will grow well my darling.

14 Months Birthday Wishes for Son

Because You’re my son, I could answer to being a parent and trust me, dearest son, it has been so exciting and fun-filled for me. 14 months and out of many wishes I am praying for many more years to you. Happy birthday to you my little champ.

16. Loads of love and good caring are what I promise you my baby because you deserve it. Thank you for being my adorable baby boy, happy 14th month birthday my son. You are on your way to becoming a big boy.

17. I’m giving it up for you my son that you’re the cutest and the most adorable baby around. And now, you’re 14 months old! Happy birthday to you my chubby champ. I can’t ever get enough of your smiles and I pray that you never run out of them too.

18. Beautiful face and adorable smiles, these are the qualities of you my beloved son. Just like yesterday that you came into my life and filled me with joy, today you’re 14 months old and I’m praying that same joy never leave your life.

19. One year and 2 months, my baby is on his way to becoming a big boy. As you grow son, may your life never run out of beautiful things. Happy birthday to you today my son, may you live to celebrate years and not just months.

20. From the first day I set my eyes on you and now that you’re 14 months on this earth, I have always loved you my dearest son. I will always love you and pray for you as you grow. Happy birthday to you today darling. You’re a big boy already and I’m sure you’ll make a fine young man.

This is just one out of the number of ways you should celebrate your baby as he or she clocks 14 month anniversary. You should not hesitate to show how much you love and care for your little boy or girl on their birthday, children thrive on love and there definitely is no overdoing it.

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