66th Birthday Wishes for Friend

66th Birthday Wishes for Friend

It has been proven that human beings long for and look forward to the anniversary of their birthdays whether they’re celebrating it or not.

Wishing someone, no matter what their relationship to us is, a happy birthday is one of the several age-long Birthday traditions, so there’s no reason for you to feel awkward for sending that texts or birthday card to your loved ones or even acquaintances on their birthdays.

The truth is, there’s nothing that makes one more emotional than the understanding that there’s someone somewhere who cares about them and has them in mind to the extent of sending across a birthday wish.

Although, we cannot under rule the fact that there are people who are nonchalant about their birthday. To them, it’s just like any other day; no special tingling feeling. Still, a birthday wish will make a difference to them.

Your friend is celebrating the anniversary of their 66th year, that’s a huge feat! And it is just right that you celebrate them.

It’s a great age that signifies that the celebrant has lived a fulfilled life and they’re moving close to retirement; if they’re not retired yet already. Now, that it is your friend’s special friend, you should not hesitate to wish them well and lace it with some doses of prayer texts.

There are several ways to celebrate birthdays, these may range from throwing a party or even going on vacation among other exciting options.

You can even plan a little but quite a pleasant surprise just for them. You’re not going overboard at all; anything that’s worth doing at all is worth doing well and perfectly too.

No matter how old your friend grows, there’s always a way to celebrate them. And if you’ve been friends with them for so long; maybe from high school or even longer than you can remember, having your friend celebrate 66th birthday shows that you both have put a great deal of conscious effort to maintain your friendship over the years.

If what you’re looking for is the perfect birthday wishes to send across to your friend along with whatever you’re getting them. It just goes to show that you sincerely care about your friend.

Below are 66th birthday wishes for friend that will help your friend appreciate how far they’ve come and look forward to the coming days with great optimism and a heart of gratitude as they grow older in years.

Happy 66th birthday Messages and Quotes for friend


This message is to mark your 66th year on earth my dear friend, and I am more than happy to be celebrating with you. May your days continue to be a blessing and an inspiration to others. Happy birthday to you, long life and prosperity my friend.

1. 6 decades and 6 years, that’s a significant one, my dear friend. Today, I am glad for the gift of good health and longevity that you have enjoyed so far. God bless you continuously my dearest friend, happy birthday to you.

2. To my awesome, amazing, beautiful, and superhuman friend, welcome to your 66th year, happy birthday to you! I hope that you will remain as energetic as ever as the years go by. Keep growing girl!

3. One thing I know is that you’re a good friend through and through and I am always grateful for the gift of you. I celebrate with you today my dear friend welcome to 66. I wish you live till a hundred. Happy birthday to you!

4. Friends that stay together are more or less of a sibling. We’ve come way too far that I can’t even remember how long it’s been. Happy 66th birthday to you today my friend, I wish you longevity and pleasant years ahead.

5. From college and now we’re grandparents, you my friend have proved to be more than just a friend. More awesome years ahead, my dear friend, I wish you grace and good health as you grow older. Happy birthday to you my friend.

6. I would have wished you prosperity but it’s evident to everyone that you have it in abundance. Happy 66th birthday my dear friend, welcome to another year. You’re an enigma already, my wish is that you remain so, even forever.

7. Let me officially welcome you into another year of your grandkids running all over you. I hope you still got the strength in those knees so that they can continue to sit comfortably on them? Happy birthday my dear friend, welcome to 66.

8. It has been so awesome being your friend till now and I want to warmly thank you for being there and sticking it out with me despite all we’ve been through. Happy new-age my dear friend, may 66 be another beautiful age for you.

9. Today as you celebrate 66, I’m wishing you get the strength of 36. You need it my friend as we still have some tracks to run. Happy birthday to you my dear friend, it’s been nice growing with you.

10. May the blessings of God that you have enjoyed so far continue not just into this new year, but every day of your life. As your best friend, I’m officially welcoming you into 66. Continue to enjoy your retirement buddy.

11. All through these years, only one word is enough to describe you with: excellent, my dear friend. Welcome to 66, it’s going to be an amazing year as God will continue to be with you, my dear friend. Happy birthday to you.

12. Today again, memories of the past come rushing by and I can not help but agree that I made a good choice of a friend. I celebrate you today my dear friend as I welcome you to 66. Happy birthday my friend who’s steady becoming an old woman.

13. 66 years and you don’t even look the part, I just want you to know that I am jealous of you my dear friend. You already have a prosperous life, I can just wish that you enjoy more of that in the years to come. Happy 66th my dear friend.

14. 66 years and bouncing, you, my friend are the real definition of old man, young body. As my usual practise every year, this year again, I am saying cheers to you; and let’s enjoy what this year will bring with it. Happy birthday to you my dearest friend.

15. Your excellence is getting an upgrade as you age my dear friend. Let me remind you once again, that it’s been an honour having you as my friend. Happy birthday to you today buddy, enjoy 66.

Happy 66th Birthday Greetings to a Friend

Special greetings to my special friend. With all excitements, I say a very happy 66th birthday to my dearest friend. May you live to a hundred and even more in good health of course.

16. The only thing I really want to say right now is that may everything continue to be perfect for you as it’s always been. Happiest birthday to you my dearest friend

17. 66! A perfect number that conveniently symbolizes greatness for you, my dear friend. You know I always get your back, so, enjoy yourself today and in the new year. Happy birthday to you.

18. To my best friend for years, my companion and confidant on all matters, happiest birthday to you today. I pray you continue to enjoy good health and a clear mind. Enjoy yourself, my dear friend.

19. Salute to the woman of the hour, my dearest and best friend for years, the only one who knows me even more than anything else. Happy birthday to you my most precious friend. Make sure to enjoy 66.

20. Happy birthday to the one who deserves to win the medal for the most deserving friend, if only you know how glad I am to have you as my friend. Happy birthday to you today, continue to enjoy many happy returns.

21. The best friend anyone could ask for, I’m just happy that you’re in my life even till today so that I get to celebrate 66 with you. Happy birthday to you, my friend, may the years continue to be favourable.

22. I know it’s your birthday today and that’s why I choose to celebrate you as much as you serve my dearest friend. Thank you for being that human who’s got my back always and no matter what. Happy birthday to my sweet friend, may you live to celebrate a hundred.

23. No matter how old we may grow, I’ll always long for the succour that our friendship gave me. Thank you for being irreplaceable over the years, happy 66th Birthday to you today my precious friend.

24. To one of the very special people in my life that makes my world go round; happy 66th Birthday to you my dear friend. Knowing you and having a friendship with you has been both an honour and a blessing to me.

25. 66 hearty cheers to you today! Happiest birthday to you. I wish you could take a run over the stairs from 1 to 66 times to show me that you still got it in you. Long life and prosperity are yours already my dear friend, go ahead and enjoy it.

26. I woke today to the knowledge that my friend is 66, girl, you are growing old. I hope you slow down on those chocolates and leave them for the little kids, I still need you very much alive. Happy birthday to you my best friend.

27. It’s another year and I want to be the first to wish you a very happy birthday. You are 66 today, I’m sure you will live to celebrate more years as you already enjoy the grace of long life. Many happy returns of today to you my best friend.

28. This age is a subtle reminder that you are nearing your retirement, so you know you should take things steady as I still want you very much around my dear friend. Happy 66th birthday to you today, it’s sure going to be another amazing year.

29. Don’t let anyone mislead you, you’re only 66 in age today and not in mind, so, live the year to the fullest and enjoy it too. Happy birthday to you my dearest friend, I wish you one of the most pleasant years of your life ever.

30. Congratulations on becoming 66 today dearest friend, you will celebrate 77, 88 and even 99 and I’m surely going to be right there by your side. Happy birthday to you today, now let’s go have some fun, shall we?

I’m sure that you enjoyed reading this 66th birthday wishes for friend. Keep it in mind that several people take their friendship with others for granted and don’t get to celebrate their friends enough. Don’t let this be the same with you.

Show your friend that you love and value them as the years move by. Reassure your friend of your support for them even as you both advance in years. You should never get tired of each other’s company. As a matter of fact, it’s fun to grow older with each other.

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