Happy 18 Months Birthday Wishes for Baby Girl or Boy

Happy 18 Months Birthday Wishes for Baby Girl or Boy

Childhood is a beautiful time for kids if we make it so for them. A lot of children have grown up to be so violent and nonchalant, and in most cases, this happens because of how their childhood was. Kids need so much love when they are little, and this is expected from their parents, especially. This helps them grow into great people in the future.

Your baby’s growth should make you so happy that you want to treat them right. One of the ways to do this is having family and friends around to celebrate him/her on their birthday.

While you’re planning to throw a big party with family and friends in attendance, you can make the occasion beautiful by just expressing how you feel about your child using a message or wish, on his/her birthday. Either or not the child grows up to read it, you have done very well.

These happy 18 months birthday wishes for baby girl or boy below are written for your child on their 18th month birthday. I’m sure you’ll get the ones you love.

18 Months Birthday Prayers and Wishes for Baby Boy

You are 18 months and I wish to let you know how much of a blessing you’ve been to me. Of all my wishes and prayers, I hope you grow to love me even more than I love you. Happy 18th birthday to you, my baby boy.

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1. Your presence brings more than enough joy into our lives. No matter how far you are, I can still feel your presence. You make this world a much better place for everyone around. May you have the best 18th month of your life. I love you.

2. On your 18th month on earth, I am wishing you everything you will ever need to become a great man. I hope that God makes your growth an easy one for you. With the atmosphere around, I’m sure you can tell you’re the celebrant of today. God bless you.

3. I have never stopped cherishing moments with you, and this is one of the reasons my phone camera is always on, so I can capture all your beautiful moments. You bring smiles to our face in so many ways. Have a beautiful 18th month with a heavenly increase.

4. My munchkin, there’s nothing as delightful as how you run around the house with your pretty little feet. I live for those moments. Each day is interesting with you around. Happy 18th month. May it bring more wonderful moments.

5. You remain my biggest blessing. Each time I want to flex my muscles, I talk about you. I just love everything about you, and I can’t help but show it. You are my brightest hope. I love you so much. May your 18th month be filled with goodness and mercy.

6. Even though I’m happy with how rapid your growth is, I still really wish that it is slow. I love you like this. I just want to keep carrying you in my arms. Growth is the best thing, so enjoy yourself while it lasts. Happy 18th month, my baby.

7. You have the purest heart, my son. Your smile is so innocent. Even when you’re guilty, you have a way of appearing innocent. What more can I ask for? I enjoy your company, and I hope to do so forever. Happy 18th month to you.

8. You are the most special person in my life, and no one can take your place; not even your father. You mean so much to me, and I’m never going to let anything hurt you. I wish you a lifetime of bliss. Happy 18th month, my baby boy.

9. You enrich my life with your presence. Your presence makes everything beautiful. You’re one blessing I hope to keep forever. I’m sure God will make you great in life. Happy 18 month, the greatest of my blessings.

10. When I count my blessings, I count you more than once. This is because you mean different things to me. You’re not just my son, but my companion. I love how beautifully we are getting along. Happy 18th month to you.

11. As your mom, I will never wish you bad. I will always want the best things to happen to you because you’re my greatest blessing. I hope your 18th month brings you closer to becoming a great man. Happy 18th month to you.

12. I am proud because you’re my child. So many people don’t understand how I feel about you, but it’s not a problem because you’re my son. It’s such a beautiful thing to be your mother. I hope you continue to grow in grace. Happy 18th month to you.

13. 18 months with you have been so good. It’s been the best and longest 18 months of my life. I just want to wake up and see you around me. I get jealous even when you’re with your father. It’s safe to say I can’t do without you. Happy 18th month.

14. Heard a lot about motherhood before having you, but having you has taught me never to believe anything I haven’t experienced. 18 months ago makes it the first time I’d be genuinely happy with my life. You made it possible. Happy 18th month to you.

15. I am the happiest when you are around. Your laugh makes me feel good. You’re 18 months already, soon you will be old enough to pass me the remote. Haha. I love you with all my heart. Happy 18th month to you.

16. Whatever you need to make your childhood a great one, I will always be willing to make them available. My dear son, I want you to have the best life, and so I would stop at nothing to make sure that’s what you get. Happy 18th month.

17. My life is always on hold whenever I don’t get to see you. I truly adore you and you complete me in so many ways. I pray that God makes the remaining years of your childhood great for you, and blesses you always. Happy 18th month, little munchkin.

18. There are lots of cakes for you today. I know you love cakes, especially the icing on them. So don’t worry, you are about to get fed with more than enough. I can’t but talk about your growth; it’s so beautiful to experience. Happy 18th month to you.

19. I know you can’t read this now, but who knows, you might get to do that in the future. You make me so happy, my son. If there’s anything I have ever done right, then it’s birthing you. Happy 18th month to you. I love you too much.

20. It’s your 18th month on earth, and we are just going to celebrate and merry today. Your presence in our lives assures us of better days ahead, and we will all be here to experience that with you. Happy 18th month, my golden boy.

21. You are so fun to be with, and I don’t ever want to leave your side. Your aunties and uncles talk about how much they love you. May your day be filled with sweet surprises and lovely presents. You are the miracle we always wanted. Happy 18th month.

22. I want to specially thank you for being the joy of my life. With you, I’m rest assured that the future will be greater than this. May the remaining years of your life be more glorious than you think. Happy 18th month to you.

23. I still feel I’m not doing enough as a mom. I just want to give you everything even without asking for them. I want to be your provider whenever you need anything. I just want to be there for you forever. Happy 18th month to you.

24. In everything you do, I hope the love I have for you sees you through. I hope my love for you serves as enough confirmation that all will be well with you. I’m super excited about your 18th month. I love you forever, son. Happy 18th month to you.

25. Be rest assured that I will always love you like there’s no tomorrow. You make me so happy with how you smile. You have also made me the proudest mom on earth. I love you now and forever. Happy 18th month, my dear child.

18 Months Birthday Prayers and Quotes for Baby Girl

Happy 18th month birthday, my love. The last 18 months have been the sweetest for me. Quotes are important right now, but prayers are more. I pray that you continue to grow into a happy baby girl. I love you.

26. The day you entered into our lives remains the most cherished and beautiful day of our entire lives. It was such an exciting moment to see a living thing pop out of me. I’m grateful for you. As you’re 18 months today, I pray that you keep growing in the light of God. I love you.

27. Sometimes, I don’t want to believe that I’m your mother. How did I get so lucky? What have I done right to deserve such an adorable princess? Lots of questions running through my head without any answers. But I feel God just wanted to show how much He loves me. Thankful for your 18th month.

28. The things you do amaze me. Like, how can an 18-month-old be this wise and playful? Most times, you know what you are doing, even when I don’t. You’re so adorable, my princess. I can’t wait to celebrate your 18th year.

29. You still haven’t stopped breastfeeding, even at your 18th month. I guess I’m just going to wean you because I feel you’ve had enough already. I’m just joking, princess. You can have me all you want. Happy 18th month to you.

30. I love how you understand everything I say and the reason behind them. You’re still so little, but yet wise. I love staring at you a lot. My baby girl, you’re my happy place. I will do anything to get you a better life. Happy 18th month to you.

31. I have been a proud mom to the most adorable princess for 18 months now. Am I not lucky? Of course, I am. My gratitude goes up to God every day, ever since I had you. I can’t just believe that you are all mine. May you continue to grow in His wisdom. Happy 18th month.

32. Before I eventually had you, I cried a lot. I was almost getting into depression when God decided to compensate me with your pregnancy. I never taught I could become a mother, considering the times I had to wait to conceive. I am glad you’re finally here. Happy Halloween 18th month to you.

33. The past 18 months have been the most lovely moments of my life. I have been filled with gratitude and pure love. There’s indeed no love greater than that of a mother. My princess, I love you to the moon and back. Happy 18th month.

34. You are such a delight to the sight. The moment you started walking, I truly believed that you’re my companion. Now, we can walk together in the house. I’m sure you’re going to be my best friend. Thank you for choosing me to be your mom. Happy 18th month to you.

35. Before we eventually had you, we were made a laughing stock because of my inability to conceive. We never knew God had greater plans for you. When you eventually came, our joy was full. Thank God for you, dear daughter. Happy 18th month to you.

36. You have no idea how we feel when we see you smile. You’re too cute for words, my princess. I know I am beautiful, but I’m sure you will be more beautiful, and that’s not a problem. I hope that you keep growing and smiling. Happy beautiful 18th month.

37. We call you our answered prayer because God decided to give you to us when we needed you the most. Ever since, you have brought nothing but peace and love into our lives. Saying we are grateful is an understatement. We will always protect you. Happy 18th month to you.

38. Look who’s shinning at her 18th month; that’s my princess. You’re too beautiful, and I’m kinda scared boys might have to be running after you, when you’re much older. I will always be here to guide you. Happy 18th month to you.

39. Your birth was a confirmation that God isn’t dead. We prayed and fasted for years, but you didn’t come. God answered our prayers when we least expected. We are glad to have you, our miracle child. Happy 18th month to you.

40. Our heart’s desire was granted, the day you blessed us with your presence. From that day onwards, you have made our lives truly blissful. We are so proud of your growth. Wishing the sweetest girl in the world a very happy birthday.

41. If I had to start talking about how much humiliation we suffered before we had you, then I will be ungrateful because God has compensated us with the most beautiful gift, which is you. I can’t stop thanking God for giving me my best friend. I will cherish you forever. Happy 18th month to you.

42. You’re the sweetest girl, there is. Your smile is so cute and sweet. Watching you smile with your cute face is all I ever want to see. You have blessed our lives in so many ways than you think. We know God will continue to make your growth easy for you. Happy 18th birthday.

43. Having a child isn’t an easy thing, but you made it all worth it, by gracing us with your presence. The love we all have for you is above our understanding. We pray that the Lord keeps providing us with the resources to nurture you well. Happy 18th to you.

44. I know you can’t read this, but this is my beautiful note to you as your clock your 18th month. You are such a lovely little princess, and all I ever want to do is take care of you. I love you more than you know. Happy 18th month.

45. 18 months ago, God decided to answer our long-awaited prayer, by blessing us with the most wonderful of our blessings. We are thankful for this gift, and we hope that the Lord keeps helping us to nurture you right. Happy 18th month to you.

46. I must say your growing up really fast, even though I want you to be grown up as fast as possible. Today marks the 18th month we had a big milestone in this family. Ever since, it’s been a rollercoaster of emotions for me. I can’t help but feel emotional when I see you. Happy 18th month.

47. I feel so honoured to be called your mom. You are so special to me. Your growth in the last 18 months is commendable, and I love to see it. It’s evidence that you’re in safe hands. I will keep taking care of you, daughter. Happy 18th month to you.

48. The joy I have experienced in the last 18 months is greater than the one I have experienced in my entire life put together. I think there’s something about you, my daughter. You make my joy full. Happy 18th month to you.

49. I have always prayed to God for a best friend. Someone who will always be there for me. I never knew you were going to be the one. You have supported me in so many ways than you can imagine. I’m grateful for your friendship. Happy 18th month to you.

50. So this miracle of a girl is my daughter. If there’s anything I did right to deserve you, then I don’t ever want to stop doing that thing. I may have children after you, but our bond will always be strong because you came first. Happy 18th to you.

Happy 18 Months Birthday Wishes for Daughter

I have so many wishes for you today, as you’re 18 months. I know you will grow into a very beautiful and amazing lady I will be proud of. I can assure you that you will always get the best. Happy 18th month birthday to you, my daughter.

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51. My joy knows no bounds, celebrating this day with you. I’m super elated and excited about how much of a blessing you are. You have touched more lives than you can imagine because through you, lots of prayers have been answered. Happy 18th month.

52. The first time you called me mama, I laughed and cried at the same time. I never knew your growth will be this fast. You have brought me much joy more than you can ever think of. Even if it’s just you, I will be happy for the rest of my life. Happy 18th month to you.

53. It’s your 18th month, and you relate with me like it’s your 18th year. I’m very sure you will grow to be my companion. I can’t wait to start having all those mommy-daughter goals with you. Happy 18th month to you.

54. You grow so fast, and I love to see it. Even though breast milk is your favourite, I can’t stop you, because if you hadn’t come, there’s be no milk in my breasts. I thank God for your life, my daughter. Happy 18th month to you.

55. The rate at which you’ve grown and developed over the last 18 months has been truly amazing. Very soon, you will be that not-so-little baby, and I will have you as my picture partner. Happy 18th month to you.

56. I love your character and personality; in fact, everyone does. Everyone wants to have a feeling of your presence when they carry you. You’re the only baby I know who doesn’t cry. I love you so much. Happy 18th month to you.

57. Today is the perfect day to let you know just how much we love you and how much you mean to us. We value you a lot. It’s such a great feeling to be your parents. We are lucky, blessed and proud. Welcome to your 18th month, my love.

58. Our hearts are filled with so much pride and joy seeing you grow into a wonderful human being. You have been our major source of happiness. And we promise to always be here to ensure that you take the right steps in life. Happy 18th month, baby.

59. Today is a great day in our lives. We are celebrating your 18th month in our lives, and it happens that our hearts are filled with so much joy. It’s been a very sweet journey with you, my baby. Motherhood is the best. Thank you for making me enjoy all it brings. Happy 18th month.

60. When you clocked a year, it was such a beautiful celebration, and I’m sure you felt it too. Now that you’re on your way to year two, I can’t but confess that I keep falling in love with you. There’s nothing I can do without you beside me. Thank you for being the best companion. Happy 18th month.

61. Today is a wonderful day, and I’m sure you know it. Today makes it 18 months since you came into our lives. We are gathered together to thank God for His faithfulness in your life. We thank Him for making it easy for you. Happy 18th month, our celebrant.

62. Whenever you try walking and fall, a part of me is happy and the other is not so happy. I’m happy because you are showing that you can do it, no matter how hard. I’m not someone happy because you can get injured in this process. In all, I am thankful. Happy 18th month to you.

63. I hope to always have the opportunity to tell you that there is no one like you. There’s no greater love and bond than the ones between us. I am so happy to be your mommy. Happy 18th month, my little princess. God bless your days.

64. Watching you grow so beautifully is such a delight; the feeling is surreal and I can’t seem to get my mind off it. I still can’t believe I’m the mother to the most adorable princess ever. I am equally lucky and blessed. Happy 18th month, sweetie.

65. Some people still don’t believe you’re my daughter. And that’s to say they never believed I could conceive not to talk of having a child to call my own. This is got to show that, what God cannot do doesn’t exist. You’re my miracle baby. Happy 18th month.

66. I’m so in love with you, princess. I love how you’re ever ready for the camera, once you see the light. You’re such an adorable little princess. I can’t thank God enough for giving me such a beautiful blessing. Happy 18th month, my love.

67. Your dad is now very jealous of you, while you’re just 18. He’s not so happy because I enjoy spending more time with you. Well, he has no one other than to just keep managing. There’s no better place I want to be, than with you. Happy 18th month.

68. I love how happy you feel when you jump and dance. Today, you’re going to have enough jumps and dance, because there is going to be beautiful music for you to showcase your talent. I love you, and I will always be there for you. Happy 18th month.

69. You aren’t even more than 18th months, and people have started seeing your greatness. It’s nothing new to me, because I am your mother, and I’ve always known that you shall be great. May all your dreams come true. Happy 18th month to you.

70. If peradventure you notice everywhere is bubbling today, just know that you’re the reason for it. You bring us too much happiness and joy, and we have chosen to celebrate your 18th month in our lives. Wishing you the most fulfilling life ahead. Happy 18th to you.

Happy 18 Months Birthday Wishes for Son

My son, I hope that you keep giving me reasons to love you, as God keeps giving me the resources to cater for you. I wish you the best in life, my son. Happy 18th month birthday to you.

71. Dear son, I want you to know that no matter what happens, I will always be right here for you. I got my breakthrough the day you came into my life, and I’m never going to trade this experience for anything. Happy 18th month to you.

72. It’s been 18 months since you entered into our lives, and there have never been any other wonderful 18 months in the history of our lives. You are all we want in a child, and we are blessed to have you. Happy 18th month to you.

73. What else can we ask for in a son? You’re just 18 months and you keep showing us how strong you are with the things you do. I am so proud, and I feel you should just grow up to be a man already. Happy 18th month to you.

74. Your growth is so fast; it’s just as if you’re taking more than breast milk. Your beautiful smile means the world to me, l so I want you to keep smiling always because mom loves to see it. Happy 18th month to you, my prince.

75. The moment the nurses brought you to me and told me you were my son, I just started to cry. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Till today, I still cannot express in words just how blessed I feel to have you as my son. Happy 18th month.

76. We are having a grand celebration for you today, our Prince Charming. You deserve all the happiness and joy because you bring much more into our lives. Only God knows what we did tight. Happy 18th month, dear son.

77. I know you’re having such a difficult time trying to walk, but soon you will be perfect at it. Till then, I will keep helping you stand each time you fall. May God keep you safe at all times. I love you so much, son. Happy 18th month.

78. I pray to God to keep providing me with everything I need to make your beautiful future come true. You deserve the finest things, and I promise you won’t get anything less. I will keep making you happy. Happy 18th month, my love.

79. Motherhood is a not-so-easy experience, but you make me enjoy every bit of it. You make it so easy for me with your kind nature. You understand when mommy needs rest and when she wants to play. You know too much at your age already. Happy 18th month to you.

80. I can’t be more thankful that you came first. I have always wanted to have a male child first. Thank you for finding me worthy of this role. I will make sure that I deliver beyond expectations. Happy 18th month as my son.

81. You are the first to answer my prayer. I have always wished to have a child of my own. A lot of things happened before your arrival, but I’m glad you’re finally here. It’s been 18 months of love and absolute happiness. I’m most grateful.
Happy 18th month.

82. I’m sure you’re going to have a life greater than ours because we will never leave you to do anything all by yourself. We will always be around to ensure you don’t lack anything. I love you till eternity. Happy 18th month, my son.

83. I get so jealous each time I see the bond between you and your father. It’s so beautiful to see. I know he’s the happiest to be called a father, but I went through the process of birthing you alone. I deserve more attention from you. I love you both. Happy 18th month.

84. You have always been happy and healthy. You have never given us a problem, ever since your arrival. It’s been 18 months doing life with you, and I never want to stop. I hope that you will dance more than you always have, today. Happy 18th month to you.

85. It’s been 18 months since we welcomed you into this world. No matter how bad things get, we will always be right behind you, because you’re all we’ve got. We will make sure that you never lack anything. Happy 18th month to you.

86. I am sure that even when I grow old, you will still be my best friend. I’m glad your mother birthed you, and that day still remains the most cherished day of my life. My little hero, you are the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Happy 18th month.

87. You are the most adorable little prince in the entire world. Your smiles and giggles are so soft. They are what I live for. I’m glad you’re getting along. Your mom and I are proud of you. Happy 18th month.

88. Before you came, I never joked with my wife’s breasts, because they are my favourite part of her body. When you came, I had no choice but to leave them to you. I can see you enjoy sucking them. No wonder you keep getting bigger. Happy 18th month, son.

89. Today, I have lots of gifts and toys I will spoil you with. I have noticed you can’t do without them, and they are your companion whenever mom is busy. Don’t worry, you’re about to have lots of them. Happy 18th month to you.

90. The last 18 months have been the most wonderful months of our lives because we get to share them with you, our prince charming. We are even more joyful because we will get to spend many more years with you. Happy 18th month.

91. The way you fall and get right up within seconds makes me believe so much in you. It just feels like you didn’t just struggle to get up. You’re going to be a very strong and determined man. I will always be there to support you. Happy 18th month to you.

92. Watching you grow is so satisfying. I could seat for long hours watching you play and walk around the house. I’m the luckiest mom. Wish you the very best in life, always. We are very proud of you. Happy 18th month, son.

93. You are more than a son to me; you are evidence of God’s love for me. I will forever cherish the priceless moments of watching you grow up. I love you, Prince Charming. Happy 18th month, from your proud mom.

94. I have made more beautiful memories in the last 18 months than I have made all my life. You see, there’s something about you that I’m yet to figure out. I just know I feel very safe with you. I want more of your kisses, this month. Happy 18th month.

95. No one understands me like you do. You know every of my mood. You know when I’m not interested in feeding you. I don’t know how you manage to know all of this, but thank you for making motherhood so easy. Happy 18th month.

96. Today, you become a month older. It just feels like yesterday while you were practising your first walking steps. Now, you’re growing into that lovely boy. I can’t be prouder. I wish you the best in life, today and forever. Happy 18th month to you.

97. No matter what happens, you will always need me. When the need arises, never hesitate to call on me. I will be right at your corner forever. I love you, my darling son. May the light of the Lord continue to shine upon you forever. Happy 18th month.

98. I know you’re still very little, but I’m sure you have dreams. Even though I don’t know what they are, I’m sure God knows and He will grant all of them. I love you so much, son. Happy 18th month to you. Keep growing!

99. The level at which you grow still amazes me. I can’t believe I am the mom to this little champ. Your future looks bright already, and I’ll be right here to make all your dreams come true. Happy 18th month to you.

100. Moments with you are the most beautiful. It just feels like I’m talking with my best friend. I know you will go to become mom’s best friend. May you be blessed with all that your heart desires. Have a happy 18th month.

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