I Miss You Quotes for Him Long Distance

2023 Touching I Miss You Quotes for Him Long Distance

Having your partner living in another country or town away from you can be cool but also unbearable at times.

But you should know, it doesn’t matter how long you both have been apart, what matters is what you feel and how your heart misses him wherever he is.

For him to know how you feel, here are some I Miss You Quotes for Him Long Distance; use them to express your loneliness without him.

I’m Missing You Love Quotes for Your Boyfriend Long Distance

The sweetest and most touching I am missing you love quotes to send to your far away boyfriend and make him know how it feels without him being near.

1. If only you know how weak your absence had left me, the only thing I have been surviving on is the thought of you and the memories hidden in my heart.

2. ‎Did you know? My heartbeat has reduced since you left but only kicked intermittently at the sight of your pictures on the wall. I miss you, my King.

3. Since you left, my sleep has added less to its status, that’s because I slept less, I miss your whispering lullaby in my ears, I miss your hands that cuddle me to sleep, I miss you.

4. I don’t know if I should be happy or sad about this distance, it gives me mixed feeling, though we talk and chat often, I miss your presence every day and night.

5. Honey, I’m here with a sunken heart, with no inspiration and motivation, going out without you lacks fun, and staying home is worse, boredom is the other of the day.

6. I woke up shivering this morning, cause the dawn came with a chilled weather and there was no you to cuddle me. When are you coming back from where you are, I miss you.

7. I never thought this distance could maim my feelings in this manner, it leaves me numb and cold, and this heart just feels hollow without you.

8. You’ve been away for some weeks now, the distance is renewed every day with an ache in my lonely heart, loneliness had taken me over, and the more I think, I miss you.

9. Each morning, I found myself counting days, weeks and months. It’s with great pleasure that I carry you in my heart, as I look forward to the time and day you’ll return home.

10. When I wake up this morning, my body needed your attention but I realise you’re miles away from home, I miss you just like every inch of my body does.

11. My heart is restless, being away from you is cruelty to my heart and mind, though your thought still manages to put a smile on my face, my whole being misses you.

12. I didn’t know how incomplete I was until you relocated, and this distance is such a barrier, not a day passes that I don’t find a way to speak to your picture, I miss you.

13. I’m not going to torture myself and wonder if you think of me, because I know you have me on your mind just like I do but I miss you walking beside me, encouraging and dreaming with me.

14. If I don’t tell you my current situation, I might not feel better but the fact that you’ll know is already calming my mind, I miss you so much that my heart is uncomfortable.

15. Being away from you is unbearable, hearing your voice from miles away, but not able to feel your touch, perceiving your smell without you around is an advanced torture.

16. If only you know how much I miss all our moments together, the holding of hands, the joking around, falling asleep on your shoulder in the cinemas, I can’t wait to see you resume your role.

17. My ears are resounding the echoes of your sweet whisperings, you can tell my ears miss hearing all your soft spoken words and the feel of your breath.

18. It’s not been easy for me here, it’s hard and I can’t seem to help it anymore, my only hope has been the thought of you and your everyday words from miles away.

19. There are many moments that I know I can only share with you and no one else, but the distance is now denying us, I miss and crave to be by your side and hold you close.

20. How long, my Love, must I wait till I can feel your presence again? I became weary in my heart daily but for my prayer to God to strengthen me to bear this distance.

21. I miss your early morning kisses, that start every day. I miss the flickers in your eyes that lights up my soul. I miss that touch of yours that burns me with desires. I miss you.

22. You mean so much to me, the warmth inside of my heart after a smile from you, and the sensations on my body after your touch can testify to it, and that’s why I keep missing you.

23. I wish every of my past few nights, was spent in your embrace, you being over there is having a great effect on me, and it’s becoming unbearable, even if you rode into my dreams every day, it can’t cure how much I miss you.

24. To love and be loved in return is like a dream come true, but living separately from you makes this love complicated, I can’t wait to be with you.

25. If missing you is another form of loving, then I’m loving you right now with every part of me that’s missing you tenderly.

26. I fell asleep thinking of you, woke up feeling cold, if only you were here, you’d have to tuck me in, I miss you and I can feel your absence every passing minute.

27. Tell me your secret, that makes missing you too hard for me to bear, it must be the way you treat me, the way you shower me with love makes missing you unendurable.

28. The weight of your absence is weighing in on me, it’s really stressing me out, how I wish you’re here because it’s your presence alone that can allay this feeling of mine.

29. I’m not sure you have an idea of what I’ve been dealing with, I think I’m falling into a depressing mood, I can’t deny it anymore, I miss you seriously.

30. The longing to see you envault me, I am constantly suffocated by the thought of you, that I have empathy in my whole body to chase away the sad feeling but the fact still remains that I miss you.

31. I’m sure it’s not new to you, that I miss you, I miss your presence and I can’t wait to see you so that you can fill me with cuddles and kisses but the miles between us is too much.

32. My mind misses you too much that I find myself looking at the wall clock, even when I know you are not near or coming anytime soon, could I be acting out of my mind?

33. Can you come home already, the phone conversations aren’t filling the vacuum in my heart, I am not contented only with a sense of your existence, I need you.

34. My dream has been our meeting point recently, I get to feel your touch on my skin as the lights throw silhouettes on my curves hidden by darkness, I can’t wait to experience more of that with you.

35. Honey, going out has not been fun lately, I miss my haggle partner in the market, I miss your arguments in the room, I miss playing around with you.

36. I love dreaming about you, your hands feeding my craving body, even though I’d still wake up to miss you, I become hopeful and closer to you.

37. I’m seeing one of our favourite movies, my attention is not really on it, I’ve been thinking of you through many of the scenes that I lost interest. I miss you.

38. My mind is reminiscing about the intimate moments with you, the feeling of your lips, your gentle nibble on my neck and your warmth on my body. I know very soon you’ll be here to appease this feeling.

39. How I wish my wish to see you now could come true, to breath in your scent, but you’re far away and I am here engulfed in your thought and filled with sadness cause I miss you.

40. I looked up into the sky, no stars up tonight just like there’s no strength in my soul, I am here, counting how long you’ve been away. I miss you.

41. If only your thought alone can salvage me from this lonesome feeling, then I would begin reminiscing about our moments together but thinking about you alone won’t do, I miss you cause you’re the cure.

42. My Love, days without you have been really depressing, I feel weaker in spirit, soul and body, you’re my magic and this distance is hiding me away from you. I miss you.

43. I love you but I hate me when you’re far away, cause I tend to become a mess, I can’t concentrate on anything around. I miss you simply.

44. I am in love, more in love with your thoughts invading my heart with your amazing smily face, that’s such an antidote for missing you, it brings warmth to my heart.

45. Your absence is filling me with so many maladies, but through your love and the thought of your homecoming was I able to create the illusion that reliefs me and makes me feel that I’m not alone but I still miss you.

46. I have come to realise that the only remedy for love is to love more, so anytime I miss you, I find a way to recall our moments together and I love you more while missing you.

47. Heartbreak does not only come in form of break up but it is seen in distance, just like you been far away is breaking my heart each time because I miss you every day and night.

48. If only I could live without you, I wouldn’t be suffering the way I am right now, this distance between us is maiming my life cause I miss you and I can’t wait to see you, honey.

49. That moment when I missing you, I get all cranky and I just want to be alone with my thoughts of you and the moment you smile at me from my mind, my troubles disappear.

50. If only you’re closer, if only I could see you if only this distance isn’t real, what I’m trying to say in essence is that I wish you were here so I could fall asleep in your arms, I miss you.

51. I have this feeling inside my soul, the thought of you is bringing alive this fresh waves just wanted to let you know I’m thinking about you right now.

52. It’s a beautiful day here, honey. Though I didn’t wake up in your arms due to the distance, I woke up with you on my mind, you’re the first thought on my mind when I wake up.

53. This morning, I woke up feeling numb, I slept but mind was awake all night, to think and converse with you. My whole body misses you and my mind misses you too.

54. Loneliness is a trap that has ensnared me for days now, the distance between us is robbing me of my sleep, but the only thing that’s made it fun is being enslaved by your thoughts.

55. The days are becoming harder to get by without you, your voice over the phone isn’t strong enough to compel my loneliness, I miss you, your hugs, your kisses and your cuddles.

56. Loving can hurt in different ways, missing you is one of it, and this distance isn’t helping, ways love is hurting me right now,

57. My heart is restless, laying here on this bed staring at the rolling fan and thinking about you, I never thought distance could make me worry this much, I miss you.

58. Honey, I don’t think distance should stop me from hugging or kissing you, so I’m sending you my hugs and kisses, let it warm you up.

59. I am missing you and all the in-depth conversation, that stimulates my brain, for the silly times we both laugh out loud, I miss your company, my Love.

60. This morning, I woke up with my body in need of your attention but I remember you’re miles away from home, I miss you just like every inch of my body does.

61. You might not be feeling this where you are, but the way the cloud romances the moon, and the way the breeze caressed the trees, that’s what I’m doing in my mind as I miss you.

62. ‎I do not understand, reasons for my beating heart, I can feel it’s throbbing, it’s half agony because I miss you but also hopeful, I wish you’re here to speak my heart, to recollect my emotion back to tranquility.

63. My heart is filled with anxiety from the thoughts of lonely moments without you, I just wish to run to wherever you are, so you can hold me close in your warm embrace and let all my worries fall behind me.

64. I’m feeling pain, that can’t be touched or seen, it’s deep within my heart and it keeps me up many nights, the only antidote it requires is your presence.

65. I miss you so much and I can’t wait to have you back home, even though I have not been the best lover due to distance, I want to make amend, so please, stay with me cause you’re the only one for me, who understand me.

66. I couldn’t have believed it, but it’s what you did to me, I had purposely given up on me but when you sway into my life, you became that spark that revivifies my heart and now that you’re a distance away, I miss you dearly.

67. I don’t know why you think I’ll be unhappy when your feelings haven’t changed for me, I know what place I have in your heart, and though we’re far from each other, I miss you but I am happy.

68. ‎A single step can make a lot of difference, even if only it is to bring us closer, I would be much more than happy to take it as I am so tired of being away from you.

69. I am a happy soul just living under the same sky with you, it doesn’t matter how far your distance, just existing in your heart makes my soul happy but I still miss you.

70. Distance is a barrier but every moment spent with you is a blessing, I wish I could run over to wherever you are, to tell you I love you
and let you know how much I miss you being with you.

71. You being a distance away don’t matter at all, for as long as we are with one another what matters now is how we really feel towards ourselves.

72. Let me confess to you what happens today when I open my eyes this morning, I was enveloped by your absence and the loneliness created is overwhelming, I miss your presence, my Love.

73. Today, as I step into the gentle world without you, though I am full of hope and expectation that I’ll see you soon, everything is still silence cause I miss you in my life.

74. This distance is indirectly causing me to hallucinate, I always imagine that you are here with me but when I’m back to my senses, I realise that missing you makes me that way.

75. I think this distance amongst other things, had taught me to love you more, to appreciate your lovely attitudes and the ordinary things about you, but all in all, to miss you more.

76. Because you’re a distance away, I have suddenly developed an impatient nature, feeling frustrated because I am missing you for days, months and I am still missing you.

77. I still don’t know why you have to be so far away, wish I could be with you and just enjoy your presence but I can only just stare into the night and imagine you as I embrace your absence.

78. What a beautiful thing it is to wake up and know that you’re fine over there, you know your existence, I can’t imagine a world without, and that’s why I miss you.

79. Though I know this distance is temporary, I still find myself missing you so unbearable, that many other things remain incomplete. I wish you’d just be here already.

80. I have been missing you for the past few months now, each day has come and gone with its torture, so here I am again, facing the torture of missing you today.

81. Why does it seem difficult for me to complete each day’s task? Memories of the past about you and I have been conquering my thoughts, I miss you indeed.

82. In the busyness of the day, I find it difficult concentrate at work, thought of you distance away is ruining my day, why are you so far away? Please, come back soon.

83. No matter how far away you are from me, no matter the distance, I could still feel you and see you everywhere, I guess I miss you.

84. Changes have never been easy, and that’s what you been at a distance has posed to me, it’s not been easy to adjust, and I can’t help but miss you daily.

85. Disheartened, that’s how I’m feeling today. Looking out the window, it’s a beautiful day, still, I feel emptiness enveloping me all because you’re far away.

86. I wish I could confess to your face, how lovely it feels to wake up with you, suddenly I felt this slight cold engulf me, it’s a dream and you’re not here and I miss you.

87. The day is sunny but I feel cold on the inside, but as much as I miss and need you here, I can’t stop thinking that you must definitely be missing me.

88. Though the phone brought your voice close to my ear, I can’t help but wish for you to be here, closer to me, to coo your soft voice into my hearing.

89. I miss you, that my heart stays awake every time, even when the world goes to sleep and the streets are quietened.

90. Oh, how I miss you, my heart aches for you, I belong to you as you’re to me, yet I feel lonely because you’re away.

91. Here I am, missing you, drowning and suffocating in loneliness. Where are you? I need you to bring me back to life, I miss you.

92. My body is laying here, waiting and craving for you to pamper and cater for it, but you’re away in a distance, I wish you’re here to listen to what my heart wants to say.

93. I miss the days I stay up all night, to watch you laying peaceful, seeing your eyelid dance, your nostril inhales gently the fresh air and the moonlight tattooing your face.

94. I have been thinking deeply about you, even when I try not to, I can’t stop thinking of you, your presence is needed here, honey.

95. This torture for me is unpleasant, it’s affecting every one of my moments, invading my mind with momentary pains, the hourly announcement of your absence by the wall clock.

96. Though we’re not near each other as much as we’d love to be due to distance, I want to assure you that I’ll be here waiting for you, even as I am missing you.

97. Despite the shining sun outside, it couldn’t brighten up my day cause my day seem cloudy, if only you are here with me, I miss your smile to come brighten my day.

98. There are days, my body is busy doing chores but my mind is far away, staring into your lovely face and enjoying the moment with you. Today’s one of those days and I’m missing you.

99. I’m exploding with desire from within, I can’t wait for that day when you’ll be back to finally smother my tender skin with your precious touch.

100. It’s somehow strange and awful, how you manage to touch my heart even when you’re far away but so much painful, because my body misses the touch more.

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