Status About Missing Someone You Love

100 Cute Status About Missing Someone You Love in 2023

And we all know that absence makes the heart grow fonder!

There are people whom we have grown so used to, that we find it hard to let go when a situation demands that they leave our domiciliary.

However, there are some people whom we don’t think we feel for, but once they are no longer within reach, we realize how much we long for them!

Now that you know you miss your loved ones, a text message once in two days wouldn’t be bad.

I’m sure you will love these ones. And please, remember to share!

Status About Missing Someone You Love

Make your status about missing your lover be the most trending profile update, with the romantic missing someone I love status.

1. I miss how we talked every moment of each day. I was able to pour out my mind to you. I miss you.

2. It’s an incredible feeling when you long for others. But the fact that you do signifies how lucky you were to have someone so important, one who deserves to be missed.

3. A dead person can be missed. A person whose location changed can be missed too, but it’s really not nice when you long for someone you see on a daily basis.

I Miss You Status

4. There was a time I constantly missed you, but it didn’t seem the feeling was mutual. So I probably stopped missing you.

5. I miss you. No, scratch that. I miss your former self. Your former self that was caring towards me.

6. I miss all of our daily discussions. You were someone I could freely talk with. I miss you.

7. I long for your presence. I wish you are here with me or that I could come over to where you are. Either way, I wish we are at the same place at all times.

8. And when the one you love is not around you, that’s when the time seems to be really slow. I miss you.

9. And when I remember how we were, I wish the hands of the clock can be pulled back. I miss those times.

10. Often, it’s not necessarily about missing a particular person. It’s the realization that the feeling may not be mutual.

11. Move closer. I miss you so much.

12. Saying that I miss you doesn’t feel too good.

13. And as if the future wouldn’t come, you make me long for you.

14. The only thing I find myself doing anytime I miss you is staring at your photographs, and I find myself smiling.

15. I put in my best, all because I no longer want to miss you because I want to release you. But then, thoughts of you crosses my Mind.

16. And because I miss you, it seems to me that I’m a fool.

17. The day we are together is the day you will stop being missed by me.

18. I wish I can deny all I want, but sincerely, I miss you, every day.

19. And as though the next day isn’t certain, you let me long for you.

20. Even though many days have passed, I miss you, daily.

21. Though I don’t want to accept this, the truth is, you are missed greatly by me.

22. You feel that it’s difficult missing me? Why don’t you miss you? We would know which is more difficult.

23. It would be better if our lips are locking, rather than me, longing for you.

I Miss You Status for Lovers

24. I wish I can hear you again. I miss you, dear.

25. I struggle with missing you, trying to forget you, still, I miss you.

26. The feeling of longing for someone is the worst emotion on earth. I miss you.

27. At times, it seems as though there is a reduction in the world’s population when a certain person gets missing.

28. I smile sheepishly when I go through our past chats at moments when I long for you. I miss you.

29. Your heart tends to bring to bring to remembrance the fact that you love a certain person when you miss them.

30. I go through pictures of you when I miss you and all I do is to smile. I miss you.

31. Although we might get to spend an entire day together, I’ll miss you immediately after your departure.

32. He isn’t the only male in the world but he’s the only one who means a lot.

33. You possibly miss me, more than I miss you. I’m amazed.

34. Sometimes, you just can’t get a certain person off your mind. They are probably meant to be there.

35. I get engrossed in so many things, but whenever I take a break, thoughts of you come to life.

36. I keep wondering why I miss you this often, especially because you got me heartbroken.

37. I keep pondering on how you have been faring. I miss you so much, I don’t know if you do, too.

38. If you are never away from the one you love, you may never get to know how deeply you love each other because when you miss a certain person, it shows he/she is loved by you.

39. I will always remember you, even in my prayers. I love and miss you, baby.

40. I wish there’s a stone with an inscription, ‘I miss you’. Then I’ll have the stone thrown at you, so you can know how missing you feels.

41. Immediately I wake up, I realize that I miss you. Whenever I’m almost asleep, I remember you. I wish we are together at all times.

42. Irrespective of the how long it takes for you to make a decision, I’ll be waiting. I miss you, darling.

43. And when you are away from the one you love, you tend to miss the person so much. But it also makes known to you, how important that person is.

I Miss You Status for Him

44. I don’t pay attention to the fact that I miss you. I try not to prove my love for you. Since you aren’t mine, though I need you, what do I do?

45. Missing people is difficult. But it simply shows how lucky you are to have a who qualifies to be missed.

46. I miss you so much and it’s worrying. I love and long for you.

47. I act as though I don’t miss you. I want to make sure you are free. But then, I still think about you.

48. Though you are not presently with me, I continually think of you. I miss you.

49. When we are together, I don’t get myself. Whenever you take your leave, I get myself. Now, I don’t want to get myself.

50. Even among the multitude, I will always be able to set my eyes on you. I miss you

51. When next are you coming? I miss you!

52. Till you get back here, I won’t stop missing you! I miss you!

53. I miss you, more than a rabbit misses its carrots.

I Miss You Status for Her

54. Yeah! I wish I can deny it forever. But the truth is, you’ll always be missed by me. I miss you!

55. And like the uncertainty of the future, I miss you!

56. Even after years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds have passed, I’m surprised I still miss you this much.

57. I miss hearing you speak sweet things to me. I miss you, darling.

58. Missing you is honestly a more taxing job than missing me!

59. I daily struggle with feeling your absence. Above all, I miss you!

60. I don’t think there’s anything I want to say. I just want you to know that I miss you.

61. I long for those times when I was of high importance to you!

62. I would always recognize you even in the midst of a crowd.

63. Is it possible for things to be how they were between us? I miss those times. More importantly, I miss you!

64. I’ve longed for you enough! I need you beside me more than ever. I miss you, dear.

65. And when the one you so love is nowhere near you, the time seems to be on a stand-still.

66. I have my earphones plugged in, and as songs on my playlist consecutively play, it seems I’m been told about you.

67. You seem to be everywhere but not with me! I miss you!

68. And you may not be within reach, but I think about you every day, every minute. I miss you!

69. I don’t even know if you miss me as much as I miss you. That makes me feel bad. I miss you, though.

70. Without your presence, I’m lonely. I need you to wade this sad feeling. I miss you!

71. No second passes without the realization of your absence. I miss you!

72. When my eyelids close, you invade my thoughts. When I open them, I feel your absence more than ever.

73. I didn’t just leave. You sent me off. Don’t forget that whenever you begin to long for me.

74. I go through the pictures we took together and I remember how much I miss you.

75. It usually seems as though there is a reduction in the number of people in the world whenever I miss you.

76. I tend to read our past dialogues again whenever your absence is felt. This act gets me smiling unusually.

77. Our hearts bring to our notice how much we love others when we miss them.

78. Your absence is usually felt immediately you step out even after an entire day has been spent with you.

79. You are not the only beautiful lady in the world, but you are the only one I can’t do without.

80. I search for you online whenever I miss you. But almost immediately I wish I didn’t. It makes me remember that you are not here with me.

81. Life moves speedily, and it’s not a long journey either. And during lonely moments, You and I should be together.

82. I’m pretty sure I don’t miss you as much as you miss me. I’m superb. Yeah! I know.

83. I can’t get myself, my heart is broken from missing you so much. I miss you dearly.

84. When your mood swings constantly and you occasionally feel bad, you are longing for someone. Someone you have come to love.

85. I still wonder how you tend to occupy my thoughts. I pretend I don’t miss you, I don’t want you stuck with me. But I miss you, still.

86. I manage to get myself occupied with so many things, but you still find a way to my heart and thoughts.

87. Even though your physical self isn’t present here with me, thoughts of you daily fill my heart. I miss you.

88. I set my eyes on you, I saw the need for you, I loved you, I had you. Then, you got away from my grip. Now, I long for you.

89. I found out, one day, that I was smiling all alone and I couldn’t place my hands on a specific reason. Then I noticed. It was because you invaded my thoughts.

90. You left my heart broken and I keep wondering how and why I still long for you.

91. I keep thinking about how you are faring over there. I miss you. I wonder if you do, too.

92. I deliberated telling you all of the things that cross my mind, but I ended up telling you just how much I long for your presence.

93. You should compensate me by buying beautiful things for me on your way back. I miss you, already.

94. It would probably make no difference if I let you know how much I miss you. Let’s just believe I don’t.

95. You’ll always be on my mind and I’m sure you will be in my thoughts, too. I will be praying for you. I love and miss you.

96. I’m expectant and full of hope, wondering when we would be together, again. I miss you.

97. I never imagined that life could be this hard, without you. I miss you so much.

98. A mighty hug is what I’d have loved to get from you now. But you are nowhere around me. This reminds me of your absence. I miss you.

99. For all those things you’ve lost, you get back another. And for those you get, you miss another.

100. It’s undeniable that we both have moved on. But then, those old times will forever be treasured by me. I miss you!

  • Written By Oluwashanu Mayowa.

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