I Love You and Miss You

2023 I Love You and Miss You Quotes for Him or Her

Love is sweet, love is real and love is beautiful. Quotes about love help us communicate our thoughts on love as well communicate to our beloved what they mean to us, especially in their absence. Here are 100 love quotes for your beloved when you miss them.

I Love You and Miss You Messages

I Love You and Miss You Quotes to send to your Boyfriend or Girlfriend when you miss him or her.

1. There is no greater joy than knowing you are loved just the way you are, in your presence and even more in your absence. I love you and miss you so much.

2. Missing another person can be a serious strain but it is a beautiful strain because it is someone your heart beats for. I love you and miss you, my love.

3. Being with the one you love can be likened to being where life is more meaningful. That’s why it is harder to deal when they are not there. I miss you, my dearest.

4. The English vocabulary is limited because it cannot capture the full essence of love and its limitation is even more pronounced in the absence of one’s love. I love and miss you, darling.

5. A smile is the foundation of all the beautiful things that love entails. It tells that there is affection involved. I miss you, that’s why I smile at the thought of you always.

6. Genuine people are becoming harder to find. Finding genuine love is even harder. If you find one, you better cherish it. I miss you, my cherished one.

7. Needing love can be likened to the desert’s need of rain and the wilderness’s need of a stream. The absence of a beloved increases the thirst. I miss you very much, sweetheart.

8. Love is not about loving a perfect person but about loving an imperfect person perfectly and accepting them for who they are. I can’t wait to be with you, my imperfect one. I miss you.

9. Love is the strongest stimuli in the world that produces amazing reactions for great accomplishment. I miss you, my heartbeat.

10. Some people say life is the greatest gift of all because where there is life, there is hope for greater things. Love is life. I love you and I really miss you.

I Miss You So Much Quotes

Best I Miss You So Much Quotes you can send to your lover that is away.

11. Love can turn a frown into a smile, anger into forgiveness, a dry and cold day into a sunny one. I miss you, dear one.

12. True love does not just hold the hands or keeps the eyes focused. No, it also captures the heart. My heartbeat, I can’t wait to see you. I miss you.

I Miss You So Much Quotes

13. Love is not only kind and patient for the good, it accepts the bad and the ugly as well. I miss you very much, love.

14. Feeling love is so much easier than expressing it. It is a feeling that cannot be easily expressed in words. I love you so much I can’t express it and I miss you.

15. There is nothing much more satisfying than loving and knowing you are loved back. I miss you, baby.

16. Honey is probably the sweetest thing and one of the healthiest too. Love is sweeter and healthier than honey. I miss you.

17. Everything we own, all our material possessions do not matter if there is nobody to love and share it with. I miss you, sweetheart.

18. Men should be thankful for love, it has made life more lovely. I miss you, darling.

19. Love is a risk but it is a risk worth taking because it makes one feel like dancing without music. I miss you, sweet.

20. Loving others is determined by how much you love yourself. Only when you love yourself can you give the best measure of love. I love me and I love you, even more in your absence. I miss you, treasure.

I Miss You Love Quotes

Let your lover  know you miss Him or Her so much by sending these Touching I Miss You Love Quotes.

21. True love is not ordinary and should be treated as special as jewels. I miss you, my jewel.

22. A life without love is unimaginably the worst thing that can happen to a man. Having love is beautiful. I miss you, my love.

23. Dreaming about love becomes finally worth it when you meet someone who brings your dreams to life. I miss you, baby.

I Miss You Love Quotes

24. Men have searched hills and valleys, caves and groves, oceans and river, deserts and plain lands to find a way to explain love but It is too big a word, too strong a feeling. I miss you, heartbeat.

25. Everybody deserves to feel love at least once in their life. Win or lose, love needs to be felt. I love and miss you.

26. Great courage and confidence comes both from loving and being loved. I miss you, darling.

27. Having love, feeling love and knowing love makes you feel invincible and spurs you on to conquer the world. I miss you a lot.

28. Love is like a journey that never ends because it is so beautiful no one wants to end it. I miss you, my forever.

29. Love sticks closer than a brother, it knows everything but still sticks around. I miss you, honey.

30. The best quotes, musicians, artists and writers have not been able to properly capture how loving and being loved back feels. I miss you very much even though I cannot properly articulate how much.

I Miss You Status

I Miss You Quotes you can use as your Status.

31. Love is timeless and it is true, it is not limited by time or space, it is powerful enough to transcend it all. I miss you, dearest.

32. True love completes the mind, body and soul. It brings peace, refreshment and wealth to the mind, the body and the soul. I miss you, sweetheart.

33. A relationship without love is like life without oxygen. I miss you very much.

34. Love is selfless, it does not seek its own pleasure but the pleasure of the other. I love and miss you, my dear.

I Miss You Status

35. Love does not need a reason to be, it does not need a reason to be given nor does it need a reason to be received. It just needs to be felt. I miss you so much.

36. Love is a strong and universal antidote. It heals the sick, it takes away bitterness and it drives away the darkness. I miss you, my love.

37. In the eyes of love, we see the past, the present and the future. And in the eyes of love, we see it even clearer. I miss you, my heartbeat.

38. Until hell freezes over, until the desert runs out sand, until the rainforest lacks rain, until the stars cease to come out at night, until the sun becomes cold, love would never end. I miss you, my love.

39. Love like success takes hardworking, perseverance, courage, determination and commitment. I miss you, darling.

40. When love is in the heart, the heart knows and it blossoms even more. I miss you, dear one.

41. We all deserve to be loved, none should, therefore, settle for less than love. I miss you, dearest.

42. If we are not loved in spite of ourselves, then we are not loved truly. I miss you, darling.

43. Love does not mind a bald head neither does it mind sagged bossom. It is ageless. I miss you so much.

44. Light becomes clearer in darkness, rain becomes more necessary during drought, food is needful during a famine, so is love seen during bitterness. I miss you, dear.

45. There are different kinds of personalities but the personality of love transcends them all. I miss you, love.

46. Once in a while, you come across someone who makes you believe in love again or show you that love does exist. Hold on to them. I miss you, my treasure.

47. God is love, love is God. He shows it to be unconditional, sacrificial and selfless. That is the true definition of love. I miss you, my jewel.

48. Love transcends the level of understanding of the wise, the strength of the strong and the confidence of the courageous. I miss you, my love.

49. True love does not need to pay a rent, it takes possession of the heart as it wills. I love you and miss you even more.

50. Undertaking a venture becomes even better when love is involved. I miss you, honey.

51. Sometimes, love does not make sense because the heart indeed wants what it wants and does not ask our permission. I miss you, love.

52. There is little that grips the soul and quenches the thirst of the heart like genuine and sincere love. I love you, honey.

53. You owe it to yourself to find love. If it does not come to you, you go to it. I miss you, heartbeat.

54. The nights become dreamy, the afternoons become happy and the morning worth facing when one is in love. I miss you, sunshine.

55. Love is never tired of talking to one’s beloved and it is never tired of listening as well. The voice of love refreshes the soul. I miss you, my one and only.

56. You might not matter to everyone. But in the eyes of love, you not only matter, you are important and a necessity. I miss you, my heart.

57. The face of the one in love shines brighter, the heart lighter, the smile fuller, the steps steadier and even the thoughts wiser. I miss you, darling.

58. As much as love can hurt, that is how much it heals. I miss you, sweetheart.

59. True love never gets old, it is as fresh as the morning dew, as untouched as a virgin land and as new as an infant every day. I miss you, my love.

60. When you are in love, you look forward to the start of every new day because it is another opportunity to spend time with your beloved. I miss you so much.

61. What is worth doing is worth doing well, love is worth doing and worth doing well. I miss you, my dear.

62. A hug expresses, a kiss depicts it. But love is bigger than a thousand hugs and a million kisses. I miss you, dearest one.

63. Love is like a powerful medicine that can heal the deepest wound and cure the strongest disease. I miss you, darling.

64. True love can be the light at the end of the tunnel that cancels all disappointment, mistakes, errors, flaws and turns them around. I miss you, treasured one.

65. Love is a risk that should not be avoided. To avoid love is tantamount to avoiding life. I miss you dearly.

66. Love shares goals and dreams, achievements and disappointments, success and failure. I miss you, my beloved.

67. True love makes the weak stronger, the fool stronger and everyone even better than they were. I miss you, dear one.

68. Love makes every song a song of love, it makes every food sweeter to the taste buds, and it makes every effort worth it. I miss you, my love.

69. Love is a mutual friendship where loyalty, understanding, companionship, forgiveness, sharing is found and in abundance. I miss you very much.

70. The times spent with the one we love is the most precious times of all, and form the greatest percentage of our beautiful memories. I miss you, my heart.

71. When life is all rosy and we are at the top of our game, we have many friends. We only know those who love us when life goes sour, those who allow us to cry on their shoulder. I miss you, my love.

72. Love is not always pleasurable. Sometimes, your beloved would make you cry; sometimes the feeling of love is overwhelming but love is as necessary as breathing. I miss you, my heart.

73. Love comes to those who believe. If you believe it, you will live it. I miss you, my darling.

74. Settling for less than love is like settling for the clouds when you can reach the stars. I miss you, my love.

75. Love makes the heart go merry, it completes you and it can even breathe life into a deadly situation. That is the kind of love I have with you. I miss you so much.

76. Love does not compete with you, it is neither jealous or envious. In fact, love makes sure you are the best version of yourself. I love and miss you.

77. More colourful than the rainbows is love. It colours your life. I miss you, the one that colours my life.

78. Although we cannot see love and touch it, it is more real than we know and even more beautiful is that it does not need to be seen or touched, it just needs to be felt. I miss you, my treasured one.

79. It is beautiful to know that love is a gift that never runs dry and we can share it with others. I miss you, my sweetheart.

80. Love is very difficult to describe and define but sometimes, we meet someone who defines the word perfectly. I miss you so much.

81. Being in love is the best motivation and inspiration we can have to do great things. I miss you, my jewel.

82. Every smile, every sigh, every conversation, every call, every action and even all memories become more significant in love. I miss you, my sweet.

83. Some say love is blind but love sees, it just closes its eyes to all imperfections. I miss you, dear.

84. Not money, not possessions but love is the most important thing. Without it, the world would be dark. I love how you bring light to my life. I miss you, sweetheart.

85. Love laughs at your silly jokes and makes you laugh when you feel like frowning. I miss you, dear one.

86. When you are in love, the grass becomes greener, the sky bluer, the oceans calmer and the breeze more refreshing and it becomes more pronounced in their absence. I miss you very much.

87. Just like making oneself happy is great and making another happy is even greater, so also does loving oneself is great and loving another is even greater. I miss you, love.

88. The world would be a better place if everybody experiences love. I love and miss you, my one and only.

89. “I love you,” the most romantic word to one’s beloved in their presence. “I miss you,” the most romantic word to one’s beloved in their absence. I miss you, honey.

90. When you are in love, even trivial matters like watching your beloved sleep becomes fulfilling. I miss you, darling.

91. True love is like having a true friend who sticks with you through thick and thin. I miss you, beloved.

92. Love is not logical, it just does what it wants, even if logic disagrees. I love you in every way and I miss you, my love.

93. For a relationship to be successful, then love has to be consistent and deliberate, whether the beloved is there or not. I miss you, heartbeat.

94. Love does not need time. When it sees, it knows. I miss you, my darling.

95. Love does not take its beloved for granted. Every kiss, every hug, every conversation, every tear, every laughter, every help and every touch is celebrated. I celebrate you, my love and I miss you.

96. In politics, it is said that the end justifies the means. In love, both the means and the end matters. I love you always and I miss you.

97. Love is never stagnant. When it is true, it grows and keeps growing. My love for you grows, so is how much I miss you, darling.

98. One is never too old to fall in love, it is never too late to fall in love and love is never too far away. I miss you, dearest.

99. It is called different things in different languages or tribes. It is expressed in different ways across the world. But in all, it is felt the same way. I miss you very much but I love you more.

100. Love has its ups and downs, just like life itself but the intensity does not reduce in any circumstance. I love you and miss you so much.

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