Sweet Morning Messages for Him to Wake Up To

Sweet Morning Messages for Him to Wake Up To in 2023

Love is a wonderful feeling, it is priceless and when found, it should be nurtured and kept sizzling.

Sending good morning messages to your partner stimulates romance and shows them how much we treasure and care about them.

Make your man happy by sending any of the good morning messages below.

Sweet Good Morning Text Messages for Him

Below are 160 Sweet Good Morning Text Messages for your lover to wake up to.

Sweet Morning Message for Him

Th best of romantic and sweet good morning love text messages for him. Good morning love sms messages to send to your boyfriend or husband.

1. Wake up my love, wake up to a lovely and beautiful day. Miss you.

2. Good morning to the man who has turned my world into a beautiful paradise. Have a really good day today.

3. Hey sweet, I hope your night was lovely. It’s a new day, one filled with new opportunities and I wish you the very best today. Good morning.

4. You make me really happy, I am always at peace when I am with you. Good morning sugar and I pray your day will be a memorable one.

5. I have had no regrets since I agreed to be your woman, you have never given me a reason to doubt your love and loyalty. Good morning sweetheart, have a great day.

6. You are a bundle of fun, one I can’t do without. Good morning my love, I can’t wait to see you again.

7. You treat me well, you treat me more than well. I love being with you, I love having you in my life. Good morning handsome.

8. I will always shower you with love and give you all the attention you desire and that’s because you deserve it all. Good morning dear.

9. You always brighten my day, being with you is the highlight of my days. Good morning my love, have a wonderful day.

10. It’s good to rise up beside one such as you, it is good to have a man like you in my arms. Good morning baby, have a lovely day.


Sweet Morning Message for Him

11. I wake up every day with a smile on my face because I know I am the luckiest woman in the world to have a man like you. Good morning handsome.

12. You have given me reasons to be happy, you are enough reason to be happy. Good morning darling, stay true to yourself.

13. I never believed in marriage, I used to consider it an unnecessary commitment but since I met you, I can stop thinking about how awesome it would be to be your wife. Good morning my love.

14. I need you, my heart wants you. I need you, my life desires you. I want you to be mine forever, I need you to be mine forever. Good morning my love.

15. Our love is a strength for me, it is life and it is peace. You are everything to me and I am never going to let you go. Good morning dear.

16. Good morning Mr Perfection, you still haven’t told me where you are from because you are too awesome to be human.

17. You make me smile, your presence has completely banished all sadness and anxiety in my life. Good morning dear, I can’t wait to see you again.

18. I really do not mind absconding with you, you are so worth it. Good morning my love.

19. I love waking up in your arms, I love how you make me feel. You are a man like no other. Good morning dear.

20. For a man, you have the most gorgeous eyes possible. You are such a beauty. Good morning, go set the world on fire.


Sweet Morning Message for Him

21. Agreeing to be yours was one of the best decisions I have ever made in life. Good morning my man.

22. I have gotten more than I ever thought I would have, having you makes me contented and fulfilled. Good morning.

23. I am thankful for you, I am grateful I get to be with one like you. Good morning sweet, have a lovely day.

24. When I am with you, I forget about every other thing. You are a big distraction, one I can’t do without. Good morning.

25. Good morning dear, thanks for loving me the way you do.

26. You are a gorgeous man, your manliness is mesmerizing. Good morning my knight, go save the world.

27. It is good to roll over and be in the arms of one such as you, you are everything I have ever wanted. Good morning love.

28. Every single day I have spent with you has been beautiful and I know this new day would be no exception. Good morning darling.

29. I don’t care about what day or season it is once I get to spend it with you. Good morning my love.

30. I am truly blessed, I get to breathe in the fresh air and get to enjoy every day with you. I am truly the most blessed person in the universe. Good morning.


Sweet Morning Message for Him

31. Every day is great because you make it so. Good morning my shiny star, have a great day too.

32. It’s a beautiful morning, we get another opportunity to enjoy living. Good morning my love, enjoy your day today.

33. Peace, love and joy are the 3 things I have gotten accustomed too since I have met you. Good morning sugar, have a peaceful, joyous and lovely day.

34. Our relationship is so beautiful and harmonious, I couldn’t have wished for more. Good morning handsome.

35. You are all I need for a perfect day, a perfect morning and a perfect life. Good morning dear, always remember I love you a lot.

36. Together, let’s keep getting better. Together, let’s make this work. Good morning darling and never forget that together, we can make magic happen.

37. I know today has just started but I really can’t wait to spend the rest of today, tomorrow, the day after and the day after that with you. Good morning sugar.

38. I love our relationship, I love all and what we share. Good morning handsome, have a wonderful day.

39. With focus and the right efforts, there is nothing impossible for you to achieve. Keep that in mind as you go out today my love. Good morning.

40. Forget about past disappointments, today will be bright and the future, brighter. Good morning love.


Sweet Morning Message for Him

41. Stay happy, stay positive. Always remember to smile even through difficult situations. Good morning.

42. Welcome to a new, beautiful and lovely day. May today be better than yesterday, have a nice day today.

43. It feels good to know you are loved by someone special like you are. Good morning and welcome to another beautiful day.

44. Irrespective of what happens, try to enjoy today. Life is too short to let its itches and hiccups dampen our glow. Keep shining baby.

45. Morning dear, I hope you had a great night. May your day today be good and fulfilling. Have a nice day.

46. My mornings are always beautiful because I wake up every day with thoughts of you. I hope it is the same for you too. Good morning.

47. Good morning, go out there and do what you love doing most.

48. Have a fantastic day, have a lovely day. Good morning dear and have a great day.

49. Your love feel right, it feels perfect. I love this feeling, I love what it has done to me. Good morning handsome.

50. I can’t wait to see you, I will jump right into your arms and bombard your face with kisses. Good morning darling, I miss you so much.


Sweet Morning Message for Him

51. Your love is overwhelming in a good way, it has succeeded in keeping out all negative and sad thoughts out of my mind. Good morning my handsome knight, I love you a lot.

52. My days of cold nights are over, your love warms me up always. Good morning handsome.

53. Get out there again my love, go do what you do best. You are a star, the world needs your light. Good morning.

54. Sometimes, your presence is what keeps me going. I can’t wait to see your handsome face again, I need my daily energy boost. Good morning.

55. Embrace today with all its ups and downs. Determine to stay positive and optimistic my dear no matter what happens. Good morning.

56. It doesn’t matter how restless and long my night is, once I wake up to the sound of your voice, everything becomes okay. Good morning dearest.

57. Welcome today with a smile because today is a beautiful day. Good morning sweetest heart.

58. Plan to enjoy today to the fullest my darling because today is going to be a great day. Good morning.

59. Today is embedded with a lot of joy and happiness, I can feel it. We are going to have reasons to be joyful today, I can sense it. Good morning my love.

60. Every moment with you is delightful, I can wait to see you again. Good morning my love, may the day run fast so I can be in your arms again.


Sweet Morning Message for Him

61. My life has been richer since I met you, richer and stress-free. You are like a miracle worker, my life is a testament of your works. Good morning my love.

62. Thinking of the future isn’t as worrisome as it used to be ever since I met you. Now I can think of tomorrow with a smile. Once you are in the equation, I know life will always be good. Good morning.

63. I will always be here for you for as long as life permits. As long as the time doesn’t stop, my love for you will never cease. Good morning my dear.

64. I hope you know you have my heart, I hope you know you have my love. I hope you know you mean everything to me and I hope you know I will always be here for you. Good morning

65. Your arms are strong, your arms are broad. There is no other place I would rather sleep at night. Good morning my darling, thanks for holding me close all through the night. Morning greetings to your lover.

66. I love mornings, they are like a fresh start to everything. Good morning dear and I hope you are ready for your fresh start.

67. I love your company so much, Its something I look forward to every day. Good morning dearie, see you soon.

68. You are always in my dreams because you are always on my mind. Good morning dear and I hope you dreamt about me.

69. Something clicked in my world the very day you stepped in. Everything has been in sync since then. Good morning handsome, thanks for being a part of my world.

70. You are the last thing I think about at night and the first thing I think about in the mornings. You are always on my mind boo-boo, good morning.


Sweet Morning Message for Him

71. May happiness be your portion today and may success mark all you do today. Good morning

73. Have a great morning today and yes, I know I am lucky to have you.

74. You are more than enough for me, you are my greatest inspiration and I love you a lot. Good morning baby, it is time to get up.

75. I can’t wait to kiss and hold you tight today, it is a new day, one I hope to spend in your arms. Good morning my sweet.

76. I can spend forever in your arms and not be miss every other thing out there. You are all I need, you are more than enough for me. Good morning handsome.

77. Every minute I spend without you is spent thinking about being in your arms. Good morning my darling, you are always on my mind.

78. I have found happiness in you, I have found love and joy in you. I want to spend eternity by your side, I want to spend forever with you. Good morning darling.

79. It doesn’t matter how dark the night is, you always illuminate my heart. You are a beacon of light, one I can always count on to lighten my path. Good morning dearie.

80. Since I met you, I haven’t had a dull moment or a boring day. Good morning dear, I can’t wait to see you again.


Sweet Morning Message for Him

81. A lifetime of your love is all the heaven I need, a lifetime of your presence would be an answer to all my prayers. Good morning darling.

82. My nights are always awesome, my dreams are always beautiful. Sleeping in your arms gives me the best nights. Good morning baby.

83. Get ready baby, it’s a new day and I plan to bombard you with all my love and affection. Good morning sweet.

84. Thanks for loving me unconditionally, thanks for always having my back. Good morning my love and I promise to always be here for you.

85. I would rather spend my time staring at you than any pieces of art or gem. You are so adorable, my heart is harbouring a portrait of you. Good morning my love.

86. I hope my text disengages you from the arms of sleep and leads you directly into mine. Good morning handsome.

87. I hope I continue to make you happy, a man like you deserves nothing but true happiness. Good morning!

88. It’s time to start the new day darling, time to start living again. Good morning dear, stay hopeful.

89. Look into the mirror and tell the gorgeous man you see there that I care so much about him. Good morning my dear, it is time to get up.

90. I can send you a text every morning for the rest of our lives. That is how much I want your mornings to be beautiful. Good morning!


Sweet Morning Message for Him

91. Awesome morning to my awesome man. It is time to get up and show you are not a lazy man.

92. May God protect you today, may he guide and order every step you take. Good morning my love, have a beautiful day.

93. You are all I need to be happy, I only pray it can give you all the happiness you give me. Lovely morning to you my dear.

94. I can tell the sun is filling up your room now, it is a reminder it is time to wake up. Get up my love, the day needs you.

95. I am going to try hard not to think about you today as it can be too distracting but I hope to see you soon as every fibre of my being misses you. Good morning.

96. I can be with you forever and not miss a thing about the rest of the world. Good morning my love, don’t ever forget I love you.

97. Every minute of your time I get to share, I treasure. I hope you wouldn’t mind sharing some with me today. Good morning handsome.

98. It’s a fantastic day, wake up and get busy. Things will be good today, I believe it. Good morning.

99. I would love to be your wife if that would guarantee waking up in your arms every single day. Good morning my love.

100. The best decision I have ever made was choosing you, it’s a decision I will make all over again without giving it a thought. Good morning my love.

101. I like this point I am, this particular point in my life and that is because you are a part of it. Good morning my darling, I hope your night was great.

102. You, my dear, are the best part of me and my world right now and I will always appreciate you. Good morning dear and I can’t wait to see you again.

103. Seeing your face every day is enough to get me started each day. You are an angel and a miracle all at once. What would I do without you? Good morning handsome.

104. Good morning honey, I really do not understand why I am always lazy around you as I never want to leave your arms every morning.

105. Every day I spend with you is beautiful, I am grateful for every time I get to hold you in my arms. Good morning my dear, thanks for all the beautiful moments you have given me.

106. We are happy people, we are going to remain so forever once we stock together. Good morning handsome, you are well loved.

107. I am not so bothered about life’s challenges because I have you. You are enough joy for me, you are enough compensation. Good morning my love.

108. Good morning my dear, don’t ever forget you are well loved. Have a lovely day today.

109. I think about you every time, that shows how much I care about you. Good morning handsome. You are always on my mind.

110. I love seeing your lazy self in the mornings, I love seeing you stretch and yawn. Good morning my dear, you make my mornings beautiful.

111. You have proven to be all I need to be happy and I am grateful I get to meet you. Good morning my dear, I hope your night was good.

112. It’s almost like you sprang up from my imagination, you are all I could have painted my man to be. Good morning my darling.

113. Good morning love. Don’t ever forget you are very important to me, I value every part of you down to your hair strands. I love you now and will always love you, my dear.

114. You fill my heart with warmth and you always warm up my body. I want to remain locked up with you forever. Good morning.

115. Everything you do makes me happy and I can’t wait to spend today with you. Good morning, my sweetness.

116. You are a wonderful man, everything you do impresses me. Good morning handsome, go and make the world better.

117. I am so addicted to you I cannot start a day without you. Good morning handsome.

118. May our day be bright and good. May this morning usher us into extraordinary blessings and joy. Good morning.

119. Good morning my dear, I pray you will have a lovely day and have beautiful stories to tell at the end of today.

120. Good morning my handsome prince. I hope you are ready to enjoy today, it is going to be an awesome day.

121. Good morning dearest, don’t forget to focus on the good things around you. Stay optimistic and you will always have fabulous days.

122. Good morning beloved, I just want to say a big thank you to you for standing with me in my trying times. I love you.

123. If there is anything you need from me or anything you need me to do, you can always ask my dear, you can count on me always. Good morning.

124. Good morning my teddy bear, I can’t wait to see you again. I am really missing you.

125. Your smile always makes it rain in my heart. With you, I have no sad days. Good morning dear, thanks for making it rain in my heart.

126. You are the only light in my life, the only star in my sky. Good morning sunshine.

127. It feels good to know someone is always thinking about me, it feels good to know I am always on your mind. Good morning darling, I can’t stop thinking about you too.

128. Welcome to a beautiful day my love, it would be a fabulous one for you.

129. I can wait to see you today, I have a lot to tell you. I can’t wait to hold you tight and talk till late in the night. Good morning my love.

130. I have not known a bad day since you came, I have had no reason to be sorrowful. You fill my life with pleasure, you are my superstar. Good morning my love.

131. Time changes, season changes but the only thing that would never change is my love for you. Good morning.

132. I love every single day once I get to share it with you. You are all I need to have a wonderful day. Good morning handsome.

133. You hold the key to my success, you hold the key to my happiness. I wouldn’t dare give this key to any other person because only you my love are worthy. Good morning.

134. You have the power to make or break me now, my dear, the power is all yours, wield it well. Good morning.

135. I can’t put into words how much I love you, I love you so much I want you to wake up to this lovely text. Good morning my dear.

136. My life isn’t ordinary anymore, my life isn’t boring anymore. I have a handsome and wonderful man to share it with, I am blessed. Good morning dear.

137. My love for you is unblemished, my love for you is soothing. Good morning my love, I really love loving you.

138. Even if I try, I can’t deny what I feel for you. You are exceptional my dear, good morning.

139. I will always support you, I will always stand with and by you. Good morning sweet, I can’t wait to see you again.

140. I love you more than anything, more than any other person. Don’t ever doubt my level of attraction and respect for you. Good morning.

141. I hope this is the first text you get today and I really do hope it warms your heart. Good morning handsome.

142. I don’t mind making your phone vibrate with my texts every morning. It can as well be your alarm. Good morning.

143. You are my song, you are my laughter and you are my inspiration. Good morning heartrobe.

144. Yesterday is gone, it’s a new day. Good morning darling, it is time to start the new day.

145. You are so intelligent, I never want to stop listening to you. You are so attractive, I never want to stop staring at you. Good morning boo-boo.

146. You always smell so nice, even in the evenings after work. You are always well put together, I can’t help admiring you every time. Good morning handsome.

147. When you smile, I smile. When you cry, I cry. When you are happy, I am happy and when you are not, I am not. I love you so much, I share your feelings now. Good morning.

148. I always welcome each new day with a smile because I know it would be spent with the best and loveliest man in the world. Good morning sweet.

149. A very good morning to my man, being with you is always delightful.

150. It’s a new day, embrace the happiness it brings your way and don’t shy away from the challenges. Good morning honey, have a fabulous day.

151. I hope my text sparks up your day. You are a special man and you deserve to have a sparkling day. Good morning

152. I love you and I think this morning is a perfect time to remind you of this. Good morning

153. You are dear to me and I can’t help loving you. Good morning my sweet, have a pleasant day.

154. You are the best boyfriend ever, the best of all men out there. I am favoured to have you. Good morning

155. I am going to take care of you the best way I can, you are too precious to be mishandled. Good morning dear.

156. My precious! for you, I will go to Mordor too not for destruction purpose but to have you refined. Good morning my precious!

157. I am grateful for this new day, I love living and that’s because I am living as your woman. Good morning.

158. Mornings are great, mornings are awesome. I love this morning because it adds another day to our love story.

159. Sometimes, I wish you were a little teddy bear so I can hold and cuddle you every time and everywhere. Good morning.

160. Good morning boo-boo, it’s time to share some of your precious time with the rest of the world. Get up and start your day, the world needs you.

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