Opening Prayer for 80th birthday Party

Samples of Opening Prayer for 80th birthday Party

Dear father, we thank you for how far you have kept the birthday celebrant (mention the name). We appreciate you for everything s/he been through to bring about the joy on his/her face today. We know it can only be you. We bless you for in you has s/he lived, moved and had her/his being. We glorify your name over his/her life and we ask your limitless grace to be with her, going forward.

May the rest days of her life be to your glory. And as we start this birthday party to honour this 80th year of your awesomeness in the celebrant’s life, may your glory be magnified.
And for every guest here, may we celebrate more and more years in your favour, grace and mercy. May our days be long to speak of your goodness.
Thank you dear Lord for answered prayers. Amen.

Written By Olalekan Adebumiti.

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