Opening Prayer for 80th birthday Party

Samples of Opening Prayer for 80th birthday Party

Dear father, we thank you for how far you have kept the birthday celebrant (mention the name). We appreciate you for everything s/he been through to bring about the joy on his/her face today. We know it can only be you. We bless you for in you has s/he lived, moved and had her/his being. We glorify your name over his/her life and we ask your limitless grace to be with her, going forward.

May the rest days of her life be to your glory. And as we start this birthday party to honour this 80th year of your awesomeness in the celebrant’s life, may your glory be magnified.
And for every guest here, may we celebrate more and more years in your favour, grace and mercy. May our days be long to speak of your goodness.
Thank you, dear Lord, for answered prayers. Amen.

Like people will say, old age is a blessing. If you have an elderly one around you that is as old as eighty years, you don’t know what God has blessed you with. It’s one of the greatest blessings to live long. Making the birthday of this person a memorable one is equally important.

Old people don’t have to be left alone on their birthdays. In fact, throw a party, if possible. This makes them feel happier and stronger. Just in case you’re called upon at the event, to open the party with prayers, don’t worry at all, because I got you covered.

Whatever category this elderly person falls into, either it’s a mother or father, sister or brother, grandmother or grandfather, the prayers below are perfect for their birthday party.

Just read through and make your selections. Happy reading.

Samples of Opening Prayer for 80th Birthday Party

Here are samples of opening prayer for the 80th birthday party to make the party a success. You’re going to wow all the attendees with this prayer, including the celebrant. You just keep praying using the prayers below, you will be amazed at how thunderous the “Amens” are.

1. Our dear heavenly Father, we thank You for making this day a reality. All thanks go to You for making us gather to celebrate our sister, mother, grandmother. We pray that You make this celebration a huge success. We pray that the celebrant shall live longer and shall have no cause to bury any of her loved ones. Bless all the food and drinks in Jesus’ name, Amen.

2. Lord, we thank You for making us leave our respective homes in peace. We appreciate You for making it easy for us to celebrate the celebration of today. 80 is such a great one, and that’s why we are gathered to bless Your holy name. It’s our prayer that you make the celebrant live longer in good health and sound mind. May Your presence never depart from her. We open this party in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Amen.

3. Father in the mighty name of Jesus, we thank You for the life of each and every one of us present here to celebrate our brother, father, grandfather and great grandfather, today. We thank You for making it possible to be alive and rejoice with the celebrant. May You continue to be with him and his family. We start this occasion in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.

4. Many were called, but few were chosen. Lord, we thank You for choosing our sister, friend, mother, grandmother to be among the living. It’s a very great privilege, and we do not take it for granted, that’s why we’re all present here today, to celebrate You in her life. We thank You for Your faithfulness. We pray that even as we start this event of her 80th birthday, you start and end with us. Amen.

5. Oh Lord God, we thank You for being ever faithful in our mother’s life. We give You all the glory and adoration for sparing her life. A lot of her friends have died, but You spared her. We pray that as we open her 80th birthday event, you make everything go as planned. We cover the food and drinks with the blood of Jesus. We pray that every evil eye here goes blind. Amen.

6. As we’re all here to celebrate our mother, we pray that our children do the same for us, in Jesus’ name. We pray that we return to our various destinations in peace and not in pieces. Guide and keep us, Oh Lord. Make this day the most memorable and beautiful day for the celebrant. Thank you for your answered prayers. In Jesus’ name we’ve prayed, Amen.

7. Oh Lord, as we gather here today, all happy and jiggy, we pray that things of happiness shall never leave our abode. This party is only possible because You made it so. Lord, we pray that you bless and provide for the celebrant and everyone present here today. You will make us return back to our various places, whole and complete. Amen.

8. Lord, we are here to thank and appreciate You for sparing our father’s life. We are here to show how grateful we are. Lord, we pray that You keep giving us reasons to be thankful and grateful unto You. As we’ll be heading back to our destinations, we pray that the roads are free from accidents. Continue to bless and keep the celebrant. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

9. As we’re about to start this event today, I pray that You start with us. Be with us, every step of the way. I pray that we all live up to this age and even older. Your mercy and grace shall always be with the celebrant. Nothing good shall be scarce in her life and family. Thank You, Lord, for the success of this event. To You alone be all the glory. Amen.

10. Thank You Lord for Your love and guidance upon our father, the celebrant of today. You’re the one who has kept him till this very day. Thank You for Your pure grace in his life. Thank You for all the attendees here today. Thank You for everything that’s going to be done as well. Receive our thanks and praises, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Hey there! I hope you had a very great one. The opening prayer for the 80th birthday party up there are the absolute best for that celebrant. The celebrant’s heart will be full of joy, after receiving them. We have more beautiful content.

Please, don’t go anywhere. Tell friends and family about this page too. Thank you.

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