Lovely Morning Messages for Her from the Heart

2023 Lovely Morning Messages for Her from the Heart

There is nothing better than to let your beloved know that thoughts about her or him come to your mind first every morning; that he or she is dear to you and you appreciate the partner.

A little message from you to her would sure help her in getting her mood right for the day and also show how much you appreciate her.

Below are a collection of lovely morning messages for her.

Good Morning Lovely Text Messages for Her

Good morning lovely text messages for her to wake up to and have a great day ahead.

1. I just wanted to tell you that I am the person, who thinks about you in the morning and before going to sleep. Good morning.

2. I woke up thousands of miles away from you, but it doesn’t matter because you are in my heart.

3. They say love hurts, but I’m ready to take that risk if I’m going to be with you.

4. I wished on a star one night, wished to have a friend I will love for life, days passed and I started to cry, I didn’t know that my wish came true coz the person I wished for was you.

5. When you see a falling star tonight, make a wish, it will come true because I wished and I found you.

6. I love seeing you happy and my biggest reward is seeing you smile.

7. I would rather be with someone who loves me more than I love her. I’m 100% sure that my happiness is her priority and no more sleepless nights.

8. I would climb a thousand mountains to see you smile.

9. They say you only fall in love once, but that can’t be true… Every time I look at you, I fall in love all over again.

10. To have you as my girl is my honour. Be with me always!

11. I’m having one of those days that make me realize how lost I’d be without you.

12. Good morning! You the biggest treasure I have ever had.

13. Each morning I look at your photo and each morning I fall in love with you, you are my perfect soul mate.

14. Even if in the morning you are whimsical and lazy, still I love you. Good morning.

15. Hello! I wanna wish you a good morning, let God protect you and I hope that this day will be full of joy.

16. Now my heart skipped a beat and I felt that my other half woke up. Good morning, darling.

17. The smell of coffee from the kitchen beckons you, the scent of fresh pancakes enshrouds, wake up quickly, otherwise, I eat everything.

18. Now you’re still asleep, and a strand of your hair fell on your forehead, I gently remove it, kiss your cheek, and I wish you a good morning.

19. Do you know what I appreciate most of all? Your smile in the morning, please, smile always!

20. I am your little kitty, who needs your warmth! Good morning!

21. That wonderful bird, singing near your window, is my companion, who agreed to help me to express my feelings for you.

22. Every morning the sun makes a compliment to your beauty and illuminates your room and fills it with warmth. Good morning, my love.

23. In the morning you are especially delicate and fragile, all I want is to keep you in my arms and never let you go.

24. Your kindness and super care always make me wonder what life would have been without you. You are my hero and I love you eternally.

25. There are only two times that I want to be with you… Now and Forever.

26. My heart for you will never break. My smile for you will never fade. My love for you will never end. I love you!

27. If I could be anything I would be your tear, so I could be born in your eye, live down your cheek and die on your lips.

28. When you need someone to be there for you, I will be right there by your side always!

29. When I looked at my past, I saw something missing but I look at my future and how complete it is because you are there.

30. One day it finally came true, the special someone that I loved, loved me too, and that special someone was you.

31. I miss you in every step I take and in every move I make. I miss you a lot and I wish you would understand.

32. You have no idea the amount of happiness you brought into my life.

33. There is no other woman in the world like you. I am the luckiest man alive to be able to call you mine.

34. You are, and always have been, my dream girl. Even before I met you, your vision was in my mind just as you are.

35. Just when I thought of giving up to the fate that true love doesn’t exist, you came and showed me the best of it. Thanks for being you for me.

36. If my love is a vehicle, you are sure the fuel that ever has been giving it all it takes to move. You are my very best forever more.

37. I promise to always treat you like a queen. You reign over my heart, and your wish is my command.

38. If there was a card which said the right words, I would have bought it but there wasn’t, that’s why I’m writing this… I Love You!

39. I don’t have much to give you. I’m not a rich man. What I can promise is that everything I do will be for you, always.

40. In my hands is this heart. I want you to have it because I’m so clumsy, so I’m afraid I’ll lose it or easily give it to someone else.

41. With you, I lose myself, and without you I find myself wanting to be lost again.

42. Now you’re still asleep, and a strand of your hair fell on your forehead, I gently remove it, kiss your cheek, and I wish you a good morning.

43. Do you know what I appreciate most of all? Your smile in the morning, please, smile always!

44. That wonderful bird, singing near your window, is my companion, who agreed to help me to express my feelings for you.

45. Good morning, beauty, get up and start preparing, we must come to the show to 7 pm.

46. Every morning the sun makes a compliment to your beauty and illuminates your room and fills it with warmth. Good morning, my love.

47. In the morning you are especially delicate and fragile, all I want is to keep you in my arms and never let you go.

48. Do you know what I can do forever? Touch your silk strands every day. Good morning, my ray of light!

49. Every minute of your life is important for me, start the day right – kiss me in the morning.

50. Good morning, gorgeous. You spoiled me with your care and kindness, and now I cannot start my day without you. Let’s wake up together always.

51. People say that morning can’t be good. I do not agree, every morning, I meet with you, is amazing. Good morning, darling!

52. Makeup that you need is your smile and good mood will be the best accessory for you! Good morning!

53. I want to present you the morning in Rome, the day in Barcelona and the evening in Paris! Good morning, my dear.
What could be better than the morning with the beloved woman?
Only the morning with her on the exotic island and one day we will meet it together! Good morning.

54. To wake up near the ocean and hug your shoulders is the perfect morning for me.

55. Beloved, none of the 7 billion stars throughout the universe can be compared with your splendour. Good morning!

56. I get lost in the beauty of your eyes, in its expression filled depth.

57. I wonder where all the excitement comes from when I’m with you and where they disappear to when you’re not here.

58. I can’t explain how I came to feel this way about you. All I know is that I love you. I really do.

59. My life feels so perfect right now and it’s all because of you.

60. Your laughter is incredibly beautiful. It soothes my heart and I can’t get enough of it.

61. Just wanted you to know you are amazing.

62. There’s no occasion for this message. It’s just to let you know you are truly special and I love you so much.

63. Love is this thing I feel for you, this thing setting my whole being on fire. I love this feeling.

64. Whether it is morning, afternoon, evening or night, I love you with all my might. Good morning.

65. You are the reason I can be happy even when I am sad. You are the reason I can smile even when I cry.
Good morning my dear.

66. Morning tip: You really do not need any makeup. You will be messing with perfection.

67. I am tired of having to dream about you every night, I want you by my side so I can gaze at your beautiful sight. I am sick of waking up every morning and texting you, now I want to spend my mornings cuddling with you. I miss you, good morning.

68. The cold morning breeze reminds me of your romantic touch – a tingling sensation I feel on my skin, bringing a surge of joy from within. Good morning.

69. May you begin this day with a smile on your face, and with happiness for your soul to embrace.

70. Open your beautiful eyes on a wonderful day. Waiting for you with open arms and open heart. Good morning and have a beautiful day just like you my dear.

71. I want to be the only guy to be in your heart because you are the only girl in mine – now and forever. I love you.

72. Morning is the most beautiful part of the day because I think about you when I roll around in bed. Good morning.

73. I want every morning of mine to begin with seeing my girlfriend smile. Because she looks so beautiful when she does.

74. I must be the luckiest guy alive because every day I meet the girl who I say in my dreams the previous night. Good morning.

75. The beautiful morning DEW and the lovely morning HUE are symbolic of my love for YOU. Good morning.

76. I must be the luckiest guy alive because every day I meet the girl who I saw in my dreams the previous night. Good morning.

77. It is surely a good morning knowing that you are in my life.

78. This morning it is raining outside, a blizzard is raging, and only thanks to your love flowers bloom in my heart.

79. Good morning, my beloved girl! Let me present to you this stunning world.

80. Do you know why the sun shines every morning? Because it welcomes you!

81. Your pure and sincere love helped me to get out of the depth of darkness, I thank God every morning for you.

82. Good morning, my rose! I hope that today I will avoid a meeting with your studs and you will delight me with your smile.

83. Even if oxygen disappears, I will survive because my air is you. Find this Good morning love images!

84. Good morning, my sweet thorn! Today we will have a special day! I’ll pick you up at 10 and your dreams will come true!

85. This morning I decided to send you this message to let you know that I always think of you.

86. Good morning! Your sweet teddy bear misses you, I can’t wait to see you.

87. Do want to know how long our love will last? Multiply all the stars in the sky by ten billion.

88. This is another day, full of new expectations and plans, but the only thing, which is stable in my life every single day is my love for you. I can’t wait to kiss and hug you! Good morning, pretty!

89. I am the luckiest guy in the world because I see you in my dreams every night and then meet with you in the reality every day. Good morning, love.

90. Even a nasty weather today can’t spoil my day because your love lights everything around and warms my heart. Good morning!

91. Morning is my favourite part of the day because each time I open my eyes, I see your beautiful face. I love you. Good morning!

92. The whole world is ours, so let’s rock it. Good morning, baby!

93. When I wake up in your arms, everything seems so right. I miss your warm cuddles. Good morning!

94. The world is black and white without your dazzling smile and my life is empty without your love. I adore you. Good morning.

95. I am so happy that I’ve been given eyes to see the sun and blooming flowers and the heart to love the most fantastic person I know. Good morning, beloved!

96. I will be ready to conquer your heart every single day if I meet sunrises and sunsets with you. Good morning, beauty!

97. Every morning I thank the world for giving you to me. You are my sweetest addiction, I can’t live without you.
Meet a new day, sweetheart! I will fill it with my unconditional love, burning passion, hours of laughter and endless happiness!

98. Every morning, which I don’t spend in your arms, is a wasted moment. Please, let’s not waste our lives and be together forever. Good morning!

99. Do you know why stars stop shining every morning? Because they can’t be compared to the brilliance of your eyes. Good morning!

100. A morning, spent with your kisses and hugs, are worthy of a lifetime! Good morning, beloved.

101. Good morning, sweetie! Don’t you mind waking up and making this dull world and my life a little bit brighter?

102. Baby, I am the luckiest guy on the planet because I see the same girl in my dreams every night and then see her next to me every morning. Good morning.

103. The smell of your skin is better than the scent of roses, I can spend an eternity in the beautiful captivity of your hands and lips. Good morning.

104. Let every morning be a fresh start of the day, full of luck, joy, and love. Good morning, darling.

105. Happiness is in simple things, so let’s enjoy this morning together doing nothing! Good morning!

106. I love mornings because they mark another gorgeous day with you. Wake up, darling, I can’t wait to kiss you.

107. Every minute without you is a torture. Please, stop teasing me and let’s meet this awesome day together. Good morning.

108. Good morning, my love! Spend these 24 hours in an irrepressible bliss and the sea of positive emotions.

109. Let me show you the beauty of this world! Wake up and meet a new magnificent day.

110. Get up my dear sleeping be beauty and spread the love and charm all around. Have a wonderful day. Good morning my lovely.

111. Being in love with you makes every morning worth getting up for. Good morning, lovely sweetheart.

112. My little girl, your smile and your glance are my main inspiration and your love is the only motivation I need. Good morning!

113. A morning text does not simply mean, “Good morning.” Rather, it comes with the silent loving message, “I think of you when I wake up.”

114. Did you feel a little warm in the morning? I sent you a couple of hugs in my thoughts.

115. I don’t care if we were meant to be or not, but I do know that I love you a lot. Good morning.

116. If the early morning sky was a representation of every person I know, you are the sun and everyone else is the fading stars, soon to disappear by your blazing love. Good morning.

117. Every morning reminds me of all the wrong dreams I had been chasing all my life until I found the right one – YOU. Good morning.

118. My past will never haunt me, as long as I have you, sweetie. Good morning.

119. Every day I wake up and forget all the reasons that make me sad because I just need one reason to make me happy – YOU. Good morning.

120. I spent the night dreaming about you. Now I want to spend the day looking at you, hugging you, kissing you and cuddling with you until I can go back to dreaming about you.

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