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You Are My Dream Come True Quotes (2023)

In life, it happens that there is one thing among others that seems to satisfy and makes it as though there are no troubles. It is a special thing, and when one finds it, an unexplainable joy springs right from the depth of the heart. Do you know what this special thing is? It’s, ‘fulfilment’.

To be fulfilled is to have a dream come true or to achieve what your heart has been after. Staying alive to see what you ever hoped for right in your arms is worth being called an achievement. Every man on earth likes to achieve one thing or the other, either good or bad.

How beautiful it is to see and have exactly that partner you have painted in your heart. You prayed and waited patiently to have them, and boom! They are right in front of you. What an achievement!

Have you found that special person that brings your dream to reality and you want to make them know what they mean to you? Then, move further with me to see these romantic and touching you are my dream come true quotes for lover. Feel free to use any of the quotes that best explains the state of your heart.

You’ve Made My Dream Come True

You just look back to see that you’ve got what you wanted out of a lover or something more? It’s awesome! And it’s time to make him or her know, through these you are my dream come true quotes. Your boyfriend or girlfriend will love these.

1. Anyone who finds you finds a good thing, but I am lucky to have found you first. You brought life to all my ideas. Thank you for being my dream come true.

2. The Best being that has ever fit into my heart is you. Now I understand why my heart locks so firmly with yours. You’ve been my dream come true.

3. Ever since I met you, I have been enjoying this satisfaction I longed for a long time. Even when I move my bowels, I still feel satisfied. This is because you have brought my dream to reality.

4. A time ago, I wished I had a beautiful life mate who would be my everything, my source of joy, and my Perfect match. Here you are with me now, my sweetheart. You are my dream come true.

5. I had faint plans, dim ideas, crippling strategies, blurred vision; everything was as real as fantasy, but when you came, you brightened my life and gave it a meaning. You are my reality.

6. Who would have thought I could be this happy. You came to my life with doses of joy, and now I have been drugged with happiness, but I don’t want to recover from it. You are no doubt, my dream come true.

7. Everything I do is to make you happy. Just be rest assured that I can give up anything to make you satisfied. You have always been my dream come true, baby.

8. I see no reason to think of anything else because my thoughts have embodied a human flesh, and is here with me. Thanks for coming to me, sweetheart. You are my dream come true.

9. Let every living thing in the world turn against me, it won’t stop me from loving you. You are my dream come to pass.

10. There is this sensation your presence offers me. It makes me want to sing your love song all day long. It’s obviously because all I ever wanted is now for me. You have brought my dream to light.

11. Everything you do to me has given me no doubt that I am with the right person. No wonder I am always thinking of you. I cherish and appreciate you for you are my dream come true.

12. You have stolen a vital part of my life, and the only result of what you have done is for us to be together forever. You are the reality of my fantasy.

13. Any time I see you, I feel relaxed from within me to the outside. I just know I have made the right choice. You’ve been my dream come true.

14. If I were Merlin, I would use my magical power to paint your face in the sky so that everyone who looks at the sky would see what true beauty is. I am proud of you, love. You are my dream come true.

15. If I am to rate you in yards, I would rate you uncountable yards, not just of any kind of material, but of husband material. You are just all I need in a man. Thank you for you’ve been my dream come true.

16. Each time I hear your voice, I just know you are the one. The voice that stirs the deep waters inside of me, the exact voice of the woman I have always dreamt of. I can’t let you go for anything for you are my dream come true.

17. Being with you has taught me that one doesn’t always need wealth to be comfortable in life. Being with the right person is enough to have a comfortable life. You worth far more than wealth to me, mon rêve devient réalité.

18. Distance has made me realize how much you mean to me. You know the best way to make me happy. I really miss you, sweetheart. Now I know you’ve been my dream come true.

19. This is how I can make my dream come true: I will love you sincerely; care for you; protect you; provide for you; stay by you, and be with you till time seizes to exist. I love you many much, my love.

20. Today is a day that reminds us of our dedication to loving each other. You have never failed me, and I am grateful for that. You truly have been my dream come true. Te amo.

21. Since you have been In this journey of life with me, I have never found any reason to regret coming to this earth. Thank you for you’ve been my dream come true.

22. It is said that there is time for everything, but with you, time has no meaning. I just want to watch your beautiful face all day long. You are my dream come true.

23. All I ever wanted; all my heart ever desired; all I have waited patiently for is right here with me. I can’t thank God enough for sending you to quench my thirst. You’ve been my dream come true.

24. Sweetheart, I want to let you know today that you worth the chase. I am so glad I never gave up chasing after you. This is the best way to know that nothing good comes easily. Thanks for making me the luckiest man on earth. You are my dream in reality.

25. My priceless jewel, the first time I set my eyes on you, everything in my world came to a halt because of your dazzling beauty. My heart witnessed to me immediately that you are the one it has been painting all these while. You are indisputably my dream come true.

26. The time for me to stop has come because I have gotten to my bus stop. What I have been out there searching for is now here with me. Stay with me forever for you are my dream come true.

27. If loving you were a race, I would run with all my strength without looking back. I wouldn’t stop until I take my last breath. This is how much I heart you, sweetheart. You are my dream come true.

28. In times when it seemed things were going to get worse, you were there with me. When it was as though life’s challenges were getting at me, you stood with me, and together we gave challenges a whoop-ass. Thanks for everything, dear. You’ve been my dream come true.

29. Dearie, don’t be bothered about any woman taking your place. Every room in my heart has your name written on it, even before you were born. No one can take your place. You are surely my dream come true.

30. My love, I am so happy I’m going to let go of my father’s name for your name. I trust you so much that if there is an opportunity to exist after this lifetime, I wouldn’t hesitate to follow you. You are my prince charming, my dream come true.

31. At times, I try to wonder what would be of me if you leave me. Life would lose it’s meaning because you are the one who gives my life a meaning. I don’t want to lose you, the reality of my dream.

32. My priceless jewel, the first time I set my eyes on you, everything in my world came to a halt because of your dazzling beauty. My heart witnessed to me immediately that you are the one it has been painting all these while. You are indisputably my dream come true.

33. you have taught me not to quit in life. No matter what arises in our journey in life, I will never quit to love you. You have been my dream come true.

34. I can’t really figure out what I like about you, but I can boldly say I like my heart, not for any other reason, but for choosing you. You are my heart desire and my dream come true.

35. My sweetheart, I want you to know we are not in a relationship; we are in a relationplane because since I have been with you, I have been flying high in all aspects of my life. You are just my dream in reality.

36. I have been searching for one thing, which is, that particular thing I can do without you. Just take you away from me, and I am nothing. I love you many much.

37. You are all my heart ever hoped for, all my mind ever imagined, all my eyes ever searched for, all my hands ever longed to hold. You are no doubt, my dream come true.

38. The kind of love I dream of is not in any way different from the love you give me. I am going to pinch my tent around it so I can protect it forever.

39. Every night, l don’t hesitate to sleep, not because I like sleeping, but because I know you will be in my dream. Seeing you in my dreams is worth hours of sleep.

40. You are no way different from the queen I saw in my palace in my dream. How beautiful it is to have you in my reality. You are my dream come true.

41. I want to assure you that nothing can change what I feel for you. I really appreciate every sacrifice you have made for this relationship. Indeed, you’ve been my dream come true.

42. I never knew the abilities of my eyes until I met you. My eyes locked so well on you, and my heart accepted for you are everything I ever dreamt of.

43. I can choose to do anything I like, but I can’t choose to stop loving you. Loving you is already my default setting, just as it was in my dreams.

44. Over time, I have realised I don’t always need drugs to be fine. No matter how weak I am, when I see you, I get lifted. Thanks, love for you’ve been my dream come true.

45. No matter how crooked a road seems to be, being with you makes me walk without obstacles. I just know you are all I need to fulfil my dreams.

46. I enjoy delicious meals, but not as much as I enjoy every time I spend with you. With you, time is worthless. Stay with me for you are my dream come true.

47. You came to my life in a time when I thought love is a scam. I can’t value you less because of how much value you have added to me. You are nothing but my dream come true.

48. There are three persons I must not stop appreciating all through my lifetime, they are you, you and yourself. Thanks for bringing my dreams to light. I love you.

49. I have come to know that love is healing ever since I met you. Your soft touch of love has healed all my heartaches. For this reason, I promise to never break your heart.

50. It’s obvious you are the one my heart has prepared so well to receive. My joy wasn’t complete until the man of my dream came to me, which is you.

51. To love you is to live. To enjoy peace is to be with you. To have true fun is to hang out with you. To have a dream come true is to have You. You’re just the best of your kind.

52. It’s a beautiful and awesome thing to know that one day I’ll be finally yours. Two will undoubtedly become one, and I would live forever with the man of my dreams.

53. Babe, if you were a type of meal, I wouldn’t get tired of eating you. I would eat you almost every time, even when I’m not hungry. You are just too sweet, even sweeter than honey in the honeycomb.

54. One thing I have come to know is that, when you find your dreamed one, you would have bowels to love. This is what I learnt why being with you. Your flawless being has made me a love being.

55. Every single time I spend with you reminds me of a love song. If I were a songwriter, I would undoubtedly have countless archives of love songs. You are my inspiration, my dream come true.

56. I never knew the possibility of having a dream come to reality, but the first time I spent with you assured me that my dream was just coming to the limelight. You are no doubt, my dream come true.

57. When I think of all God has done for me, one of the things I thank him most for is the gift of you. You are a gift from God to me to bring my dream to reality.

58. Most people want to reign in all the earth, but I want to reign in your heart. Your heart is beautiful enough for me to build my kingdom. It’s the only place that can make my dream come true.

59. Since I have met you, I have learnt that I don’t need to sit with dignitaries to feel honoured. Loving you, the woman of my dreams is enough honour to me.

60. You’ve been my dream come true. Waking up to see you beside me is enough to make me have a glorious day. I promise to always keep you right beside me. I love you too much.

61. If you were a season, you would be my favourite, and I would prepare so greatly to come into you because in you would I find abundance and dream come true.

62. You are my dream come true. Your smile reminds me of the beautiful woman who sat right beside me in my dreams. That smile that lightens my mood, no matter how bad it is.

63. One thing I ask of God this day is that He protects and keeps you save as you journey. Nothing by any means will tamper with the one who brings my dream to reality. I miss you already.

64. You are my dream come true. To hear your voice is to hear a beautiful song that sends signals to my every organ for the day activities. You are my motivation, darling.

65. To best way to wish you a good morning today is to show you how much I appreciate you. I so much value every night you spend with me which always ushers me to a beautiful day. Have a nice day for you’ve been my dream come true.

66. Whenever I watch you leave home for a journey, I don’t get afraid because I know you would definitely come back to hug me so tightly, just as it was in my dreams. Have a safe trip, love. I miss you.

67. To me, a time to say, ‘goodnight’ to you is a time to say, ‘see you in my dreams’. I surely know every moment we share there will come to reality. You are my dream come true.

68. Baby, I want you to always rejoice because your happiness is my priority. I will do all I can to make it continue. That is how much I care for the one who makes my dream see the daylight.

69. Anytime I see you, the thought of the future comes to me. I just want to see you hold hands with me in the future as we tell our kids our sweet love story. Please, make this happen for you are my dream come true.

70. I thank God I found you because my heart has received something it has lacked for a long time. I so much thank God you accepted me because this is going to make what has happened to my heart last forever.

71. I have never regretted finding you. Every single moment I spend with you makes me forget all my worries. I have no doubt I am with the one of my dreams.

72. Anyone who says it’s impossible to love has not met you. You have this magical heart that would even make the devil fall in love. Maybe that’s why I am drowning in your love.

73. You have been my dream come true. You have been my soothing arms. You have been my spring of joy. You have been my fountain of peace. You have been my sunshine. You have been my all and all. I just can’t love you less.

74. No words can’t explain how much I admire and cherish you. You are impeccably beautiful, just like the woman I hoped for. You are my dream come true.

75. Babe, have I ever told you that you are the S behind my smiles? Without you, I am miles away from smile. Thanks to you, my dream come true.

76. There is a sound that keeps ringing in my ears. It informs everything I do and gives me the courage to face challenges of each day. That is the sound of your name.

77. Sweetheart, do you know you are the only one who makes me feel this way? Yes, you are. With you, I feel like a Queen who has all it takes to make her king happy. You make me feel special. You are my dream come true.

78. With you in my world, I have no cause to worry. Just at a glance of your face, I get the courage to face my world. You are my strength, my dream come true.

79. I don’t know if this is the best way to show how much I appreciate you. You came into my life at the right time and gave me reasons not to quit. Thank you, my darling. You’ve been my dream come true.

80. My priceless jewel, I can’t keep on like this without you. I am sorry to have hurt you which I never meant to. Please, let’s fix things and build the world we dreamt of. You are the only one who can make my dream come true.

81. Seasons come and go, nights come and go for dawn, but you have come to stay, not just to stay, but to bring me to reality. You are my dream come true.

82. It’s beautiful to see another dawning of the day, and more beautiful to see you with a big smile as the day unfolds. This gladdens my heart because each new day is a space for us to live our dreams.

83. It is said that the joy of every mother is to see her child grow in good health and prosper in all endeavours. I say today that the joy of me is to have you by my side and in my heart every single moment. I love, my dear.

84. The only reason I can boast of anything today is the fact that I have you to boost my morale. You’ve been my dream come true.

85. My darling, I don’t want us to go into the moon for our honeymoon. I want us to stay right on the surface of the sky so that the world would see how much you are loved and taken by me.

86. The thought of you makes me want to sing a love song every minute. You are no doubt, my inspiration, my dreams come true.

87. Permit me to say I don’t want you, that I don’t want you to leave me. A stare at your face gives me the strength to think straight. You are my dream come true.

88. No matter what life may bring, I promise to stay by you and love you harder. I will never love you less, my dream come true.

89. The reason I am glowing this day is that I have a man who has a unique ability to paint his woman and bring out the best out of her. Permit me to call you my Refiner. I love you.

90. It’s night time again, and I don’t need a reminder to pray for you because you are all my prayers. Nothing comes to my mind without you as the focus. This is how much I care for you, my dream come true. Sweet dreams, my love.

91. I have lost strength to chase after shadows. The only strength I have left is the ability to love you continuously. This is because you are all I ever dreamt of. You are my dream come true.

92. I never knew hearts can be twins until I met you. The compatibility of our hearts amazes me a lot, and I can’t help but say your heart is my heart’s twin. You are just perfect for me.

93. Have you seen how beautiful twinkling stars are? They still can’t compete with your beauty. Maybe that is why everything you do to me is beautiful. I love you, my beauty queen. Thanks for being my reality.

94. I so much bless the day your parents birthed you. They never knew they brought reality to my dreams. Thanks to God for keeping you safe till I met you.

95. The first time I knew what true peace is was the day we agreed to marry. You have never given me any reason to regret my decisions. You have been my dreams come true.

96. If I have the liberty to give you a name, I would call you, Rainbow. This is because you show me love in different colours which is the reason I keep falling in love with you.

97. It’s so true you are my dream come true. No matter what I do or where I go, my heart brings me back to you. I love you, my darling.

98. It is said that distance is a test on true love and how strong a relationship is, but in our own case, distance has made it clearer that you have been my dream come true. I miss you, my dear.

99. What keeps me going each day is the assurance that I am with the right person. You are my real real, my dream come true.

100. Falling in love with you is the sweetest decision my heart has ever made. You are not a bit less than the partner I dreamed and prayed for. You are my dream come true.

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