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2023 Sweet Good Night Messages for My Love

Night is a special moment of our everyday life. It is the time to rest from the day bubbles and hustles. It is the time to think about the day activities, what is achieved and those we cannot. It is also a special moment to let our loved ones know we care for them.

So before you speak the language of rest called sleep, here are sweet and lovely messages to tell your love a good night.

Sweet Good Night Messages for My Love

Night as as generally known, is the time between bedtime and morning. It is the period when strength is regained to further the activities of other days.Then, there is the need to have a very beautiful sound sleep. Inadequate sleep may result in abnormal reactions in the functioning of the whole system of the body . So to have a very sound sleep is a privilege and a beautiful gift from God. Our loved ones like-wise deserve a beautiful sleep, and you can help accomplish that with your love and care, and when they wake up they are more fit to go into the normal daily activities. The below Sweet Good Night Messages for My Love can work out the wonder to make your honey have a sweet and memorable sound sleep.

1. With you, my love, brighter are the days and cooler are the nights. Have a wonderful night rest my love.

2. Sleep tight, sleep like an healthy baby without any worry. I love you to the marrow. Good night my love.

3. You are my muse, my rhythm and blues and above all my worst distraction. I heart you, my queen. Good night my love.

4. My love, my joy, my Charming Prince and my everything, before met you, the night was never a special thing but now it’s one of the moments I cherish to sent you a lovely and good night message filled with much love. Good night my love.

5. You are my queen, inestimable Jewel, priceless princesses and my one and only. Have an uninterrupted night rest my love.

6. Gazing at the stars it reminds me of your lovely eyes and in the dark all I see is your lovely eyes because you are my light. Good night my love.

7. Hi love, I can’t explain what I’m feeling now but I know it is real and I love nothing you can do about it. Kisses! Good night my love.

8. Oh, my beautiful love, you are my angel sent from above. God bless the day that I found you. You’re the best thing that ever happened to me. Good night my love.

9. With you is where I belong, every day and every night I cannot get you off my mind because you’ve captured my heart like no other person. Good night my love.

10. If you are in the rain, I will cover you, lost I will find you because my love doesn’t lie, don’t worry I will be there and catch you if you fall, give me your hand and I will show you the way to go. Good night my love.

11. Tonight, as you sleep, grace will find you, stars will guide you, you will be alright and fine because you are not alone I’m always watching over you, my love. Good night my love.

12. May God be with you tonight my love. Dream about me and good night my love.

13. You cover the night sky with the aura of your love. Good night my love.

14. Tonight, I’m sending to you kisses and hugs to guide you through the night. Good night my love.

15. My love, if I say I don’t miss you tonight, I’m only deceiving myself and I hope you are feeling the same. So I’m sending you this sweet good night message to bring you closer to me. Sweet dream and good night my love.

16. You are my priceless prince, I will love you till the end my baby boo. Good night my love.

17. I don’t know what life will look like without you my love and I want you to know that I love you, I love you and I love you. Good night my charming Prince.

18. Great prince like you deserves a pleasant dream. Good night my love.

19. As you sleep tonight, may God send His angels to watch over you my queen. Good night my love.

20. Tonight as you sleep dream of me stamping your face with kisses. Good night my love.

21. Bright moon, colourful stars, beautiful dreams, splendid night and a lovely message to say goodnight, my love.

22. Now that the day is over, keep your worries out of sight! No matter how challenging the world may seem, you still deserve the sweetest dreams. Good night my love.

23. There are so many questions in my mind, but the answers are only one, all I know is my precious jewel. Good night my love.

24. Until I met you, love to me is a mirage but you came into my life and create a new me and make me believe that love is real with the right person. Thanks for coming into my life. Good night my love.

25. You are always there to inspire when I’m down. Everything I need you’ve given me even without asking. You’ve made my life complete. Sweet dreams my love.

26. Let’s build together, talk together, eat together, play together, party together, walk together, sleep together, laugh together and live together as one till the end. Good night my love.

27. You came to my life when I least expect to fall in love and you became my miracle. I love you to the moon and back my beauty. Good night my love.

28. After the whole stress and troubles of the day, night is the time to relax and let go of everything and accept God’s gift of rest. Good night my love.

29. You deserve nothing but the best and you know why? Simply because you are the best. Good night my love.

30. I’m on top of the world because you are my king. Good night my love.

31. I love you just the way you are please don’t change. Have a good night my love.

32. With all your perfect imperfections I love to the moon and back. Good night my love.

33. Your love is sweeter than honey to me. Good night my love.

34. If loving you will be a crime, my love, I’m ready to be the most wanted man on earth. Good night my love

35. I love you more than love itself. Good night my love.

36. All I wanted to do is wishing you a splendid night rest and know that I love you and I will love you to the end of time.

37. Though need to take physical rest, that’s not stopping us to rest the love we share. Good night my love.

38. Your whisper is the only lullaby that rocks me to sleep. Good night my love.

39. My love for you is boundless. It is pure and true. Good night my love.

40. My Jewel, having you around everything looks more special. I love you. Good night my love.

41. My heart beats only for you alone. Sleep tight, my love.

42. Describing how you’ve taken my heart will just be wasting of time and energy. Forever will I love you my beauty. Good night my love.

43. You’ve given me the wine of love and I’m drunk in love with you my baby. Good night my love.

44. Beautiful is your name, wonderful is what you are to me my ruby. Do have a good night my love.

45. The damsel reading message is the most beautiful woman on earth. Good night dear.

46. I am who I am today because of what you beautiful love has done for me. Thanks a bunch, sweetie. Good night my love.

47. Peaceful and relaxing night rest will God give you tonight as you sleep. Good night my love.

48. Tonight, the moon so awesome, how I wish you are with me so that we can both watch its beauty. Do have a good night my love.

49. Though my day was busy and hectic your thought is making my night a special moment. Good night my love.

50. Everywhere here feel so cold due to the rain and I’m really catching cold, I wish we could be together tonight to warm up, for sure tonight you will be in my dream. Goodnight my love.

51. At night like this, if I can’t see you by side, it is like a faith without belief, a heart without a beat and like a river that has nowhere to flow. I’m missing you tonight my love. Good night my love.

52. You give me joy and nobody know me more than you do my baby and no one complete and compliment me more like you my beautiful love. Good night my love.

53. What is love if you are not around? It’s really not the same and I can’t ever love anybody the way I love you so completely. Have a good night my love.

54. My darling, you make my dreams come true and I will do anything for you, though they say I’m a fool but I will gladly be a fool for you, my love. Good night my love.

55. If you are not with me it’s like the sun without the light, like the moon without the night because I need you in my life, my handsome king. Good night my love.

56. My beautiful baby you are like medicine to me, can’t do without you because you’ve given me everything I need and I will never let go of you, my love. Good night my love.

57. Whenever you are away from me for so long, I always get sick and lose sleep when I can’t get you under my arms. Please don’t stay away, I need you every day. Have a good night my love.

58. My love is true and solely for you and I will move this mountain just for you it is never over my dear because you are always my hope. Good night my love.

59. I will be with you my love from now until the end of time because my love is here to stay.

60. Now that the day is over, we anticipate for a new one with new challenges but a true love never ends no matter how challenging life may be. Good night my love.

61. Night is special, Night is Quiet, Night is beautiful but my night is not complete without wishing my jewel good night. Good night my love.

62. I will never be tired of this love, come raining or shining. Good night my love.

63. My wish is that we end each day with bundles of joy and laughter to propel us into another day. Now it is happening. Good night my love.

64. I will love you now and forevermore my prince. Good night my love.

65. My queen, I can’t still comprehend how I found a special one like you. Have a good high my love.

66. Your love is the only music my heart and soul dance to, please don’t stop the music. Good night my love.

67. With you my heart rob, I see myself becoming the happiest person on earth. Please don’t change. Do have a good night my love.

68. You are my missing part, you’ve completed me in all ways, you are my life and my world, with you I will always be grateful every single day. Good night my love.

69. Thinking of your beautiful face and smile illuminate my world every night as we both go to bed. Do have a sweet dream and good night, my love.

70. I wish you a sweet goodnight as beautiful as your sparkling an glowing smiling face. Good night my love.

71. The brightness of the moon and the stars in the dark night sky can never be compared to the bright shining smile of your face. Good night my love.

72. Thinking about you is what I can’t stop and tired of because it feels so good when you saturate my mind. I love you, dear. Good night my love.

73. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, what did you see? My smiling face I’m so sure of that my prince charming. Good night my love.

74. Every moment of the day I just find myself missing you, even in my place of work. Hope you have a wonderful day? Good night my love.

75. I’m always scared to gaze at the sky every night because in doing so it makes me miss you the more. I love you my baby boo. Good night my love.

76. Since we met, I feel capable, my destination became easy and defined just because you are the heartbeat and I am the heart. Good night my love.

77. You’re close to my heart,you’re my hope and my source of inspiration, while looking for a kin, I found your love and refuge. Good night my love.

78. My love, since our heart united, I’ve gained everything I wanted. You are the blood that flows through my veins. You are the special antidote that liberates me from all sorts of pains. Do have a good night my love.

79. If I’d ask to describe you in just one word. I wouldn’t say sexy or amazing, all I will say is love. Good night my love.

80. For a wonderful baby ” wonderful night”
For a sweet baby ” sweet night”
For lovely baby ” lovely night”
For a good baby “good night”

81. Tonight my love, I just want you to know that I’m thinking of you and I can’t wait to be in your arms. I’m missing you and do have a good night rest my love.

82. I called you my BAE because you are Beautiful and Excellent in all ways. Do have a good night my love.

83. Close your eyes, save all the beautiful memories in your heart, remember all special things in your life and give yourself to pleasant dreams and have a good night my love.

84. Sending you this message late like does not only mean a good night, it has a special message saying you are my last thought at night. Good night my love.

85. Without the light the candle cannot burn, without the night there is no moon. So tell me how will I sleep without wishing you a good night my love. Good night my love.

86. Go to bed, Off the light, Out of tension Dreams come, Nice sleep, Ignore worries, Get up Healthy and Tender. Do have a good night my love.

87. Special message for a special beautiful Queen from a special heart for a special reason at a special time in a special mood to say a good night to my love.

88. Hey love! look outside your window, someone is waiting for your sparkling smile. Hope you see the moon? I’ve sent it to tell you good night my love. Good night my love.

89. No matter how the sky looks like, in as much you have a pure heart, sweet dreams will never leave you. Good night my love.

90. A day has ended again. It is awesome having a love like you making my every moment great and awesome. have a good night my love.

91. This lovely night, I pray to the moon to protect you, the wind to blow away your worries and the sparkling stars guide you through sweet dreams. Good night my love.

92. The sun has set, the stars now rule the skies, so I’m sending you this lovely and calm breeze of the night to whisper sweet dreams and good night to you, my love.

93. A night is full of love, peaceful sleep, pleasant dreams, these and more are my wishes for you as you sleep tonight my love. Good night my love.

94. I prayed to God to give me something but he won’t because I want it instead. He gave me everything I needed which is you, my angel. Do have a good night my love.

95. Everywhere I go you are with me, you are the king that rule my world because you are so much more my handsome. Good night my love.

96. Hi, beauty, I am by name dream, I’ve come to take you round my new collections so close your eyes and go to deep sleep. Off I go with you to dreamland. Good night my love.

97. Tonight sweet dreams will embrace you tightly. Good night my love.

98. Hey, my precious gift can you do something for me, it won’t take your time. Can you please smile for me. Good night my love.

99. Cool breeze, bright moon, shining stars, beautiful dreams all these I sent to you to bid you good night my love.

100. The language of rest is sleep which is universal, it’s a way to relax and pictures our dreams and improve our mental ability so as you sleep tonight my love sweet and pleasant dreams you will have. Good night my love.

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