Best Good Night Darling Messages

2023 Best Good Night Darling Messages

After an exhausting day, it is good to send sweet good night messages to your loved ones.

Make them feel better, with your sweet loving texts.

Send them texts that will make them enjoy their sleep.

Make them smile before going to bed.

They will be happy that someone cares about them.

Here are lots of good night messages you can send to them. They are the best list of good night messages you can ever find to send to your darling.’

Sweet Romantic Good Night Darling Messages

Make every night special for your lover with these Sweet Romantic Good Night Darling Messages.

1. My love for you is without boundaries. I love you from the depth of my heart. And I wish you a peaceful night rest.

2. After all the work done, it is time to sleep. May your dreams be beautiful and sweet. Good night.

3. My prayer for you is that you have a good night rest. I love you, now and always.

4. You will be refilled and strengthened as you sleep tonight. Good night to you, darling.

5. You are the most amazing person in my life. It is time for sleep. It is time to rest after the tiring work of today. Joy dreams to you, love.

6. I cannot stop thinking about you, as I lay on my bed. I wish you the sweetest sleep ever.

7. Good night, my angel. The thought of all the lovely things we did together kept playing in my head. Can’t wait to see you awake tomorrow.

8. Let me see you in my dreams, wearing the robe of a bride, pressing your lips on mine. Your presence is all I desire, even when asleep. Good night.

9. Even through the darkest night, I am by your side, listening to your heartbeat. You are safe. Have a sound sleep.

10. The bright moon tonight reminds me of your smile, this smile that brightens my world. You are the only light I see this night. Good night.

11. I hate night time, for I will be away from you. I am anxious for the day to break, a time when I can see your face and look into your angelic eyes. Good night.

12. Thank you, my love. My sleep is always sound because I fall asleep listening to the sound of your voice and I always look forward to daybreak, where your embrace keeps me warm. Good night.

13. You shine brighter than the stars and the full moon on harmattan nights. You are my queen. You mean the world to me. Good night.

14. As I gaze up at the moon this cold night, I can see you smiling down at me. I see you everywhere. You are my heart.

15. My heart beats the rhythm of your name. At night the stars form out your name on the sky. And angels in heaven sing of how lucky I am to have you.

16. Forget all the trouble of today, another day knocks on your door. Sleep tight and stay the day with new energy. God is with you. Good night, sweetheart.

17. May you have the best night rest ever. May your dream be sweet and void of nightmares. I am wishing you a good night from here. Love you.

18. With lots of love from my heart. I pray you to enjoy divine protection from above. Sleep and enjoy your night rest and make sure you dream of me.

19. Warm hugs and kisses to you. You made my day today. Every minute with you is like heaven. Sleep like a newborn baby. Love you.

20. You will be visited by the angel that grants people’s wishes, and he will make your wishes come through. Have a sweet night rest.

21. I sent this message to let you know that someone here cares a lot about you. I miss you with the whole of my heart. Enjoy your sleep, Baby.

22. I am thinking of you right now. Your picture is beside me on the bed. I want to spend the whole of my life with you. I want to sleep beside you at night and wake up to see you every morning. Have a wonderful night rest, my sweetheart.

23. I am happy to end my day talking with you. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I am happy you are part of my life. A good night to you.

24. You are the bright star in my sky. A wonder to behold. My wish is to spend my night dreaming of you.

25. Your smile softens my heart. Your words heal my soul. The night is beautiful with the thought of you.

26. The smiling moon reminds me of your ever cute and radiant smile. Good night, my jewel.

27. The memories of you, calm the storms in my heart. Every night is beautiful when I think of you. I am thinking about you now. Joy dreams. I love you always.

28. Sleep, so we can continue the sweet trip of our love even in our dreams. I do not want to spend a moment away from you.

29. The thought of you clears up the boredom I have every night. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I wish you a good night rest.

30. May your sleep be sound. May you feel refreshed when you day breaks. Good night.

31. I love everything about you. And I will say you look more beautiful when asleep. I cannot wait to watch you sleep.

32. I will love you, forever and always. You are my world. I am saying a good night to you.

33. Have a beautiful dream tonight. Where your wishes come true. I wish a good night.

34. I wish I could hold you in a tight embrace till tomorrow comes. But I can’t, so I send you my tight hugs and kisses. Have a good night.

35. I love you. I want this word to play over and over again in your head. I want you to see me in your dreams, handing you a basket of flowers. Good night, Sweet.

36. I may not be beside you tonight, to hold you tight. But I want you to always know that you are the one I think about every night.

37. Good night, Darling. Enjoy your sleep. I wish I could watch you sleep.

38. My prayer tonight is that you have a beautiful night rest. May you wake up with enough strength to face the day.

39. May angels that protect keep you safe during the night. Can’t wait to behold your lovely face when morning comes.

40. Although, I am supposed to be lonely because I am alone. But the sweet memories of all we did during the day keep me happy and excited. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me.

41. Let us sleep, so we can continue our journey of love in dreamland. I want to see you in my dream.

42. My sincere prayer for you is that you have a beautiful sleep free of trouble and nightmares. My love will keep you safe.

43. Sleep off the worries and problem of today. Tomorrow is another beautiful day to start afresh. Good night, Love.

44. May God listen to your good night prayers. So he can send his angels down to protect you.

45. I can stay up all night just to watch you sleep. Even though we are not together now, the image of you is in my head. Love you, Baby.

46. I am sending a good night kiss to you. Your love is pure and without flaw. I love every part of you.

47. My good night wishes to you is a way of showing that you are all I think about every night. Sweet dreams, my love.

48. Joy dreams to the most amazing person in my life. I wish you a peaceful night rest.

49. My love will protect you away from the evil at night. My love will guide you through your dreams. Goodnight Darling. Joy dreams.

50. My prayer is that God should give me a long life. And I want to live the whole of that life with you. Thinking about you every night. Sleep tight, Babe.

51. I love night time because your light brightens it. You shine brighter than the moon and stars. I will not stop loving you. Good night, Love.

52. As you sleep on your bed tonight, you will be protected by God. You are safe from danger and discomfort. Good night to you, my love.

53. May you have a good sleep filled with sweet dreams. May you wake refreshed and refilled. Good night.

54. I cannot wait to have you as mine. Where we will have a home and kids. It is a beautiful thought, that is what I am thinking about right now. Sleep tight, Love.

55. I hope to see you in my dreams tonight. Riding on a white horse, wearing the robe of a bride. I love you always. Good night.

56. Spending the whole day with you does not prevent me from thinking about you all night. You are always in my heart. Good night.

57. We have had our ups and downs in this relationship but we came out stronger and better. No matter what happens, you are who I want to spend the rest of my life with. Good night, Angel.

58. I pray heaven to watch over you as you sleep tonight. Enjoy your sleep, Darling.

59. I pray our love becomes stronger each day. Good night and have a honey-dripped dream.

60. I cannot wait to have you by my side all night. When we will tell silly jokes, fight with pillows and laugh till we sleep. Good night, Pretty.

61. It is already night time and your thought will not allow me to sleep. I enjoy them, though. Love you always. Good night.

62. You deserve a beautiful sleep for making my day today. I wish you a good night rest. Sleep tight.

63. Sleep tight tonight. Tomorrow is another day with you. I love you so much.

64. I know your message and call will wake me up tomorrow. There is no love as loving and caring as you. Good night.

65. Dreaming of you is sweeter than honey. You are all I want. Have a beautiful sleep.

66. I am addicted to thinking about you and smiling to my self every night. Make sure you pray. Good night, Love.

67. I am looking forward to a new day filled with love and sweetness with you. You are amazing. Good night, Babe.

68. Today is bright and beautiful with you. I cannot wait to spend tomorrow with you. Joy dreams.

69. You got me out of boredom today. I am sending a kiss wrapped in honey to you. Enjoy your sleep.

70. Another day is gone and we are getting closer to those years we will spend together, married. I wish I could be with you till eternity. Good night.

71. Tonight, I pray that you will be protected by God, that the heavens watch over you. Have the sweetest dream ever, my love.

72. Lay all your troubles on the shoulder of the almighty and sleep like a newborn baby. God is there for you. Joy dreams.

73. Free yourself from all your problems. Close your eyes and pray to God for help. He is there with you. Good night.

74. Tomorrow is another day. A new day with you. I cannot wait for tomorrow to come. Joy dream, Lovely.

75. I wish I could hold your hands and walk with you to the land of love, this night. Good night to you.

76. Without you, the night is long and boring. I love you so much, looking forward to seeing you in my dreams. Good night.

77. I am texting you to show how much I love and cherish you. You are always on my mind. Have a pleasant and love-filled night.

78. May you have a peaceful night. And you will wake up strong and beautiful. Good night.

79. I see you when I close my eyes to sleep. You are the only one I care about. You are mean the whole world to me. Good night.

80. You are my universe. My love for you is brighter than the full moon, more beautiful than the stars. I love you. I am wishing you a peaceful night rest.

81. My wish for you is to sleep undisturbed by the worries of life. And I wish to see you in my dreams grinning and looking radiant.

82. My love for you is more than what I can explain. You are my desire and dream. Good night to you, Dear.

83. I see you when I close my eyes. I see you in my dreams. I long to feel your arms around me every morning. You are all I think about. Good night.

84. I love the stars because they remind me of your bright eyes and smile. You are so amazing. Joy dreams, my jewel.

85. I never want to say good night. I wish you are here with me. But I must wish you the sweetest sleep you have ever had. Good night.

86. Another morning makes us brighter and better. I cannot wait to see you tomorrow morning, looking more beautiful than ever. Good night, Love.

87. Nothing is more beautiful than your sweet face when asleep. Good night, Angel.

88. Sweet dreams, sweet sleep. May you wake up to a wonderful day. Enjoy your sleep.

89. My dream to be with you forever will one day come true. Then, I will spend every night with you. I can’t wait for that time to come. Good night.

90. Sleep well, my one and only. May the good Lord protect you from evil.

91. The night is cold and I wish you could hold me in a tight embrace. I long for the warmth I get from you. I miss you. Good night.

92. Fear not, the host of heaven will protect you and keep you sound. Good night.

93. I am sending you a warm hug and kisses, enjoy the night. Sleep well.

94. Let your heart be happy. Let go of the stress of today. Tomorrow is another day to start anew. Enjoy your sleep.

95. Even though you cannot see me, I am with you. I will watch you sleep sound. Good night.

96. I know how tough it to sleep without me by your side. This will end with time. Our “together forever” will begin soon. Good night.

97. Good night. You are on my mind every night. Love you.

98. You are the prettiest woman in the world. You are my queen and angel. Good night, Darling.

99. I hope this text will make you smile, the way I always smile at the thought of you. Have a beautiful night rest.

100. With all my heart, I wish you sweet dreams. I care so much about you.

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