Good Night Christian Messages

2023 Trending Good Night Christian Messages

The Lord who made heaven and earth keeps us safe both day and night.

Because of light, the sun, friends and work, it’s usually easy to get through the day, but with the night, it’s a different story; the gloom and the quietness put together is enough to make one a little terrified.

But when we have God; who is light himself and the source of security, the night feels just the same except that we are sleeping.

As you thank God for the day and meditate before you sleep off, go through our collection of Christian good night messages and share with your friends too.

Blessed Christian Good Night Messages

The best and loveliest Christian Good Night Messages for someone special to you, someone that you cherish.

1. The day is over, night approaches, I pray the angels keep you safe all through the night.

2. Hey, try and get a good night rest, and may the good Lord protect you, amen.

3. I know you pray before sleeping, I join my prayers to yours; have a sound sleep.

4. I pray you get a beautiful night rest and wake up to the glory of God.

5. The Lord is your shepherd, you shall not want, have a good night sleep, my dear. 

6. The heavens watch over its own, have a beautiful night rest, dear.

7. You told me how long a day you had, I pray you have a peaceful night rest, amen.

8. May the darkness, not overshadow you; sleep soundly and wake up peacefully.

9. I trust you had a blessed day, I pray you have an even more amazing night rest.

10. Sleep soundly, and may the angels keep you safe and bring you to a more glorious morning.

11. The sun has set, night is here. Do have a peaceful night rest.

12. May God’s presence be with you every passing hour of your night rest.

13. As you close your eyes to sleep, I pray God guides you all through your rest.

14. The darkness deepens but God’s grace abides with you, so you have nothing to fear. Good night, my dear.

15. The Lord is by your side, have a peaceful night rest.

16. May you have so much comfort as you lay down to sleep for the night.

17. Do not fear the darkness of the night, the Lord is with you. Good night, my dear.

18. Have an absolute peaceful night rest safe in the arms of Jesus.

19. I pray God keeps your soul safe as you sleep tonight. Have a good night sleep.

20. May the Lord watch over you from on high as you take your rest this evening. Good night.

21. Until the morning comes, be safe in the arms of Jesus, have a good night.

22. As you have your night rest, may the angels be with you, good night, dear.

23. Good night, my dear. Your protection is sure, the Lord is on the throne.

24. Have a pleasant night rest, my dear and may the Lord shelter you from all evil.

25. Be assured that God is with you even as you sleep tonight, have a good night.

26. I commit your rest this night into the able hands of God, have a good and a sound night rest.

27. A day well spent is followed by a good night rest, have a very good night sleep.

28. Through the gloomy shadow of the night, Jesus is your companion. Good night.

29. I pray you find a good rest from the day’s labour at the feet of Jesus, have a very good night sleep.

30. The day has come to an end, it’s time to close your eyes and have a good and perfect night rest.

31. Under the Lord’s wing, find your much needed evening rest, good night, my dear.

32. May the Lord secure you from all harm as you turn in for the night, have a good night sleep.

33. May this night rest refresh you for a better new day, good night, my dear.

34. Be safe in God’s care and wake up a better and healthier soul; good night.

35. As your eyelids close in sleep, have a quiet and good night rest.

36. Tonight, as you lay on your bed to sleep, may God’s angels surround you and keep you safe.

37. I pray God keeps you safe in the comfort of your bed, good night, my dear.

38. Cuddle up asleep and have a good and quiet night rest.

39. Sleep well, knowing that you are safe and sound, good night.

40. You know that the Lord is on the throne, so do have a beautiful night sleep.

41. The stars are out and so is the moon, may God be with you as you go to bed.

42. My dear, have a good night, a sound sleep and a better tomorrow.

43. May the good Lord bless and keep you all the hours of your sleep.

44. The moon comes up as the sun goes down, do have a wonderful night sleep.

45. I pray that God keeps you from all harm’s way tonight and always, have a good night.

46. I hope you had a blessed day, I pray you have a good night sleep.

47. Evening is here again, after a long day, sleep well and have a good night rest.

48. The night comes so that another day can start, have a good night sleep.

49. I say a prayer of safety for you tonight, sleep tight.

50. As the day gives way to the night, I hope you get to have a good night sleep.

51. Lifting up my voice to heaven, praying for your safety through the night, good night, my dear.

52. As you lay down to rest this night, may the angels be at your side, good night.

53. Cast off all your worries and have a sound sleep, good night, my dear.

54. It’s time to rest your body and soul, may the angels be with you. Good night.

55. The Lord that owns the night will send Angels to guide you tonight. Good night, dear.

56. Because you dwell under the shadow of the almighty, I trust you will have a good night sleep.

57. The day has come to a close, I pray you sleep soundly tonight.

58. Your comfort is of great importance to God, have a good night rest.

59. The stars are shining tonight because God is on the throne, have a pleasant night rest.

60. Say a prayer before you go to bed, may the Lord be with you. Good night, my dear.

61. It’s the end of another day, sleep well and wake up to God’s glory, good night.

62. May the Lord shield and protect you through the night and always.

63. I pray God forgives the errors of your day, and give you a sound sleep.

64. When you lie in silence on your bed, put your trust in the Lord and he will keep you safe.

65. The love of God will protect you like a shield all through the night, good night, my dear.

66. May the Lord relieve you of all your worries and keep you safe all night long, good night.

67. Your protector is always awake, the Lord will be with you as you sleep tonight, good night.

68. I thank the Lord because He will keep watch over you this night and always.

69. The Lord will guard you; he is by your side to keep you safe, good night.

70. Sleep soundly because I know that God will cover and take care of you through the night.

71. Do have a peaceful rest tonight, good night.

72. Because the Lord will keep you safe, you will have a pleasant night rest, good night.

73. Sleep safely and be at ease, my dear, have a good night.

74. Be rest assured, you are safe in God’s care. Good night, my dear.

75. May the Lord cleanse your heart of every evil and grant you a safe night’s rest.

76. You will sleep and wake up safely, for the Lord watches over you.

77. I trust you will find comfort as you turn in for the night, have a lovely night rest.

78. Only in the Lord can you find rest, I hope you get enough rest this night, good night.

79. As you sleep and wake up, may you find a peaceful and sound sleep?

80. Praise be to God for keeping you safe today, may he also keep you safe tonight, good night.

81. Let your reflections be full of God’s grace as you lie down to sleep, have a beautiful night rest.

82. “The Lord grants sleep to those he loves”, you are one of them. Have a peaceful night.

83. As you lay on your bed, remember the Lord and his goodness to you. Have a good night.

84. Our loving father in heaven is the source of all security, sleep tight, my dear.

85. Do not fear the terror of the night because the Lord will keep you secure.

86. By day, God is a pillar of cloud, by night, he’s a pillar of fire, be safe and have a good night.

87. Even in the darkness of the night, you have absolutely nothing to fear. Good night, my dear.

88. The night is as bright as day to the Lord, so do have a lovely night sleep.

89. O Lord, for thy love’s sake, give your angels charge to watch over your child.

90. Watch over the inhabitants of this home, O Lord. Good night, my dear.

91. I offer your every heartbeat to the almighty father, he shall protect you through the night.

92. Lord Jesus, stay with this soul through the night and always, thank you. Good night, my dear.

93. May the Lord be your daily companion, especially in the dark hours of the night, good night.

94. Praise be to God for your life and the day, sleep soundly.

95. This night and every other night, I pray God surrounds your home. Good night, my dear.

96. As you sleep, do meditate on the goodness of God, have a beautiful night rest.

97. Lay down and sleep for the good Lord will sustain you.

98. Lie in peace and wake up to a glorious morning, good night.

99. May the Lord be a shield about you and your home, sleep tight.

100. I pray you sleep, dream and wake up to the glory of God to praise him endlessly.

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