Trending Powerful Emotional Text Messages

2023 Trending Powerful Emotional Text Messages

Are you looking for text messages that will create a surge of emotion? Or one that will express how you feel?

You might be looking for texts that will make a friend look sober, cry and maybe think more about life?

You have been scribbling, and tearing off lots of sheets of papers, without getting something that suits your taste.

You are in the right place. You are lucky.

I know there are people like you who need such. And this has made me write 100 powerful emotional text messages to send to your boyfriend or girlfriend, from which you can pick.

Powerful Emotional Text Messages for Him or Her

1. A purposeful life begins as soon as we see life as a gift that must not be taken for granted, a gift that must not be wasted.

2. Love is the greatest emotion that will ever exist. How much love you give to even those who don’t deserve it, says a lot about your understanding of love.

3. At the end of our lives, the property and money we have will no longer count but the number of humans we blessed when alive. Think about this.

4. Joy is an indication of gratitude and the belief that something better is bound to happen.

5. We are all given the same amount of time, but some understand the importance of time and they make something good out of their time.

6. We always forget about death when alive, so, when death comes it meet us unawares. If we always remember death we will think more before taking many of the steps we take.

7. You are a blessing to the world. You ask me why? It is because no one can be you. You have what no other human will ever have.

8. Life comes in circles. It might be tough and difficult today but when tomorrow comes, you would have forgotten what yesterday looks like.

9. Be open to life. Explore. Fail and fail more. It is an indication that you are doing something worthwhile. Do not be scared of failure.

10. Your home should be placed above all other things. When this is settled the strength to face life will come naturally to you, and you have more chances to succeed.

11. There are some things that matter in life, though we take them for granted. How you treat a kid, the aged and the helpless.

12. Listen to the songs of birds, smell the rain, feel the breeze. Do not be too busy to enjoy these little gifts of nature.

13. Good friends are helpers of destiny. They are our umbrella on raining days, a shelter during a storm. If you have any, you are lucky.

14. Your mind is powerful. It controls your actions, words and your general outlook on life. So, fill it with things which are invaluable.

15. We are all created with the same level of thinking. At birth, our brains were all blank but through the years it got filled with lots. The truth is, you can decide what you fill your brain with.

16. If you tell your dream to someone and they mock you. It is not your fault or their fault. Others are not meant to see those things you see. It is your dream, chase it.

17. Don’t give up too soon. Life is naturally tough. It is tough for everyone. Despite this, those who persevere always win the race.

18. Smile even when it is difficult to smile. How strong you are cannot be known by how much fight you can do but by how positive you choose to be when it is difficult to be positive.

19. Improve yourself each moment. Make sure you harness every opportunity of self-improvement that comes to you. It is only with this we live a fulfilled life.

20. Life is not all sweet and rosy. It is tough at times. The tough moments in life make it interesting. Life will be boring if there are no challenges to tackle.

21. Joy and happiness never leave the man who truly understands what gratitude is.

22. We are gradually writing our life tales, with our actions and inactions. Don’t ever forget this.

23. The world is a marketplace. To be happy, you only need to buy what you need.

24. The world is a jungle with no path. Create your path, walk your path and soon, others will find it worth reading and you will lead them.

25. Butterfly is one of the humble creators we have on earth, despite their beauty. Learn to be humble no matter how much you have achieved in life.

26. Feeling of inadequacy is common to every man but the strong take a leap about this feeling and they shake the world.

27. Now is the only moment we have. What we do with now defines what our lives will turn out to be.

28. Create your own melody in the world. Don’t be a walking shadow with no impact. Impact and change lives.

29. You are stronger than you can imagine. We all have an untapped deposit of abilities. Start to tap into yours and you will be surprised at how powerful you are.

30. Don’t throw away the joy you brought into the world. Sometimes we have to act like babies with nothing to worry about if we will live happily.

31. We might not know the result of laziness and procrastination in a few days and even a month. We only see the result after many years, when things can no longer be changed.

32. I know it is a bit difficult, to choose your want above your needs in a world that sees the outlook and not the content, but make sure you do not live their expectation of you.

33. You owe no one an apology. You owe no one an explanation. You should live your life outside the definition of people.

34. We are wonders created by God to beautify the world. Your existence is never a mistake.

35. Smile. Grin. Laugh. Don’t let the world steal your joy. It is yours, protect it.

36. Give yourself room for improvement. Get better and try again. Mistakes are the beginning of perfection.

37. Dream as big as life itself. You are unstoppable. Believe in you.

38. What people say or did not say about you should not affect you. Show them who you are. Live an intentional life.

39. You need to see the beauty in the world. You should not focus on the bad side of life. Life works for those who believe.

40. Through the ups and downs of life, never be discouraged because life is just like that. You have to be strong and face life.

41. Your understanding of love is defined by how much love you give to people. Self-love opens the door to loving others.

42. Celebrate yourself every day. The fact that you are alive is an indication that good things are bound to happen.

43. Time will surely tell. Your efforts will never go unrewarded.

44. When you become prosperous, remember that you are only Opportuned. How well you use this will tell how far you will go.

45. Build your character, because no matter how talented you are, a bad character will bring you back to nothing.

46. Nobody can stop you from achieving what you strongly believe in. Believe and you will achieve it.

47. Your health is an important factor you must never neglect. Take care of yourself and you will be strong to do the rest.

48. Strike a balance between what you say and what you do because people are watching and listening.

49. Do what must be done not what should be done. You should have meaningful engagements.

50. Don’t allow toxic people in your life get hold of you. Your life is yours and yours alone.

51. Turn away from drama and those who give you trouble. Life is too short to reflect on issues that add no value to you.

52. The universe is a beautiful place, we often forget ourselves in the hustle and bustle of life and we forget how beautiful our abode is.

53. Love with the whole of your heart. Don’t give love because you want it back. Give it to people who you know will never pay you back.

54. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. Take a step today, stop sitting and waiting for a time that will never come.

55. Learn a lot of things. No knowledge is a waste. Keep learning. Keep improving.

56. Give as much respect as you want to people and you will not strive to get it back. We are paid exactly what we give.

57. Impact a child positively and you have impacted generations. What you do for anyone, especially children is deeper more than it appears.

58. Take care of yourself. Sleep when you should. Rest well. At the end, you will not wish for good health to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

59. You can be anything you want to be, as long as you believe. Success is for those who do not take “No” for an answer

60. Don’t allow the definition of others get to you. They will only speak from their perspective not who you really are. What they say is most times a hint of how they see the world.

61. When you need to ask questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Be inquisitive, keep learning as you grow.

62. Your life is shaped by what you listen to. Be mindful of this.

63. People lose opportunities because they fail to be where they should be when they should.

64. Be at peace with everyone. This makes us more productive. Nothing kills creativity faster than anger.

65. You can begin a new life today. You can recover lost opportunities, only if you take a bold step.

66. The world is a beautiful place. It is just like the garden of Eden. But we often forget how lucky we are to be here.

67. You are amazing, just the way you are. You are beautiful in and out. Do not ever try to be someone else.

68. Time can destroy or make our lives. We must understand how time works.

69. Sometimes you will wake up and feel lazy. Do not give in to this spirit because it comes when there is something good to achieve.

70. Be mindful if everything you say. Words carry a huge power.

71. Show gratitude in the little things of life, a life of gratitude is a life that will enjoy more blessings.

72. No matter how bad yesterday was, start your morning with joy. How you start your morning says a lot about how the whole day will look.

73. You need to understand what is more important. Through the hustle and bustle of life, it is so easy to lose track, if you don’t.

74. Learn how money works. This will earn you more money. It is an important knowledge.

75. Death is not the end but a beginning.

76. In life, you will make as many mistakes as it is required. It is a normal part of life. Accept your mistakes and move on.

77. Do not allow the world to suck out the joy in you. Live a joyful life.

78. No matter how bad life is, for you today. Tomorrow is a different day.

79. Be full of courage. Be resilient. Be passionate. Be purposeful. When you fall, stand and move on. Do not accept defeat.

80. Can you give someone a listening hear today? No matter how busy you might be. Give your shoulder to the weak to rest on.

81. The joy of being a child is the greatest joy that can ever be. We get broken by the world, and our joy is taken away as we grow.

82. There is one thing called the past. It is a part of our lives which is forever gone. Do not stay there. It will only waste your present, what really counts.

83. People who talk about you, don’t know anything about you. They only talk about what they think they know about you, which is most times not true.

84. Accept the flaws of people. You will never see anyone with any. We are all full of flaws.

85. People will make you feel bad, they will break your heart, and make you feel worthless. Keep reminding yourself that you are full of potentials and powerful because that is the only truth.

86. People who put you down with their words are only showing what their personal life looks. It has nothing to do with you.

87. It feels so bad when your inner circle suck and drain you with their actions and words, but the most powerful source of courage and motivation comes from you. Self-motivation is powerful.

88. Sometimes you have to stay alone to be whole, again. Be comfortable with being alone.

89. It is good to get love from people but learns to love yourself first. Don’t be cruel to yourself and expect people to treat you better.

90. There are people who will never love us no matter how much we try to make them do. And there are people who will love us with us trying to make them do.

91. Fear is a jailer. Without your knowledge, it lures you into its jail and lords over you.

92. Regrets are painful but they are a normal part of life we cannot live without no matter how much we try.

93. The heart breaks you get in life is a normal part of it. Get used to it.

94. Sometimes, it is better to keep your company than to be with people who care not about you.

95. Even the best people in our lives will hurt us. That does not make them bad, it shows they are human and not perfect.

96. Silence is a warrior, it conquers thousands of soldiers.

97. Nothing is more painful than getting your good intentions misunderstood by people. But you must not stop being good. The world itself will pay you back.

98. Value people when they are alive. After death, all the sweet words you will say about them makes no difference.

99. The bad side of life is shaping you into the strong and courageous version of you. You need to take this lesson.

100. Release the stress life has deposited in you. Breath and live. Enjoy every moment. The good, the bad and the ugly.

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