30th Birthday Prayers for a Friend in 2021

30th Birthday Prayers for a Friend in 2023

The age of Thirty is a landmark in the life of a person. It reminds one of what he/she has achieved and what the future holds for him/her. It’s also a reminder that such a person has love to still give out.

Being a friend to someone celebrating the 30th birthday is another celebration because it shows how far both of you have tolerated each other and still maintain the special bond to witness the beautiful age of such a wonderful friend.

To celebrate this unique being on their 30th birthday, it wouldn’t be bad to light 30 candles, send 30 cakes and even show old pictures of when he/she was still a teen and the ‘bad’ things you remembered he did when still a young chap.

However, even with all of these, it’s quite important to bless their new age with heartfelt prayers. Below are some powerful 30th birthday prayers for a friend to celebrate the birthday of your buddy.

Dear buddy, I hope this message reminds you of how far we have come as friends, how far you will succeed in life. Happy birthday to you.

30th Birthday Prayer Messages for a Friend

One of the ways to show your friends how much you love them is to celebrate them, especially on special occasions like a 30th birth celebration. Your heartfelt birthday wishes, prayers, quotes, blessings and messages could be all they need to feel loved. Get it all done with these top 30th birthday prayer for a friend and usher him/her into a beautiful new year.

1. 30 years is the year when you look back on what you have achieved and look forward to what you’re going to do. May your new age bring good tidings, peace and may all your dreams come true. Happy 30th birthday, my dear friend.

2. Walk with your head up and shine because it’s your special day. Being 30 isn’t a small journey but it has been interesting because you’ve made it fun-filled. At your young age, you have achieved a lot, mentored so many and helped so much and you are still not tired. As a friend, I envy your courage. You will live long and be forever. Happy birthday, my friend.

3. All your life, you’ve worked hard to make your family comfortable and happy. Now it’s time to make yourself happy. Take a stroll to the mall, buy things you need, skip the doctor’s instructions and eat to your satisfaction. Relax your mind and forget about your worries. Being alive for 3 decades is a thing of joy. So, stay happy and healthy. Happy birthday, my friend.

4. I pray that as you turn the clock of 30, may you look at your life and see many things to be grateful for. Finally, may you look at all that you have achieved and see that the earth is worth living. Have the best birthday, my friend.

5. Dearest friend, you’ve turned to the age when you’re old enough to know your errors but young enough to still make such mistakes. May your errors not make the next phase of your life miserable. May you continue to be the best – husband, dad, friend and colleague. Enjoy your 30 with pride.

6. No matter how long you live on this earth, you will not know the grave of your kids. Their success will continue to bring you joy and happiness. Happy birthday, my sweetest friend.

7. I am honoured to be your friend. You’re a wonderful person. Who wouldn’t want to associate with you? A great human with vast knowledge. You’re very accommodating and a cheerful giver. May you never grow out of wisdom and knowledge. Happy 30th birthday.

8. Someone asked me the meaning of luck. I answered that having you as a friend is a luck, celebrating your beautiful age with you is also luck. Seeing that you have been a blessing to many is also luck. So you’re the true definition of luck. Happy birthday, my special friend. 30 years is just the beginning of many more years. Enjoy your birthday.

9. Love, Longevity, Laughter, Leader and Laudable are my wishes. These and many more will you continue to possess. May you be reciprocated with love and God will comfort you with long life. Your health will not fail you. Your loved ones will continue to make you proud. Happy 30th birthday, my laudable friend.

10. You have been an incredible buddy. As you celebrate your birthday, may everything around you be amazing. Goodness and God’s mercy shall abide with you. You will continue to look beautiful in the face of all. Your sweetness will not turn sour. It’s an honour having you as a friend. Have a marvellous 30th birthday celebration.

11. I long to see the day Forbes will name you one of the best age 30 CEO. You are an achiever, my dear friend. Happiest birthday, buddy

12. As you’re celebrating your 30th today, I pray it will be your best year so far. Enjoy your 30 darling friend.

13. On your birthday, may all the 30 candles mark the blessings you will acquire from God. Happy 30th birthday, my sweet friend.

14. 30 looking 15, may the journey be the smoothest of all in your life. Happy birthday, sweet friend.

15. May everything you’ve achieved not be destroyed as you open a new chapter of your life. Happiest day, my dear friend.

16. 30 is golden. May everything in your life continue to be filled with gold and success. Enjoy your day, dearest friend.

17. Your achievement is way longer than your age. May you enjoy all that you have laboured for. Happy birthday, precious friend.

18. I pray you have an incredible 30 years. Welcome to a new milestone, my special friend. Happy birthday

19. As you reach the 30th milestone, I hope it makes you realize that the world hasn’t gotten enough of what you have in you. Have a wonderful birthday, dear friend

20. I hope this new age reminds you of how far you still have to achieve more success. Happy 30th Birthday, darling friend.

21. The XXX in Roman numerals may stand for Thirty but to me, it’s me lots of hugs, hugs and kisses from me to you. May you LiveLong and may your life be filled with Love. Happiest birthday, my friend.

22. May the enjoyment and achievements of the next thirty surpass the previous. Happy 30th birthday, my precious friend.

23. To the best person one could call a friend, I wish you many more years. Welcome to club 30!

24. The award to the most beautiful woman of 30 years goes to you, my friend. Happy birthday, darling.

25. Behind that hardworking and never smiling face lies a beautiful being with a heart of gold. Happy 30th birthday, my friend.

26. You may be celebrating your third decade today, but you do not age in my sight. Thanks for being a wonderful friend. Happy birthday.

27. You’re just the same 20 years old I met 10 years back. Kind, wonderful and hardworking. Happy birthday, my long time friend.

28. Just as the stars never change their brightness. As you grow old, may your shine never diminish. Happy 30th birthday, sweet friend.

29. As you blow the thirty candles on your cake and make wishes, may all your wishes come true. Happy birthday, my dear friend

30. The first cry you made 30years ago was of joy and welcome. All the days of your life, you will not experience sorrow. Joy unspeakable will dwell in your life. Enjoy your big 3

31. Oh dear friend! I think you’ve chosen to increase in age but not in your facial looks. Where is this beauty coming from? Continue to age gracefully. Happy birthday.

32. Whenever people ask about your age, just reply by saying you’re 16 years old with 14 years of experience. Happy birthday, my sweet 16 friend.

33. As you enter the realm of thirty may all you labour for continue to be fruitful. You will not know scarcity. Happy birthday, my unique friend.

34. As your first 3 decades has been interesting and successful, may the other ones be doubled with blessings and crown with more achievement.
Enjoy your day, darling

35. May you still have reasons to smile, laugh and be happy. Happy 30th birthday, my special friend.

36. Here’s wishing a fantastic friend, a happy 30th birthday. You’ve been nothing but wonderful. May you have a fabulous birthday. Enjoy!

37. Don’t worry about climbing the 30th ladder of your life. It shows how far you have come and the many obstacles you have conquered. Happy birthday, my forever buddy.

38. 30 is a great age to attain for someone special as you. May you continue to have reasons to look forward to many more years. Have a blessed birthday, dear friend.

39. I raise my glasses to celebrate the Birthday of a confidant and friend. Your friendship with me has been nothing but a blessing. Thank you for being you. Happy 30 dearest friend.

40. On your special day, may you see how you’re valued, loved, honoured and cherished. Do have a fabulous 30, my wonderful friend.

41. Wonderful years ahead is my wish for you as you celebrate your 30th year on earth. You have been a friend one could ever hope for. Happy birthday my dear friend.

42. Hey dear friend, don’t worry about getting old, you are still a teen at heart. 30 looks good on you darling friend.

43. I am so happy that we are celebrating your birthday together. Our friendship has faced the test of time, but we’re still here. Enjoy your 30, my dear friend.

44. Even though, you’re now in the age of listening to what the doctor says, we will eat your 30th birthday cake today and continue with the doctor’s instruction tomorrow. Enjoy your day, darling friend.

45. Dear friend, you might grow in age but you’re young at heart. Continue to stay fabulous. Happy 30th birthday, sweet friend.

46. Knowing you makes the world beautiful. Being your friend for so long makes it a better place and celebrating your milestone with you makes it worth living. Happy birthday on being 30, my dear friend.

47. Attaining the age of 30 with so much achievement is a sign that you have been living and not just existing Happy birthday, dearest friend.

48. Dear friend, I bid you farewell to your teenage season and welcome you to the season of more wisdom. Enjoy your 30 to the fullest.

49. Celebrating 3 decades shows how far you have come in life. May you continue to touch lives positively. Happy birthday, my true friend.

50. You have not only been my friend of 13 years, but also my mentor and teacher. May your days be longer than you expected. Happy 30th birthday.

51. As you celebrate your birthday today, may you continue to receive heavenly blessings. Enjoy your 30

52. It is a great honour to have someone as brilliant as you as a friend. A greater honour to celebrate your 30th birthday with you. May your wisdom never diminish. Have a great birthday.

53. If an award for the most promising 30 year old is being given, no doubt you will take it home. You’re strong and energetic for your age. 30 looks good on you. Happy birthday, dear friend.

54. As you mark a fantastic 30 years on earth, may the blessings from all the four cardinal points dwell with you. Happy birthday, dearest friend.

55. Never worry about things you haven’t achieved, God will satisfy you with long life. Happy 30th birthday, my sweet friend.

56. Here’s wishing you a super-duper birthday. May you enjoy the happiness that comes with being thirty. Happy birthday, dear friend.

57. Since you refuse to age, I think you should audit for a modelling job because you have the face of a youngster for a 30-year-old. Happy birthday, my dearest friend.

58. Happy birthday dear friend, thirty was actually made for you. Enjoy your wonderful birthday.

59. When God was creating you 30 years ago, He created you with longevity. So don’t ever feel tired. 30 is the new 15. Have a fabulous birthday friend.

60. Dear friend, on your birthday today, may you continue to enjoy perfection in all ramifications. Happy 30th birthday.

61. I wish you love, peace of mind and abundant blessings. I hope this will be the best and happiest birthday celebration you will have. Enjoy your 30th glorious birthday.

62. The happiness that accompanies 30 will dwell in your life. Happy 30th birthday, my darling friend.

63. If ageing backwards is a race, you will be given the gold medal with no doubt. Continue to age gracefully my dear friend. Thirty looks perfect on you. Happy birthday.

64. The journey of your first thirty has been smooth and easy. May the rest of your days be incredibly sweet. Enjoy your 30 darling friend.

65. You only celebrate 30 years once. So have fun, make a wish and know that it will come to reality. Happy birthday, my friend.

66. What surprises me is that as you’re getting older, you’re getting better which means you walking towards perfection. Happy 30th birthday, dear friend.

67. Oh my dear friend! Happy birthday to you. Many happy returns. May you look back and be thankful. Enjoy your 30 in grand style.

68. 30 Cheers to a spectacular person whose birthday is awe-mazing Happy 30th birthday my friend. May all your heart desires concerning your children come to fulfilment. Have a great birthday.

69. Happy birthday dear friend. I’m glad about what you have achieved for the thirty years you’ve spent on this planet. Continue to break grounds. Have a great birthday.

70. Even though you’re my friend for long, I still learn some things from you. Enjoy your beautiful year my friend. 30 is the age, dude

71. As you celebrate your birthday today, I pray that you’ll never get tired of enjoying God’s blessings. Happy 30th birthday darling friend.

72. Congratulations on crossing to the third decade of your life my darling friend. May the rest of the year be filled with good memories. Have a blessed birthday.

73. Even though you’re getting old, you are still the coolest dude I know. May you have millions of reasons to be grateful. Happiest 30th birthday, my fantastic friend.

74. Happy birthday to the spiffiest person I have ever seen. May your days be filled with love, peace and joy. Enjoy your 30th birthday darling friend.

75. Your thirty Is Tantalizing, Tastefully Young. Welcome to the Big 3 my unique friend.

76. May God’s grace abide with you today on your 30th celebration now forevermore. Happy birthday my friend.

77. You may feel tired, but you are not old. All you need is rest. So sit back and enjoy your hard work when you were young. God bless your new age, my friend.

78. Whether your toupee is on or not, you are still young physically and at heart. Happy 30th birthday, my precious friend.

79. One thing I have cherished about our friendship is the fact that you correct in love. Thank you for being a true friend. Happy birthday, pal. 30 is hugs for you, buddy

80. May your eyes be bright enough to see the goodness God has in store for you as you attain age 30. Happy birthday, my dear friend.

81. I don’t have anything to say other than to pray for you, my darling friend to live long, stay healthy, happy and never stop prospering. Have a wonderful 30th birthday.

82. 30 years look like a long year but it’s just half of a century. So enjoy it because you still have another 0 years to celebrate. Happy birthday, sweetest friend.

83. Being alive to witness one birthday is a blessing, being thirty is a wonder. I wish you a blessed day and a wonderful year. Happy birthday, dearie.

84. Having you as a friend makes the world a beautiful place. Happy 30th birthday, my pal.

85. Congratulations on crossing the 30th hurdles. You’re now a winner of the first hurdles. May you receive the strength of running the race to 30. Happy 30th birthday, darling friend.

86. Dearest amigo, it’s the big 3-0 that you are celebrating. May you receive huge blessings today and years ahead. Have a marvellous day.

87. Happy birthday dearest friend, I hope our morning walk where we talk about everything and anything will never cease. Enjoy your 30.

88. As you clock 30 years, I pray that all you look forward to, you shall receive. Happy birthday buddy.

89. Wishing a buddy like a sibling a very pleasant birthday. I pray that the years ahead will be longer than the 30 years you are celebrating. Happy birthday.

90. May the good Lord bless you on your birthday today. Your family will continue to be proud of you. Have a great 30th birthday, my friend.

91. Happy birthday my dear friend. I’m so happy to see you break ground. Your success will never come to a halt. Have a great 30th birthday celebration.

92. When I count my blessings, I count you thrice. You have been a kind person and a true friend. Enjoy your 30th birthday.

93. As you celebrate your 30th birthday dearest friend, may you receive the deserved happiness and desired joy. Enjoy your special day.

94. I’m sending you my hugs and kisses on your 30th birthday. I hope it filled the whole room because you’re a special friend with a golden heart. Happy birthday.

95. Happy birthday friend. I hope the excitement you had when you celebrated your 15th birthday will double today that it’s your 30th birthday celebration. Keep smiling.

96. It’s surprising how long we have put up with each other excesses. You’re my friend turned sister. Happy 30th birthday, best pal.

97. Don’t get worked up about those shinning hair, it’s the price you pay for that magnificent wisdom you possess. Happy 30th birthday, pal.

98. Welcome to the big 30, my friend. let’s wine and dine all day. May you find happiness in your age and years to come. Enjoy your day.

99. Happy 30th birthday. You are officially my sweet buddy. May your wisdom never depart from you. Have a great birthday.

100. As you celebrate your 30th birthday today, I pray that you receive the triple love you have given to so many. I love you my darling friend and it is massive.

Aren’t these 30th birthday prayers for a friend thirty-lizing? Select as many as you want, send it to your buddy and put a smile on his/her face. I want to serve you better. So, share and comment on this post.

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