Sweet Good Night Messages for Him

Sweet Good Night Messages for Him (2023)

Having a great day starts with having a beautiful night rest, and a sweet good night message might just be what your man needs to have an incredibly smooth night sleep.

If you don’t already know this, your man also needs you to send him random sweet messages day and night.

Whether it is to tell him how much you love him and miss him or to send him good night kisses or even just being all playful and naughty, the important thing is letting him know that you are thinking about him.

That is why we have this beautiful collection of sweet good night messages for the man of your heart, to make sure you can wish him a good night in a special way for the rest of 2023 and beyond.

Sweet Romantic Good Night Messages for Him

Your boyfriend will be in one of the sweetest dreams ever with these romantic and sweet good night messages for him from the heart.

1. Take a minute and look outside your window, do you see how calm everywhere is?
That’s how peaceful I feel knowing that I have you.
Go to bed with thoughts of me and do have a safe night rest.

2. I wish you were sleeping right next to me, holding me close to your chest but the thoughts of that will keep me through the night.
I love you so much, sweet dreams.

3. Just a late-night gentle reminder that you are special and you are all mine.
May the angels be with you through the night and I hope we meet somewhere in the dreamland.

4. I had one of those days where only thoughts of you kept me calm.
I don’t know what I will do if I didn’t have you, I hope your day was better.
I hope you have a safe and sound sleep.

5. Apparently, thinking of you helps me sleep better at night.
I will be doing just that tonight and I hope you think of me too.
I love you so much, good night my love.

6. I’m so used to sleeping next to you that when I don’t, it stresses me out * insert sad emoji*
Well, I can’t do so much about it but what I can do is tell you how much I miss you!
Have a great night my darling.

7. If I had wings, I will literally fly to come to sleep beside you * insert laughing emoji* that is how much I want to be next to you right now.
Sending you tons of love and God’s angels to keep you safe through the night.

8. Snuggling with you is my favourite night activity but clearly, that isn’t happening tonight.
That doesn’t stop me from sending you this sweet night message because you are my favourite man.

9. I believe that the night wouldn’t be complete until I have wished my special man a very good night.
Do have a lovely night my love and maybe dream about me! Yes?

10. Sending this goodnight kiss your way through this message and hoping it meets you well.
And just letting you know that I will be thinking of you too!
Sleep well love.

11. Are you sure you don’t want me to come over right now? haha, kidding!
I missed you today and I hope you have a beautiful night rest.
I love you.

12. You are the sweetest man there is so you deserve a sweet night message.
Make sure you pray before you sleep, good night love.

13. Just letting you know that you give me a reason to look forward to each day.
As for tonight, just rest and have a beautiful night
Sleep well, my love.

14. I’m looking at the stars as they twinkle and all I can think of is how I have the world’s best man in my life.
You make me so happy!
Good night hun, xoxo.

15. As the evening fades into the night, as cheesy as it may seem, I sincerely hope I get to see you in my dream.
What do you think? * insert wink emoji*
Good night my love.

16. I want to spend every possible moment with you; well starting tomorrow.
I missed you today and I can’t wait to see you tomorrow.
Have a wonderful night.

17. I hope you know that you are still my favourite man and I am still unhappy that I haven’t been able to see you in a while.
Rest that hunk of yourself tonight, you are in my thoughts.

18. If there is one thing I am certain of, it is that I miss you so much and I cannot wait to share our bed with you soon.
I love you so much, good night my prince charming!

19. The night waits patiently for the day knowing that it’s time will come, I’m waiting patiently knowing that I will get to be with you soon enough.
May God’s angels be with you as you sleep.

20. You deserve to have a very beautiful night and so shall it be. You are amazing as always and I hope you get a peaceful night rest.
Good night my darling, xoxo.

21. Nothing keeps me going on lonely nights like knowing that I have the best man in my corner; it makes everything all better.
Well, you have God so may He protect you through the night.

22. Life is better if you get the right rest at night.
I want you to sleep on time, say your prayers and also think of me.
Goodnight hun, xoxo.

23. The best part of life is that I have you with me(well just not right now)
Sleeping with that thought makes the night all better.
Good night my sweetheart, I will be dreaming of you. Xoxo

24. Literally reaching out to my heart and wishing you a beautiful night rest.
My heart is always held out for you.
Good night my prince.

25. I know you have had a long day so I need you to get enough sleep tonight.
I will be thinking about you and praying for you.
Good night my love.

26. Just reminding you to go to bed tonight thinking of me, I will be doing just that too.
May God’s love guide you through the night, my love.
I love you.

27. In your arms, that is where I belong; well maybe not tonight but soon enough.
I love you so much, get some rest!
Good night hun.

28. I know I say it all the time but you are such a dream man; my dream man.
So tell me you will be dreaming of me tonight.
Good night my love.

29. All work and no sleep makes * insert his name* a tired man.
Darling, I know you love working and all but please kindly get some sleep.
Good night my baby.

30. Thinking of you before I call it a night.
Think of how good the world can be because that’s exactly how you make me feel.
Have a beautiful night rest.

31. Darling, I’m sending kind thoughts and pure goodness your way tonight.
I hope you dream of only the things you want to see.
Sweet dreams hun.

32. I’m not there to kiss you goodnight but I’m sending you all my love and sweetness.
May your sleep be smooth and I hope you wake up all rested up!

33. The moon is full tonight, the same way my heart is full of love for you.
Yep, you turn me into a poet and I’m not complaining.
I love you so much, sweet dreams.

34. Asking the Almighty God to be with my baby tonight!
Have an incredibly peaceful rest and oh, I will be thinking of you as always.
Good night boo.

35. It’s a big day tomorrow so I will need you to rest up.
You should always remember that I am rooting for you non-stop.
Now close your eyes and sleep.

36. If I had it my way, I will be beside you every single night but life happens.
I loved talking to you as always, now please get to bed.
Talk to you tomorrow, good night.

37. Pray the angels to come to be with you tonight my love.
I will be falling asleep thinking about you right after I have prayed of course.
Love you boo, good night.

38. I was thinking of you for about a minute; scratch that, I thought of you the entire day asides from when I was sleeping.
Have a beautiful night my love.

39. I will sing you a lullaby if I was there with you; you know I will * insert laughing emoji*
Well, I’m still going to do that but not tonight.
So until then, good night my strong man.

40. I’m glad that you had a great day; you sounded excited.
So this is me hoping you have a beautiful night as well.
Sweet dreams dear, have a good night.

41. From dawn to dusk, I get to think about the love of my life.
To say that you make me so happy is putting it mildly.
So before you sleep, I’m sending you this goodnight message, hoping it warms your heart.

42. A million and one goodnight kisses to the man of my dreams who happens to be the man in my life.
I can’t say it enough, I love you so much.
Good night my sweetheart.

43. To my favourite man on earth, I hope you have a beautiful night rest.
And hey, I hope you dream about me because I will be dreaming of you.

44. Close your eyes and imagine me whispering sweet nothings into your ear, I will probably plant a kiss on your neck as well.
Good night my darling.

45. I have just one wish for tonight, that you get to have a peaceful and beautiful night sleep.
I trust that it will come to pass, good night love.

46. When you are not around, the nights are usually long and lonely.
I need you to know that I miss you so much that it actually hurts *insert sad emoji*
Good night.

47. Every night just like tonight, I get to remind myself what an amazing feeling it is to have to call you mine.
You are such a special guy, never forget that!
Good night my hunk.

48. I know it is going to be a good day tomorrow when I can’t stop smiling at the thought of you.
Now, it is time for you my darling to get some rest.
Have a beautiful night.

49. The stars are shining tonight and that’s a visual representation of how much you light up my world.
Because of you, my corner of this world is a lot better.
Sleep well, my love.

50. What better way to prepare for a good day than to have a beautiful night.
Sending you love and light as you sleep.
I love you.

51. From a heart that deeply loves you and immensely cares about you, I want to say to you, good night my darling.
You are loved * insert heart/kiss emoji*

52. Good night baby, I hope the stars shine the brightest around you.
I pray the angels of God to protect you through the dark and bring you to a glorious dawn.

53. The day may have come to an end but my love for you will be here forever; going from dawn to dusk over and again.
Sweetheart, you have my heart.

54. You were on my mind when I woke up and I’m about to sleep and I’m right back to how I started today; thinking of you!
I hope you have an incredibly beautiful night.

55. Thank you for letting me call you so many times today, it means a lot to me that you are always available when I need you.
You deserve a pleasant night sleep and I pray you get it.

56. As the stars twinkle away into the night, I want you to know that you are all I ever needed and much more.
I hope I get to sleep with you soon.

57. If I could, I would dream of you every night of my life.
I miss our late night cuddles, I hope to see you soon so we can continue from where we left off * insert wink emoji*
Anyway, I’m dreaming of you tonight!

58. As the evening slowly gave way to the night, the beautiful sunset made me think of how amazing life is with you.
I will say that I miss you but you already know that.

59. If a wish of mine would come true tonight, it would be to have wings and come be by your side.
It’s not going to happen though.
So until I get to kiss you good night again, have a wonderful night.

60. As the evening lights go off, I’m sending my best goodnight thoughts to you hoping you sleep soundly like a baby; my baby.
I love you.

61. I can see about a thousand stars in the sky and I have told each of them how much I love you.
Will you have a good night rest because I need you to.

62. This night already feels like a great night; one of those nights where you get to have sweet dreams strictly about me* insert wink emoji*
Sweet dreams my love.

63. I sincerely hope you sleep well with happy thoughts and wake up feeling energised and strong.
Sleep well, my love.

64. A thousand nights would come and I still wouldn’t get tired of wishing you a good night, the only difference is that I will be there to give you a good night kiss.

65. It’s a half-moon here, the other half is probably shinning through my heart reminding me of how much I love you.
Be safe through the night, I love you.

66. Good night my darling, it is going to be a long day tomorrow so get all the rest tonight can offer.
Make sure you say your night prayers.

67. Someone is sleeping without me tonight, hug your pillows tight then* insert wink emoji*
I miss you a little bit or maybe a little too much.

68. I wish I was there to hold your hand and talk to you till it’s midnight.
You are such a wonderful man and I thought to remind you of that before you sleep.

69. I miss bothering you so much that you end up not getting enough sleep, so for now, get all the sleep you can because I will be back soon.
Good night you sexy man.

70. Even though you are sleeping right next to me, I still wanted to send you a good night message because sometimes words are not enough.

71. Hey sweetheart, our date today was amazing and I totally felt so special.
Thank you for being the most amazing man ever and I sincerely hope you have a beautiful and safe night sleep.

72. Knowing that I have you gives me every reason to sleep with a heart full of love, I hope it is the same for you.
Do me and favour and sleep on time tonight.

73. Hey handsome, I hope I get to be on your dream list tonight because that will be awesome.
I will talk to you first thing tomorrow morning.
I love you so much.

74. I would tell you to get at least seven hours of sleep but I know that won’t happen.
I will be getting some extra hours of sleep on your behalf, you are welcome* insert laughing emoji*

75. Tomorrow is Monday so you need that intense recharge sleep tonight, I hope you get it.
Happy recharge sleeping then, sending you tons of hugs and kisses!

76. Tonight, I’m asking my guardian angel to come be by your side and keep you safe.
Anything for you because I love you that much.

77. It’s another bedtime and I wish I could come to tell you some stories even though you won’t listen *insert laughing emoji*, I will still tell it anyway!
Have the best of the night, my darling.

78. A beautiful night to the absolute love of my life(that’s you)
Spend some time and reflect on how good your day was and I know that tomorrow would even be better.

79. A gentle reminder tonight, letting you know that you have all of me now and always.
When you are ready to sleep, do have a beautiful night rest…

80. The good news is that it is a weekend, so I wish you a more relaxing and comfortable night.
Take care of yourself and I may see you somewhere in the dreamland.

81. It’s a cold night and you are not here, I’m going to take some hot tea, I also highly recommend it *insert laughing emoji*
Anyway, I’m sending you all the warmth there is.

82. One of my favourite things to do is falling asleep in your arms, I totally miss that feeling and I can’t wait to have it back.
Either way, you are still my favourite man.

83. I don’t like the evenings very much because it means that I get to sleep alone.
I have missed you so much and I cannot wait to have you back.

84. My bed is missing one important thing; you!
The bed feels a whole lot bigger and I just wish you were here.
All that manly yet gentle touch, ouch.

85. The only thing I want tonight is for God to keep you safe all through the night for me, and so shall it be!
Have a perfect night and I love you too.

86. I know you were so busy during the day so it is fine if you didn’t think of me.
Well, you can make it up to me by dreaming of me!

87. Just letting you know that I sent your address to my guardian angel so you will be having the best of company as you sleep safely.
Goodnight my love.

88. As you sleep from dusk to dawn, I hope you have a beautiful sleep.
I may or may not think about you before I go to bed.
Ps. I will definitely think about you!

89. Good night my special man, we may not be on the same bed but you are definitely in my heart.
I will hold on to that thought tonight, you should too.

90. You are the most amazing man in the entire world and I am still in awe that I have you all to myself.
My heart is definitely with you, goodnight.

91. I hope you make your way to the dreamland because I might just be waiting for you, don’t be late * insert wink emoji*
Sweet dreams!

92. I know that you would be here if you could; but hey, I’m only prepared to miss you just this one night.
I’ll probably fall asleep thinking of you.

93. I want you to keep calm for a moment and listen, I just whispered ‘I love you’ to the sky, you might just hear it.
Well if you don’t, I love you still.

94. A night away from you feels like a thousand nights.
It’s official, I miss you so much and I cannot wait to get back home soon.
Goodnight sweetheart.

95. I’m hoping you have something similar to an ocean breeze, to help you sleep better.
Have a beautiful and smooth night rest.

96. It’s a weekend so my to-do- list includes: staying up till midnight to reflect on how amazing it is to have the world’s best man as my husband.

97. Sleeping in your arms won’t stop me from sending you a good night message as well.
I love you so much and I want to tell you that every chance I get.

98. A good night usually starts from praying for you to falling asleep thinking of you to seeing you in my dreams.
Goodnight my love.

99. I don’t have it all but I have you; that means the world to me.
I don’t have you here with me but I have beautiful memories of you to think about.
You are my special man.

100. I missed you greatly during the day and I miss you even more tonight.
Nights like this, I just want to hold you and tell you how amazing a man you are.

Hi there, pretty sure you found lots of sweet good night message for your man, kindly tell us your favourites in the comment section and do share them with your social media connections.

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