40th Birthday Messages to Myself 1

40th Birthday Messages to Myself (2023)

Birthdays are very special events because they are a celebration of our birth. The 40th birthday is even more of a celebration because it is undeniably a milestone.

Don’t miss out of wishing yourself a big happy birthday on your 40th this 2023. After all, nobody can celebrate you better than yourself.

This collection of 40th birthday messages to myself will get you started on celebrating yourself on this special day.

Happy 40th Birthday Messages and Wishes for Yourself

Hurray! Happy 40th birthday to you, dear. It’s yet another reason to be grateful for love. So, some happy 40th birthday wishes and messages for yourself? Use these collection of amazing “40th birthday messages and quotes for Myself”.

1. Happy super-duper birthday to someone beautiful, gifted, unique and jovial! Yes, that’s right! It’s my birthday! Happy 40th to me.

2. Hearty cheers to me for keeping my head up through another year! This is to wish me many more wonderful and spectacular years ahead. Happy 40th to me.

3. It’s been an awesome 40-years ride! I’ve been through the worst and the best, the ups and downs, the rough and smooth and I’ve come out of it all the best, like refined gold. Happy birthday to me!

4. This time of the year reminds me how long I’ve come and how much more I still have ahead of me. It’s been exciting so far and it promises to be much more in the ensuing years. Happy 40th to me.

5. My heart is full to the brim with enormous appreciation and gratefulness to my maker for being the reason I still stand today. To all my family members and my loved ones, I couldn’t have done the past years without you. Cheers to more wonderful years ahead. Happy 40th to me.

6. There is no day better than this to remind myself of how wonderful I’ve been, how truly loved and cared for I am and to send gratitude to God for surrounding me with wonderful people. Happy 40th to me.

7. I may be 40 years old but I’m sure a sweet sixteen at heart, I still remain my crazy self and 40 years isn’t going to take that from me. Happy fabulous 40th to me.

8. Cheers to many more years of incredible adventures and unrivalled opportunities! Happy 40th to me.

9. There’s been no one who has done the job of a cheerleader, critique, prayer warrior, sense-talker better than I for myself. So, my birthday won’t go by without wishing myself a fabulous day and more exciting years ahead. Happy 40th to me!

10. My favourite day of the year is here again! I’m thrilled about loads of love, wishes, sonorous laughter and trailers of goodies that will colour my day! Happy 40th to me.

11. This day every year, I count my blessings and remind myself how favoured I am to be given another opportunity to make life better for others and to revel in the wonders of this world! It is truly a precious thing. Happy 40th to myself!

12. Birthdays are getaways for goodies; cakes, sweets, munchies, crunchies, wine, name it! And I’m definitely indulging myself on my birthday. Happy 40th to me.

13. As this day heralds a new year, I’m hopeful and expectant that it will be filled with new breakthroughs, exciting moments and adventures. Happy 40th to me.

14. Oh my! 40 reminds me that I’m not getting younger! But it also reminds me of all the beautiful moments I’ve had in past years and I feel cherished that I have beautiful people around me. Hearty cheers to my 40-ish self!

15. Life begins at 40! It’s time to it back, relax, take time out, be with loved ones and reflect on how beautiful my life has been and look forward to exciting ones. Happy birthday to my gorgeous self!

16. I’ll party harder than before, I’ll give thanks more than before, I’ll appreciate family and loved ones than before because it is the big 40! Happy birthday to me.

17. Dear me, I just want you to know that you are a strong, courageous, bold, vivacious and inspiring person. You’ve been through tough times and you’ve not just lasted but you’ve made something sweet out of it all! I just want you to know how proud of you I am and I want to say a big happy 40th birthday to you! With love, Me.

18. The only time I can get away with putting my legs up, gulping down glass after glass of wine and allowing someone else to do the cooking is my birthday and that’s exactly what I’m going to do and even more. Happy 40th to me!

19. You are intelligent! You’re beautiful! You are a great lover! You are the best mother! You are another year older and wiser! You are me! Happy 40th to my beautiful self!

20. Just like fine wine, I’ve aged graciously over the years, refreshing people around me and bringing them joy and laughter. I am thrilled to be certified 40 and dashing, ready to take on a new year! Happy birthday to me.

21. 40 is the new 14 in town. I’m gonna party until I drop down! Happy 40th to my vivacious self!

22. I’m 40 and dazzling! It’s been an amazing life filled with sweet moments. I’m thankful to God and to my beautiful family for making this world bearable and sweet. Happy cheery birthday to me!

23. Happy 40th birthday to the most caring, intelligent, loving, audacious and fun person alive! You guessed right, that’s me!

24. The good thing about birthdays is that I get to hear people tell me sincerely what I’ve been to them through the previous year and it’s a good feeling to know that I love hard and loved right back. Happy 40th to my beautiful self!

25. Dear me, you’ve been the best friend this previous year, I hope you get less crazy in your new year. Scratch that, get crazier, live more and love more! Happy 40th to my beautiful self!

26. This new year of mine, I wish myself answers to prayers, dreams come true and more friends to love and cherish. Happy 40th to me.

27. Birthdays are the best day to be pampered and treated like a queen and I plan on making this one count than ever! Happy 40th to my beautiful self!

28. My mother deserves an award for bringing such a beautiful, easy-going, sweet lady into this world! Happy 40th to my lovely self!

29. I was born awesome and caring and I don’t intend to stop being one! Happy 40th to my stunning self!

30. It’s been a great journey of 40 years discovering myself and others around me. We still have forever to go. Happy birthday to my stunning personality.

31. 40 years down, forever to go! Buckle up guys cos it’s gonna get jollier than before! Happy birthday to an astonishing person, me!

32. I wish myself the best version of me yet! Happy 40th to my captivating self!

33. In my 40 years of sojourn on earth, I have discovered that legends are not born, they are rare and made and I consider myself one! Happy birthday to a legend of its kind.

34. I can’t stop loving the woman I am and becoming, every year gives me the opportunity to discover new ways to love myself. Happy 40th to my gorgeous self!

35. May this day herald a new year filled with immeasurable happiness, never-ending joy, constant peace and serenity for me. Happy 40th to my beautiful self!

36. I’m grateful for the protection and provision I’ve received for the past 365 days and I pray God continually shower me, even more, in this new year of mine. Wishing myself a fabulous 40th birthday!

37. You’ve been nothing short of awesome this past year and I know you won’t stop! Happy birthday to Mr. Awesome. Happy 40th to me!

38. It’s been 40 great years and counting! Happy birthday to the best friend I’ve had, thank you for sticking around and for standing tall and strong. Happy birthday to the super me.

39. Happy birthday to a gem, a precious one, pure in and out, loving, sincere and caring. Happy birthday to my 40-ish self!

40. I can’t imagine how grey this world would have been without me in it! It’s been 40 super-duper years of painting the world all shades of awesomeness. Happy cheery birthday to me!

41. Happy birthday to this amazing person who is not just smart, good-looking but also jovial and funny. That’s right! Happy 40th to my beautiful self!

42. It’s not been an easy journey but the fact that I’m standing here is a testimony itself of which I’m grateful for. Happy 40th to me!

43. A big shout out to my mom and dad for deciding to keep me! Happy 40th to me!

44. Time to start the party! What could be what celebrating than 40 amazing years? Happy birthday to me!

45. To the most sincere person in my life, happy birthday to me.

46. I celebrate God’s faithfulness and love for me. Happy 40th to me!

47. Cheers to many more years of adventures ahead! Happy 40th to me!

48. I couldn’t have wished for a better social support, all loved ones in my life have been awesome as I know that I’ve been too. Cheers to more years ahead.

49. It’s simple. Happy 40th birthday to my stunning self!

50. For all the good things I’ve enjoyed so far, I say thank you! Happy 40th to me!

You deserve to be celebrated and your 40th birthday definitely deserves to be celebrated. It is a big deal that you have crossed this huge milestone. And now, you don’t even have to worry about the right words. These 40th birthday messages to myself will serve.

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