Birthday Wishes from Long Distance Quotes

2023 Birthday Wishes from Long Distance Quotes

In life, it just happens that people we love so dearly can not but go away for some time. When it happens this way, we shouldn’t be weak and depressed. We should be strong and alive because it’s time to express how much we really love them; a time to strengthen whatever we share. In a nutshell, it’s a beautiful time we ought to enjoy.

It even becomes more beautiful when we celebrate them on their special occasions like birthdays despite the distance. How awesome it is for that loved one of yours to receive warm messages from you on her birthday as though you were there.

You don’t need to be in a library to send birthday wishes to your loved one. I got you covered you know. I wrote some series of sweet messages you could interchangeably send at any time. They are best sent on special days like a birthday.


I had you in mind while I drafted them. So you might want to carefully flip through to select the best soothing the moment.


Long Distance Relationship Wishes for Birthdays

Your significant other is far away from you? These birthday wishes from Long distance quotes and wishes will be your best choice to make his or her day special. Send to your boyfriend or girlfriend in a long distance relationship.

1. The feelings we share seem to grow stronger each passing distance. I feel I can’t hold any longer. I miss my Princess. Happy birthday, dear.

2. I know I’ve got an Angel in a woman. She is beautiful, bright and smart. The one and the only boss lady I can boast of. Happy birthday my Queen.

3. I miss the warmth of your lips and gentle caresses and of your arms. I long for each touch. I yearn for every bond. Happy birthday handsome.

4. Happy birthday my dear. You are a shining star and I love you with all my heart. Thank you for never giving upon us. We can pull through this distance together babe. Happy birthday again.

5. Do you really think this gap can affect the emotions we share? No, my love. Remain beautiful and shine on. Happy birthday my dear.

6. Happy birthday to this beautiful Angel of Grace. The world awaits to see what you’ve got dear. Don’t stop! Don’t hide! You are amazing.

7. Distance can’t separate us, it can only keep us apart for a while. The end result is the bond that becomes stronger with a sense of urgency. Happy birthday my Pride.

8. You are the strongest of every woman I have ever encountered. Your will is strong. Your passion is robust. Your ambition is super. Happy birthday, Love.

9. It only takes a few days to get used to someone. I’m used to you my dear, and your absence is killing. Don’t be too long so I don’t explode. Happy birthday, dear.

10. Happy birthday to the love of my life. Happy birthday to the man of my dreams. Happy birthday to the adviser and sole disturber. I love your disturbance coz they keep me going here.

11. Happy birthday to the man that invariably has my back. You are just amazing my love. And I can’t forget your birthday easily.

12. Have I told you that your smiles were the first asset to captivate me? Even now when the distance seems a barrier, I still see those beautiful smile and I cheer. Happy birthday, dear.

13. I knew your spirit would come alive again if I told you I was coming over. Happy birthday dear love.

14. Every time I look at your picture, I want to quickly cross over. You make me want to sing to the world how perfect you are. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

15. I’ll keep flowers at your doorstep every day if I were to be close now. But even with the distance, I’ll remain faithful to keeping some surprises for you. Happy birthday, love.

16. Happy birthday to my strongest charm. Your spells have truly worked. Now I’m stuck with you forever. Happy birthday my own.

17. This place is just an empty space without you Love. It is like a major part of my life left the day you travelled. I miss you every day. Happy birthday, dear.

18. I miss your beautiful face, the sound of your laughter when you play, and the little frowns I get for every time I spanked you. Happy birthday my gentle Dove.

19. I remember how the last year had been. I remember how we had celebrated your birthday on the moon. Today I celebrate it without you and I feel empty. Happy birthday, dearie.

20. Every love runs through a trial of times and seasons. Once proven, the relationship is as good as great. Happy birthday dear and let’s pull through together.

21. Hugs and kisses are what I can only blow from the phone. A gentle massage and a good sleep are what you will get when you come around. Meanwhile a happy birthday to you my Love.

22. Birthdays are usually fun-filled seasons of love and bonding. Let’s endure this for a while dear. You will get your treat later. Happy birthday, Princess.

23. This distance will soon be a story to tell and laugh about. We will talk endlessly about our yearnings and the petty sacrifices we had to pay. Happy birthday, dear.

24. Do not listen to the lies that come in every day. Listen to your heart. Listen to the gentle voice. Listen to me saying the storm will be over. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

25. If I say I don’t miss you every minute I’m a liar. My world is perfect for you. My reality is in you. Happy birthday, dear.

26. I miss my other half. I miss my second half. I miss you every day and I wish this distance could easily pass. Happy birthday, dearie.

27. Within these few weeks, I already realize how much you meant to me. I just can’t have fun without you so I lie in my space. Get done with that work and be back already. Happy birthday.

28. Tell me if I’m wrong when I say you can do this. I know you too well to know what can tear you apart, break you or weaken you. I love you still. Happy belated birthday.

29. I miss every moment we shared together. Every experience was a hit. Happy birthday my dear.

Don’t you think you could enhance your long-distance relationship with these birthday missing wishes?

30. Happy birthday, dear, we celebrate your new age. My sweetheart is becoming older by the day. I love you.

31. Smile dear. I need you to smile in the rain. I need you to smile in the sun. When the weather is harsh and marshy, smile because I will always be there to cheer you up even though we are apart. Happy birthday dearly.

32. The joy of a relationship is dependent on the approach and commitment of each partner. You can always lean on one another for the right things to do even when apart dear.

33. When life hits you hard; when the journey seems difficult. Just remember that someone from a distance cares about you. Happy birthday, dear.

34. Sometimes a distant relationship can be the best you ever want to experience. You’re at liberty to do what you please and still have your true love at heart. Happy birthday, dear.

35. There can be no better relationship as a relationship from a distance. Dear love, you have nothing to worry about. I’ve got your back even in your dreams. Happy birthday, dear.

36. I know the journey can be messy most times. These are the times when you need your loved ones closest. I will always be there for you baby. Happy birthday.

37. The day gets darker with each passing minute. But I know you can pull through because you are a stronger person than I am. I wish I was there to ease the pain too. Happy birthday, love.

38. Happy birthday my true love. Yes! This distance only made me realize your worth and faithfulness. I love you, dear. Happy birthday.

39. It is not about how we started but how we end dear. Let’s have a happy ending even with the distance. I love no matter where you are. Happy birthday, love.

40. I counted it in days. I watched the clock as it ticked; ding dong all round. I wanted to be the first to wake you; to be the one to say I love you. Happy birthday, dear.

41. I have loved everything about you right from the moment we started dating. You are my special angel. I want to look at your face every morning even though we may be apart. Happy birthday, dear.

42. Dear Love, my heart is true whether you’re near or far. I want you to trust me to the fullest. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

43. A relationship is a patient walk. It crashes like a vehicle on the highest acceleration. We need to take things slowly babe. Distance can’t be a barrier. I love you happy birthday to you.

44. When the world’s turning their back on me; when I have nowhere else to run. When I feel the ground sinking beneath me. I can only turn to one true person and that is you. Happy birthday, dearie.

45. You are the special woman God sent to redeem me. Distance can’t stand in the way of my love and care about you. Happy birthday dear as you keep soaring stronger.

46. When things get tougher as this, tell it you are more than capable. Look into the mirror every morning and see how smart and brainy my queen is. Happy birthday, Sweetheart and don’t stop.

47. My love for you will never wane and you know it. When you think you need someone to talk to, to laugh with, I will always be there. Happy birthday my cherry.

48. God brings people in our lives at certain points in time to support us. You were sent from heaven I knew it right the day you walked into my life. Happy birthday, love.

49. I want you to know that I think of you every minute and second of the day. You have been my inspiration since the first day and nothing can stop it. Happy birthday, dear.

50. I know of a handsome bodyguard I crush on every day. I feel his presence even in the distance. You are my worth my pride. Happy birthday to you as we celebrate this day.

Send these best long distant quotes and wishes for a long-distance relationship to boom. You will thank me later no doubt.

51. May this new age bring you more contracts closer to where I can see and perceive you everywhere. I miss you like yesterday. Happy birthday, Sunshine.

52. Let the sunrise to smile. Let the dews drop. Let the rays of light shine into my room like never before. The brightness can only remind me of one man’s birthday. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

53. When the world stops to disgrace you. Look at it in the face and say you are the disgrace yourself. You are worth more than gold and this you should know. Happy birthday, Love.

54. Today is the day I can never fail to celebrate that one person in my life no matter the distance. Happy birthday dear as we celebrate your new grounds. I miss you too sometimes I feel I can’t take it anymore.

55. I wished that I had wings to fly just to see your face again. It can only make me alive again. Your absence left a hole in my heart and I need it to be filled so come back already darl. Happy new age.

56. You have been able to manage the distance between us such that I do not feel it at all. You are amazing and I love you from the bottom of my heart. Happy birthday, dear.

57. Happy birthday to the love of life. How is the work environment today? You chose me despite the distance and that is all that matters. Happy birthday, love.

58. There is more to happiness than we can find far or near. As long as the heart is involved, I can stand the distance and wait till you return. A good cause should be embraced sacrificially.

59. I know how we tend to cherish ourselves the more when we are closer. But if we are committed dear, I promise you distance will never stand in the way of our bonding. Happy birthday beautiful.

60. I wake up every morning thinking of someone. I wake up this morning thinking of that same person. He is special. And I know he seriously thinks of me too. Happy birthday my all.

61. I draw so much inspiration from looking at your picture every day on my phone. Whether you’re here or not, nothing can change my feelings dear. Happy birthday to my own.

62. Happy birthday my number one king and Pride. I see your exploit every day and I smile to myself. I love you. Keep doing what you know how to do best.

63. You are the only picture I want to see every morning in my head. Your work, our conversations, and the fact that you are proud of me is enough motivation. Today I will only eat and serve yours thinking of you. Happy birthday, love.

64. I walked in my dreams, smiled at work, ate in silence and brooded over this day. Today it finally shows up and I hope I become the first person to say these words and light your day. happy birthday my love.

65. How can I forget a day when heaven ordained that an icon like you be born? Let life take you to the end of the world, you will forever be close to my heart and that’s all that matters. Happy birthday my angel.

66. Let me be the first to say you are special. Let me be the first to say I love you. Let me be the first to say happy birthday! Shine on my love. Keep the fire alive. Let this love light your day.

67. You are the one that makes the sunshine so brightly. When it shines I know my love is happy and healthy. I can never stop loving you no matter the distance sweetheart. Happy birthday to you.

68. I woke up this morning dreaming. I extended my hands to the side table, it read 3.00 am and I almost slapped myself for not waking earlier. I should have been the first to say I love you. I should have been the first to say happy birthday. happy birthday my dear.

69. You mean my world and distance can’t separate this special thing we have. I love you and as long as you stay committed, I promise nothing can stop us. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

70. Roses are beautiful I know, gardens are more beautiful of a certain. But you are the most beautiful thing I will ever know even in my fantasies. Happy birthday, love.

71. May you glitter like the morning rise, beautiful in the sky. May the waters bring you joy. And let the morning overflow with love and life. Happy birthday as you shine my dear.

72. Today becomes the brightest day because of you. Find favour at work. Find favour at home. Find favour amongst friends and family. Find favour with me, my dear. Happy birthday.

73. I can command the day to cease and celebrate you. But I won’t because the day is yours to command. I love you my love and I want to be the first to say happy birthday.

74. You see love; I told you distance will never separate us. Your love burns afresh in me. Today eat, drink, and merry with me as I will consume your thoughts. Happy birthday, dearest.

75. Today, I will be the one to wish you a happy birthday just so you know I think of you every day. Happy birthday sweetheart and may this love surmount the distance between us.

76. Let the world stand tall to celebrate no one else but you. The candles are on, frankincense and sweet oil will I burn in your absence. Happy birthday dear as I light your day.

77. As I dropped the call I could think of no one else but you. I know today is special and I wish I was there to dress your bed, my lady. Happy birthday and enjoy coz I will be in your heart.

78. Happy birthday to the one that makes me smile every morning. Happy birthday to the remover of my mood swings. Happy birthday to my light. Happy birthday to my motivation. I love you, dear.

79. Tell Angel I want him near you every minute and hour. Tell the universe I won’t stop until it gives you your due portion. Happy birthday to the Barbie Star Light.

80. God brings people to your life at each point for a reason. Every day I remember the day we had met and how we had connected I become speechless. Thank you, babe, for loving me this way. You are my hero. Happy birthday my pride.

81. The gravity of life tilts to you today. Let the law of attraction attract only good tiding and love to your doorstep. I love you even in my dreams. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

82. Happy birthday to you sweetheart. Happy birthday to the day I met you. Happy birthday to our love and that special emotion we share. I can’t love you less. Enjoy today.

83. How do you love the gift you received today. The best of them all right? I love you sweetheart and distance can do nothing to us but love.

84. Happy new age to you my love. May this year bring you fortune and favour at your place of work. Just know I will not stop loving you, my dear.

85. Happy birthday, princess. Happy birthday to you my dear. I pray for God’s protection as you enjoy work. Meanwhile, I miss you, dear. Happy birthday.

86. These weeks have been empty without you. No one can replace your vacuum, my love. So come back quickly I hate distance. Happy birthday, dear.

87. Happy birthday to the Queen of my heart. Happy birthday to the love of my life. happy birthday to you dear. I miss you so much.

88. I miss the Love we cherished when you were around. I want it again baby so you might need to come down. I know you miss me too. Happy birthday, dear.

89. Why don’t you take a day off and come let’s celebrate your new age in grand style? I love you and I miss you. Happy birthday Shuga.

90. I know this distance is only for a while. It can’t last forever. So I will wait till you get back. Happy birthday, love.

91. I close my eyes every time to sleep and you come into the picture. I know this love is real and I miss you badly. Come back already dear the long-distance is due. Happy birthday.

92. There are a thousand ways to say I love you and I miss you but I lack them. Baby, I need you back. This long-distance is taking too much. Happy birthday, Sweet.

93. I used to say I will never do a long-distance relationship but here I am now in the same both. We truly can’t control circumstances to the fullest. Life happens.

94. Who said doing a long-distance relationship is an impossible mission. We did it, my love. We conquered and sustained our love. Happy birthday!

95. Happy birthday my princess. Happy birthday to you. So when are you coming back? I’ve tried enough don’t you think.

96. Baby, I’m getting tired of going to the movies alone, eating alone, talking alone and missing the other half of me. I love you, dear. Happy birthday and come visiting soon.

97. I want to be able to celebrate this birthday with your presence. You’re sure coming around this time Love. I miss you and all the fun. Happy birthday.

98. Happy birthday to you beautiful. Except that I’m dying slowly for want of seeing you. Happy birthday, Love. And smile hard today.

99. I guess this will be another sacrifice I have to pay; to endure your absence for a while. I will try, my love but the long-distance doesn’t sit too well with me.

100. On this special day, I wish to be the one to pour you lots of water, and then be there to keep you dry. Happy birthday dear and don’t prolong this distance. I love you.

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