1 Month Anniversary Messages for Boyfriend 1

2023 Happy 1 Month Anniversary Messages for Boyfriend

Hi there! First of all, happy 1 month anniversary to you and your boyfriend. One month has gone, many more to go, hopefully.

One month seems a very short time for most people. I mean, it just seems reasonable enough that one celebrates a one year anniversary, but one month? Seems extra! For some, you both are in love and excited. To some others, why not wait till you’re six months down before you throw so much drama around! One month doesn’t just seem enough to count as an achievement.

But here’s the thing about achievements. They need not be seemingly big, they don’t have to be as ‘serious’ as going to space and coming back. They could be simple. Like seeing a loved one walk again after many months in the hospital, like trying to make a relationship work, even with the clash of personalities that is inevitable, and still being happy while at it.

This is why we have put together these happy, chic, hot and emotional 1 month anniversary messages you can send to your boyfriend. We hope that you enjoy this beautiful achievement, regardless of how ‘short’ it may seem.

Happy 1st Month of Togetherness Messages for Him – Boyfriend

These are the best of messages and wishes to celebrate your 1st month of togetherness as lovers. Send any of the messages, wishes and quotes to him or her.

1. I can’t believe it’s been one month of dating you. I’m truly lucky and blessed! Happy one month anniversary, boyfriend.

2. It’s been exactly one month since I agreed to be your girlfriend, and I haven’t had cause to regret that. Happy anniversary, baby.

3. I’ve been so excited about our one-month countdown! I know it sounds funny, but it’s what happens when you’re so much in love with your boyfriend. Happy anniversary.

4. I can’t wait for our date tonight. I can dance and sing for eternity at this point! Happy one month anniversary to us.

5. Exactly one month ago, you promised to cherish me always. And you’ve done just that. Here’s to many more months just loving and cherishing each other. Love you!

6. I love this journey that we’re on. I love everything about it! Happy one month anniversary, boyfriend.

7. You’ve been my rock, and I can’t imagine myself with another man that isn’t you! Happy anniversary, love.

8. I know how much you need me in your life, I know. I’m that good like that. But you’ve also been very amazing, and it turns out I need you in my life too. Happy anniversary, babe. I totally love you.

9. You still make my heart leap, even with our spending every passing day together. Happy anniversary!

10. I feel like screaming at this point. It still feels surreal that you’re my man! Happy one month anniversary to us.

11. It’s been one month of dating each other, and there’s no doubt of your love for me. Happy anniversary, love.

12. For every day since we came together, I’m super thankful. It’s one month, boyfriend! I couldn’t love you less.

13. In one month, I’ve had so much fun than usual. Thank you for the colour that is you. Happy anniversary, love.

14. You beat me to it this time by a few seconds. It feels good to know you’re really in this as much as I am. Happy anniversary, boo.

15. You’re my man, I don’t doubt this at all. Happy one month anniversary.

16. I trust you with my heart and body. Thank you for keeping me safe. Happy one month anniversary.

17. I have just one desire, to keep loving you and honouring you as you deserve. I love you, boyfriend.

18. In the coming months, I know I wouldn’t love you any less than I already do. My heart is bursting already. Happy anniversary, babe.

19. You’re magic, and you’ve turned everything about me into magic. I love you so much. Happy one month together!

20. There’s no string you don’t pull to make sure I’m happy. No string at all! Happy one month, love. I couldn’t love you less.

21. You’re a model man, and I’m so glad that I’m the girl that’s dating you. Happy anniversary, love.

22. The ways you strive to see me happy and content bring smiles to my face, and tears to my eyes. Thank you for everything, babe. Happy anniversary.

23. It doesn’t matter what the coming months bring us, my heart will always be content with you. Happy one month, boyfriend.

24. This is the real deal, what I feel for you. We’re one month, baby. I love you!

25. Thank you for always putting us first. May the coming month be a wonderful one for both of us. Happy anniversary.

26. Every day with you has been very special. I’m glad we’re doing one month already. Happy anniversary.

27. Our meeting was divine, and I’ll always be grateful to God for it. Happy one month, boyfriend.

28. Baby boo, see how amazing the past month has been? My prayer is that the coming months be even more amazing. Happy one month anniversary.

29. It’s funny how I’m no longer scared at what life would throw at me; this past month has shown me that you aren’t relenting on me, regardless. Happy anniversary, babe.

30. It’s safe to say at this point that I’m drunk in love with you. Happy anniversary, baby.

31. For everything you’ve done and keep doing for us, I’m thankful. You’re the best boyfriend ever. Happy anniversary.

32. Have I told you that I cried at the presents you sent me? You’re officially the model boyfriend. Happy one month anniversary, boyfriend.

33. I’m glad it’s you I gave my heart and body too; I don’t regret it at all. Happy one month anniversary. I love you so much.

34. Thank you for keeping every promise you ever made to me. I know we’ll slay the coming months together. Happy anniversary.

35. It’s no surprise that my heart is bursting with so much love for you; you’re everything I dreamt of and more. Happy anniversary, sweety.

36. You’re my dream boyfriend. Thank you for the last month, shall we do the next already?! Love you!

37. It feels good to know that I can always count on you. Happy one month to us.

38. Thank you for never letting my hands go this past month. With everything in me, I’m sure you’ll hold on to me in the coming months. Happy anniversary.

39. I truly came alive when we got together; thank you for everything you do for me. Happy anniversary, my amazing boyfriend.

40. My heart has your name on it forever. I love you, babe. Happy anniversary.

41. I know it’s only been a month, but I’m convinced that you’re the love of my life. Happy anniversary to us!

42. You’re answered payers, do you know this? I love you so much. Happy one month!

43. Taking your hand has been the greatest and most wonderful decision I’ve ever made. Thank you for everything.

44. I got my flowers and chocolate, and I look forward to tonight. Happy anniversary, babe. I love you.

45. May the coming months, even with its challenges, find us stronger and better. I love you, boo.

46. You’re definitely the kind of guy I can take home to my parents. Happy one month anniversary, boyfriend.

47. You’re everything I hoped for and more. You’re answered prayers and extra blessings. Happy one month anniversary, love.

48. Your love for me is true and pure. Thank you for this past month, I know the coming months will be well. Happy anniversary.

49. Am I not a lucky girlfriend! Happy one month anniversary, boyfriend.

50. Thank you for loving me relentlessly and ferociously. I love you like crazy! Happy anniversary.

51. It’s been only a month, but I can’t imagine my life without you again. Happy one month anniversary, babe.

52. Who can argue that I’m not the luckiest girlfriend ever? No one! Happy one month to us, love.

53. All I know is that we’ll record more months together. I love you, boo. Happy anniversary.

54. Loving you has been everything I prayed for and more. May the coming months be good for us. Love you!

55. It’s not possible that I’ll forget the day you came into my life, cos it’s been bliss since then. Happy anniversary, sweetest boyfriend.

56. You’re the most caring and loving boyfriend in the entire world. Thanks for everything you’ve been to me. Happy anniversary.

57. You’ve been a rock this past month, alongside with being the nicest boyfriend ever. I love you.

58. I never thought I’d say this of anyone, but asides being the best boyfriend I ever had, you’re the most amazing human I’ve ever met. Happy one month, boo.

59. It’s been magic since you came into my life, and it’ll continue to be so. Happy anniversary.

60. I wish I could shout out my love for you to the entire world; you drive me that crazy. Happy anniversary, babe.

61. I know it’s been one month, but I still can’t fathom my life without you. Happy one month anniversary, love.

62. Babe, you’ve stolen my heart; and I know I never want you to relinquish it. Happy anniversary. I love you, babe.

63. I know it’s been a short one month with you, but you’ve seeped into my very being. How I love you! Happy one month, love.

64. I see you and there are butterflies fluttering everywhere. Thank you for being my magic. Happy anniversary to us.

65. Even when you’re not with me, my world is just all right. Thank you for this and many more. Happy one month, love.

66. The world, and not just my world, is all right with you in it. I love you so much, boyfriend. Happy anniversary.

67. Thank you for all you’ve done and keep doing for me. I can’t conceive of a life without you. Happy anniversary, my darling.

68. Thank you for all you’ve been to me. I know I want many more months with you by my side. Happy anniversary, boyfriend. I love you.

69. I never want to be cured of the loving you give me. I never. Happy anniversary, sweetheart.

70. You leave me breathless and happy and satisfied. Happy one month, boyfriend of mine.

71. I must have done good deeds to attract a wonderful guy like you. Thank you for the past one month.

72. We’ve completed a moth together, may the coming months be better than this. Happy one month anniversary.

73. Baby boo, it’s one month! We’ll get stronger and better in the coming months, amen. Love you, babe.

74. You don’t need any soothsayer to tell you that you’re the reason behind my smiles. You’ve made the past one month a dream come through for me. Happy anniversary, love.

75. Your arms are the haven I want to be in for a very long time. Happy one month anniversary, boo. I love you.

76. You’ve made me feel so safe and cherished for the past one month. I pray that our love wax stronger and stronger in the coming months. I love you, honey.

77. The past month has been full of happiness and daydreaming for me. I still don’t know how I got lucky with you. But I’m thankful for the gift for you always. I love you.

78. Nothing tastes better than your lips, nothing makes me feel better than seeing you smile, and nothing feels better than being in your arms. Happy one month anniversary, love.

79. You are the reason behind the sparkle and glow people can’t stop complimenting me about. Here’s to many months of love and laughter. Love you, boo.

80. It’s been a short one month, but I’m addicted already. You’re the first person I want to talk to about anything, that’s how much I’m into you. Happy anniversary, love.

81. Happy one month anniversary, handsome. Its many months still being your girl. I love you.

82. I’m beyond blessed. There’s no doubt of this. Happy anniversary, my boyfriend.

83. It’s been one month but I know this, I’m never letting go of your hands ever. Much more, I’ll be there whenever you need someone. I love you.

84. I know it’s been one month since we agreed to do this, but why does it feel longer? And why does it feel like I can’t love you more than I already do? My heart is bursting with love for you! Happy one month, babe.

85. With each passing day, I’m thankful you came into my life. You’re the best boyfriend ever! Happy one month anniversary to us.

86. Now more than ever, I’m ready to put in all the effort required to make this work. I love you, I love our one month together, and I’m looking forward to the coming months.

87. We’ve managed not to kill ourselves, even with our obvious differences. Here’s to many months of loving and working together to make this work. I love you so much.

88. I want you to know that you’re my guy forever! One month down, forever to go!

89. I promise to love you as fiercely as I’ve loved you this past month. I promise to rock your world even more than I’ve done this past month. Happy anniversary, babe.

90. If there’s anything I’m going to do better in the coming months, it is protecting what we have, what we share, with everything I’ve got. I love you, babe.

91. With you in my life, my world is complete. Happy one month anniversary, love.

92. If there’s anything I’ve come to realize in the past month, it is that no relationship can thrive without sacrifices. In the coming months, I’m more than ready to make more sacrifices for us. I love you so much.

93. You’re the only man reigning in my heart. Happy one month anniversary, love.

94. In this one month, we have come to realize that we are different, but it’s a good thing. We make each other’s life colourful that way. May the coming months be beautiful for us, love.

95. Most people would say that we’re this excited because we’re new in. But we know better. Happy one month anniversary, love.

96. I’ll make you the happiest man on earth, just as you’ve made me the happiest woman on earth. Happy one month, baby.

97. You make me glow, you’ve made me grow. You’re my man always. Happy anniversary.

98. It may just be our one month anniversary today, but it’s more than that for me. It’s a reminder of how much we’ve grown, individually and as a team. May the coming months see us grow better. I love you.

99. Loving you is the best feeling I’ve ever had. The best ever! Happy one month, babe.

100. In my entire life, I don’t think I’ve loved any man as much as I do you. Happy one month, babe.

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