Wedding Anniversary Prayers for My Husband

Wedding Anniversary Prayers for My Husband (2023)

Wedding anniversary, like any other anniversary, deserves not just the cakes and lovely gifts as a means of celebration, but powerful prayers to beautify the coming years.

When it is that time of the year again, as much as it is romantic to tell your hubby just how in love you still are with him, it is even more worthy that he knows you care enough about your union to send him anniversary prayers and wishes.

With these wedding anniversary prayers for my husband adorned with romantic wishes and messages for 2023 and far beyond, you can comfortably make a lasting impression of what love is truly about in the sight of your dear husband.

It sure won’t take long before he, once again, realises that you’re the one for him. So, feed on these. You can’t get them elsewhere.

Happy Wedding Anniversary Prayer Quotes for Your Husband

It’s your wedding or marriage anniversary? These happy wedding anniversary prayers and wishes plus quotes were written with you in mind. Pick your best, copy and send to your lovely husband. They can be userd for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th wedding anniversary and more.

1. May light take over the darkness in our marriage, and peace invades our storms. Happy wedding anniversary to my ever-loving husband. It’s been 5 beautiful years and counting.

2. My soul loves the whole of you. I found you and perfect rest came upon me like the sunlight set at the West. Happy wedding anniversary, handsome. I wish you undying strength to carry on with your love vows to the very end of time.

3. Saying ‘I do’ to you was the greatest confession I ever made. May we never backpedal on our promises. May the love tie between us never be loosed. Happy 3rd wedding anniversary.

4. Living with you translates to living in limbo. May the joy we find in each other’s bosom never run dry like a shallow river. Together, we shall celebrate many anniversaries. It’s been 4 years and still counting with you.

5. Glad you never let me down. Gleeful you never let me drown. I pray you never find it worthy to give up on this marriage. Happy 6th wedding anniversary.

6. 3 years ago, you opted to become a family man. That you have been and more. Thanks for keeping your family at the forefront of your priorities. Happy 3rd wedding anniversary, hubby.

7. The kids love and adore you. What more, I am super proud of the man you have become. Happy wedding anniversary, sweetness. 5 years with you seem more like 5 seconds. I pray you keep loving me in the same manner you did from nascence.

8. I promise to hold your hands and not make you cry even when the time is hard. To a loving husband and father; with my whole heart, I wish you another blissful year in love with me. Happy 2nd wedding anniversary to you, my sweetest man.

9. There’s none to take your place, for you’re special and rare. Like the morning, your love is bright and fair, likewise refreshing and young. Happy 4th wedding anniversary, baby.

10. You’re the father of my only child and the ones to come. Today brings me to gleeful tears, for it reminds me of the miracles in my life. Happy 2nd wedding anniversary, baby. I love you is just the scratch of my feelings for you.

11. You’re the man I pray for when the night takes over the day and the morning comes when the moon goes away. Happy 8th wedding anniversary. I pray, this marks the beginning of a new dawn for us in our marriage.

12. May the gloom in your heart and mind be overshadowed by the shimmering glow in the sky. I pray this because today marks our long-awaited 3rd anniversary. I love you, baby.

13. You built me a heaven on earth and your love for me vanquished the hell I was used to. To my loving husband, may your days be long so you may witness old age and behold the wrinkles on my precious fragile skin. Happy 9th wedding anniversary.

14. As long as the sun rises in the East and sets in the West, I promise never to quit loving you but be committed to giving you a love that is undying and unwavering. Happy 10th wedding anniversary, boo.

15. Your love has taken me far from pain and landed me in a land of tranquillity. I’m glad you came when I needed you the most. Happy wedding anniversary, hubby. Our 5th year in marriage will be the best we ever had.

16. I have found something more precious than any gem. It is you, my only love. Happy wedding anniversary, sweety. May the dream you have for us become a reality this year.

17. Never will I quit loving you. It doesn’t matter how bad things may get, I promise to be there and when it’s good, I’ll take pleasure in it along with you. Happy 10th wedding anniversary.

18. I love you for who you are and not for what you dream to become. Happy 8th wedding anniversary. It’s you and me against the world at all time, I can promise you that, my love.

19. Your smile is my healing power. Being with you has kept me healthy and sane for the years we’ve been entwined as man and wife. I love you each passing year. Happy wedding anniversary, baby.

20. I wish I’d found you earlier, but I’m assured that now is the perfect time of our union. Happy 3rd wedding anniversary, oh my baby.

21. For every moment that I blink my eyes, I’ll never stop loving you for sure. Happy wedding anniversary, hubby. May the good Lord bless you like you exist alone on earth.

22. I find you as enchanting as the first day we found love. Nothing beats the love we share and so will it be till the end. Happy wedding anniversary, my love. 5 years and counting. May you never lack any good thing.

23. That we could come this far only means we would go on till the end of forever. Happy 10th wedding anniversary, my man. It’s been you from the beginning. Happiness shall never elude you.

24. If I ever find a man more than you are, I’m positive I’ll never let you go still. Take my word for it and live the rest of your life in bliss knowing that I’ll be yours forever. Happy 6th wedding anniversary, honey. May the stars and the moon be in your favour and the earth pours out her blessings to you.

25. I promise to give you a rosy smile every morning to make your day super lovely. Happy 5th wedding anniversary, baby. As the year goes by, you’ll always be my high school love.

26. May the years we’ll spend with each other be the best we’ll ever have. It pleases my soul and increases my lunar heart to spend another anniversary with you, baby.

27. May we build a bigger world together and make stronger fences around our love for each other. An everlasting union is what we’ll have. Happy 7th wedding anniversary, baby.

28. It’s our anniversary and I pray that the journey ahead of us be smooth and kind. Happy 4th wedding anniversary, my love. May we remain each other’s best friend.

29. Happy 1st wedding anniversary, love. May the courage to keep loving each other wholeheartedly never be overpowered by the spirit of cowardice. This love will last till the very end, I promise you, baby.

30. As you look back, never forget the time it was just you and I. Recollect the good old days that made you fall in love with me and I’ll do the same. Happy 5th wedding anniversary, baby. You’re blessed in Jesus name.

31. I do not regret the past with you, nor do I wish it was someone else. You’re my dream of love and I’m fulfilled by just having you around. Happy 5th wedding anniversary, my love.

32. As many as the stars scattered in the sky, so shall the numbers of our anniversaries be. Our union shall be everlasting and blissful. Happy 6th wedding anniversary.

33. As long as it is you, I’m willing to say ‘I do’ again. Happy 12th wedding anniversary. Earnestly looking forward to marking golden jubilee with you.

34. Have you ever wondered how much you made my life beautiful? It’s unimaginable, surreal but yet, my reality. Happy 10th wedding anniversary to the only man with a large heart. May you always lead wherever you go.

35. Happy 11th wedding anniversary. May your life never stop shinning. May your heart never stop loving. Each breath you take shall bring you closer to me and me to you. Cheers to forever.

36. I will always be there for you when the going gets tough and the day is benighted. This I promise you as we mark our 7th wedding anniversary.

37. Looking into your eyes for the past one year has made me see love for what it truly is. Happy wedding anniversary to my man. May you never be denied the good things you desire.

38. I will always love you and be kind to you even when you’re undeserving. I’ll show you mercy instead of retribution. Happy 4th wedding anniversary, sweety. Goodness and mercy shall follow you.

39. For the rest of my life, I’ll take pleasure and joy in loving you. My whole heart greets you happy wedding anniversary. It’s been 7 years and still counting. May you not suffer and groan in pain.

40. You’re my joy and happiness. You’re more worthy to me each passing day. Happy 5th wedding anniversary, baby. Many more years shall we count.

41. As long as we’re together, I don’t mind the brimstones that may fall upon us. I’ll always love you as we pass through the fire together. Happy 8th wedding anniversary, love. Inside and out, may you be loved.

42. You’re the one who makes my heart yearn for love all the more. It may be 9 years with you, but each day still seems new to me. I love your dynamism. Happy 9th wedding anniversary, baby. May the good Lord bless you unimaginably.

43. I want to be the wife that will never stop loving you and caring for your needs as though they were mine. Happy 3rd wedding anniversary, baby. Your efforts shall count and your work shall be blessed indeed.

44. May peace never exit our union. May we take pride in loving each other till the end. Happy wedding anniversary, my darling husband. I want to spend another decade with you.

45. I want to spend a lifetime with you. I hope it’s not too much to ask. Happy 6th wedding anniversary, my baby. I promise you an undying affection. May your feet walk in the right direction always.

46. I’ll always be your help. I’ll be the answer to your prayers. I’ll remain the hope that shines through your sky. Happy 6th wedding anniversary. May your heart enjoy peace and bliss.

47. I will take you as my husband for as long as I live. I’ll never turn my back against you. Happy 13th wedding anniversary. May the years ahead of us be spent in sheer love and abundance.

48. As we continue our union, may we never find a reason big enough to quit. May we find the strength to go on till the end. Happy 13th wedding anniversary. I love you, darling.

49. Your laughter soothes my heart and I take pleasure in making you happy. This way, it shall remain my love. Happy 5th wedding anniversary, baby.

50. May we never stop finding comfort in each other’s warm arms. The forthcoming anniversaries will be greater than this, I pray. I love you at all times.

51. On this 1st wedding anniversary of ours, I pray that you have all that you keenly desire while the higher power leads you through the right path. Happy 1st wedding anniversary, my love. I still cherish your warm embraces and soothing kisses.

52. There’s no better husband in the universe than you. Happy 2nd wedding anniversary, my love. May peace and joy never depart from the core of your heart. I wish you all the good things the world can contain. I love you to the moon and back, sweetheart.

53. Blessings pouring like heavy rain, joy flowing like a river; may the mercy and goodness of God be your portion. Happy 3rd wedding anniversary, my love. You’re the best of your kind and the only one my heart desires all day long.

54. Search through the corners of your heart and make as many wishes as you can. Cause on this 4th wedding anniversary of ours, the angels are bound to grant your heart’s request. Happy anniversary, my love. May you always be the head and not the tail.

55. Happy 5th wedding anniversary, my darling. It soothes my heart to know that I am married to my best friend and the best man in the whole world. I hope you enjoy heaven’s favour and love here on earth.

56. No matter how hard the journey gets, I hope we always find our way back into each other’s arms. Happy 6th wedding anniversary, my love. May all the problems dimming your mind come to an end on this remarkable day.

57. I just want to be your love forever. Happy 7th wedding anniversary, my love. I pray that the most high surrounds you with His hedge of protection and make you sit amidst the noble. I love you, my darling.

58. Glad to have come this far with you. Grateful to share a home with you. Happy 8th wedding anniversary, my love. May you never beg for bread nor wallow in sickness and pain. I love you now and forever.

59. Because you’re precious in my eyes and special in your ways; happy 9th wedding anniversary, my love. You make loving you so easy. I pray that you’re always surrounded with love and joy while you spend your many days in good health and wealth.

60. May the heavens be inspired to bless you on this day that we push through with our vows. Happy 10th wedding anniversary, my darling. You’re still the only man who could’ve ever won my heart.

61. I don’t need all the riches in the world to be happy. I just need to be inside your arms to feel the true meaning of bliss. Happy 11th wedding anniversary, my love. Thank you for keeping me inside of your heart. May you never lack any good thing in the name that is above every other.

62. Happy 12th wedding anniversary, my darling. Sleeping on the same bed as you as left me drenched with wisdom and embodied in love. May your days be as many as the sea sands and your health as prosperous as the ocean.

63. I remember when we took those vows some 13 years ago. Happy wedding anniversary, my love. I’d love to have another 13 years of your life. I hope life treats you in the kindest and dearest of manners henceforward.

64. I’ll do this again with the gentleman reading this; happy 14th wedding anniversary, my love. You may not have grown taller, but you have grown wiser, lovelier and better. May the lines fall in pleasant places for you in Jesus name.

65. Happy wedding anniversary, my darling. You matter more to me than the riches of this world. Howbeit, I hope you have all its riches and share them with the ones you love in health and in bliss. May the odds be in your favour.

66. Happy 6th wedding anniversary, my love. It brings great joy to my heart that we both still sing the love song common to us alone. May you not beg for that which you desire and seek. I hope you have all the good things in life. I love you.

67. My heart rejoices whilst my mind goes on a memory lane to when I decided on this journey with you. Happy 7th wedding anniversary, my love.

68. So far, so good; I am blessed with the manly caresses of you on my skin and the joy that never dies because you’re here with me. Happy 10th wedding anniversary, my love.

69. Happy 11th wedding anniversary, my only one. May your laughter continue to fill up the room and your joy continue to pour out of your heart.

70. It’s best to have a best friend through the journey of life. I’m glad mine turned out to be my husband. Happy 10th wedding anniversary, my love. May you always have the desires of your heart.

71. Nothing beats the taste of your kisses and the texture of your caresses. Happy 21st wedding anniversary, my darling. May you be above only and win your battles continually.

72. What I wouldn’t do is to stop loving you, nor neglect the kisses from your loving lips. Happy 2nd wedding anniversary, my love. May you draw continually from the well of peace, joy and longevity.

73. Happy 3rd wedding anniversary, my darling. We’ve come this far to make our dream of love a reality. I pray that you sing the longest victorious song of joy. I declare that you conquer more than a conqueror. I love you every day and forever, sweetheart.

74. I’ve enjoyed the sound of your feet into our home in these 14 years. I’ve come to love the tune of your snore as the day goes by. Happy 14th wedding anniversary, my love. May you live long to see many more 14 years.

75. How amazing is this husband of mine! How loving is the heart that he bears. Happy 15th wedding anniversary, my love. May you achieve your heart desires even at a time like this, may you grow old and gold in the comfort of my arms. I love you, my darling.

76. Slowly, we’ve come this far. But with courage, we’ve overcome the troubles in our path. Happy 16th wedding anniversary, my love. May your joy be deep within and may sorrow grow farther away from you.

77. To the man who stole my heart forever; may you always have the desires that you nurse. Happy 17th wedding anniversary, my love. I hope you never cease to be amazing nor stop to shine.

78. I’ve enjoyed the sweat on your body like the soothing showers from heaven. I’ve come to want you more even in the safest and loveliest places on earth. Happy 8th wedding anniversary, sweetheart. May you always wear the crown and win the race.

79. I’m strong because you love me. I’m bold because you hold onto my trembling hands. Happy 19th wedding anniversary, my love. May you enjoy good health and sound mind all of the days of your life.

80. It’s amazing how a simple kiss can keep you going and a loving smile can lift you into a realm of peace and joy. Happy 20th wedding anniversary, my love. May you never fail at what you do.

81. Happy 31st wedding anniversary, my love. There’s a rainbow in the sky reminding us of the better future we envision in our hearts. May all your dreams come to life, my love.

82. Happy 32nd wedding anniversary, sweetheart. You’ll always be the one and true love of my heart and the only star in my sky. I pray that you live long and be surrounded by the ones you love. I love you.

83. No matter how hard it got, your kisses made me desire forevermore with you. Happy 33rd wedding anniversary, my love. May the wind blow upon you all the heavenly blessings.

84. I’ll cherish you till I’m old and love you till my heart stops to beat. Happy 4th wedding anniversary, my love. May the joy and splendour of this world never elude you at all. I love you.

85. Happy 2nd wedding anniversary, my love. The years may be few but they leave the sweetest hunger in mind. May you receive the power to always come first wherever you may be.

86. I’ll live my days to love you and spend my hours desiring you. Happy 1st wedding anniversary, my darling. May you be the best of your kind and the strongest of your peerage. I love you.

87. You’ve blessed me with your loving voice and shielded me with the arms of your love. Happy 3rd wedding anniversary, my love. May this be the best year of the years in the past.

88. May our kisses always find their way to each other’s lips. Happy 5th wedding anniversary, my love. Because you’ve been the best lover and husband, may you have the best of everything.

89. Happy 4th wedding anniversary, my love. May this mark the beginning of your dreams and the continuation of our love. Always remain happy and healthy. I love you now and forevermore.

90. Happy 5th wedding anniversary, my love. I just want the whole of you and desire to keep you close forever. May you be the head and never the tail, may you be above only and never beneath. I love you, precious.

91. My heart will never stop loving you. And my lips will never depart from your kisses. Happy 7th wedding anniversary, my love. May your dreams be perfected, and your strength shines on amidst the weaknesses of the others.

92. As we continue on this journey of love, may we find treasures of old in our path and be blessed with the true desires of our heart. Happy 10th wedding anniversary, sweetheart.

93. Happy 16th wedding anniversary, my darling. You never cease to blow my mind away by the magnitude of your love. May your strength never become a weakness, and may you be at the right places at the right time.

94. Even if we grow older than the mountains, my love for you will flourish still. Happy 18th wedding anniversary, my love. I pray that you enjoy good health amidst great wealth.

95. As we grow older in this marriage, may we run out of count on our blessings. Happy 19th wedding anniversary, my love. Loving you is as easy as the breath I draw.

96. My feet are not too weak to stand, because I’ve got a husband who cares and loves truly. Happy 20th wedding anniversary, my love. May we grow old enough to see our children’s children.

97. Through this heaven on earth, I’ve tasted bliss and splendour. Happy 25th wedding anniversary, my love. No matter how old this heart gets, it never fails at loving deeply. I pray that you never lose any reason to smile.

98. A dozen of gossips couldn’t discourage me from loving you nor, a swamp of worries detach my feelings from you. Happy 12th wedding anniversary, my darling. May you be happy and favoured.

99. Two decades of smelling you on the bed we share and enjoying the things we both love to do together. Happy 20th wedding anniversary, my darling. I hope that as you grow older, you never fail to bring home the medals.

100. Happy 5th wedding anniversary, my love. May you be favoured from every corner of the world and be cherished by even the cool breezes. Forevermore to go with you, my love.

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