Monthsary Messages for Her

Best Monthsary Messages for Her in 2023

Celebrating an annual anniversary is already a thing, a bigger thing than a monthsary, but have you ever considered how special these little celebrations are? Remember the saying about little things mattering the most? Yes! celebrating your monthsary is necessary to ignite love in your marriage, and a perfect way to await an anniversary.

While I had your girlfriend or wife as the target of the Monthsary Messages, I’ve also written some more for every other female figure in your life – friends, sisters, aunts, nieces, daughter, female cousin, any special person.

Whether she’s a few months in marriage (or after her wedding) or at work or in ministry or in any special thing, you can make her day by sending month by month anniversary messages to her.

That’s why you’re on this page? Then you’re on the right track. You’ll definitely find the perfect one for her as you scroll through, with specific mentions on the first eleven months.

These quotes, paragraphs, texts and wishes will do all the magic you want to see in 2023 because they are literally the best you can find on the internet.

So you said you want to send her one of the best of messages to celebrate her monthsary? Looking for the perfect one below is looking in the perfect direction!

Happy 1st Monthsary Messages to Her

1. Sweetheart, one month is a short time, but not too short to be ignored, not too short for me to share my joy with you. I’m glad you’re on this beautiful path and gladder because you are happy in it. I’m proud of you, darling. I wish you more exciting months ahead, more security, more favours and all the best that can be gotten from it. Happy one month anniversary to you. Remember that I love you, right? That will never change.

2. Baby girl, you’re making me, your boyfriend, your family and all your friends proud. I’m proud to call you mine. Happy one monthsary to you.

3. If it’s that easy, I’d have taken you around the world today to celebrate your first month on this new venture! Happy one month anniversary to the best wife any man can have.

4. One day, we’ll look back and see how month by month you have grown into the best, what you want to be. Again, congratulations, and I wish you a happy day as you mark the first month. I love you, honey.

5. Looks like I’d have to explain to my boss why I did not take permission early enough to stay off work today. But anything to celebrate with my baby girl in a special way! Happy first month anniversary, baby!

6. Do you ever get tired of being awesome? We’re married for one month and you’re rocking it in ways I never expected! Happy first month marriage anniversary to you, my girl, and to me. I love you much.

7. My wishes for you on this beautiful day are more than I can mention in one hundred messages. But, ultimately, I wish you never-ending joy. Happy anniversary to you, darling.

8. Better days lie ahead of us, and better nights too, but we won’t ignore the progress on the way. I wish you the very best on your first monthsary and pray for more of God’s blessings on you.

9. My dear sister, I’m happy that you’ve found happiness in the love of your life. I’m happy that your marriage has been totally beautiful. I wish you a happy monthsary and more beautiful days ahead.

10. My friend, you’re the best and you deserve the best. One month of enjoying this gift from God and I know there’ll be more. Happy anniversary.

11. It took me less than one month to see how blessed you are to have that man in your life. I’ve honestly been waiting for today, so I’ll send this wish and since we’re here, happy one month anniversary to you.

12. I’m glad that my best friend is enjoying every day she goes to work. I tap into this blessing by wishing you a happy work anniversary. I love you, girl.

13. As you continue on this path, you’ll find more bliss on the way. One month’s gone and this text is to wish you a blessed first month anniversary. I love you, mama.

14. Do you ever remember how I told you you’ll get your dream job? Now isn’t this one all you’ve hoped for and wished for? Trust me when I say this one month is the least of what you’ll enjoy on that job. Happy one month work anniversary.

15. I remember that day like yesterday, even though it’s one month away. I remember how excited I was to have you say yes to me. I remember how we’ve had a beautiful ride this one month. I’m here to celebrate and wish you a happy one month anniversary. I love you.

Happy 2nd Monthsary Messages to Her

16. My darling, I’ve missed you these couple of months, but I understand that you never abandoned me. You need the time off to grow this new venture of yours and also grow into it. Please, know that someone somewhere has you in his heart, wishes you well, wants to see the best in you and prays for you regularly. No amount of messages may convey how much wellness I wish you, but this can at least say happy anniversary to you and I love you.

17. Forget it, babe. You’re just showing how amazing you are on the job. Your appointment has given you a chance to show how amazing someone can be in two months. Happy second monthsary to you.

18. You decided to join me on this beautiful path, and I appreciate it. Just your second month and everyone loves you this much. Well, I love you too. Happy second month anniversary to the love of my life.

19. The Queen of my heart took her royalty outside our home to go and conquer the world and she’s doing well already. Happy two months anniversary to you, my love. You’re doing awesome.

20. You’ve been two months with me and my confession is this: “I find no fault in you.” Happy two months wedding anniversary to you—and me. I love you, sweetheart.

21. I pray that your months after now will be far better than the past two you just had. I wish you more success and joy! I love you. Happy second work monthsary to you, my darling.

22. While we are waiting for the next promotion at your workplace, we won’t forget to wish you the best. Happy two months anniversary on your promotion. We love you.

23. I forgot to wish you a happy monthsary in the first month. God forbid that I repeat that. I have looked forward to saying happy anniversary to you, so here we go; Happy two months anniversary, my friend.

24. She is an amazing person who strives to bring out the best from wherever she finds herself. She deserves a lot of good and that’s what we wish her today. Happy anniversary to her.

25. Few paragraphs may describe your two months with us more than just one, but you know your value to us already, and we are happy that you choose to work with us. Happy second monthsary. Keep up the good work, dear.

26. Hey, dear. I think I’m getting jealous of you, lol, but that won’t stop me from wishing you well. You deserve the beautiful things that keep coming your way. Happy second month anniversary on your promotion.

27. See how beautiful your marriage is. You make us all want to get married tomorrow. It’s two months now and we can’t wait to celebrate it at two years. Happy anniversary to you, dear.

28. Best of wishes to my sister on her second month in this holy institution! Quote me one year from now, quote me that I said you will do so awesome in it that you’ll stand out among others. Happy second monthsary to you.

29. Thank you for being awesome these couple of months. Happy two months anniversary to you, my own wife. Our marriage has been awesome. I love you madly.

30. You’re gradually conquering grounds and growing higher. Happy anniversary. If you’re wondering what’s up, remember that it’s exactly two months since you got a new job! Enjoy the day, sister!

Happy 3rd Monthsary Messages to Her

31. The woman I love most, I’ve always wished for a political appointment so I guess I know a bit of how excited you are to have one. Three months later and I’m here to congratulate you for a nice time in the office. You just keep making us proud, so proud I wonder what good I did to deserve you. Cheers to a wonderful time in office and I wish you the best in all you do. Happy third monthsary to you. God bless you for me, the sweetest husband ever. Lol.

32. How wonderful you have been here at home with our children! You took that spirit to your new school and you’ve become a mother to your students. Happy third month anniversary on this beautiful job, darling. I wish you better days ahead.

33. My heartbeat, three is a beautiful number and I’m here to congratulate you on hitting your third month on this job. I love you and I love the way you love your job. I can’t wait to walk you down the aisle. I love you, babe. Happy third work monthsary.

34. The day you became my girlfriend is the day you got this job, so while I wish you an amazing third month work anniversary, I also wish us an awesome third month relationship anniversary! I’m so excited today, darling. I love you plenty.

35. Baby girl, you lit up my world in beautiful ways. I’m sure that’s how you’ve lit up the world of others at your workplace. I’m proud that you’re mine. Happy three months work anniversary to you, my love.

36. The Queen of my heart, how does mothering feel after three months? Lemme congratulate you on your third month as a mother, as the best mother ever! Happy third monthsary. I love you, my Queen.

37. Congratulations. Maybe all your quotes on hard work are finally paying off. Happy three months anniversary on the successful start of your new project. I wish you God’s best.

38. I can’t contain my excitement at how strong your relationship is still standing, even after everything people said about it. Happy three months anniversary, my friend. I’m still excited.

39. Happy anniversary to you! Three months is short but worth celebrating, especially with your recent outstanding performance! May your future be brighter, my sister.

40. Exactly three months of happiness and love shared by the most beautiful couple in the world. I wish you both the best of married lives. Happy third monthsary to you, my colleague.

41. I know you prayed for an amazing job, and here it is! You may not have had it exactly the way you planned it, but things are obviously getting better. I wish you the best. Happy third month anniversary to you.

42. I love sending you happy messages like this, so it’s my pleasure to wish you the best on this day that marks three months with your boyfriend! Happy third month anniversary to you — and to him too!

43. I don’t know if all things go smoothly, but I know that it will all end well for you. Enjoy this journey to the end. You still have more exciting times ahead — it’s just three months gone. Happy third monthsary, my daughter.

44. Right now, I’m chanting “Go, Sister! Go, Sister!” Three months in marriage and I’m excited because you’re slaying it! Happy third monthsary, my baby sister.

45. Beautiful sisters like you make earth sweeter! Keep being amazing. This is to wish you a third month anniversary at work. Remember to pay your tithe to me, though. Lol. Best wishes.

Happy 4th Monthsary Messages to Her

46. My wife and best friend, one-third of our first year in marriage and you’re still the envy of the world out there! How do you do it? Won’t you just host a masterclass to teach other wives? Won’t you give them quotes to help them? These four months have brought us a lot of testimonies, so you are obviously acing it real good! Today I wish you—and me—a happy four months wedding anniversary. I pray God’s blessings upon our family and those who wish us well too.

47. My wife, I’m celebrating you today because you always said you’ll be the best at this job and you’ve kept to that promise. Happy fourth monthsary at work. I wish you more goodness.

48. You said you believe me above what any other person tells you, right? So believe me when I say you have been amazing these four months. Happy fourth month anniversary. Keep it up, my girl.

49. Hi, darling. Look around. Doesn’t today scream of something awesome? It’s our fourth month in this relationship. Happy fourth relationship monthsary to you and me! I love you forever.

50. Anyone who thinks four months is too short a time to be celebrated should keep his hands over candle fire for four minutes. Happy fourth month anniversary to you, sweetheart. More blessings upon you.

51. Honey, you’re going around, changing the world, one person at a time, with your words and your actions. It’s now four months since you joined the ministry and I’m happy you did. Happy fourth monthsary! God bless you.

52. 2023 came with its challenges but you have stood up victorious and held your victory for four months now. I will still say congratulations on your victory while wishing you an amazing four months anniversary. I love you, strong girl.

53. In this life, there are times to grind hard and times to take a break. Is four months not enough reason to take a break and celebrate your wonderful stay in office? Or you’re waiting for one year? Happy four monthsary to you, my superwoman.

54. Rewind, replay, think about the past four months and see if your brains won’t be blown by God’s awesomeness in your relationship. It calls for celebrating. Happy fourth month anniversary to you both, baby girl.

55. Thanks to you and your new job, I’m now having a great time at school. I’m excited! Today makes you four months on that amazing job of yours and I wish you a magnificent monthsary. I love you, big sis.

56. Big friend, keep showing us how to keep it amazing in relationships. We look up to you! Happy four months anniversary to you!

57. How many paragraphs have I written to you this year? Let me add this one more to wish you a happy fourth month anniversary in your new business. I pray for more profits for you, my sweet mother.

58. Cheers to a superwoman celebrating four beautiful months in a rare venture. Keep rocking it and bringing pride to the female folk. Happy anniversary to you.

59. Gear up, baby, for more amazing months and years ahead. The world and I are proud of you. Happy fourth month anniversary!

60. This one is for my little sister. Your husband tells me a lot about how great you are in the home you share. It’s four months today. Happy marriage anniversary to you both.

Happy 5th Monthsary Messages to Her

61. Five months after getting such a time-consuming gig and you’re still this same lovely person I’ve always known. We still gist, share dinner, play games and study together very often. Aren’t you the coolest girlfriend ever? I am glad you’re moving higher and higher in this higher path you jumped on five months ago. And to think it feels just like yesterday! Happy monthsary to you, sweetheart. All your days on this path will be buttered with blessings. I love you.

62. Baby girl, I love a lot about you. One of them is your love for me. Your love for me is a major contributor to the success of our relationship. Happy fifth month anniversary to you, my sweetheart.

63. Honey, do you feel amazing today? I want us to pop bottles to celebrate these five beautiful months we’ve spent together. Happy fifth relationship monthsary to you — to us! I love you.

64. I can never forget these months we’ve spent together. There’s a lot of beautiful things I can say about them. You’re more than a darling, my darling. And I love you. Happy five months wedding anniversary to you, my baby girl.

65. Happy fifth month work anniversary to the one I’ll always love. Just when I thought you had retired from service, you jumped right in again and you’ve done so well. I love you, my big baby!

66. Hello, darling. Look at yourself from my eyes right now and you’ll eat yourself. You have made us so proud! Happy fifth monthsary to you, my baby. I love you forever.

67. How many months did you say again? Five months? Are you kidding me? You really should teach me how to stick around for five months and remain so full of life and energy. Happy fifth month anniversary to you, my girl.

68. My aunty’s always been doing awesome, at marriage, at work, everywhere! This is to wish you a happy fifth month anniversary on your new job. Keep up the good work.

69. So I heard you’re this superwoman in your house, that you’ve made everyone aware that you know your way around being an awesome wife. I love it! Happy fifth month anniversary to you, my darling niece.

70. After seeing how amazing you’re doing, I really have no choice than to wish you a happy fifth monthsary today. Enjoy more productive days ahead.

71. You’re young and ready to set the world on fire, so burn on. While you burn, take a break to accept my happy fifth month wedding anniversary wish. You’re still my dear sister, always.

72. Your achievements are steady surpassing that of legends. Now, you have a new chance to achieve more. Five months later and I’m here to say happy five months anniversary! Love.

73. Let people go on and talk all they want, but I know you’re doing awesome. Ministry in this part of the globe isn’t easy for women at all. Happy fifth month anniversary, my pastor.

74. Look back at these five months and you’ll see how much celebration it calls for. Happy fifth monthsary, dear sister.

75. One day, you’ll celebrate ten years as a director, but until then, let’s celebrate the little time spent on it. Happy fifth month anniversary to you, my big boss.

Happy 6th Monthsary Messages to Her

76. Truth be told, our marriage is one I admire so much. It’s half a year of being a part of the most beautiful couple, doing their thing. I can’t wait for six more months to have enjoyed double of what I am enjoying. Today, I pray for more love, joy and peace in our home and I wish us all the good things of life. Happy sixth month anniversary to you and to me. Remember that someone somewhere is praying for you. Enjoy our marriage, my love.

77. Babe, I really did not want to talk yet. I wanted to just wait for six more months. Happy sixth monthsary. I love you forever!

78 Do you ever look around and see how much impact you make in our lives? If you do, you’ll throw a party every day to celebrate you. Happy sixth month anniversary to you. We’re glad you’re a minister of God.

79. Sweetheart, no many words to say. You are amazing. No buts! Happy six months anniversary to the Queen of my big world. I love you.

80. Forever is a long time to celebrate the achievements of my beautiful wife, but here’s to all she has achieved in the past six months we’ve been together. Happy sixth month wedding anniversary, darling.

81. Celebrating you is one of my hobbies. But that doesn’t mean I don’t see it as something that’s priceless. Happy sixth month anniversary, my love. Remember that you’re all the awesomeness that I see.

82. How do you do all the awesome things you do over there? Another six months and we’ll throw a proper party to celebrate one year! For now, happy sixth month anniversary to you.

83. I’m wishing you all the beautiful things you can dream of on this blessed day that makes you six months in office. Happy sixth monthsary to you, aunty.

84. I just took a minute to pray for you and to pray that ministry remains sweeter for you as you continue in it. Happy sixth month anniversary to you, big mummy.

85. Because of you, some of us will rush into marriage. You make marriage look like the best thing ever. Happy sixth monthsary. Enjoy your home!

86. Let me tell you a secret: you’re the one that made me get the job I’m on now. I saw how amazing you rocked yours in just a few months and thought to give it a try. Happy sixth month anniversary to you. Enjoy work.

87. You’re just a few months in ministry and some of my favourite Christian quotes are from you. We look forward to better days, pastor. Happy sixth month anniversary.

88. Your marriage is already blessed. I’m just asking God if he can make it “more blessed” if there’s anything like that. Happy sixth month wedding anniversary to you.

89. Texts like this come once a month! Happy sixth anniversary to you. Continue to be the best, not only at the office but in other areas of your life. I love you, my daughter.

90. I knew amazing things run in this our family. My cousin is sixth months in that office today! Happy sixth monthsary to the best cousin a girl can ever have. Much love.

Happy 7th Monthsary Messages to Her

91. My love, when they reached out to appoint someone to fill that position, you were obviously the best choice, and they had no choice than to take you. You’ve been doing awesome since your first day there and you’re not looking like you’re about to start doing the opposite of that. I celebrate these seven amazing months of being there with you and wish you better months ahead. Happy seventh month anniversary to you, my favourite woman.

92. One will think that you’re an angel. They won’t know you’re just a superwoman that’s super. You’re my angel, though! Happy seventh month work anniversary. Teach me to work like you. I love you, baby.

93. Have I ever told you that one of the reasons I strive to do more and better is because of how amazing you’re doing? I always knew I was dating the best of girlfriends. Happy seventh relationship monthsary to you and us! I love you.

94. Honey, times are getting rough, but you’re standing out and giving out your very best to the world. I celebrate you, and your seven months of service to your community. Happy seven months anniversary to you, my love.

95. Come to think of it. If everyone at your workplace keeps saying that you’re awesome, then I agree that you’re awesome. Happy seventh monthsary to you, baby. I love you and wish you the best.

96. There’s a lot I want to change, but not the fact that you’re the best partner I can ever have. Happy seventh month marriage anniversary to us, darling. More happy months ahead for us.

97. Have anyone told you about how awesome you’ve done in these seven months at the office? Wow! Well, I’m here to tell you and wish you better times ahead. Happy seventh monthsary to you.

98. If I’m to write about you, one thing I’ll say is that “her marriage was bliss and she was a constant suppler of that bliss.” And you have to believe that because I’m a first-hand witness — your husband! Happy seventh month wedding anniversary.

99. There’s a song about being great at everything. I guess it was written with you in mind. This is to wish you a happy seventh month work anniversary! Make me proud, dear friend.

100. A good number of females around the world complain about the kind of tasks in your job, but you show them that it’s possible! Happy seventh monthsary to you. God keep blessing you.

101. I wasn’t at your wedding but I heard how beautiful it was. I’ve also heard a lot about how amazing your new family is. Happy seventh monthsary to you, dear sister! I miss you and can’t wait to see you again.

102. Today is definitely a day of joy! My mother is seven months as a judge! You have served as a good example on your job and I wish you more strength to be awesome. Happy seventh month anniversary to you, mama.

103. For the seventh time, happy anniversary (monthly, though) to you, dear friend. I’m here counting down to the first year. Quick confession? Your seven months has been totally amazing! I love you.

104. Tell me that 2023 hasn’t done you well. Didn’t you get this amazing family this year? Have you net enjoyed it for seven months all in this year? Calm down. 2023 has more for you. Happy seventh monthsary to you, baby sister.

105. Am I sure I wouldn’t wish to be you in my next life? You have made your new position to be everything admirable in just seven months. Keep doing more awesome things, baby girl. Happy seventh month anniversary to the most beautiful girl in the world.

Happy 8th Monthsary Messages to Her

106. After eight solid months, you’ve not broken down, but you’re still kicking strong. Wow! I’m excited for you, my love. My wishes for you today are that all those amazing things you wish me will also be found in your life! Times going, waiting for no one person, but you’re also going, making me, your friends and our families super proud of you. Confession is that you intimidate me with your success! I love you, darling. Happy 8th month anniversary to you.

107. Confession: there’s a lot I can’t do without you. For these two-thirds of the year, you’ve been my pillar and my strength. Happy 8th months of being together with you! I love you, baby.

108. You make me thankful for life. You don’t just give me a reason to live; you are my reason for living. That’s who I celebrate today in her eighth work monthsary. I love you, sweetheart.

109. I’ll never be too busy to celebrate my girlfriend! Happy eight months relationship anniversary to us. I wish us all life prepared for the best of couples. I love you very much, honey.

110. Thinking about it now, I think that the company would have folded without you in it. They should really compensate you for what you are to them. While waiting for that, take my eighth monthsary wish. You’re my darling for life!

111. Baby girl, messages upon messages may be read by you today, but I want this short text to remind you that I’m your biggest fan and I love you. Happy eighth monthsary to you, my heartbeat.

112. There’s no one on earth who can debate how beautiful you have made these past eight months for all of us with your quite new engagement. I wish you more blessings on your last third part of the year. Happy eight months anniversary to you.

113. Finding love and having it last this long, even as you are both sincere with yourselves, is just beautiful. I celebrate you both. Happy eighth month anniversary to you, dear sister.

114. Hey, girl. Happy eighth monthsary to you. It can only get happier, babe. Don’t forget that we love you and are praying for you.

115. Great things await you over here, and not just great things, but the best of things. You’ve been a beautiful asset to us — quote me anywhere. Happy eighth month anniversary to you.

116. It’s beautiful to celebrate annual anniversaries, but little victories matter, right? Happy eighth month anniversary to you, aunty! The whole family sends greetings. We love you.

117. Wherever you go, you do things beautifully. Even in marriage, you’re doing just awesome. Happy eight wedding monthsary to you, darling.

118. Just look around. Those who said it will end in tears are still waiting and you are still laughing. Happy eight-month anniversary to you, my dear. More progress for you, honey.

119. There are a lot of beautiful things worth celebrating and this is one of them. Happy eighth work monthsary to you. The best of the earth is the least of my wishes for you, dear little niece.

120. Thanks for being awesome and for using your office for the betterment of all around you. Happy eight months anniversary. More wins for you, my friend and sister.

Happy 9th Monthsary Messages to Her

121. I really don’t care if the number 9 represents anything. All I know is that the nine months I’ve spent with you in marriage has brought me excess joy because of how beautiful your spirit, soul and body are. I’ve seen three-quarters of bliss, three-quarters of a lot of beautiful things I wished for myself. Before I wish our marriage a brighter future, let me first wish us a happy ninth month anniversary on our wedding. May we enjoy the rest of our married lives!

122. One of the things that make life beautiful is the good things that people do for others. You, my darling, have used these nine months in power to put smiles on faces. I appreciate you and celebrate you, wishing you a happy ninth monthsary.

123. Sweetheart, if everyone worked like you, the world would be a better place. Happy third-quarter work anniversary to you, my darling.

124. Happy nine months anniversary to the best girlfriend anyone can have. For you, there’s a lot I would give up. I love you and wish you more strength to remain awesome at work.

125. This year 2023 started with a lot of beautiful promises for us and we have met no disappointments yet. Nine months together has been beautiful. Happy ninth monthsary to you, my sweetheart. I love you for life.

126. If getting married to you is a dream, and this dream has been on for nine months, then I definitely don’t want to wake up from it. Happy ninth months anniversary to you and us, my baby. I love you for life.

127. They say you’re in a men’s field, but these nine months have seen you do things that men in your field struggle to do. Happy ninth month anniversary, my baby sister. My wishes for you are all the best!

128. Hope today’s looking beautiful to you? Do you remember it’s exactly nine months since you got married? Happy ninth monthsary to you, dearie. Have a blast.

129. I thank God every day for you since you got that amazing job of yours. And maybe you’re too busy to remember, but today’s makes it exactly nine months since you got it! Happy ninth month work anniversary, my daughter.

130. My texts don’t lie, so believe me when I say you’ve been awesome these nine months. Happy third quarter anniversary to you, girl! I’m solidly behind you.

131. It’s one thing for a period of time to be amazing. It’s another for it to be super amazing! Your past nine months have been the latter. Happy ninth monthsary to you, sweet girl!

132. If you ever burn out and don’t want to continue on this job, I hope that your beautiful record in the last nine months gives you a reason to continue. We are glad to have you. Happy nine months anniversary to you, dear.

133. Happy ninth month wedding anniversary to you, sweetheart. You’re probably wondering which husband send anniversary greetings to his wife over the phone. Well, it’s a husband who can’t stop expressing how blessed his wife made him. I love you, darling.

134. If you were pregnant with child, we’d have been expecting a birth, but it’s your beautiful career and the birth may not have come yet, but it surely will. Happy ninth month anniversary on your job.

135. I’m happy and privileged to have been a friend to you since you started this new phase of your life. I’m here to send wishes of joy to you on your ninth month anniversary! May you never suffer on this path. Amen.

Happy 10th Monthsary Messages to Her

136. My love, I’ve been waiting patiently for this amazing day to come upon us. I was actually trying to wait for the 12th month, but impatience will not let me wait till then. I’m honestly more than happy to see that your career is getting more beautiful with every passing day. I won’t say it’s rare, but I’ll say it’s worthy of celebration! Happy 10th month anniversary to you, my dear wife. I love you much.

137. Darling, I wonder if there’s any dictionary word I can use to describe you that have not been used by another to describe you already. But I should just remind you that my love for you will never die. Happy ten months work anniversary to you, babe.

138. Baby, thanks for dedicating more than I expected to see that this marriage stands. I’ll never make you regret anything you’ve done for us. I love you. Happy tenth wedding monthsary.

139. From the way I see it, our one-year celebration will see us celebrating more than we planned to celebrate. For now, happy tenth monthsary to us. I love you, my heartbeat.

140. Happy ten monthsary to you, my Queen. Every task you carry out at work will be rated ten over ten. By this time next year, you’d have blown the minds of everyone at the office. I love you plenty.

141. Hey, babe. I see the amazing things you do for me, and I’m thankful. I love you so much. Happy tenth month relationship anniversary to you, my girl.

142. Happy are they who get to eat the fruits of their labour. You deserve this job, the ten months spent on it and even more. Happy ten months work anniversary, girl.

143. Everyone at home said, “send my love to her”. So here I am, saying we love you and wish you a happy tenth month anniversary.

144. Honestly, I’m proud of you. Jealous too, but proud of you. Lol. Happy tenth monthsary to you. May you continue to do well everywhere you find yourself, baby girl.

145. Things have been rough, I know. But there are better and more beautiful days ahead of us. I wish you the best on the job. Happy tenth month anniversary to you.

146. I love you madly and beautiful and plenty. I thought to first remind you of that before I go ahead to remind you that you’re now ten months in marriage! Happy tenth marriage monthsary to you, dear friend.

147. Happy tenth month anniversary to you, fam! Just tell us where the party is and say no more!

148. Hello! I’m texting to say happy tenth month work anniversary to you. Yeah, you’re probably wondering who keeps a record of such. Well, your big brother does, obviously. I wish you the best!

149. Hello, dearie. Having you over here has been an experience worth having over and over and over again! Happy ten months anniversary! You’re the best colleague ever.

150. Hello, dearie. Anyone told you that you’re now the standard for a beautiful marriage? Now you know! Happy tenth wedding monthsary to you, paddy.

Happy 11th Monthsary Messages to Her

151. Sweety, Just before the first year concludes, I thought it best to remind you to prepare for it. You can start ticking your to-do list and checklist for your first year in office. You have just one month to go. This is to appreciate you for your services at the organisation where you have been making your family proud for the past eleven months and to congratulate you on successful completion of the period. Happy eleventh month anniversary to you. I and the children want you to know that we love you.

152. I’m sure that you’re storing heavy surprises for me for our first year wedding anniversary. While waiting this is to say happy eleven monthsary to you, my love.

153. A lot of things will burn out one day, and my love for you is not one of them. Baby, these past eleven months have been my best ever. Happy eleventh month relationship anniversary to you, my love, to us too.

154. I wish you a lot of favours and excess joy as you celebrate your eleventh month in ministry. I love you, baby. Happy monthsary.

155. Happy wedding monthsary. Eleven months and I’m still waiting to see that amazing baby that will be mothered by you, mothered by the best mother in the world. I love you, baby.

156. Today, there’s plenty of joy in my heart. I celebrate my darlings eleventh month at her favourite job! Amazing! I love you, girl. Happy eleventh month anniversary to you.

157. It’s a beautiful day and same day marks eleven beautiful, amazing, awesome months in your marriage. Happy eleventh monthsary to you, dear cousin.

158. Thanks for all you do and all you are. We can’t wait to celebrate with you at your first annual anniversary of your wedding. For now, happy eleventh month wedding anniversary to you, my landlady.

159. Happy 11th month anniversary. How does it feel after this long time? Enjoy on, big sis. I love you.

160. You’ve proven to us that eleven months is enough to change the world! Happy eleventh month anniversary on your job! Keep up the awesome work.

161. Happy eleventh month anniversary on your job. All I look forward to is your visit after one year on the job. I miss you and can’t wait, my darling wife! I love you.

162. Looks like I’ll start working at your office so I don’t get to miss you much again. Can that be one of my wishes as I say my wishes for you on your eleventh monthsary?

163. Look around today and tell me if you don’t see beauty all around you! Even today celebrates with you on your eleventh month wedding anniversary. I wish you a super blessed one.

164. I kept thinking of you everywhere I went today, then I knew why — it’s a special day! Happy eleventh month anniversary to you. Quote me when I say it can only get better. I love you, mum.

165. I know who I celebrate today. She is the most amazing human on earth and I love her with all of my heart. Happy eleventh month anniversary to you, baby!

I’m sure I’ve done you and your 2023 a huge favour with these messages celebrating the monthsary of that amazing girl or woman in your life. I’m sure I’ve helped you put a smile on her face.

So will it be out of place if I request for a favour in return? Can you share this list with your friends out there so they can enjoy the options you just enjoyed? I’m taking you as my best bet. Enjoy the rest of 2023!

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