Birthday Wishes for Son in Law Turning 30 in 2020

Birthday Wishes for Son in Law Turning 30 in 2023

Having an additional male figure to the family can be quite thrilling and is such a beautiful blessing, you’d agree.

As a mother and father-in-law, it’s a privilege to get to call another grown-up man your son, it didn’t happen by accident; all thanks to your daughter.

A Moment like his birthday is the perfect opportunity to express how happy you are to have him bestow on you the honour of being his mother or father by choice.

These messages come as wishes and prayers in order to let him know that his wellbeing is paramount to you.

Furthermore, they are catalysts that’ll urge him to do better than he’s ever done and if yours has been a hard nut to crack, best believe he’ll come around after reading these 2023 heartfelt birthday wishes for son-in-law turning a new age.

30 is a fabulous milestone to the clock. He’ll feel the honour in these words carefully put together below. I want the best for you, so every one of these is equally the best choice. You’d see, I promise you!

Happy 30th Birthday Wishes for Son in Law

Since I heard your son-in-law deserves some accolades, I’ve made available these 30th birthday wishes for him. Whether you’re the mother-in-law or the father-in-law, these turning 30th wishes, messages and quotes are perfect for your daughter’s husband.

1. A respectable son-in-law is who you are. May your 30th birth anniversary bring you all the joy in the world. You shall live better than your former years. I love you.

2. What has bonded us together is more than a law. Love is the reason we’re together as a family. As you clock another age today, I pray the love never diminishes between us. Many happy returns from your father-in-law.

3. I’m so grateful to you for taking me as your mother; it’s a rare privilege I do not take for granted. Happy birthday to my only son-in-law. You brought light to our family when you chose our daughter. I wish you plenteous joy and happiness in your home.

4. No one could ever make a better son-in-law more than you do. It pleases me to mark this fabulous 30th birthday of your life with you. I love you, my son.

5. The moment you stepped into our family, we saw a different blazing ray of light. Your life has always been a blessing to us all. Happy birthday to you. As a father-in-law, I couldn’t have asked for a better son-in-law.

6. Happy birthday, my son. 30 looks so good on you. Your youthfulness will never fade away. It will continue to glow each passing day. I love you.

7. I chose to thank you today, on your 30th birthday for being a phenomenal blessing to my daughter. You’ve been her strength and shield and a family to us all. May you live long to your old age. Lack and want shall be many miles away from you. From your favourite mother-in-law.

8. The moment I set my eyes on you, I knew you would make a great husband to my daughter and a better son to us. You proved me right! Because of this, I wish you a super birthday filled with love and laughter like it were the yuletide.

9. When I see you, I see a son-in-law with a forte for greatness. Each passing day you age like a fine wine. Nothing better makes a good home like a son-in-law with remarkable wisdom. Happy birthday to you, dear. May this 30th year of your life see to your greatness.

10. Your life shall never be tragic. You shall keep on living in peace, honour and glory. Your wife and children shall always be your blessings. Happy 30th birth anniversary to my favourite son-in-law of all time.

11. I’m so glad to have you as my first son-in-law. You lead better than anyone else I know. Your crown is undisputable. You look great at 30. May the next 30 years of your life be better than it is now. We, your family, love you to the brim of our heart.

12. Tonight will be the last you’ll ever be this young. As your 30th birth anniversary approaches with the speed of light, may it launch you into the realm of greatness. Happy birthday, son.

13. Years after years, you’ve proven to be the answer to our prayer for our daughter. You make us proud beyond our imagination. Happy 30th birthday to you. May you live on to a centenary and beyond. Your great-grandchildren will see you on earth in good health, prosperity and joy.

14. No matter where we go and even beyond the cloud, we’ll always remember you as the son-in-law who brought our family a great dose of joy. You healed our pain and gave us comfort. Happy 30th birthday to you. Every decade you see shall be marked by awesomeness.

15. How beauteous it is to have a perfect son-in-law. You are as handsome as your fine soul. Nothing commands the respect and love we have for you more than the kindness that seats in the bosom of your heart. May your goodness never diminish. It shall be a blessing to you. Have a fabulous 30th birthday, son.

16. Wherever you may go with our daughter, we have so much faith in you to take care of her even more than we ever did. Happy 30th birthday to you. We made you our son-in-law because we trust you to make good your promise. We love you.

17. No day of your life shall be dreary. Every breath you take shall be in peace and joy. Happy 30th birth anniversary. We’ll never run out of love for you. I, your mother-in-law loves you from here to the moon and back.

18. With you, we have no regret. You’ve made us proud. You’ve done so well with your title as a son-in-law. In good and bad times, we promise to be there. Your 30th year on earth shall treat you kind. Happy birthday.

19. Wherever you may go, our prayers will also go with you like a shadow. I want you to know that you have a true family in us. Happy 30th birthday, my son-in-law.

20. This third decade of your life shall bring you the joy of your dream. You shall flourish like a land of milk and honour. Happy 30th birthday, son.

21. Today, I’m proud to have you as my son. You’re the son I always dreamt to have. I’m happy you came at the right time. You shall live like a king with honour, glory and regal. At no point shall you taste the ale of shame. Your 30th year on earth shall be the best so far.

22. Loving you felt so easy and natural. Thank you for not taking our daughter away from us, rather you made her greater. Our loyalty will also be with you. Happy 30th birthday to a great son-in-law.

23. I wish you all the pleasant surprises today as you mark another year. May pain and regret be far away from you. All your fears shall you conquer with the forte of a Knight. Happy birthday, son.

24. You’re the best there could ever be. May the rest of your life be better than now. Many happy returns, I wish you, my dearest son-in-law. It’s my joy to have you in the family.

25. You’ll see many more decades. Your plans shall come to fruition. Your life shall be a muse to us all. Happy birthday to my son-in-law whom I’m well pleased.

26. I drink to your new age. 30 sure looks better on you than anyone else I know. May everything that matters to you never be abruptly snatched away from your care. Have a great birth anniversary.

27. I’m humbled to have you in my family. Happy birthday, son. With you, I can say I have a son. May this new year of your life bring you different kinds of blessings in 30 folds.

28. I pray that the Lord will remember you this year. He will increase your family and broaden your smile. He will cause you to guffaw like a fulfilled man. Happy 30th birth anniversary, son-in-law.

29. You shall grow in wisdom. You shall harvest millions of blessings. Your home shall remain a peaceful realm. Happy 30th birthday. Your mother-in-law loves you.

30. I may not have watched your infant head in your little cradle bed, but I promise to shield you from harm with the armour of prayers. Happy 30th birthday, son-in-law. Your happy days are here.

31. As you mark your 30th birthday, may the angels of God become your squire in life. You shall never be left stranded. May you live long to your old age. I’m proud to be your father-in-law.

32. May you never be sick nor bedridden. All the days of your life shall you dwell in strength and prosperity. Have a beautiful 30th birth anniversary. Many more shall you celebrate.

33. You shall never run out of milk and honour for your family. You shall remain the head and never the tail. Many happy returns, son. The best part of your life so far awaits you on this 30th birthday of yours.

34. As you keep climbing the ladder of life, may nothing bring you down. May the good Lord uphold you with His outstretched arm. I’m more than pleased to wish you a beautiful 30th birthday.

35. Keep on moving on. Never take away the smile from your face. Make gratitude your lifestyle and victory shall eventually be yours. There’s no better day to be happy than today which marks your 30th year on the sands of time, son.

36. I wish I could tell it to your face how honoured and blessed I am to have you in my life. Happy fabulous 30th birthday. Come what may, you’ll always be my favourite son-in-law.

37. I pray that you’ll never be in pain. Joy and happiness shall continually be yours. Everything you ever wished for shall be brought to life as you mark your 30th birthday today.

38. Your joy and celebration shall be beyond today. Nothing will harm your happiness. You shall remain the apple of God’s eye. Happy birthday my son-in-law. Your father in law takes pride in you.

39. Happy birthday, son. I promise to be there for you at all time as you have been for my daughter and I. 30 sure looks great on you. Relish your new age.

40. May your life become so great as you mark this new year of your life. May we have cause to drink to your many victories. Happy birthday, son.

41. Greater you, I pray. Songs of joy shall never leave your mouth. Happy birthday. My wish for you as you turn 30 today is to become the father of many nations.

42. Wherever you may go, favour and grace shall trail you like a sweet scent. There’s no man alive more deserving of the honour of a son-in-law than you do. Thank you for all that you do. Happy birthday, dear.

43. I’m happy to lift my voice and shout it out loud how you’ve been so angelic and perfect. May you have many more years to live than you’ve ever lived. From your favourite mother-in-law.

44. You’re the reason today looks better than usual. A son-in-law like you is like a rainbow in our sky bringing comfort and smile to us. Happy 30th birthday. May you live in perpetual peace, honour and glory.

45. May you never sail on a troubled sea. You’ll live a peaceful life for as long as you live. Happy 30th birthday, my son-in-law. Today looks surreal because you’re an angel to us all.

46. May you never have to beg to eat. Your life shall demonstrate God’s faithfulness and goodness. Today being your 30th birthday shall mark the dawn of a new realm of joy for you and yours.

47. I hope I’ve been the best mother-in-law to you, cause you’ve been the best son-in-law to me. It’s a dream come true to call you my son. Have a splendid 30th birthday.

48. Happy 30th birth anniversary. May the rest of your life be the best of it. May your eyes only behold the good of the land. I love you, son.

49. There’s a place in my heart where only you hold a space. You remind me of something great. Happy 30th birthday to a man like my son.

50. May your joy and mirth never come to an end. The evil wind that blows shall never be felt at your end. Happy 30th birthday, son.

51. As you turn a new age today, dear son, may you have all that you dream and desire. It is our deepest pleasure to have you in our family.

52. May I remind you that your presence amongst us brings comfort and bliss to us. Happy 30th birthday, dear son-in-law. You make a fabulous husband and a loving father. We appreciate you.

53. You’re a blessing to us all. Thank you for putting a smile on the face of our beloved. You matter to us more than you know. Happy birthday, dear son. May you live many more years in prosperity and comfort.

54. Thank you for holding on to the integrity and honour with which you married our daughter. Happy birthday, dear son. May line align in pleasant places for you.

55. I appreciate all the goodness you’ve brought to our home and the honour you’ve given to us as parents. Happy birthday, sweet son. May your smiles never fade away and your years be as prosperous as the ocean.

56. You gave our daughter love and by extension, you have blessed us with happiness and peace. Happy birthday, dear son. I’m glad we all said yes to you. Many more beautiful years ahead I pray on your behalf.

57. Happy birthday, my dear son. As your father-in-law, I’m proud to say that, you’re the best son-in-law I’ve ever known. May your years be fruitful and blissful. I love you.

58. I just wish that the new year and the coming ones be good for you. Happy birthday, sweet son. It’s such a delight to have you in our family.

59. I appreciate the heavens for choosing you as our own. Happy birthday, lovely son-in-law. Thank you for giving us reasons to be appreciative. May you always bask in joy and gladness with your barns full of harvest.

60. You’re way more than we ever imagined nor asked for. Happy birthday, pleasant father and husband. May your 30th be your best so far.

61. You’ve made me happy mothering you and your dear wife since we knew you two together. Happy birthday, dear son. May everything good come to you.

62. As you journey north, south, east and west, may you enjoy peace, comfort and prosperity. Happy 30th birthday, my dear. Thank you for loving our daughter the way we’ve always wanted it.

63. May the heavens guide you and protect you from the evils of the world. May you live long to father your own children and to bless your grandchildren. Happy birthday, dear son-in-law. We’re proud to have you.

64. It’s a huge blessing to have our daughter bear your name. It’s a greater one to have you father our grandchildren. Happy birthday, dear son-in-law. I hope you have all that you desire and more.

65. When winter comes, may blessings fall on you. When summer happens, may your troubles dry up. At autumn and spring, may you have more than you ever wished for. As each year and season go by, may your joy be full. Happy birthday, dear son. You’re the best we’ve ever had.

66. Over the years, you have reenacted the fact that you’re a blessing and a frill to be appreciated. Happy birthday, super son-in-law. May this new age be the best age ever.

67. With joy, I’ve woken up to see the sun, because a lovely son was born unto us on this day. Thank heavens for ordering your steps into our world. I pray you live long and you live amidst the comfort and happiness of your family.

68. May prosperity flow from everywhere into your abode. May happiness reside in the corners of your heart. Happy birthday, dear son. We’re always proud to call you that.

69. The years we’ve known you have been our best yet. Happy birthday, dear son. I hope you have all that you dream and desire including the unusual breakthroughs.

70. May your mornings be beautiful, and your nights be peaceful and void of terrors. Happy birthday, dear son. As a king, you’ve treated and loved our daughter nobly. I wish you many pleasant years in health.

71. As time goes by, may your wishes come by. Happy 30th birthday, dear son. May the new year be full of sparkles and joy.

72. Luxuries more than gold, joy that flows better than a river, I pray for you on this special day. Happy birthday, sweet son. We all love you.

73. Thank you for being an additional blessing to our home, and for blessing our daughter with love and happiness; she’s grown even younger since you met. I hope that the heavens bless you for being our blessing. Happy birthday, dear son.

74. I pray that times shall not be hard on you. I hope that the mercies of the father above continually guide you till the end. May your years be full of abundance and love. Happy 30th birthday, dear son.

75. Happy birthday, dear son. May this 30th birthday, come with new joy, new prosperity and new comfort. I can’t forget to mention how truly amazing you are as a husband, father and son.

76. Have a very beautiful birthday celebration. I hope you enjoy a distinguished year of many accomplishments. Happy birthday, dear son. We love and adore you.

77. Through our daughter, you have become our son. And with great satisfaction, we have savoured every moment. Happy birthday, dear son. May your new age be the beginning of true happiness and longevity.

78. Regardless of your past experiences, may this year be your best so far. Happy 30th birthday, deary. May all of your days be beautiful and colourful.

79. Our joy knows no boundary because you have become our son. Hence, on this day, we rejoice like the womb that carried you. Happy birthday, dear son-in-law. May your days be full of light and prosperity.

80. I pray, on this day, that you count in the places that matter. I hope you never drown in the ocean of life. Happy birthday, dear son. May everything work together for your good.

81. We have seen you be a great husband. We shall see you become a good father. Happy birthday, sweet son. Many more happy and healthy years shall you see.

82. As the years pass by, may you make histories of achievement, memories of joy and sing songs of gratitude. Happy birthday, dear son-in-law. In case you didn’t know, you’re the best of your kind.

83. I wouldn’t trade you for anything else in this world. You’re more than a blessing to us, son. Happy birthday to you. May this new age come with immaculate blessings and joy.

84. May your strength not go weak, may your home not become bleak. I hope you always have everything to live for. Happy birthday, dear son. In your eyes, we’ve seen true love and joy.

85. May nobody else take your crown. May your garment be of honour and glory. Happy 30th birthday, deary. Many more remarkable and joyful years shall you see.

86. You’ve built a home impregnable by the outside forces. Thus, we’re proud of you, dear son. Happy 30th birthday to you. May your years come with wisdom, joy, prosperity and fulfilment.

87. May the kings and queens of the world prefer you for good. May you enjoy honour and praise in times of reward. Happy birthday, dear son-in-law. Thank you for being such a loving husband and a good son to us.

88. As you age anew today, may you be blessed with all heavenly blessings. Happy birthday, dear son. It’s such an honour to call you our own.

89. Thank you for making us proud of the decision to let our daughter marry you. You’re nothing short of a great husband. Happy birthday, dear son. May you never suffer losses and pain. Many happy and victorious years shall you see.

90. It gives me so much joy seeing how much of a husband you’re to our daughter. Even a loving brother-in-law you have been to our other children. Happy birthday, a great son. I pray every good and perfect blessing upon you. Enjoy your day.

91. Happy birthday, sweetheart. May every good thing be yours just as you’re ours. May this new age come to be the best of the many ones that have come and go. We love you, dear son.

92. Today is the perfect day to tell you just how much we appreciate you. Happy birthday, dear son. You have been amazing and like a superman, we’ve won lingering smiles because of you. I pray you have the most beautiful year ever in this new age.

93. Happy birthday, dear son. It’s difficult to not call you that when you’ve won our hearts and blessed our souls. I pray that you enjoy peace, prosperity and longevity. We love you.

94. Happy birthday, super son. Thank you for lighting our faces with joy and for igniting hope and gratitude inside the corners of our hearts. I wish you the most prosperous and beautiful year ever.

95. Whatever brings you joy, that which brings you peace and floods your heart with gratitude shall abide forever by your side. Happy birthday, dear son. You’re more than we asked for.

96. In good health and wealth, you shall live to see your children’s children. Happy birthday, dear son-in-law. May your joy flow till the end of forever.

97. Thank you for being an additional blessing to our home. May your borders be void of waste and destruction. Happy birthday, dear son. May you live long and prosper.

98. At the dawn of the day, may your troubles come to an end and your joy comes to stay. Happy 30th birthday, dear son. Like the sea sands, your fruits shall be uncountable.

99. May you have an encounter with angels and nobles. Happy birthday, dear son-in-law. We couldn’t have asked for better. May your blessings be the best the world has ever known.

100. From this time on, your joy shall be full and your days shall be blessed. Happy birthday, dear son-in-law. You’re the reason why we’ve got a happy daughter and grandchild. May the good Lord keep you long for us all. We love you.

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