Good Morning Prayers for Friends (2023)

Everyone wants to be fulfilled in life, everyone wants to go out with confidence and assurance that they would achieve their dreams. They know life is a two-way coin, and their day can either go positive or negative, so there is a need for prayers.

Prayers to strengthen, to cancel evil, to obtain favour, to receive blessings and so many other good things of life. They would appreciate these prayers from anyone, especially friends. Be the person that supplies the needed daily dose strength for your friends.

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Good Morning Prayer Messages for Friends

Give your special friends the best chance to have a great day by saying these prayers to them or sending the prayer messages as Sms to him or her. Share the good morning prayer Quotes and Messages for your friends to Wake up to with them and you’ll be glad you did.

1. This is the day the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it. As you step into this day, I declare that the heavens will make you happy, I pray you will see the mighty hands of God. You will be happy, you will have every cause to rejoice as your heart desires will be fulfilled. Have a great day ahead. God bless you.

2. May the joy of the Lord strengthen you as you step out this morning, may you be delivered from every evil plan and attacks of your enemies. Today will favour you, everything you desire will come to you on a platter of Gold. Go in God’s strength and might to fulfil your dey. Enjoy his blessings. Have a fruitful day.

3. As you step into this great day, may the presence of the lord go with you. He will guide you and protect you from harm, he will bless you and provide for you. He will favour you and establish his covenant of joy with you. Today is going to be a great day. Enjoy it to its fullest.

4. It’s a great privilege to be among living souls to grace each day. I welcome you to a day filled with blessings ng s and success. Go all out and pursue your dreams, God is with you to help you make the best decisions. Have a blessed day ahead, my dear.

5. Every day comes with its own baggage, some for sorrows and others of Joy. As you go this day, may you be delivered from evil and be distanced from sorrows. May Joy and success and fulfilment, be your package for the day. Enjoy the day to its fullest. You deserve it, my dear.

6. Oh Lord, I come to you this day on behalf of my friend. Thank you for the Grace of life, thank you for good health, thank you for provisions and protection. As he goes out into the day, may he encounter favour before man, so that everything he lays his hands on will prosper. Thank you God for keeping him safe and giving him a fulfils day.

7. It’s the beginning of a bright new day and if you are reading this. God has kept you alive and he won’t stop there, he will go with you into the day and bless the works of your hands, he will rebuke evil for your sake, he will guide you through the day. Have a blessed day ahead.

8. Today is bright and colourful, with the sun rising early to take its place. As you go out this morning, may your day be blessed, may your ways keep shining unto success. Go and achieve your dreams, my dear. Have a fruitful day. God is with you.

9. May your going out and coming in be blessed, may your life be refreshed and renewed like the eagle, may your heart desires be granted on a platter of Gold and you’d come back home fulfilled. It’s going to be a great day, get ready to enjoy its fullness.

10. Good morning to you my dear, welcome to this glorious voyage. In this day, you’d encounter miracles, helpers will queue to do your bidding. Great doors shall be opened unto you and you would have every cause to be happy. Enjoy the sweet journey of the day.

11. Having a friend that wants the best for you is rare, that’s why I can’t take you for granted. I wish you a life of bliss and comfort. May God bless you abundantly.

12. The peace, trust and joy your presence brings are the best in the world, so I’m praying God will fill your life with peace and joy in abundance. May your ways be prosperous too. Have a great day ahead.

13. It’s the start of a great day, may God give you abundant blessings and favour as you go into your day. Good morning.

14. My friend, I’m happy I have everything in you. As you go in this day, may God go with you to prepare your way, may all your heart desires come true. Have a great day ahead.

15. You are a blend of everything wonderful and I’m glad I have you. Go into your day and do exploits, may destiny helpers locate you and favour you. Go fulfil your dreams!

16. As you go into this day, it’s my prayer that God will make everything work for you. Good morning, my friend. Have a great day.

17. You’ve brought so much joy to my life and every morning, I thank God for allowing me to meet you. May this joy never departs from your life. Have a joy-filled day, my friend.

18. I Deckare that your day if blessed. May God make you happy all round. Have a blissful day my dear. A wonderful morning to you.

19. Good morning, my lovely friend, may the entry of this day usher in great things into your life. Great doors will be opened unto you and

20. I pray this day will be a day filled with laughter and fulfilment, favour and other great things will gather round you. Have a fulfilled day ahead.

21. As you step into today, I pray all your heart desires would be fulfilled. May wonderful opportunities will come calling followed with great results. Enjoy your day.

22. My friend, today is going to be different, you would be favoured from every angle. All your plans will be accomplished and you’d be happy all through.

23. Today is a beautiful day, may it yield all its goodness to you, as you step out, blessings will overshadow you. You deserve it, my friend. Sweet morning to you.

24. You are very special to me and I pray you to have every good thing you ever want in life. God bless you for me. You’re a good friend. Have a great day ahead.

25. Today will open the doors to your breakthrough, you will receive answers to all your heart desires. Good morning my lovely friend. Enjoy your day.

26. I’m the luckiest person in the world for having my best friend, mentor, in one person. May you prosper, everything you want shall be supplied in abundance to you. God bless your day, my dear friend.

27. I pray God will keep you for me and make you happy all through your life. Good morning, my dear friend.

28. Good morning my dear, welcome to this beautiful day, may your ways be guarded to the right part. Have a pleasant day.

29. Daily, I wonder what I would do without you. May God keep you safe for me and meet all your needs. Have a fulfilling, day.

30. Your influence in my life is immeasurable and as each day breaks, may God open the doors of blessings for you and make you happy.

31. I pray for you this day, as you go out, may the angel of the Lord go with you to protect you, guide you and provide for you. Have a fruitful day.

32. I pray to God every morning, to spare you and grant all your heart desires because I can’t do without you. Thanks for being a good friend. Enjoy your day.

33. You are such a wonderful person and I love your personality. May God reward all your kind gestures and grant you all your heart desires. Have a great day

34. Good morning my friend, may this day favour you and give you many reasons to be happy. Enjoy your day.

35. Having you is a great privilege, I celebrate you in my life every day, may you be blessed on all sides, may all your heart desires be granted.

36. The level of friendship you have shown me is too good to be true, I pray God will reward you and grant you all your heart desires.

37. As you go out into today, may God go with you and lead you through and give you many reasons to be happy. Go and fulfil purpose in your day.

38. You are one in a million. I am fulfilled with you, I pray anything that would harm you would be removed by God. Have a great day.

39. It’s the start of a brand new day, forget about yesterday’s failures, go all out and achieve your dreams. May God be with you. Go enjoy your day my friend.

40. I Can’t thank God enough for bringing you into my life, may your heartfelt desires be met, may your day be fruitful and purposeful. Have a great, day.

41. My dear, you’re the answer to my heartfelt prayers and I pray you would achieve all your goals and be great in life. Go into your day and prosper.

42. As this day dawns, may it open doors of greatness unto you, favour and blessings will be your portion. Good morning my friend. God bless you.

43. I pray that God will go before you today to perfect your day, everything you desire shall be provided. Good morning, have a great day.

44. May the fullness of this day’s blessings yield to you. Today is going to be your day of fulfilment. Have a lovely day ahead.

45. As the sun rises today, may your glory rise, may this day proclaim your greatness. It’s going to be the best day so far. Go and prosper. Good morning!

46. I pray your strength is renewed like that of the eagle. As you step out, may your day be blessed. Enjoy your day.

47. Today, I proclaim blessings, I speak favour and joy into your day. May all your dreams come true. Have a wonderful day, my dear.

48. You cannot live alone and be fulfilled. As you go into today, I pray God will bring destiny helpers your way. Do have a blessed day.

49. You’ve been a blessing to my life, so I’m praying to God to bless you and grant all your heart desires. Today is your day of success.

50. This day, may God guide you and make you grow to greater heights. Have a blessed day my dear. Good morning.

51. My friend, as you step into the day, God will guide you into greatness and fulfilment. Go all out to achieve your dreams. Good morning.

52. Today is specially made for you, I pray all your secret cries will be attended to, and all sorrows will turn to you. Go into your day with confidence. Explore!

53. As you step into this day, I want you to know God has got your back and he won’t disappoint you. Go and excel my dear. Have a great day.

54. Good morning, my dear. May you be strengthened to achieve your goals so you will come back home fulfilled. Enjoy your day.

55. Top of the morning to you my dear. It’s a beautiful new day, may your life be filled with beauty and grace as you achieve your dreams. Enjoy your day.

56. I pray for you my friend, as you go into today, Life will favour you, you will receive……
help from every side and all your heart desires will be fulfilled. God bless your day.

57. As you step out, I pray your day would be bright, go into your day and shine, don’t also forget to be happy. You’re the best. Good morning my wonderful friend.

58. Day after day I think about how far we’ve come, may God keep us alive to witness many more good days. Starting from today, may your life be blessed, everything will work together for your good.

59. My dear, may all your secret tears turn to laughter. As you wake up this morning, may your sorrows become joy. It’s going to be a great day. Go and enjoy.

60. Every morning I remember all the good works you’ve done for me, and I pray God to continue to strengthen you. May your days continue to be fruitful. May life favour you with abundance. Enjoy your day.

61. As this day dawns into a bright and beautiful morning. May your life be refreshed and may the sun shine brightly on your path and make it fruitful. Have a beautiful day.

62. May this day be the best in your life. Great doors will open and wonderful opportunities will happen. Go into your day in grace, come back home fulfilled.

63. Wake up and go into your day with confidence, you deserve all the best life has to offer. God bless you for me. Have a lovely morning, my friend.

64. We’ve come a long way and we would keep going in the journey to greatness. May this day bring you closer to your dreams and make you fulfilled. Enjoy your day, my dear.

65. Today is another day, buckle up and face the day, Success is yours, my friend. May all you lay your hands on prosper. Blessed morning to you.

66. Good morning, my very good friend. May this beautiful day be a great one for you, may all your dreams come true. Go all out and achieve your dreams. God bless you.

67. Hello! Wake up, it’s morning, it’s another opportunity to right yesterday’s wrongs and fulfil your dreams. God will stand by you to and provide all you need. Enjoy your day.

68. I don’t know what you’ve gone through, but I know today gives you another opportunity to make great decisions. Go and make your day worthwhile, may God be with you.

69. Good morning, my dear. Today is gonna be good day for you. Go in confidence and achieve your dreams. God bless you.

70. Every morning I remember those wonderful things you did for me and I pray God will reward you back in great fold. Have a great day.

71. I’m happy I have a friend in you. May you reap all your good works. May your day be blessed, may you come back home fulfilled. Do Have a Great morning, my dear.

72. This day, I want every good thing life has to offer to queue up in answering you. You deserve it and much more. Have a blessed day.

73. Good people deserve good things and as you go into this day, may goodness go with you, may it open great doors for you. Enjoy your day.

74. This day, may you be refreshed with new strengths and confidence to achieve your dreams. Today is going to favour you in so many ways you never imagined. God bless you.

75. Today good things will come your way from every angle, people will compete to favour you. Good morning to you my friend. Have a wonderful day ahead.

76. Every day is an amazing opportunity to start life afresh, to go with a renewed mind. This morning, go into your day, renewed. May your day be blessed. Enjoy it.

77. It’s the start of a great day. Today, God will protect you, he will favour you, he will bless you, he will give you all your heart desires. Go and win, my dear.

78. I just want you to know that, as you go into today people will queue to help you. Good morning my friend. You deserve the best of days.

79. Every morning I wake up to thank God for creating you and for allowing me to meet you. So I pray that God will visit you and bless you, he will make you happy. Your day is going to be perfect.

80. This day will be filled with love, joy and fulfilment. Good things will not cease in your life. Have a fulfilling day my friend. Good morning.

81. You’re the best thing that happened to me and I’m blessed to have you. May this day bless you and open doors of success to you. Have a wonderful day ahead.

82. This is my prayer for you today. God would keep you and make you great for me. You will always be happy. Have a wonderful day my friend.

83. Each day moves us a step closer to our goals. May this day open its blessings for you. Go into the day and fulfil your dreams. Enjoy.

84. We have God and so we are assured of success as we daily draw towards the manifestations of success. May God guide your steps unto the right path. Good morning, my dear.

85. It’s a beautiful new day. Today will usher you into realms of success and you will be fulfilled. Good morning my friend.

86. May God will open doors of greatness for you, every decision of today will usher you into blessings. Have a great day ahead.

87. Good morning my dear, as you go into today, you would achieve all you have set your heart towards. God will favour you and make you happy.

88. Today as you step out, be rest assured that everything will work for your favour. All lost hopes will be restored. Have a blessed day my friend.

89. Every day another page is opened, to learn, improve, correct past mistakes and do new things. May this day give you great opportunities to make great in your life.

90. Today has lots of great things in stock for us. Go into today and make things happen and I pray you will come back a better person. Good morning my friend.

91. Welcome to this glorious day to guide and guardian you. He will open doors of favour for you too. Good morning my friend.

92. Good morning my dear, I lift my voice to the heavens and I pray that God would push you into greatness, go and enjoy your day.

93. I pray God will go with you into your day He will guide your steps as you walk in favour, I pray you would have success all around.

94. Today is gonna be a good day my friend. Go in grace, everything will work for your favour. Go and fulfil your dreams. Good morning.

95. Today will mark the beginning of greatness in your life. As you go out, may you encounter greatness and blessings. God will overshadow you with blessings

96. Hello! Wake up, it’s your day. You will remember today and smile, everything you set your heart on will come to you. Go and enjoy.

97. May this day bring forth good tidings unto you, blessings and favour will be your lot. Get dressed and go enjoy all this. Good morning.

98. I lift my voice to the heavens, may God hear my voice and favour you as you go out today. Your steps will be ordered by God unto greatness. God bless you.

99. Today as you go out, you will be overwhelmed with success. God will go with you to make your ways fruitful. Have a success filled day my friend. Good morning.

100. May the good lord favour you, bless you, protect you and guide you in all ways. Today is going to be one of your best days. Go and enjoy a blessed day.

Don’t just claim you love your friends and you wish them well. Act it by sending them prayers as they go into their day. That’s how to be a great friend.

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