Powerful Good Morning Bible Messages for Someone Special 1

2023 Powerful Good Morning Bible Messages for Someone Special

Every day comes with its own fair share of goodness and evil, and we all go out hoping we are caught on the good side.

The best gift you can give a man is to bless his day, wading off evil and praying for blessings and goodness. If anyone is special to you, they deserve your prayers.

Wondering how you wanna go about that, it’s easy, check out these wonderfully crafted good morning messages that’d help you achieve just that.

Biblical Good Morning Text Messages and Wishes

One of the best wishes for the day from you to your friends, lover and loved ones is embedded in these biblical good morning text messages. Best of Good Morning Bible Messages for Him or Her.

1. The morning glory that has been hidden in your life will spring forth and begin to shine on you in Jesus name. Good morning dear.

2. As you wake up this morning, I pray and decree that God will open your way for success and favour, go and achieve your dreams, my dear. Have a blessed day ahead.

3. As the Lord parted the red sea for the children of Israel, he will make a way through impossible places for you. Have a testimony- filled day. Good morning dearie.

4. As you go out this beautiful morning, may the angels of God go before and after you to protect, guide and bless you abundantly. Good morning.

5. As you wake up this morning to prepare for today’s activities, may God be with you and protect you and make you shine in his glory. Blessed morning to you.

6. I pray for you this morning, that the connection you need that will make you do exploit, may it be granted unto you on a platter of Gold. Good morning, enjoy your day.

7. This morning I pray for you, in all ways the Lord will not turn away his face from all what you lay your hands on today in Jesus mighty name. Good morning.

8. I pray for you this morning, the Lord will bless you abundantly in all ways and all your heart desires will be fulfilled. Good morning dear, have a blessed day.

9. As you open your eyes to see the dawn of a new day, so shall your eyes be opened to see the riches and favour of God today. Good morning.

10. Good morning dear, I pray your dreams, purpose, mission, desire and expectations shall be fulfilled today. It’s your day of testimonies. Enjoy!

11. This is the word of God for you today and always. Where you are expecting a cup of blessing, the Lord will give you an ocean of blessings. Have a beautiful day ahead.

12. In any way you’re trusting God for provisions as you step out today, the almighty God will give you abundance. Keep trusting in God. Good morning dear.

13. Hello dear, wake up to see the beauty of his holiness, wake up to see the bright day ahead of you, wake up to enjoy and bask in God’s glory as your expectation today will not be cut short. Good morning.

14. As you wake up this morning, may the gate that leads to happiness not be closed against you, you shall have access to heaven’s abundant blessings and share great testimonies with joy in Jesus name. Good morning dear.

15. As you wake up and set out for today, may your feet take you to your land of honour and blessing, all your hanging breakthroughs and benefits shall be released to you. Have a wonderful day ahead.

16. I pray for you this morning that your mandatory benefactors, head lifters, and glory announcers shall locate you and perform their duties in Jesus name. Good morning my dear.

17. This is my prayer for you this morning, as you wake up and get ready for today’s activities. May God guide your steps and decisions into abundance blessings and unlimited success.

18. I pray for you today, mercy will come to you when you need it, grace will find you when you desire it, favour will locate you when you wish for it in Jesus name. Enjoy your day.

19. Good morning dear, may today bring you good tidings. No good thing on earth shall elude you in Jesus name. Have a fulfilled day ahead.

20. The Lord shall fight all your battles for you and you will hold your peace. He will defend you where you cannot speak and bring justice to you. Good morning dear. Enjoy your day.

21. Today, God will move mountains just to bless you. He will rebuke both seen and unseen dangers approaching your glory. Every disappointment laying as trap for you shall be exposed and cancelled out. Good morning dear. God bless your day.

22. As you go about your business for today, may the Lord direct your footsteps and may God almighty make every situation work in your favour. Go and do exploits, have a wonderful day.

23. As you go into today, you will encounter favor that will change the story of your life for better. God’s favour and mercy shall abide with you forever in Jesus name. Good morning.

24. This morning, as you step out, step out into unlimited favour, everything you lay your hands on today will prosper. Have a graceful day.

25. God said he will be gracious and will show mercy on anyone he wills. May the grace and mercy of God not be far from you in Jesus name. Good morning dear.

26. Beloved of God, as u wake up this morning, God will prepare a table for you among the great. Your life will receive a supernatural turnaround. Go and do exploits. Good morning.

27. It’s my heart desires for you that every evil force positioned to resist, attack and oppose your success shall be defeated and you shall have a great testimony. Have a beautiful morning dear.

28. Today, God will manifest his glorious power in your life and make you a point of reference for1 good things. Go and enjoy unlimited favour.

29. As you step into this beautiful day, you shall be a channel of blessings, a symbol of success, a vessel of testimonies and a pillar of joy in Jesus name. Good morning.

30. I pray for you this morning, May God grant you several reasons to smile and may you be the reason for others to smile. Enter your day with joy.

31. Today is the day the Lord has made, rejoice and be glad in it because everything will work in your favour. Have a beautiful day ahead my dear.

32. Good morning darling, this day, may God answer your secret prayers, wipe away your secret tears, erase your fears and lift you to that position you desire in Jesus name.

33. Happy new day dear, may every small effort of yours always yield multiple results of blessings. I pray favour and mercy will speak for you today and every day.

34. Welcome to this beautiful day my dear, may this day favour you. I pray men shall queue to bless you and you’d never have any cause to regret your day. Have a beautiful day ahead.

35. It’s a bright new day, may this brightness shine in your path and pave way for unlimited blessings and favour in your day. Have a wonderful day ahead my dear.

36. As it dawns into day, may your life experience great transformation. Testimony is going to be your song today. Go and do exploits my day, today is yours for goodness.

37. Today is the day the Lord has made, rejoice my dear, and be glad in it, all your heart desires will be fulfilled and you would forever be happy. Have a blessed day ahead.

38. Life is indeed beautiful, it wouldn’t give us what we want but what we demand of it. I demand favour, blessings, joy, peace and great achievements on your behalf. Go and enjoy my dear.

40. I pray God will open your eyes to see the hidden blessings of each day, he will strengthen you to use it for your good. Go and enjoy a day filled with great achievements. Good morning.

41. May this day, open you up to be dimensions of favour and grace. May all your heart desires be fulfilled and you’d come back happier than the way you left. Have a wonderful day.

42. Everyone that had ever encountered great manifestation did in a day, may today be the day of your own testimony. Go and do exploits, my dear. Have a beautiful day.

43. I pray for you as you step into this day, may God grant you all your heart desires, may you fulfill all your aspirations and everything you lay your hands on will prosper. Today is your day my dear.

44. Life is not by grade but by grace, not by labour but by favour, not by merit but by the mercy of God. May God open the heavens and grant you grace, favour and mercy. Enjoy your day.

43. This may, may the grace and mercy of God locate you as you step out today in Jesus name. Go and fulfill all your dreams, God is with you, my dear. Have a wonderful day.

44. May the journey of this day be hitch free and accident-free. God will guide you into every decision, you will come back home fulfilled and happy. Have a fruitful day my dear.

45. This day, nations will need your services, leaders will ask for your advice, kings will beg for your presence, great men will pray to serve you. Go and do exploits dear. Good morning.

46. Today will be so blessed that your mates will seek you for favour, your land will be green, your purse will be fat and your health also will be sound. Good morning.

47. I speak into your life this morning and new day, every lost opportunity shall be restored, every debt shall be paid, every closed door shall be opened, and your heaven shall bring forth rain in Jesus name. Good morning.

48. May your lamp of glory burn brighter, your ocean of joy flow abundantly, your rainbow appear more colourful and consistently. Today is your day of testimony. God bless you.

49. As you step into today, you will triumph over all challenges and troubles, you will become unstoppable as the Almighty God will release an excellent spirit upon you to succeed in all your endeavours. Good morning dear.

50. Good morning my dear, as you go out this morning, You will not dispense labour in the garden of your enemies, your beautiful gate shall not be an open field to your adversaries.

51. I pray this morning, that, you will experience more miraculous turnaround beyond what happened at the gate of Samaria in Jesus name. Have a beautiful day ahead.

52. The power of prayers that worked wonders in the lives of Paul and Silas that liberated them from the hands of their tormentors, shall this morning break every invisible shackle and fetter of the enemies in your life in Jesus name. Good morning dear.

53. Every blessing that God has promised you shall not elude you as you prepare to go out this morning. Go into your day with confidence. It’s your day of joy.

54. I decree this morning that the Almighty God will reload your life with a new song. He will rebrand you for excellence and greatness. Have a wonderful day.

55. Today, that singular miracle that will sink the pride of your enemies shall happen in your life. Everyone that knows you will come celebrate with you.

56. I pray for you my dear, may God bless your day, may he cause everything to work in your favour. All your heart desires will be fulfilled and he’d bless you beyond your expectations.

57. My dear, as you go into today, the success that will shut the mouth of your haters permanently is activated in your life by the power of God. Good morning, enjoy your day.

58. Today, grace will announce your greatness, mercy will usher you to your table of upliftment, and favour will settle you. Your feet will not stumble in the name of Jesus. Goodmorning and have a blessed day.

59. I pray nothing will erase God’s plan for you. May all his promises be fulfilled in your life. Go into today and enjoy the fulfilled promises of God. Enjoy your day.

60. May God’s Grace be sufficient for you in all you do. He will go before you today to make every crooked way straight and give you a great testimony. Have a beautiful day ahead.

61. God is wonderful, his mercy is unceasing, his love is genuine, his promise is sure. He’s too faithful to fail, he will give you reason to smile forever in Jesus name. Good morning

62. This morning, the perfect lord will perfect everything that concerns you and gives you pleasant surprises. Go and fulfill your dreams, my dear. Today is going to be a great day.

63. May God life you high beyond your expectations. May he bless you and bring you to sit with kings, may your enemies be as your footstool. Go and enjoy God’s unlimited faithfulness. Have a blessed day.

64. Don’t be afraid of everyone that gang up against you, they shall all be embarrassed before you. You’d triumph over their evil plans. Your victory is sure in Jesus Mighty Name. Good morning dear.

65. Each time you hear good morning, the Lord will make it truly good. Everything you lay your hands on will be good, your decisions and results will forever be good. Have a Good morning dear.

66. Every day has its own abundant blessings and joy, may you receive your share today. May blessings encompass you all round. Have a great day ahead.

67. Good morning my dear. May this day be fruitful, you will have reasons to smile, to rejoice and to praise God, go and fulfill your dreams, my dear.

68. Today, God will open His book of remembrance and single you out for divine blessings. The book of remembrance assigned for your uncommon breakthroughs and miracles shall open. Good morning.

69. May Almighty God continue to anoint you with the oil of gladness and crown you with glory and honour. Divine blessing is yours today and forever.

70. May the presence of the Lord daily guarantee your victory. God has promised never to forsake you. Victory is yours always. Good morning my dear. Enjoy your day.

71. Good morning my dear, it’s the beginning of a beautiful day, may your life be beautiful and colourful, may you have everything cause to smile and be happy all through the day. May God bless your day.

72. Every day comes with its own fair share of battles, may God fight for you. He will always cause you to triumph over all your enemies in life. Good morning, have a victorious day.

73. And the Lord said, “My presence shall go with you, and I will give you rest.” This shall be your testimony today, you will enjoy all the favour, blessings, peace and joy of God’s presence. Have a wonderful day.

74. Today you will experience God’s presence in your life. His name shall be forever glorified not only in your life but also in the lives of your loved ones. Good morning my dear.

75. It’s a new day, may new things begin to happen in your life. You will live a life full of peace and you will be blessed with good health and abundant prosperity. Enjoy your day.

76. Good morning dear, the path you will tread today shall be full of honey and you will go out in peace and come back with greater testimonies in Jesus mighty name.

77. My dear, People that have forgotten you shall remember you for good. Great things shall begin to happen in your life as from today and forevermore. Good morning, have a beautiful day.

78. I speak into today, no more delay and setback. It is your time and turn to be favoured. May you be filled with love and happiness this day and beyond. Good morning

79. As you go into today, may God cancel every evil on your way, may his angels guide you and guard you all through the day. His favour and blessings will be your lot. Have a wonderful day.

80. This day will be highly favourable for you, everything will work for your favour. You will come back home with a wonderful testimony. Good morning.

81. Today is a beautiful and bright day, may the light of God keep shining on you day by day. May all your heart desires be fulfilled and joy will be your portion always.

82. It’s the season of decorations, your life shall be decorated in Jesus name. The prophecies of the Lord shall not fail in your life again in Jesus name. Have a beautiful day my dear.

83. Good morning dear. This day, may God fight for you in all ramifications of life. You shall rejoice over all your situations. It’s a day of good tidings. Go and do exploits.

84. As you step into this beautiful day, there shall be great news of victory. May the light of today illuminate your life and fill you with unlimited blessings. Good morning.

85. Today, God of Heaven shall smile on you, the Spirit of God Almighty will assist you in all you do. You will receive help to achieve all your plans, and you would be fulfilled. Have a beautiful day ahead.

86. As you step into today in the name of the Lord, may you experience unlimited grace and favour upon your life today and forever. Good morning dear, enjoy your day.

87. Today is the day the Lord has made, as you go into it, may God advance you in every area of your life. God’s grace and mercy will speak for you and men will queue to favour you in Jesus name.

88. Today, I speak into your life. You won’t be delayed, you won’t be denied, you won’t be disgraced and you won’t be disappointed in whatever you do. Good morning.

89. On this beautiful day, Your heart desires and expectations shall come to pass. God will surely prove Himself Mightily in your life, and you’d become a living testimony of his graciousness. Good morning dear.

90. God has promised to fight for you at all times, may today not be an exception. He will go before you and clear the way, he will embarrass all your enemies and cause you to triumph over them. Have a beautiful day ahead.

91. Good morning my dear, it’s gonna be a good day, dress up and claim the favour and blessings that have been assigned to you. Have a great day

92. This morning I pray God will prove Himself mightily in your life. He will fight for you and destroy all your enemies. Go into your day in the victory of the Lord.

93. Today, I speak peace into your life, everything will work for your favour. It is well with you and all that is yours in every area of your life. Good morning, have a good day.

94. This morning, as soon as your enemies hear of you, they shall run and be confounded, strangers will submit themselves to you. Your helpers will locate you with blessings. Have a beautiful day.

95. As you enter this beautiful day, the armies of heaven will empty, waste and disgrace your unrepentant oppressors and give you unlimited testimonies. Good morning.

96. The Heavens declare the glory of God, the Firmament sheweth his handiwork. Today, God himself shall declare your glories for all to see. Good morning.

97. It’s a beautiful day my dear, as the sun rises up to shine, so shall your light shine brightly for the world to see in Jesus name. Have a blessed day my dear.

98. As you step into this beautiful day, may the favour and blessings of God encompass you, may you be filled till you overflow, go and do exploits, my dear. Enjoy your day.

99. May the dew of heaven fall upon you. Today will be a special day of grace in your life, all long promises will begin to come to fulfilment in Jesus name.

100. On this day, may the Lord bless you and keep you, may he make his face to shine upon you, may he lift up his countenance upon you and grant you peace. Good morning.

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