Sweet Morning Messages for Her to Wake Up To (2023)

Have you ever woken up to a sweet greeting on your phone? If that doesn’t make your day, I really don’t know what else will. As a matter of fact, that can just be all you need to have a good and perfect day!

Now, imagine blessing your wife or girlfriend, the person that’s closest to our heart, with this gift. Imagine how content you’ll feel knowing that you’re the one who put that broad smile on her face this morning.

And if you are looking for where to find some sweet texts and messages to make her morning or her day this year 2023, this page definitely has more than you need. You can even pick up one for each day for four whole months from this page.

You can drop them for her just before you sleep or as soon as you wake up, so it’ll be on her phone as early as before she wakes up. Now, that’s how you make her blush!

So, are you ready to make her wake up in the morning to some sweet messages staring at her? then, the content of this page is definitely for you!

Good Morning Love Messages for Her to Wake Up To

Make your girlfriend wake up to the best feeling of love with any of these good morning love messages for her from the heart. They are best fit for a loving wife too, if you’re married.

1. Good morning, love. If you look into the mirror right now, you’ll see how the lost beautiful woman looks when she wakes up. I love you plenty, darling.

2. The sun is rising but the beauty of it’s rising cannot be compared to that of yours. I always want to catch a glimpse of you waking up when it’s possible. Good morning to the best wife ever.

3. See how you shine like a diamond this morning. If you are beauty, then beauty is definitely not overrated. I love you, baby girl, and I’m here to say have a great and nice day. Good morning, honey.

4. You have a long day ahead of you, and God’s watchful eyes and my love will see you through it. Plus, this is a reminder that you’re the best girlfriend ever. I love you, my heartbeat. Good morning to you!

5. Magnificence never knew its proper definition until you were brought into the world many years ago, my darling. Wake up, love, because the world is yours to take today. An awesome morning to you.

6. Baby, look at me and tell me if you don’t see the difference between now and when I was without you. I’m richer, more handsome and more successful. Thanks for being in my life. Good morning, darling.

7. My wife, every morning is a reminder that you’re still the best choice I ever made. I look forward to every time I can spend with you. I love you forever, darling. This is to say good morning.

8. One thing I’ll never be tired of in my life is your presence. When you’re around me, what I feel is more than joy. I feel more than complete and satisfied just knowing I have you. It’s morning, love. Wake up. Go on and conquer the day. Good morning to you, darling.

9. The road ahead of you today will be filled with much sweetness. For you, the day will be as sweet as you. Keep spreading sweetness wherever you go. Good morning, baby. I love you.

10. My morning is not as perfect as I want it because I did not wake up with you by my side. You complete my morning, baby, and you’re all I’m thinking about right now. I love you. Good morning, sweetie.

11. When you wake up, help me greet the woman that owns my heart. Tell her she’s awesome and that she’s amazing. Tell her that I love all of her with all of me. Remind her that you are her. Good morning to you, my sweet wife.

12. You were made to be nice-looking, but your creator sure wanted to show that he was stylish, and see what he made out of you! Such beauty! Too much for one planet. I love you, my girl, and I love your body. Good morning to you.

13. I try to send you messages reminding you of how sweet you are, not because I think you’ll forget it, but because I like the attention of royalties like you. A beautiful morning to my awesome girlfriend.

14. Girl, I can’t lose you. The lengths I’ll go to keep you, I doubt Mandela would have gone for South Africa. For you, baby, I’ll do anything. And I will love you forever and ever. Good morning to my beautiful Queen.

15. Darling, forever is too short when compared to how long I want to spend with you. I never fancied living forever until I became one with you. I love you and you should know it. May your not lack any good thing this morning. Have a nice morning, baby.

16. Every time I look at you, I see the face I want to see on my children, the body I want to hug and the perfection of everything female. I love you. Good morning to you, love.

17. I’m proud of you, baby. And every day gives me an opportunity to brag about how exceptional you are. I without you is not something I want to see. I love you this morning, today and forever, my love. Good morning to the queen of my heart.

18. When God made you, he took his time to drop wonderful features in the perfect places, and he saw that it was good. So using you as a template, he made all the great beauties of the world. I need you to remember that today and to have a beautiful morning, sweetheart.

19. Honey, I promise you that you are gorgeous. When I look at the wonders of the earth, I think of you. Good morning to you, love of my life and queen of my world.

20. Loving you is beautiful. And sharing the rest of my life with you, my wifey is super amazing. It’s been filled with many blessings for me and the future holds better things for us together. I love you, again and again, my children’s mother. Good morning to you.

21. Good morning to the love of my life. We are not perfect, baby, but our imperfections are lovely together. I love you so much. Let’s rule the day.

22. A day without you in it is like a day spent without breathing. You’re my life, honey. I love everything about you and want to experience you every day of my life. Good morning to you, sweetheart.

23. Sweetie, you’re my best friend and the love of my life. If you wake up to see this, then it’s all perfect because I want these to be the first things you hear from me today. I love you now and forever. Good morning, love.

24. I love you, my darling. I love the way you rule the affairs of my heart, my queen. With you, I’m more valuable, my platinum. You’re a lot of things to me, including my crown, because you are the evidence of my blessings. Good morning to you, my love.

25. Behold, my girlfriend is more valuable than houses and cars and businesses to me. There’s no one single doubt in my mind that you’re the one for me. And I will love you forever. Good morning to you, darling.

26. Because of how different you are from other girls, I’ll use the word “beauteous” to describe you. When I’m looking at you, I know I’m looking at the most attractive girl on earth. Good morning to you, darling.

27. How hot, fair and cute can someone’s daughter be? I’m sure you’re a direct daughter of God and not man. A human can’t give birth to such gorgeousness. I want to behold this sight of you forever. I love you, baby. Good morning to you.

28. You’re super lovely that I could spend a lot of time with just you and I’ll be very fine. I don’t even want to wonder what my life will be without you. I love you and this is to say good morning to the one I can’t stop loving.

29. It’s nice, and even more, having someone like you in my life. I see a lot of relationships around, so I beg you to trust me when I say you’re the best girlfriend. Good morning to you, my girl. You know I love you, right?

30. The first time I saw you, you were glowing like the streets of heaven. When I last saw you, you were glowing even more. You’re just getting more dazzling and dazzling as the days go by. Remember that all the goodness of the earth are yours. Good morning, love.

31. While I wish you a splendid day, I remember that you’re the definition of splendour. I wish you the most marvellous day, and one filled with many blessings. Good morning to you, sweet girl.

32. Every morning of 2023 has me waking up to a face that shines with much beauty, that reflects the glory of God, that is the perfection of beauty. Good morning to you, darling.

33. Your intelligence is not on a low key at all. It’s shining hot and hard for the world to see and I’m glad and proud to be associated with it. I love you forever, girl. Good morning to you, my love.

34. You’re charming. Don’t ever think it’s a lie when someone tells you that you are. I’ll be living less if don’t live my life loving you. Good morning to you. Let’s conquer the day, my heart.

35. You’re one in a million. Nope, rather one in a billion. Wait, you’re actually one in infinity. Your type is not just rare; you’re the only of your kind. Good morning, unique one. Enjoy love today, my baby girl.

36. How many Ss can describe you? Smart, sweet, sexy, scintillating? You’re amazing, girl, and all my love is yours. Good morning to you, darling.

37. The brilliance in your smile is out of this world. The sound of your voice is definitely heavenly. And maybe I should mention how eating your food changed the way I saw cooking. You’re the greatest cook ever. I love you and wish you a good morning, my heartbeat.

38. You shine, beautiful girl, and you add colour to my life. I will describe you as resplendent. Hope you woke up like the greatness that you are? Good morning to you, the Queen of my world.

39. Hope your sleep was beautiful? Hope you woke up very excited? Hope you’re smiling now and hope you won’t frown throughout today? Frowns don’t do well on your super pretty face, you know? Good morning to you, my love.

40. God wanted to create someone who’s every step will show how love, beauty and glory. And he made you. This morning is a great one to remind you of this. I love you for life, my sweetheart. Good morning to you!

41. I started to sit up at a lot of things because of you. You’re my motivation to be better and also the reason I want to be better. I love you, my wifey. Good morning.

42. Wake up, my sweet sleepyhead. Wake up to my love as a text. Wake up and rule your world, my strong woman. Good morning to you — my sweetheart forever.

43. As you slept, I hope your dreams were filled with pictures of love and bliss. I pray your day has even more of the love and bliss. Rock your day! Good morning, my angel.

44. Do you know that my love for you will never change? I’ll never let go of you, for a lot of reasons and one of them is because I can’t let go of the best gift God gave me. Good morning to you, my queen.

45. You said you have some exes. Sometimes, I wonder how possible it was for them to leave someone as amazing as you are. I guess they were drunk when they did. You are one heaven of a magnificent woman. Good morning to you, love.

46. I’m drunk in your love and I love it, and I take responsibility for every action I make in it. If your love is a drink, I’ll forget about every other drink. I love you, honey. Good morning, honey.

47. I LOVE YOU. I pray this remains in your thoughts throughout the day. I also want you to know that you’re a distraction on my mind, but a distraction that I love. Have a beautiful day and a great morning, my sweetheart.

48. You’re the most important person in my life and I don’t want to do a single thing without you. You’re in me and I in you and that guides my daily decisions. Sweetie, I love you. Good morning to you.

49. Hey, darling. I want you to know that honey is jealous of you because there’s never been a time when it was sweeter than you. Good morning to you, my love.

50. Good morning, sweetheart. It’s a beautiful day and you’re a beautiful woman. You and the day are an awesome combination, so I expect you to do well today. I love you, my darling.

51. My world revolves around you. And that’s not only why you’re my sun. You’re also my sun because you light up my world. To only you, I say “you’re my lover for life.” Good morning to you, babe.

52. I want to sing to you every morning, because just saying words to you may not express how deeply and truly I mean them. I want to tell you about how marvellous you are and see that you believe me. Good morning, my heart.

53. I watched you while you slept and you looked so pretty even while at it. I wanted to tell you but did not want to interrupt your sleep, so I dropped this message for you to wake up to. You’re too pretty, baby, and I’m not complaining. Good morning to you!

54. If there’s something God overdid for you, it’s your awesomeness. He made you so awesome that I can only wonder what good I did to be blessed with you. I love you, babe. Seize the day, love. Good morning.

55. Honey, expect a lot of excellence in my efforts to make you happy. That’s the least I can do to thank you for blessing me with your presence in my life. I pray you to have a happy day. Good morning, my Queen.

56. If I am to write a book on your sweetness, it will be a really short one because there’ll be only four words in it. YOU’RE MORE THAN SWEET! Good morning, baby. Go and rule your world.

57. I sent these messages for two reasons: one because you’re graceful beyond description; and two, because I couldn’t stop myself from saying it. And, by the way, I love to see your sleepy face when you wake. Lol. I love you, sweetest girl. A gracious morning to you.

58. My wife is nice-looking and wonderful. I want to tell her that her fairness is beyond my expectations. I love her and she is the one reading these messages. Good morning to you, my love.

59. What can go wrong when you’re wrapped in my arms, on a bed or couch, and we just sleep or spend time together alone? That’s the best feeling in the world, baby. I love it, but I love you even more. Good morning to you!

60. Darling, when we’re old and grey, I still want to look you in the eyes and call you my love. And tell you how sweet you are and how proud of you I am. But I’ll be patient and enjoy now with you. It can only get sweeter, fair one, I promise you. I love you forever. Good morning to you, darling.

61. It’s clear that I can’t trade you for anything or anybody else. See how you’re so fine, inside and outside. If being pretty is human, then you’re superhuman. I love you, my baby. Good morning.

62. There’s a day filled with blessings ahead of you, lovely blessings. Walk into the day to claim them all. A blessed morning to you, babe. I will always love you, my heart.

63. I don’t know if to call you the sun or the moon because you’re always there for me, in the day and at night. I love how you look out for me. Good morning, my love.

64. Thinking of you, it would not have been a waste of time if I had to wait for a hundred more years before we found ourselves. You would have been worth the wait. Go and reign over the day, my sweetheart. Good morning.

65. Fresh skin, nice eyes, pretty face, curvy body, and many other beautiful features, plus a heart of gold. You’re just sweet! Have a blast this morning, my sweet girlfriend. A pleasant more to you.

66. Babe, if there’s one thing I’ve learnt from you, it’s that it’s possible for someone to love another with every single part of him/her. Hope you planned for a great day? Good morning to you, babe.

67. If all men had someone like you as a wife or a girlfriend, there will be no cheating in the world. I bet my favourite shoe on that! Good morning, sweetheart.

68. Hope you are ready for a day of joy? Good morning, my lady. As you walk majestically and with grace through the day, you’ll find a lot of blessings to pick up. I love you very much, darling.

69. You blush when I say describe you with positive words. But I don’t lie. If what I say about you makes you blush, you’re definitely the best lady ever. And I agree that you are. May your day be filled with big blessings. I love you so much, my lady. Good morning to you.

70. Your skin colour is the reason I love brown and, when I walk with you, I feel like the president. Good morning to you, the most beautiful woman in the world.

71. You and I becoming one is the most perfect union, a true queen with all shade of magnificence and a real king with all shade of awesomeness. Now, you wake up to go and rule the world. Good morning, my love.

72. Sometimes, I wonder if it’s possible to not love you. You’re just lovely and I love you for life. This morning will be filled with much better for you. Good morning, beauty.

73. I love it when you smile. I love it when you dance. I love it when you love me. I love everything you do. And it’s another morning to remind you that you are loved. Good morning to my Queen.

74. Have you ever looked at your wake up face? It speaks of so much fineness. I love looking at your beautiful face. Good morning to you, sweetheart.

75. Good morning, darling. When I think about it now, you’re more awesome than I thought you were. I wonder what sweetness of you I’m yet to taste, but I’ll be patient.

76. Hello, sweet girl. Hope your waking thoughts were of peace and joy? Hope your dreams were of love and blessings? I love you. Go on and rule your day. Good morning, my heartbeat.

77. As you bathe today, remember that you’re washing a body that’s not just yours, but mine. Good morning, my baby. I love your body.

78. I always want to see you smiling, because that’s what you deserve. I hope my messages put smiles on your face. I love you and wish you a blessed morning, darling.

79. Look around, baby, and tell me if you can see anything that’s more pleasant to look at? You’re just the nicest sight ever. Good morning to you, love of my life.

80. There’s a lot of things I can tell you, but the one I chose to tell you this morning is that your love is intoxicating me. Good morning, my love.

81. To the one who holds my heart in her hands and is free to do as she pleases, I say good morning. To the one I love with all of me and will never stop loving, I say have a blessed day! I love you, baby.

82. May today treat you so nicely that you’ll be in a hurry for nights to pass so you could wake up to another day of blessings. Good morning to the lady I call “my world.”

83. I don’t know what everyone sees when they look at you, but when I do, I see glory. I see craftiness in art. I see a woman who was jealously made. I love you, my honey. Good morning to you.

84. I’ll never trade you for anything else. That’s a promise. That’s one of my life codes. Keeping you forever is my life mission. Good morning, darling.

85. No sacrifice is too much to make if you’re at the end of the road. Even if one’s not sure of getting you, the sacrifice is still worth it. Good morning, love. Enjoy the day.

86. Once in a while, things happen to us that change things about us. But for my decision to be with you, nothing can happen that will change it. You’re my lover for life. Good morning to you, sweetheart.

87. Yesterday, someone told me “your girlfriend is amazing.” And even though I loved it, I felt jealous. I love you jealously, sweetie. Good morning to you, my girl.

88. There’s a lot I can give away and you, baby, are not one of them. There’s a lot I can do without; you, my love, are not one either. There’s a lot I need to survive and you, my heartbeat, is at the top of the list. Good morning to you, my lover.

89. I love you more than I planned to because you made all my love pour out of my reserve. Now, I can’t help the way I love you. Just look at me. But I love it like that. Good morning to you, darling.

90. Sweet is the way you look at me, and talk to me, and play with me. Sweet is one word that describes you. Good morning, my sweetness.

91. Baby, there are a lot of sweet things I can say about you. Please, don’t think it’s flattery when I do. As you go through your day, remember that I love you madly. You’re my baby girl for life.

92. It’s less than an hour since I left the house for work and I’m missing you like I’ve not seen you in weeks. I need your presence here, love. May the remaining part of your sleep be sweet and may your day be wonderful. Good morning, my love.

93. I stood over your sleeping body admiring the woman I’ll spend the rest of my life with, and I couldn’t thank God enough for the gift of you. I love you, darling. Good morning, my wife forever!

94. I pity any girl that looks at me hoping to get me one day. If only they knew that I’ve been locked in your heart and the keys to the lock have been melted, they would do better. A pleasant morning to you, love of my life!

95. Baby girl, are you sure you were created for the earth? With how elegant you are, I think you were created for saner climes. I love you plenty, my girl. Good morning to you, love.

96. One thing I can boast about is the kind of relationship I’m in. This is just exactly what I wanted! Thank you for giving me this awesome relationship, for making it possible. I love you and say good morning, my love.

97. Darling, I pray all the messages you get today bring good news with them because you deserve to rejoice only. This is to celebrate you, my girlfriend, and to say good morning to you!

98. What’s the best that can happen to you today, my love? I pray that that’s exactly what will happen to you today! Go on and take the day! Good morning, my baby.

99. There’s a lot going on around me, enough to drive a man crazy, but I’m still sane because I have a partner — you — that naturally keeps me sane with love, peace, excitement and more! Good morning to you, my love for life.

100. A sweet morning like this and I’m wishing you’re here to spend it with me. Wherever you are, I just want you to know that you’re on my mind right now. Good morning, my darling.

101. I’m here, thinking of your smiles that weaken me, your touch that eases my tension and your love that wraps me into safety. I love you, baby. Good morning to you.

102. Baby, you’re precious. Your worth is not in what you have done, but in who you are. And you are worth everything! Good morning to you, my lover.

103. To you, I want to sing forever. Sing your praises and tell you how beautiful you are. Praise your body and never stop. I love you. Good morning, my darling.

104. I totally trust you, baby. No one can see the things you do and still have doubts about your love. Wake up and rock your world, my love. Good morning.

105. I’m thankful for a lot of things I got in 2023 and most thankful for the gift of you, my darling wife. God sure gave me a great gift and that gift is you. Good morning, love.

106. The only fear I have about being your partner is that I’ll be diabetic. Wait. That’s not even a fear, as long as the sugar comes from you. You’re sweet. Have a sweet morning and a generally pleasant day. Love.

107. Every day, I pray to love you in the best way. I know you deserve the best and that’s exactly what I want to give you. Wake up, sleepyhead. I love you, baby. Good morning.

108. If my mind is social media, you’ll always be the trending topic there. See how my mind is flooded with thoughts of you. Good morning to you, love.

109. Someone once asked me if I knew the most beautiful woman to ever be on earth. I replied, “I know her! She’s my wife!” And I wasn’t lying. Good morning, my love.

110. I can bet my phone that no one can ever be as excited as me because no one can ever have you. It’s mind-blowing to think that only I will ever enjoy your sweetness forever. Good morning, my darling.

111. Walking with you may be a narrow path, but it’s a path I wake up every single day happy that I took. Happy day to you and good morning, my sweetheart.

112. I’m not sorry that I love you. I’m not ashamed that I do too. I love you with my chest out, no apologies and with pride! Good morning to you, sweetie.

113. Just look at my wife. She’s so hot that I think her smiles can cook food! As true as this is, I hope it made you laugh too. You’re a sweet baby. Good morning to you, love.

114. When you’re not home, I keep waiting for a knock that will announce your return. My friend said about his wife that his life is incomplete without her. It’s same over here, honey. Good morning to you.

115. There’s so much beauty in my room this morning. And you’re the one. Good morning, sweet baby girl.

116. When I send messages to express my heart to you, sometimes, I do them with tears in my eyes. That’s a tip of how grateful I am for you, a bit of how much I love you, an idea of how much I miss you and need you. Good morning to you, darling.

117. Hello, sweetie. Isn’t this morning a beautiful one to look into your eyes and kiss you while telling you how much I love you? Good morning, my heartbeat.

118. Baby, you’ve shown me the kind of love that made me promise to never make you feel bad for one day, for one second. Good morning, love of my life.

119. You’re the Queen of my world and you’ll enjoy your reign, no opposition whatsoever. Thanks for accepting to be my queen. I love you forever, my lovely Queen.

120. I took you into my life and I’m not one but of sorry. Instead, I’m proud of that decision and I’m excited about the results it has brought to me so far. Good morning, my sweetness.

Now, with these to wake her up with, you’re ready to spread some sweetness around that house or around that relationship. And don’t forget to mutter a silent thank you to us when you begin to see some sweet results this 2023.

Remember that your friends may also be in need of some good morning messages like these for their wives and girlfriends, and it’s only fair that you help them out by sharing this page with them. Much love from me!

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