Good Morning I Love You Message

Good Morning I Love You Messages (2023)

Loving someone doesn’t necessarily mean you must put up a show for the whole world to see, it’s a feeling that cannot be described but can be Felt from deep within the soul, so we try as much as possible to ensure we express our love well every moment of the day.

One of the best moment you can express your love well is in the morning where the brain is still fresh and you’ve not been too hooked up with the day’s activities. This initiates us to start our day filled with love and affection, then passing the love unto our loved ones to help them have a great day too.

Also when you’re sure your loved one is thinking about you the same way you’re thinking about them, it lightens up one’s spirit and helps us to enjoy our day well.

Loving your sweetheart isn’t a stressful one, so sending them a message shouldn’t stress you too. Here are the best sweet and Romantic Good morning I love you messages to send to him or her for a reminder of how much you care, to tell them you love them and to help them have a great day today.

Good Morning Love Messages for Her or Him

Expressing your love to your boyfriend or girlfriend in the wake of the day is beyond romantic. A few words, like the ones on this page, means a whole lot to make your lover’s day. So, why not send the sweet romantic good morning I love you messages for him or her to wake up to and feel special?

1. Waking up this morning seeing you smile even while sleeping blessed my day already. Good morning, my sunshine!

2. As important as the sunrise is to start the day, that’s how important you are for me to start my day. Good morning, dear and have a great day at work!

3. If there’s something that made me glad every day, its that I wake up right beside you every day!
Good morning, my angel.

4. My today, tomorrow and Forever will always be by your side honey, I’m glad to have you as my own. Good morning, my love.

5. What’s more encouraging than having all-round of sweetness wrapped in a gift called “you(name)”? Good morning dear! I love you, dear.

6. Good morning to the most beautiful person l will forever cherish having in my life. Have a great at day at work dear.

7. It’s a beautiful morning, and the sunrise reminds me of how beautiful you are. Good morning, sweetheart!

8. Each of my seconds without you around reminds me of you! I’m missing you at work dear. Good morning and have a great day today!

9. As much as you know that I love you, I couldn’t let the sun rise before telling ‘you that I love you and still adore you’. Good morning, my sunshine.

10. Every morning dew reminds me of the love I have for you, they’re new every morning. Have a great day at work today! Good morning dear.

11. My eyes are always worth opening every morning because you’re always by my side. Good morning my precious jewel.

12. Come rain, come sun, you will forever be the king of my heart. Good morning, dear!

13. Happiness is best defined when I’m with you, love is best defined when I’m far away from you. My ‘I Love You’ means I’m missing you, Good morning, sweets!

14. Since the day I met you, my life was no longer mine, I hope you know that you stole a vital part of me. Good morning, sweetheart!

15. Wakey wakey! Sleeping beauty, your prince charming is here to wrap you up in his arms and kiss you till you forget all your worries. Good morning, my love.

16. I am in no way perfect as a person, but you’re the most perfect piece that can complete my puzzle. A good morning to you my precious jewel.

17. Gazing at your smile every morning makes my day perfect and smooth. It’s like my early morning dosage to having a great day. Good morning, sweetheart!

18. Thanks for always bringing out the best in me every day with the lovely goodbye kiss you give me every morning. I love you dear!

19. My love for you is undescribable though I end up having a smile on my face each time I think about you. Good morning, sugar!

20. My happiness wouldn’t have been perfected without you, you give me unlimited peace. Good morning, dear!

21. You know what? God’s blessings are new every morning because He gave you to me! I love you, honey. Good morning!

22. Your love is an encouragement to keep pressing harder and not give up. I promise to always make you happy. Good morning, sweetheart.

23. As the day breaks, I Woke up smiling, happy and proud to have as you mine. Good morning, my queen.

24. I don’t need an alarm or a cock crow to wake me up every morning, your face alone is enough to keep me awake all through the night! Good morning, my love.

25. Waking up every morning is no longer a choice for me, it is now a hubby because of how pretty your face looks when you wake in the morning!

26. I never knew I have skills in going after what I want until I married you! Good morning honey! I hope you slept well?

27. Your smile melts my heart, your silence makes me long for your touch while your distance away from me makes me go crazy. I miss you, honey. Good morning!

28. I don’t mind shouting or screaming on a high mountain that love has been beautiful since I met you. Good morning to you my happiness

29. Cappuccino, latte or mocha, Nobody makes mine better than my lovely angel. Good morning love and thanks for today’s coffee!

30. Your love is pure, your love is selfless, your love is kind, your love is sacrificial and it is proud of me. Good morning love.

31. I look forward to every morning with you because having you around gives me peace. Good morning to you my love.

32. Counting my joy every morning, I cannot but thank God for giving me peace, joy, happiness, and love wrapped in one person which is you, my love. I love you dear!

33. Though you call it a duty, I count it a privilege having you help me prepare for work every morning. thanks for being awesome my jewel I love you so much.

34. You’re my dream come true, one perfect match and the best I can ever ask for. I couldn’t help the thoughts of you so I say good morning, I love you.

35. Your love might not be the most perfect yet, its just best kind of love that fits me. Good morning I love you.

36. I cannot have asked for a better boo than you, my love, good morning to you; the love of my life.

37. Your eyes like Two drops of coffee on a cloud of milk makes me go crazy every morning, I can’t help but grow in love with you over and over again. Good morning, sugar!

38. My morning is always an awesome one not because I love work, but because I have you around always to encourage me. Good morning, sugar.

39. Life is beautiful when I’m with you, love is complete when you touch me, more reason why I need beside me every minute. Good morning, my sunshine!

40. It’s not too early to tell you how much I love and adore you. Good morning to the love of my life.

41. I would have been running circles if I didn’t choose to make you mine. Good morning dear. I love you.

42. I see you in every second, minute and hour so I wouldn’t mind if I can sleep with my eyes opened to see you all through the night. Good morning sweets!

43. Though you’re far away, I can’t help the thought of you even when working. I love you from now till forever. Good morning pretty!

44. Your love is clearer, purer and cleaner than the Stillwater, thank you for being you, my love. Good morning and have a great day!

45. What gives me joy about the morning is that I wake up with you by my side! Thank you for adding so much flavour to my life. Good morning!

46. This morning, I’m lost for words but I promise to love you better as the days goes by. Good morning dear.

47. Just as doctors advised that breakfast is so important, my heart advised that I need you for a perfect day! I love you so much, baby. Good morning!

48. I didn’t forget my goodbye kiss, I just didn’t want to disturb your sound sleep. I’ll definitely get more when I’m back. Good morning my jewel.

49. My morning is the best time of the day because I had you all to myself for over 8hrs through the night. Good morning my sunshine!

50. Dear Lord, please bless the love of my life as she begins her day today, make her day fruitful and blessed. Good morning my love!

51. May today’s sunrise be another beginning of something great in your life my love. I love you dearly.

52. Every morning is another opportunity to make things better, this morning I decide to renew my promise that I’ll continue to love you till death do us part. Good morning my king!

53. Don’t give up my love, today is another opportunity to make things right! Believe in yourself, I’ll always be here for you! Good morning sugar.

54. I love you is an understatement cos no words can help express my love for you, but I just can’t help but say that I love you! Good morning sweetheart!

55. Through every storm, through every difficulty, through every bad and good time, I promise that I’ll forever be by your side. Good morning to the love of my life!

56. I love you this morning, I will love you this afternoon, this evening and I will love you forever. Good morning to you my king.

57. As you step down from bed this morning, I just want to remind you that you’re much cherished and appreciated! Good morning babe! I love you.

58. Loving you is no longer a duty to me as the husband, it’s something I unconsciously do to love myself. Good morning my heartbeat.

59. I never knew I was chasing after shadows until I met you, you’re my correct best half. Good morning I love you dearly!

60. You’re awesome, you’re great, you’re kind, you’re unique and you’re the best. Good morning to you my love!

61. This morning I notice how you struggled with the kid’s wellbeing and still, you helped me get to work early. Thanks for doing it in love and not complaining. I love you dear!

62. May your morning be as beautiful as you’ve made my life since I met you. Good morning my sunshine.

62. Don’t you forget that you’re beautiful and smart, as You’re the smartest lady I’ve met and that’s why I love you so much. Happy morning to you dear.

63. Hey babe! I was missing you so much this morning that I wished it was weekend already! Funny right, it’s cos I love you so much.

64. No matter how busy my day will be, my heart won’t stop beating for you! Good morning to you my love.

65. Loving you is loving myself, there’s no me without you. Good morning, I love you.

66. Every morning I pray to God thanking Him for giving me an angel In man’s form to make me live in heaven while still on earth. Guess who’s the angel- YOU Good morning my angel

67. The rising of the sun reminds me of you in that without it, the day wouldn’t begin, with a difference that you’re not for the world but for me and me alone. Good morning my love.

68. It is impossible to see the sunshine and not miss you, dear, you’re my sunshine that’s shining the light to my world. Good morning dear, I love you!

69. The warmth of this morning reminds me of the sweet feeling when you look into my eyes to tell me you love me. Good morning my love, I miss you badly!

70. I start my day knowing that I’m the luckiest man in Earth having the best of God’s creature in my arms forever. Good morning sweetheart.

71. We may not be together today as we’ve always had it, but trust me the whispers of you saying “I love you” woke me up today. I miss you, honey. Do Have a great day!

72. The sweetest things that has ever happened to me was orchestrated by the magical power of your love! I love you, babe! Good morning.

73. My peck couldn’t have done the magic of waking a princess up, my love chants can definitely do the magic. Good morning my lovely princess..from your prince charming!

74. Words are always failing me in expressing how much I love you my prince charming. So you’ll know, I think about you every second of the day! Good morning I love you.

75. If there was something called life after death, I wouldn’t mind spending them with you my dear, because you make my Earth complete. Have a great day today!

76. My love for you is as the morning dew, they’re new, consistent and fresh every morning. Have a great day today dear.

77. It’s my heart desire that your day be a fruitful and beautiful one. Good morning I love you, babe!

78. The light of your love that you shine on me is more effective and harmless than the light of the rising sun. Good morning my king!

79. I love the way you radiate beauty and love in your eyes as the sun rises, It makes my morning bright and shiny. Good morning my love.

80. The smile you give me every morning is always an assurance that your life with me is beautiful. Good morning to the love of my life!

81. Every second I spent with you is more meaningful and blessed than the 7hours at work! I Miss you love. Good morning.

83. My promise for you this morning is that my love for you continue to be greater and better as the day passes by. Good morning sugar.

84. Not only on birthdays, valentine, new year and anniversary will I remind you of my love for you. I will remind you every morning for the rest of my days! Good morning sweetheart!

85. Whatever it will take, I’ll make it a duty to remind you every morning that I love so much and that you make my life complete. Good morning my pretty damsel.

86. Now is called present because it’s a gift. You are my present from heaven darling. Good morning to you my love!

87. I’m expectant on how having to wake up with you every morning will be. I know it’s going to be an eternally sweet experience. Good morning dear.

88. The thought of you lightens my eyes to open and send you this text, I miss having you around dear. Good morning sugar!

89. I hope the cold through the night didn’t make you miss me much? I know you did miss me, good morning babe!

90. You could have only slept well if you dreamt about me through the night, what about me did you dream of? Good morning sugar!

91. My Good morning message is not to remind you again that I miss you, it’s an alarm that ‘you’re the first thought on my mind everyday’

92. Before I start my day, I must do the needful by sending my heart- YOU a ‘I love you’ message. Good morning!

93. Every morning I wake with hopes of a better day not because I’m strong, but because I draw my strength from you by my side. Good morning my king.

94. Good morning Wake up! wake up!! its time for my early morning kiss. Don’t you forget that I Love you!

95. Just The thought of you is enough to make my day awesome! Good morning my sunshine. Have a great day!

96. I thought the best day of my life was the first day I met you or our wedding day, little did I know that my best day is everyday I spend with you. Good morning sugar!

97. My morning coffee cannot be complete without your sweet flavour of sweetness in it. Thanks for my everyday morning coffee dear. I love you!

98. In as much as I can’t wait to have you all to myself, I will reserve all my strength to savour every bit of your sweetness when we see again. Good morning my damsel.

99. Love is wicked they say, but your love has Bewitched me from choosing any other thing but you as the best thing that has ever happened to me. Good morning to the king of my heart.

100. My Morning makes more sense to me than the afternoon because every factor in it reminds me of you! Good morning my baby.

Romantic people initiate sweet morning and then a sweet day. Don’t forget to share with friends and loved ones. Enjoy!

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