Good Night Wishes and Messages for My Lovely Sister

Sister is a wonderful sibling that share a large and vital part of your life with you, as she holds with her beautiful memories of your childhood. Not minding her age, some act like a mum to us, some are our best friend, while some love to be the cute mushy girlfriend (for the guys).

Good night wishes for sister is a reminder of your love for her and an indication that you value her love and support over the years. The text will also go a long in relieving her of the stress for that day and bring a smile to her face. It should be a good habit you need to inhibit much more when she’s very far from your reach.

Don’t go too far looking for what’s not lost, for your lovely sister. Here are well written good night wishes for sister that can bring a smile to her beautiful face.

Good Night My Dear Sister Quotes and Messages

Do you want to wish your lovely sister a good night? These good night wishes for sister will do. Send her the wishes, messages and quotes and make her night already.

1. I grew up jealous of your beauty, wisdom and intelligence, now I know God gave you all these so you’ll be my personal well I can fetch all these from. A good night to you dearest sister!

2. Now the day is over, night is drawing nearer to us, it’s the best moment to appreciate a great sister like you. Good night sweet sis.

3. My eyes are closing while the thought of our childhood crossed my mind, I really do miss those days. So, you’ll know, you’re a vital part of my life I do not want to lose. So, stay safe always, good night sister.

4. Before you totally close your eyes, look out through the window and see how beautiful the moon looks at night, in my heart, that’s how beautiful you look when you sleep at night. Good night sister.

5. Though we’re far apart in our separate world, we are bound together and deeply grounded in the same soil. I wish you a good night my dear sister.

6. I call her beloved, sly, rival, best half, direct opposite of me, oh my my, she’s my sister and I love her so much. Good night dear.

7. How soothing are your words to my heart in times of trouble, they are just like the balm of Gilead. Thanks for being an awesome sister. I adore you!

8. When people compliment my beauty and strength, I smile in my heart cos they don’t know I have a backbone that is my source and that’s you my dearest sister! Good night and sweet dreams.

9. What’s as awesome as having your sister as your best friend? Thanks for the advice and love, dear. Good night and sweet dreams.

10. The day is over, though it’s a busy one made great thanks to your presence. You’re welcome anyways. Good night dear!

11. Hey sissy, you know I love you so much? I bet you do. I’m thinking of you anyways and I miss you too but Good night and sleep well.

12. You’re not too far to get a text and not too old to get a big warm hug. I wish you a good, warm and sweet night rest sweet sister. I love you!

13. Guess who’s missing you so much? Moi. Good night dear sister, your honey bunny loves you so much.

14. Far or near, married or single, I’ll always adore the memories of childhood we shared. Good night dear sister.

15. You’re sweet, awesome special and so dear to my heart, good night my small mummy, your little sister misses you.

16. Hey, childhood companion and artificial twin sister, I wish you a wonderful night rest as you lay down to sleep tonight. Loads of love.

17. Sister sister, the fairest of them all, before you sleep, I just want you to know that I adore and cherish you so much. I hope that you sleep like a baby and wake up as a lion. Love you loads.

18. The moon and the stars are all up in the sky today to tell you that my love for you is immeasurable and can make your life beautiful. Good night dear sis. You’re too much!

19. Just as the stars lighten up the sky in the dark, that’s how you lighten up my life in my dark days. Good night to you dear sis. I adore you a lot.

20. The day is over already and the thought of you crossed my mind. I hope this text erase all your stress for today and give you strength for the next day. I love you sister. Good night to you.

21. Here’s a time to sleep and rest after your busy day, forget your worries and trust God for wisdom. Goodnight dear sister.

22. Nights are the best time of the day because we’re given the opportunity to lay our heads down away from worries and fear. A good and warm night I wish for you today dear sister.

23. Though we are the worst of enemies, we remain the best of friends that’s why we’re called ‘sisters’. Thanks for forbearing me in love. A Good night to you, sister. I love you!

24. Your silence says it all, your smile is the greatest assurance I’ll ever need, oh yeah! I’ve got the best sister ever. Good night to you dear!

25. No boy, guy, or man can ever understand me best the way you do, you’re my God sent best half sister and that’s why I love you so much. Good night and sweet dreams.

26. We might not always be together forever as you’ll definitely have your own family soon, but you’ll forever be my best friend anytime, any day anywhere. Good night dear sister, Love you loads.

27. Hey babes! Remember how we fight over everything while we were young? I bet you do, I’m glad I made you my best friend anyways. Thanks for being the best!

28. Never give up on yourself my dear sister, you’re the best version of myself I’ve ever met on planet Earth. Have a peaceful sleep dear. You’ll definitely overcome.

29. Hey sister, hopefully, one of these days, we will find time, much more, a night as beautiful as tonight all to ourselves, we have to catch up with the lost days. I miss you anyways but good night and dream of me.

30. One of the things I miss so much about you is the way you hold my hand each time we are together, it’s an assurance of your love from within your heart. I miss you, sister, good night and sweet dreams.

31. Shortly before that lucky man takes me away from you, be rest assured that you’ll forever be my love and no one can take your place. Goodnight my dear sister.

35. As bright as the star and moon are tonight, I pray that you wake up to a day filled with awesome surprises. Good night sister.

33. The sun has done its job now, the moon is about its own duty, help the moon by sleeping sound and dream of your little sister. Good night sis.

34. We don’t know the worth of the moon until it refuses to come out and we didn’t get to sleep all night, I pray that will never happen to us. I love you, sis, Good night to you.

35. I don’t know your worth until you left me, now I miss you more every night sister. Good night and sweet dreams.

36. If you have a sister as awesome as mine, please do not let them go just as I won’t let you go dear. I love you, sweetheart. Please sleep well and dream of me!

37. Counting the stars tonight, I saw your face in one of the stars, you bring light to my darkness. I love you, dear sister.

38. May your night be filled with peaceful and sound sleep as you close your eyes to sleep tonight. Good night to you dear!

39. I wish that as you lay down to sleep, all your fears be brought down to not. Good night and sweet dreams dear!

40. It’s my heart desire tonight that your weak and tired body receives strength and courage to face the troubles of the next day. Good night!

41. Loving you is not a choice sister, it’s an inbuilt will I don’t have power over no matter how much we fight. I hope your day went well? Good night and sweet dreams.

42. Mon Cheri Coco, how was your day and hope you weren’t too tired? Please eat and rest well. Good night and sweet dreams.

43. That small boy you’ve always called a proud person is now a big boy and one of your greatest fan! Good night sister, I’d love to know if your day went well.

44. You’re a selfless person sister and I’m definitely going to be like you when I grow up. Thanks for the clothes, shoes and bag! I love them. Good night to you.

45. Checking through my wardrobe, I discovered that I need a change of clothes and I know you’re a capable sister. Don’t forget your little sister anyways, good night dear sis.

46. I’m not praising you yet, I’m just saying you’re a kind person with a selfless heart. Thanks for being a great friend and help today. I love you sister.

47. May my good night text delivers to you the blessings of my heart for you. God bless your night with sound rest. Love you, sis!

48. Though far apart, we use the same moon for lighting at night, I hope the moon fill your room with the flavor of sound sleep and peace. Rest well dear.

49. It’s awesome having a great person like you as my sister, the world might not know your worth but I sure do! Good night to you dear, the sky is your starting point.

50. Good night sister and best friend, I’m sure your day went well? Don’t be afraid of staying away from home, I’ve sent the moon to protect you always, I love you now and forever.

Make that sister smile even after her hectic day and that will help her enjoy her night rest.

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