Thank You Messages for Friends on My Birthday (2023)

Your birthday is a success because of the lovely friends you’re blessed with, they’ve patiently taken out time to send you prayers and great wishes, get you gifts, or even go out of their way to organise a surprise birthday party for you to celebrate your special day with you.

A grateful heart they say is a ‘powerful catalyst for happiness, I’m sure you’ll definitely want to be a catalyst for happiness. No other way to be a catalyst of Joy other than sending to your friends, the following collections of thank you messages for friends on your birthday.

Appreciation Messages for My Birthday

Show your gratitude to your friends and loved ones for making your birthday celebrations memorable with these thank you messages for friends on my birthday or appreciation messages for my birthday.

1. I’m sure this year is going to be a blessed one due to the prayers and wishes you sent to me on my birthday. I’m glad having you as a friend. Thanks, sweetheart!

2. Your presence on my birthday lightened up the atmosphere and made my smile broader. Thanks for making it to the party. I love you, dear friend.

3. All your prayers and wishes meant a lot to me much more than anything on my happy day. Thanks so much, dear. You’re much appreciated.

4. Birthdays are special, mine couldn’t have been special without your calls and your gifts. Thank you so much, guys. I really appreciate them!

5. Your surprise party swept me off my feet and made me so emotional and all on my special day. I love you all Soo much. Thank you! thank you!! thank you!!!

6. This year’s birthday is one of my best day ever on earth, I really don’t know how well to appreciate you all. Thank you and God bless you,!

7. The love and support you showed on my birthday are undescribable and overwhelming. I pray never to lose a special person like you. Thank you, dear friend.

8. It was as if you were in my thinking faculty while picking the gift you sent for my birthday, I’ve always dreamt of having that(gift). I can’t appreciate you well enough, but thanks for giving me the best gift ever.

9. You are all honorably remembered and appreciated for the role you played for my birthday party, thanks for your guidance and strength in doing it heartily. Gracias!

10. Never will I say your worth is all the wonders you performed on my birthday party, your worth is immeasurable my dear. Thanks a bunch for your help, I love you.

11. May you continue to find, whenever and wherever you seek help. Thanks for making my birthday a memorable one honey!

12. The love and affection you all showered are as immeasurable as the showers of rain, thanks for the wishes and prayers. I love you all.

13. Thanks for all the positive vibes you triggered on my birthday, I am soo overwhelmed by the love you showed me. Thanks, honey. I love you!

14. The worth of money is only known to a poor man, so I really do value your courage and strength in organising a surprise birthday party for me. You’re wonderful honey, thanks so so much.

15. A very big thank you to you for being the best best friend I’ve ever known both on my birthday, the days before and days to come, I love you, babe!

16. All I wanted was a cake free birthday but I got one filled with cake and wine, all thanks to you all, I can’t love you less. Thanks, guys!

17. I’m sincerely honored for all your wishes, prayers and songs that came through text message or call or social media, I can’t thank you all enough. God bless you all so much.

18. I’m loving the gift you sent daily, thank thanks thanks for blessing me with such a beautiful gift on my birthday. I love you!

19. From the depth of my heart, I appreciate you Soo much for gracing my party with your mighty presence. Thank you so much, sir.

20. I was almost shedding tears while reading all the birthday messages and wishes. I am forever grateful to everyone for the abundance of love. Bendiciones.

21. It’s been a year full of so much ups and downs and you are a vital part of the year, thank you for making my birthday a blessed one. Gracias!

22. My birthday wouldn’t have been a blast without your great sense of humor, thanks for always being awesome dear.

23. It’s not too late to say ‘thank you’, you all made my birthday awesome. Thank you!

24. Your birthday wishes and loving words on my birthday are really appreciated. I love you all. Thanks a bunch.

25. ‘Thank you’ is never too much, so please accept my thank you! Thank you!! And thank you !!!

26. It’s an honour to be loved by a special and awesome person like you. Your gift wawed me! Thanks, sweetie. I love it.

27. Thank you for making my life awesome even much more on my birthday. I appreciate you, honey. More blessings!

28. I’m pouring my thank you out in form of rain, it’s immeasurable, I love you for making my birthday a great one. Gracias!

29. It’s a privilege having to have a (name) in my life, you rock babe! Thanks always, for the birthday gift most especially!

30. My birthday party wouldn’t have been the talk of the Town without you guys, I can’t love you less. Thanks a bunch to you all.

31. Just as the moon is mounting, which halts the day’s activities, I sincerely want to say thank you all for making my birthday a memorable one, I’m so honored.

32. Thank you all for making my day special, I will forever love and appreciate you all.

33. The best about birthdays are wishes and prayers from family and friends. Thank you for making my birthday the best.

34. Birthdays come once every year, you’re always available every day of the year, I appreciate your dear. Thank you!

35. Though getting older, you never make me forget my age no matter how busy you get. Thanks for always making my birthday special every year! I adore you, dear.

36. You’re always the first to greet me happy birthday, thank you for the sleepless night to make my day a great one. You’re cherished.

37. Thanks to all my friends for making my party awesome, it shows I have best friends ever. You all are just the best. No doubt!

38. Checking the present, All I can just get to utter from the innermost part of my heart is a big thank you to you all. Happy birthday to me!

39. This year’s party was a blast all thanks to you. Thank you, guys! I love you all.

40. The birthday cake came at the right time, that’s so thoughtful of you. Thank you so much dear!

41. Thanks so much for taking me out on my birthday, it would have been So so boring without the outing. I really appreciate it.

43. Thanks for all your prayers and wishes. It’s a privilege to have awesome family and friends like you all around me.

44. Every hour, minutes and second of my birthday was worth it due to your heartfelt wishes and prayers. Thank you all for taking out time to wish me well.

45. I don’t know what else to say other than Thank you one hundred and one million times raise to power one hundred. Cheers!

46. It’s more than just the messages you sent, it’s more about the wishes and prayers, so I say thank you so much for it all.

47. I’m growing older o. Thanks for the awesome gift you sent to remind me of my age. I love you!

48. A small party turn big, thanks to you guys, cheers guys.

49. I really appreciate all the amazing wishes and prayers, may we always be together forever.

50. Here’s a big shout-out from me to you all, for celebrating with me my 50th birthday, It really means a lot to me. Thanks!

51. I would be ungrateful if I don’t appreciate the massive wishes and prayers showered on me on my new year. I love you all. Thanks!

52. Hey first caller, You always set the pace for others to follow, thanks for sleeping late for my birthday! You’re really don’t need to know how much I cherish you. Thanks, dear!

53. I’m glad to have great friends and family that shared in my special day. Thanks a bunch!

54. Here’s my short speech saying thank you for your heartfelt birthday song, your voice is really awesome and soul lifting.

55. Thanks, everyone’s for your awesome wishes and prayers. God bless you all, abundantly.

56. Thanks for never forgetting my birthday, you’re blessed beyond measures.

57. Though far away, you were able to still send a gift over for my birthday, I can’t thank you well enough honey. I love you!

58. I received all the birthday wishes with joy and I say amen to all the prayers. A big Thanks to you all.

59. The cake, the wishes, the prayers and the gifts are so much appreciated and well-received. Thanks to everyone I call my family and friend. Blessings!

60. Oh you, yes you! Your birthday wish and prayers were the best I’ve ever seen. Thanks for making my day memorable.

61. Birthday wishes from awesome friends like you all will definitely make my year a blessed one. God bless you now and always.

62. My birthday can never be perfect and complete without your warm wishes and prayers. thanks to you all. Gracias!

63. This is the best time to really appreciate your support over the year, Thanks for always making my birthday special.

63. With Joy in my heart, I say thank you all for making my birthday the best I’ve had ever, through your birthday wishes and prayers. I cant appreciate you all well enough

64. Thank you, thank you, thank you and thank you for making my birthday party a great one. I love you!

65. As much as I don’t like celebrating my birthday, this years birthday party opened my eyes to how beautiful it can be, thanks to you guys for making it happen.

66. Hey, sugar! thank you for the birthday gift, I love it so much. I really appreciate dear. Thanks.

67. Your kind gestures swept me off my feet. Thanks, sweetheart for the birthday present.

68. I thought I was too emotional, lo and behold, I was wrong, thanks to you all, I love you now and always

69. With so much gratitude in my heart, I say Thank you for all your wishes and prayers. You’re forever blessed.

70. You all added your special sweet color and flavor to my birthday party with your special unique power. Thank you all. God bless you abundantly!

71. I send to you bunch and bunch and bunch and bunch of Thank you for making my day special, gracias.

72. you graced my birthday party with your awesome presence, oh la la,thanks so much, dear. I really appreciate

73. My heart leaps for joy and I bless the day I met you. Thanks for being awesome on my birthday. Love you!

74. Best birthday ever, thanks to your special skills in making people happy! I’m so honored to have you!

75. My birthday party is the occasion but you’re the flavor in it, thanks for being awesome always. I appreciate.

76. My birthday party would have just been like every other occasion, but your presence made it more like my thing! Thanks for now and always. Love ya!

77. Together we will be forever best girlfriend. Thanks for the birthday gift, you Rock!

78. A million ‘thank you’ isn’t enough to express my gratitude right now. Thanks for making my birthday a special one.

79. Thank yous can never be enough for making my birthday a special one, in as much, I’m glad to wanna take the next one year ride with you all. Gracias.

78. If I have my way, I will hug and kiss you over and over again cos You deserve much more than just a thank you! I adore you, honey!

79. I’m glad in my heart to have called you all my friends, so I say Amen to all your wishes and prayers! Thanks for making my day a blessed one. Cheers!

80. True love, they say never dies, but I’ll say a true friend never withers in ones heart, thanks for the birthday gift. I cherish you, dear!

81. Hey you! Yes you, thanks for making my day an unforgettable one. I really do appreciate you.

82. I suspected something fishy but I never knew it’ll be an unforgettable experience for me. Thanks for the surprise birthday party. I love you all too much.

83. I’ve never felt this happy and glad for the new year ahead of me. Thanks to you all for making my day. It was worth it.

84. Here’s me; the birthday girl, saying thank you for all the wishes, prayers, gifts, text messages and all. The previous year was wonderful with you all, let’s do this again, Cheers!

85. Far beyond the gifts and party, I had fun and enjoyed myself. Thanks for being a part of it, you’re so cherished my dear.

86. For taking out time from your busy schedule to wish me happy birthday, I heartily say a Very ‘BIG THANK YOU’ to you all.

87. You all need buddies as awesome as mine, no one gives birthday presents as awesome as my buddies. I love you all. Thanks.

88. Friends like you all make every day special leaving my birthday as the icing on the cake. Thanks for being so very special to me guys! You all are awesome!

89. My birthday cake wouldn’t have tasted much better without your wishes and prayers. Thanks to you all, I’m so honored.

90. Hey guys! The highlight of how my birthday went was the wishes and prayers you all sent to me, it made my day much more different from every other day. I really do appreciate them all.

91. I am forever grateful to God for giving me awesome friends like you all. Thanks, guys for I know that my new year will be much better with you all around me.

92. Thank you all not only for the birthday wishes and prayers but also for the gifts. I cherish every one of them.

93. Best birthday party ever, thanks to my friends and family. I adore you all. Cheers to a greeter year for us all. Gracias!

94. As I grow older, My year keeps getting better and better, thanks to you all. I appreciate all your wishes.

95. Nothing brings more joy than to be surrounded with great and awesome people, you’re cherished my dear, thanks for the birthday wishes.

96. Though my day is not over yet, I wouldn’t end it without saying thank you to you all for making it feel like my day. Thanks, buddies.

97. I know God has blessed me and I felt it too through the people he surrounded me with. Thanks for the wishes they all meant a lot to me.

98. New year, new season but old friends and old family to always make it new. Thanks for the prayers and wishes on my birthday. I love you all.

99. God blessed me with awesome people and you’re one of them, yes you! Thanks for the beautiful gift you sent on my birthday. It’s awesome.

100. Each year will always be better, thanks to my family and friends. I’m expectant for my next year’s birthday, I’m convinced it’s going to be the best!

Copy, send and share with the heart of sharing happiness through to your dear friend(s). Gracias!

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