Promises to Make to Your Husband

Promises to Make to Your Husband in 2023

Promises bind people and when they are couples, it strengthens the love and understanding in the family when kept.

Promises are meant to be unbroken, thus it does a ‘check and balance’ in a family.

When you keep these promises, you are creating a new chapter in your marriage.

Check out these romantic promises that would melt your husband’s heart.

Promises of Love to Make to Your Husband in Marriage

You want to make your husband feel comfortable and forever connected to you in love? If yes, send these promises to make to your husband to him and he’ll feel extremely loved by you. They are the Sweetest collection of promises of love a wife can make to her husband.

1. My dear husband, I promise to forgive you multiple times, without no resentment.

2. I promise to love you till the sun shines in the night, my lovely husband.

3. I promise to honour your decision and never criticise you publicly, my husband.

4. I promise to respect you privately and publicly.

5. I promise to hold you tight when you are down, giving you my best every moment.

6. I promise to see you as the head of the family no matter the situations.

7. I promise to be your comedian when you need a good laugh.

8. I promise to always brighten your day even in cloudy days.

9. I promise to be the melody in you.

10. I promise to be your actor when you need a movie.

11. I promise not to introduce third party to our discussions.

12. I promise not to involve the children to any of our disagreements.

13. I promise to make you proud and be proud of you.

14. I promise to be the best wife you could ever wish for.

15. I promise to keep my “I do” on our wedding day.

16. I promise to shower you with peace of mind.

17. I promise not to break your beautiful heart or make you shed a tear from your angelic eyes.

18. I promise to always be at your service baby.

19. I promise to embarrass you with joy, peace of mind and above love the sweetest love ever.

20. I promise to apologize whenever I’m wrong and also forgive you whenever you do wrong.

21. Till the day I breathe no more, I will always be the best wife you ever wish for.

22. For a handsome man like you, I promise to make your life beautiful every day.

23. The eaglet leaves its mother at some point, but my love stays with you forever.

24. My shoulder is not just broad for modeling, it’s for you to lean on when you need to.

25. Even if the sun forgets to shine, I will never forget to brighten your day.

26. With your flaws and wrongdoings, divorce is not an option. I will still love you.

27. When the world says no to you, I promise to always say yes to you.

28. I may not be able to solve all your problems, but I promise not let you go through them alone.

29. Divorce is a no-no, I vow forever and promise to stick to it.

30. I promise to make our 1+1 equal 1; one heart and one love equal forever.

31. Come rain come cold, I promise to be your umbrella, your sweater to keep you warm.

32. Your wars are my wars, your battles are my battles. Till eternity, I will always fight by you.

33. Whenever you feel like you are in a burning house, I’ll be your fireman to rescue you and quench the fire.

34. My promise to you is not to give you what you need but to give you what you wish for.

35. I promise to place you first after God before my career.

36. I promise not to meddle business with home. You first, others follow.

37. I promise to hug you even when you have body odour.

38. I promise to always look beautiful and sexy to you even in old age.

39. I promise to make our home peaceful at all times.

40. When you make horrible jokes be rest assured that I will laugh hard even if they are annoying or dry.

41. Just like the snow covers everywhere, I will cover you with love and kisses.

42. Your financial leadership will be respected. That I totally vow.

43. I promise never to take any of our disagreements to bed.

44. I promise not to use the secrets you told me to insult you during our arguments.

45. I promise to always add spices to our marriage.

46. Every day, I will renew my ‘I Love You’ vow to you. This is my promise to you baby.

47. I promise never to report your wrongs to anybody, not even our pastor.

48. I promise to be your number one supporter and fan in your charity works.

49. My love, I promise to make Valentine’s day every day in our home.

50. I promise to bring you a gift every day either material things or …

51. I promise to not always overlook your errors but rather correct You with love.

52. Even when I know you will be upset if you find out about my wrong, I vow to let you know the truth.

53. Truthfulness and trustworthy are the bedrock to forever marriage. I promise to have these qualities, my love.

54. Just as the candle shade prevents the fire from dying, I promise to protect always.

55. If the mother hen could hover around Its chicks from the hawks, be rest assured that I will be your defence gate when helpless.

56. The trust and love you showered me are appreciated and I vow never to ruin or betray you.

57. I promise not to permit third part into our finances.

58. I promise never to force you to make decisions you do not want want to do.

59. Your parents are my parents, your siblings are my siblings. I promise never to be rude or to insult them.

60. I promise to tolerate your bullshit like farting when we are together.

61. Whatever the situation is, I vow you’ll still be Mine.

62. I promise to always hold your hands whenever we go out.

63 I promise to use my idea for the family’s growth not for my reasons.

64. I cherish you so much, so I give you my word, forever…

65. I will give you all of me because you deserve me.

66. I will be your defense wall till my last breathe baby.

67. When you need protection, I will be your security, when you are afraid of uncertainties, I will be your boldness my heartbeat.

68. I will be the first person to see when you wake up in the morning and the last person to see before bedtime.

69. I promise to be your praying partner. To pray in the morning, afternoon and bedtime.

70. All these promises I made to you in the presence of God and man, I vow to keep them till the end of time my world.

Try these promises and be sure your husband will feel forever safe with you and remember to like and share this post.

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