21st Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

Happy 21st Birthday Wishes and Messages for Best of Friends

It happens in life that we have some persons we share a lot of interesting moments with as best friends. They leave memories that linger on, and we build more on it making it really exciting. How beautiful it would be if everyone should have a best friend one can get naughty and emotional with. it would be a whole world of fun.

I know you have someone like this in your life and that is why you are here to make them feel special just the way they are.

Wow! That best friend of yours is actually celebrating the big 21st birthday. The year of freedom where there is no panic to restrictions, I am here for you with beautiful wishes that will make your best friend’s special day a remarkable one. Scroll through and select as many as you want. Seeing you and your best friend happy is my delight. Wishes for your best friend 21st birthday in 2023 got you covered and you don’t have to thank me. Go make your friend proud and I’ll be here when you need me again.

Happy 21st Birthday Wishes and Messages for Your Best Friend

You want to make your best friend male or female feel so special? These happy 21st birthday wishes, messages and quotes for best friends will help you get the job done.

1. To the best friend in the world, welcome to your sweet 21st birthday. You will experience remarkable happiness and meaning to life this new age. You are blessed at all times. Enjoy your day lovely soul.

2. Welcome to your big 21st year on earth. My best friend is getting older and I can’t help but admire the changes. Everything comes beautifully for you. Explore the new age with fun. Happy birthday!

3. It’s a beautiful day to celebrate someone special. I wish you a blissful season as you celebrate your birthday into a new age. You are always loved.

4. I’m always proud of you. You make the world amazing for me and surely, this new age will be the beginning of new things for you. It’s your sweet 21st birthday and I wish you all the sunshine that comes with this new age.

5. Congratulations to you on your birthday, dear. You are a blessing and I’m blessed beyond words to express my gratitude to you. Keep being the best of yourself always. Happy 21st birthday.

6. Your birthday means a lot to me and I join everyone celebrating with you today to wish you all of the best that the world has to offer. You are lifted in all of your ways, best friend. Happy 21st birthday to you.

7. When you are asked ‘what the big deal about 21 is’ tell them it means the whole world for you to become legal to do whatever you want to. You are growing into success each day. Happy birthday.

8. Dwell under God’s grace as you celebrate your big 21st birthday. You are the best thing that happened to me and I wish you many good things in all of your ways. Celebrate, dear.

9. No more restrictions, you are now welcome to 21! Yay! Have fun and celebrate as you plan to intentionally make the best of your new age. Happy birthday to you, dear friend.

10. Here is to a glorious 21st birthday to my best friend. You are amazing and I can only wish you all the amazing goodness that life has to offer.

11. You are destined to succeed and as you celebrate your 21st birthday, I wish you all the success that your heart can hold and joy on your path. Happy birthday to my best friend!

12. Enjoy all the fun that comes with this day. You deserve it and more, dear friend. You are celebrating your 21st birthday and I’m glad I am a part of it. Cheers to beautiful memories ahead.

13. Heaven joins the earth to celebrate your beautiful personality. You are wonderful and I pray your birthday opens you to a new dimension of greatness. Excel in all your ways, dear best friend.

14. God’s hands rest on you in all your ways. Your 21st birthday will bring you the best of luck and you will overflow with thankfulness all the way.

15. You are made for the best in life, you can’t see less than that right now. So, cheers to my best friend as you celebrate your 21st year on earth. Isn’t it amazing that you are now growing to become independent? I love you, dearest friend.

16. I speak greatness to your path as you celebrate. You are beautiful within and without and I see you becoming better each day. Welcome to 21 and have fun today. You are blessed.

17. May you be surrounded by blessings and beauty at all times. You are a royal individual and I can see it radiating all around your life. You make loving you as my best friend easy. I celebrate you.

18. Enjoy your 21st birthday sweet, best friend. You have the whole day and all beauty to yourself. Your 21st birthday and every day of your life is blessed. Happy birthday to you.

19. God is with you and you are confident in all your dealings as you celebrate your 21st birthday. Enjoy the beauty and love that comes with a new age.

20. You are lifted above every limitation and your 21st birthday set you above all odds. You are highly favoured in all that you do.

21. I pray your 21st birthday will open you up to new portals and hope for the future. Keep winning. you are more than enough.

22. You are blessed always and your light shines bright at all times. You will always bring us joy and bring everyone around you, happiness. Let’s celebrate your birthday in a special way.

23. A special birthday to a special person on a special day with a special love. Aren’t you feeling special already, my good friend? Yes, you are really special and I love you.

24. It’s my best friend birthday and I want to paint the town red for you. You deserve all the love and blessings you receive today. Welcome to your 21st birthday. God is with you through it all.

25. See my best friend adding another badge! Isn’t this so amazing? I love you how you make our friendship easy. God bless your heart as you celebrate your 21st birthday. You are free to do what you want today and always.

26. You won’t experience any misfortune this new age and always. I pray and believe that you will have great testimonies as you celebrate and live out your year on earth. God is with you.

27. Now, no more anxiety, you are into the beautiful 21 and I can’t help but admire you. God bless your soul and prosper you in all your ways. You are loved, dear. Happy birthday to you!

28. I know you have been looking forward to this day and yay! Now it’s here! How does it feel to be 21? Don’t tell me, I’m coming there myself. I wish you today all that your heart desires.

29. Enjoy every moment of the day and make it worthwhile. You deserve all the fun and joy in this new age. Happy 21st birthday to you, dear.

30. You are loved by God and He is keeping you safe from all evil as you grow older. Your 21st birthday ushers you into all goodness and mercy. I love you.

31. Now you’re 21! Get ready to have all the fun of complete independence, but in your independence, remember to be responsible and chase after success. You deserve every beautiful thing that comes your way today and always.

32. I wish you a blissful 21st birthday, best friend. I keep praying for your success and I hope to see it come true this new age.

33. Congratulations, best friend! You are welcome to your 21st birthday and greatness, success, love and health are ready to go with you along the years until you are old and your sight gets dim.

34. This new age is a remarkable one and I hope to see great and remarkable meanings in your life. I love how you courageously grow through life. Keep shining.

35. I’m proud of who you are and I want to see more in this new age. Happy 21st birthday to my wonderful friend. I love your spirit.

36. Your 21st birthday is a great occasion in your life and I’m glad to be a part of it. Let’s celebrate this new age and make wonderful commitments. You are a blessing to the world and I love you.

37. Life is a privilege and I’m excited that you have the privilege to celebrate this birthday. I join everyone to celebrate you today and I hope to have many more birthdays with you as your best friend.

38. Relax, your 21st birthday is the beginning of new things in your life. Happiness and fun will never fade away from your life. Happy birthday to you.

39. Drop every anxiety and celebrate this day with joy and peace. You have a whole wonderful world ahead of you. Enjoy every detail of it.

40. Happy 21st birthday to my best friend. You have been a great blessing to me and I don’t regret any moment with you. Keep the fire of success burning. You are loved.

41. You receive all that you desire and shame is far from you. Welcome to your 21st birthday. You are more than enough and you shine forth in all your ways.

42. I’m celebrating my best friend 21st birthday and I don’t want to keep calm. We are now officially growing so fast and it is interesting. Happy birthday to you.

43. I hope this birthday brightens your life and gives you the inspiration that you need to keep believing and succeeding. Happy 21st birthday to my best friend.

44. All things are becoming new for you as you celebrate this new age. Discouragement is far from you and you experience a quantum leap of faith in every detail of your life. Happy birthday to you.

45. You have more than enough love on your path to growth. Soar in it and let nothing stop you from moving on to the right path. Happy 21st birthday, best friend!

46. Happy 21st birthday to you, best friend. I wish you every bit of awesomeness and a life of purpose all the way. I celebrate your uniqueness.

47. Have a remarkable birthday today. It is not about being 21 alone, it is also about being your best self. I believe in you and I wish you a beautiful life ahead.

48. Cheers to a beautiful 21st birthday and many other birthdays in health and happiness. You have all the time in the world to be all that you want to be. Enjoy it all.

49. I’m glad to be by your side as you celebrate your 21st birthday and I can always pray to be there right beside you forever. Let’s win grounds together. Happy birthday, best friend.

50. Your 21st birthday will welcome you into prosperity and goodness. Enjoy the rest of your day with much gifts and love from all ends of the earth.

51. Have an exciting 21st birthday and guilt-free fun. It is not a time to explore wrongly, but a time to achieve rightly. Let’s do this rightly. I celebrate you, best friend.

52. I wish you a pleasant surprise this day and your 21st birthday to make a pleasant change in your life. Happy birthday to you.

53. To my charming friend, 21 looks good on you and I can only wish you the best. This is the beginning of great exploits for you, dear. Enjoy your new age.

54. Happy 21st birthday to the only best friend I have. You keep soaring high and nothing will hinder your progress. You are a wonder, don’t stop living it.

55. You won’t be mentioned in the place of shame all the days of your life. Happy 21st birthday, dear friend.

56. I’m coming over to bath the newest 21year old with water and sand. You know that is a joke, right? You deserve all the beautiful things in life, don’t stop aiming for it. Happy birthday.

57. Enjoy all the fun that comes with the new year, but remember to plan well as the best of your life begins now. We do great together. Happy 21st birthday!

58. I wish you a life free from strife and pain. You have all the world ahead of you, nothing will stop you from achieving your goals. Enjoy your 21st birthday, friend.

59. Days of little beginnings should never be despised and I’m glad you’re making the best of it as you celebrate this new year of yours. The sky is your starting point, you will achieve more. Happy birthday!

60. For your amazing personality, I love you permanently and today, I wish you all of heavens best and that you greatly excel. Happy birthday to you.

61. This new age is a remarkable one for you. Don’t ever feel bitter about the happenings in your life. All things are working together for your good and you are greatly helped. Happy 21st birthday.

62. My friend is 21 today and I can’t keep calm. I really celebrate you, dear. I wish you all the happiness your heart can hold. You are blessed always.

63. Sweet friend, I love how you make everything feel simple and excellent. Your excellent spirit will never grow cold and you prosper in all your ways. Happy birthday to you.

64. See who we are celebrating today! My best friend and I are now the same age, the big 21! I love you, dear and I wish you a blissful season in your life. You will always be grateful for this new age. Happy birthday.

65. The little child of yesterday is now 21. Isn’t that awesome. See him feeling free and fly. You have all it takes to succeed, don’t let anything stop you.

66. This new age comes with outstanding greatness for you. Relax and enjoy all the goodness of being 21. The world is waiting for your success story. Happy birthday.

67. I pray that beauty and blessing will surround your life forever. Happy 21st birthday, dear friend. You prosper in all your ways.

68. On your 21st birthday and every day of your life, you deserve all the finest things in life. I pray you will always have them easily. Happy birthday to you, dear.

69. 21 is really nice on you. Just within a day, you already look older and wiser. You know what? You definitely look like yesterday, but something has changed today, you are a year older and a step closer to your success story. Keep shining. You are made for the top.

70. I wish you a prosperous year. Your 21st birthday will bring you help and sweetness in all your ways. You are blessed in all that you do. Happy birthday!

71. Every bit of this new age is laced with love, success, gain and happiness for you. Your life becomes better each day and you reach the top. Happy birthday to you.

72. I wish you an exciting 21. Be free and cautious all the same. You have so much to achieve and it begins with you submitting to learning and relearning more. Happy 21st birthday, dear friend.

73. Happy birthday to the world greatest friend. You have made my life so beautiful and I love how you make it easy to love you. You are highly lifted.

74. I know you sometimes get busy and I have to feel like I’m the only one in the friendship, but I love how you create time to make up for everything. I love your spirit and I pray it keeps shining brighter to the perfect day. Happy 21st birthday to you.

75. You are one of the few successful young people I know. That you for putting me through and making it easy to achieve a lot at a young age. We keep making exploits. Now let’s paint the town red for the newest 21st birthday celebrants.

76. If you are a mystery, I’m glad I have the opportunity to unravel you daily. You are awesome, my friend. I wish you joy in all your ways this new age. Happy 21st birthday to you.

77. Toast to a new age of independence! You are free, yet restricted from failing. I celebrate you today and always. Happy birthday to you.

78. Haven speak over you and you greatly rejoice. You prosper and nothing will hinder your progress. I wish you a beautiful life ahead.

79. I pray your 21st birthday will mark the beginning of something glorious for you. It will always be testimonies all around. Happy 21st birthday to you.

80. You are the coolest friend I know and having you brings me joy. A toast to a beautiful 21 ahead. You live to celebrate more wonderful years.

81. I’m glad you are unstoppable. Your resilience marvels me. I love your faith and I pray it never diminishes. Keep doing exploits. Happy 21st birthday.

82. Happy 21st birthday to the best of the best friend in the whole world. You make love beautiful and you give life a whole new meaning. May beauty never depart from your heart. I love you.

83. Your commitment to serving others is beyond words. I pray as you celebrate that you will always find help at the right time. You will grow weary. Happy birthday to you.

84. See who is all shiny and happy. It feels good to be 21, right? As you begin this new age, you grow into the prepared blessings of God. Happy 21st birthday.

85. Count your blessings and you will see that you have enough reasons to celebrate. 21 will be glorious for you and you won’t regret it. Happy birthday.

86. I know it feels scary growing into a new age with expectations from everyone, but trust me, it will be fine and you will overflow with thankfulness. Enjoy your special day.

87. It’s a privilege to see another new age and I’m glad we get to celebrate it together. More years in health and safety for you. You won’t know a better yesterday and a bad tomorrow.

88. I feel lost for words to describe your worth to me, but I really want to let you know that I love and appreciate you. Happy 21st birthday.

89. You know you will live long right? Let’s start planning your 100 birthday right now. Happy birthday to you, dear friend. You enjoy your 21st birthday and it brings you into a complete change of status.

90. Every blessed day of your existence speaks greatness and uplifting. You won’t experience any misfortune this year and always. You are welcome to your 21st year on planet earth.

91. I know the earth feels so special today because it knows a star was born this day and you are now 21 and nothing will stop you from shining. Happy birthday to you. God bless your heart.

92. God will give you year-round protection and it will be extended for the rest of your life. You won’t die untimely. I celebrate your 21st birthday.

93. God will soothe your secret pain and wipe every tear from your eyes. You will remain a royalty that everyone will celebrate. Happy 21st birthday to you.

94. You are highly protected by the hands of God Almighty. You are welcome to 21 and life begins to be beautiful for you. Your desires come with ease. You are blessed.

95. You experience relief for all your troubles. This new age makes everything easy for you. You are a blessing to this generation, keep shining!

96. All you need, I asked God to supply for you and I asked Him to make this day a wonderful day that you will always remember. It’s your 21st birthday and you deserve more.

97. You flourish and your 21st year on earth is exceptional as you cover heights you never imagined. You excel. Happy birthday to you.

98. I’ll give all it takes to have you as my friend a thousand times more. You are a champion and I love you. Let’s rock the party!

99. Welcome to your 21st birthday. As your best friend, I have been here waiting for you to come join the army of successful people. You shine gloriously. Happy birthday.

100. You will never stop being decorated by God in all splendour. Happy 21st birthday to you. God is taking you to your high places. I love you.

I love how you made your best friend day beautiful. Please, don’t leave me out of the gist. Drop your thoughts in this comment box.

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