Best Baby Birth Announcement Text Messages

2023 Best Baby Birth Announcement Text Messages

“Like an arrow in the hand of a warrior, so a child is,” says the Holy Book. “Children are the heritage of the Lord” it further stated, that is to say, children are a blessing to a family. Have you seen the joy in a father’s eyes as he holds his new born baby? That joy is real and the spark in the mother’s eyes is beyond amazing.

Having the most precious gift in the world, a child. It can be an emotional moment that leaves the patents of the new born out of words. I understand how you feel and I’ve taken time out to help you write best baby birth announcement text messages. Friends need to know. Family needs to be informed and even people at the office needs to hear the good news.

I know you’re planning towards welcoming your new born. Don’t you worry, I know you will need this and I have for you 2023 best baby announcement text messages. Everyone will be glad to hear this news.

New Born Baby Messages from Parents to Friends and Relatives

When you need to announce the birth of your cute princess or Prince, these newly born baby arrival messages from Parents to friends and relatives are the best bet. The best of baby birth announcement text messages.

1. I’m now a father and I’m excited holding his little hands and staring at his little body and closed eyes.

2. It’s time to have a new phase of life. Join me as I celebrate the birth of a new member of the family. The baby is super cute.

3. I’ve been so emotional. I celebrate my wife for giving me this gift. He is so tender and healthy.

4. The family now have a new member. He is just as cute as his father. I love him before he was born and I love him now and always.

5. I have been blessed with blessing itself. My wife just gave birth and indebted to say “we did this together” such a sweet moment.

6. I’m glad to let you know that both mother and baby are healthy and I’m doing well too.

7. If this is how it feels being a father, I’ll love to be a father over again. The feeling is so sweet. Please, celebrate with me.

8. I never knew anything could make me cry, but holding my newborn has made me so emotional and I couldn’t help the tears.

9. Do you know my wife has been keeping a gift for me these 9months? She just presented the gift to me and he’s a lovely boy.

10. Having a child is joy and I can tell you that what I feel right now is too much joy.

11. My heart is gladdened and I can’t rightly express my joy at the moment. I have a son!

12. Prayers answered! The delivery was safe and I am a father to a beautiful baby girl.

13. I feel blessed holding this lovely cutie right beside my wife. He is a blessing from God to the family.

14. I’m glad to make this announcement! God has blessed my family with a lovely angel.

15. It is the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous to us. Today, my wife put to bed and both mother and child are safe.

16. If you see me jumping uncontrollably, please rejoice with me because I’m fine, I just can’t contain the joy of having a new born in my arms.

17. God has been so good. He has blessed me with a handsome son today!

18. It feels so weird knowing that I’m now a father. I bless God for giving me this baby.

19. My wife and I covet your prayers as we welcome our child to the world. He is a blessing to us and the family.

20. I’ve always known my child will be cute, but I never knew he would be this cute. I can’t stop staring at him. Do rejoice with me.

21. Our baby just gave a grand entry to the world some minutes ago. She has changed our lives forever.

22. God is amazing! See the beauty he has given me today. It is a beautiful emotion that I feel right now.

23. Look who has joined the family! My baby is here and I feel complete.

24. I have so much to do with my life right now. There’s a child and beyond excitement, I’m determined to give this little girl all the best.

25. A bundle of joy, that’s what we have right now in the family. I’m glad to announce his arrival to you.

26. I feel awesome and the feeling is just so wow! I’m overwhelmed with emotions as I look at my new born child.

27. Celebrate, rejoice, your dear friend now have a new baby.

28. Looking at him, I see myself. Wondering who it is? He/she is my new born baby. Welcome him to the world with me.

29. We invite you to come bless our new born baby with us. He/she has brought much joy at birth.

30. With much joy in our heart, we are happy to share the news of the arrival of our baby to this world.

31. We bless God for fulfilling our wishes. My wife had a safe delivery and we are happy to share the news with you.

32. Yes! Come share in our blessing! We have a bundle of joy and we are super happy to let you know.

33. With the grace of God and all heavenly blessings in the family, we are glad to let you know we have a new champion in the family.

34. An additional cake to the family each year. We are now plus one in the family. Welcome, little one.

35. I love how his/her hand feels. It is really tender. God has blessed us greatly.

36. My wife and I share the joy in the family at this moment. We have a boy/girl to the glory of God.

37. I have been expectant and I’m glad my expectations were not cut off. I have a new baby!

38. Our home is soon going to be filled with many toys. We have a shining star in the family! My baby is here.

39. A piece from heaven has been delivered to us as a gift of a child. Join us to celebrate this gift of a baby girl/boy.

40. God has been kind to us. He made my wife carry to term and the baby is here all healthy.

41. Come bless our little baby with us. God has been so faithful and we rejoice.

42. There were no complications and we received the arrival of my baby with great joy. I’m glad to share the news with you.

43. He/she is here to live long and continue as a blessing for us. Do rejoice with us as we celebrate the arrival of our baby.

44. He/she is a sweet angel and you can see that from her/his smile. God’s gift is present in a newborn.

45. Rejoice with us because God has blessed us and we can now be called mum and dad.

46. Our family has a new member and I can’t hold back from giving him/her kisses. Do celebrate with us.

47. We want you to thank God with us as we rejoice with the safe delivery of our son/daughter.

48. Nine months seems like a long journey, but today it has become a blessing of a new born baby.

49. We couldn’t ask for more! A healthy child and the mother is safe!

50. I just got the certificate to be called a father. It was given to me by my wife. I’m so lucky!

51. We have a great God. He not only kept us through the pregnancy, but He also kept the child to be healthy.

52. I’m glad to share this news with you, I’m now a father to a cute baby!

53. Happiness is in the eyes of our new born baby. He/she is so cute.

54. It is a testimony! Our baby came with no complications. Do rejoice with us!

55. We are so happy to share this news with you. The journey of nine months was safe and the baby arrived safely.

56. I couldn’t ask for more! I’m super excited right now! It’s a boy/girl!

57. Joy unspeakable! That’s what I feel right now. It’s an addition to the family and I am feeling blessed.

58. Every form of nervousness is over. All I feel now is happiness in its full form.

59. Happiness galore in the home! I’m celebrating this with every breath in me. My wife and I are now parents!

60. His/her voice is so lovely. A tear dropped admiring this beauty. Rejoice with my family.

61. We are so happy to share this wonderful news with you. I’m a father to a lovely boy/girl.

62. He/she is like a light in our lives. Each moment with him/her keeps me glowing.

63. He is a loving boy/girl to the family. He came cute and healthy.

64. We are blessed to have you know that we have a baby.

65. I feel like the greatest person on earth at this moment. I’m a dad and I feel blessed.

66. I’m glad to tell everyone that I am a father to a cute son/daughter. We have him/her like a lovely gift to us.

67. I love him/her already before he/she was born and now that the baby is here, I love him/her more.

68. I can’t wait to stop by at a shop to buy chocolates home every day. God has blessed us with a son/daughter.

69. Pray with us that our baby lives long and give us lasting joy. We are glad to announce his/her first day on earth.

70. Adding to the family number brings so much joy. We are at peace to let you know of the newest member of the family.

71. I can’t leave his/her side. My baby is so cute. Welcome him/her to the world with me.

72. A cute little angel is here. Celebrate with me as we welcome h/her to the family.

73. God has done so much for me. I have a son/daughter some moments ago.

74. It has been a tiring nine months journey, but right now, it all worth it. We have a baby boy/girl.

75. See how bright the stars are? That’s how bright my new born baby eyes are. Rejoice with me.

76. Shouts of joy in my heart and in my family. I have a son/daughter today!

77. See his/her toes. They are soft and wonderful. Welcome my baby to the world with me.

78. With much joy in my heart, my wife and I invite you to welcome our baby to the world with us.

79. If I should get a million “congratulations’ today, it will be worth it as I’ll give every of it to my new born baby as a kiss.

80. Shinning star from heaven just dropped in our home. Come bless my baby with me.

81. She/he will cry, he will disturb, but all that matters less. We can handle it because he/she is a blessing.

82. Come see the gift God has given my family. My baby is looking so awesome.

83. I just want to keep smiling as I look at my baby. He/she is here to be a blessing, so, rejoice with me.

84. I’ve always wondered how it will be having a baby. I don’t have to wonder anymore. God has blessed my family with one.

85. I love the blessing God has given to the family today. I share this news with you all and I ask you to rejoice with me.

86. Come see what God has done. He/she is beautiful and I can’t help but rejoice.

87. God is wonderful! See how he carved this beauty and kept him/her safe this nine months. Let’s celebrate God together.

88. Thank you Lord for this gift, it worths a thanksgiving. Please, do thank God with me for this child.

89. Blessings, that’s what a new born signifies. I can relate to this as I feel how great God is by holding my baby.

90. Do you know how I feel right now? I feel like I’m the only one in the world. God has done it! I have a baby!

92. Beauty is really in the eyes of a baby. God, I praise you for making me see this beauty in my newborn eyes. You have to see him/her!

93. I’m glad to share with you that God has made it possible for me to be a father today. Celebrate with me.

94. If I should keep celebrating every day, it won’t be enough to tell God how grateful I am. I am now a father!

95. God has done it and my wife and I are now parents to a lovely angel. Do rejoice with us.

96. We are glad to announce to you that our family has been blessed with a baby boy/girl. We are glad!

97. I want to dedicate this moment to God. He has made it possible! We have a new baby in the family!

98. We are glad to share these good tidings with you. A new born baby has been added to the family and he/she came healthy.

99. Sunshine is here in the family in the form of a baby. It’s so blessed to have her/him.

100. With joy, we share with you the joy of our new baby. God has been good to us and He has favoured us with this gift!

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