Best Baby Born Message from Father

2023 Best Baby Born Message from Father

Babies are such beautiful and wonderful gifts. The journey before they are born can be a rollercoaster ride. From the morning sickness to the irritation, to the mood swings, to the picky eating, to the restlessness. But you can’t argue that they are bundles of joy, and make the ride worth it.

The moment you see them and hold them in your arms, the fatigue just drains away. The feeling of completeness is so tangible that you can almost reach out and touch it. Then there’s the protectiveness that swings in. It’s almost like your life takes another turn; you now have someone else to think of before you act.

With all of the emotions you could possibly be feeling, we’ve decided to put together the best messages that announce the birth of your new born to both family and friends. They are short, witty, and belly the many emotions you’d like to pass across. Enjoy!

Cute Baby Born Messages from Dad

Amazing Baby Born Text Messages from Dad.

1. He announced his presence with a really loud shrill. Yes! I’m a father.

2. All the panicking was totally worth it. My daughter has arrived; you can call me papa now. LOL!

3. If you’re reading this, then you know there’s a new addition to us. And yes, you’re officially signed up for baby-sitting duties. You need to experience the joy I’m feeling after all.

4. You should see my son! He’s the cutest in the entire world. Yes, our baby just arrived!

5. My heart is full to bursting. We held our baby in our arms this evening. My heart is just full.

6. Get ready to listen to the cries of the new addition in our family; they definitely sound like good music.

7. I heard you haven’t found time to go shopping yet. Well, that’s just perfect; because you now have someone else you need to plan for as well. Our baby girl is finally here.

8. I won’t stop singing of the goodness and mercies of God in our lives. He’s added another member to our family.

9. Our little bundle of joy arrived minutes ago. PS; you should help me send a ‘thank you’ to my wife. This she has done for me, is the best ever.

10. It’s a girl! And she’s the most beautiful baby I’ve ever seen! And I can’t even wrap my head around boys coming close to her!

11. My wife has got to be the strongest woman ever; she pushed our baby boy out today. I’m really excited!

12. Holding my baby in my arms made nine months of diet change, crankiness, crying, laughing, and mood swings worth it. Our baby is here!

13. I can’t think of anything more that completes us; our daughter has truly made us complete.

14. Holding this bundle in my arms will be worth the sleepless nights that are to come. My darling girl is here. PS: our bigger girl is doing okay too.

15. This season just makes me so excited! Our baby just arrived!

16. I’m officially a daddy. Like, from now hence, calling me daddy will suffice. My son has arrived.

17. My bundle of joy, cuteness and completion finally arrived tonight. My baby boy is here.

18. Contrary to what I thought, the loud shrill she let out when she came out had me grinning with joy.

19. I would have sent a picture, but I’m still gushing over my daughter. Yes, you read right! My daughter is here.

20. Our replica is finally here! Our son is finally here!

21. Our child has arrived. Seeing that you were part of the journey, I had to send you a text ASAP!

22. It’s a girl! Like, a crying, healthy girl!

23. The labor was long; I quivered and trembled almost all through. But finally seeing our child made it worth it.

24. Our child was born about an hour ago. You should see how she lightens up the room. PS; she totally looks like me.

25. How come no one ever bothered to tell me that my heart would be this full of love and joy? Folks, I just welcomed my baby!

26. Is it okay to be this protective already? It’s been mere hours since our baby arrived, and I can’t imagine anything hurting him.

27. I’ll send a picture soon; I just wanted you to know that we welcomed our baby some hours ago.

28. Good news alert! Our child has arrived!

29. Our miracle arrived hours ago. By the way, my wife is the real hero here. I only held her hands and calmed her as much as I could.

30. God has perfected it for us; we held our daughter in our arms today. Help us say words of appreciation to Him.

31. This one is definitely going to be a strong one; a loving person, in and out. Our baby boy is here.

32. God is definitely a faithful Father. See how He keeps perfecting everything that concerns me? My child arrived healthy today!

33. Our baby is here! Help welcome her!
I don’t think there’s any space left in my heart; my heart is filled with love and laughter. My baby girl is here.

34. God has definitely blessed us! Our darling son is finally here.

35. It is with great pleasure that I announce the birth of Jasmine, daughter of my heart. She arrived a few hours ago.

36. Pink walls alert! Our baby girl arrived minutes ago!

37. I honestly didn’t know when the tears started. Everything about today was just beautiful to behold. Our child arrived today.

38. The moment I held my son in my arms, I could feel the tiredness and fear drown away. Yes, our son is finally here.

39. I feel totally fulfilled. There’s nothing else remaining. My angel was born today.

40. God definitely is a master planner, and He sure has a sense of humor. Our baby arrived today.

41. All I can say right now is ‘thank you, Lord.’ I held my baby in my arms today.

42. Our sunshine is finally here. PS; I don’t think the kisses and hugs I gave my wife are enough. Help me say plenty ‘thank yous’ when you see her.

43. Even her crying face is super beautiful. People, my baby girl is here!!!!

44. I know this child will do us proud. This child will always be a cause of thanksgiving to God. You read right; our child is finally here.

45. We finally held the child we’ve patiently waited for these past months.

46. Even before he was born, dude turned our lives inside out. I’m so excited to announce that our little bundle of joy is finally here.

47. God’s love is so obvious to us. Help us welcome our darling girl.

48. Friends and family, we welcomed our little boy today. He’s healthy, complete and beautiful.

49. Our blast of sunshine was born today. She is just little, fragile and beautiful.

50. Holding our child in my arms left me feeling like a hero. Our darling girl is finally here.

Baby Birth Announcement Messages from Father

Cute Baby Birthday Announcement Messages from Father.

51. Already she looks like me, even the way she cries. Little Anita is here, folks.

52. This is definitely our biggest blessing. We welcomed our baby to the world few hours ago.

53. It really feels great to finally be a parent. Mother and child are doing awesome.

54. Would have sent a picture, but my arms are still busy with holding my child. My little replica is here.

55. Why didn’t anyone bother to tell me how fragile newborns are? My darling arrived minutes ago.

56. God has done a perfect work for us. Our baby boy arrived earlier today.

57. I could hold him forever. Everything about him is just amazing and beautiful.

58. Our baby arrived a few minutes ago.
It is a wonderful feeling, this thing I’m feeling right now. Folks, I’m a proud father!

59. Help us thank the Lord that has done something wonderful and remarkable for us. We welcomed our baby girl during the early hours of today.

60. To say that I feel happy would be an understatement as to how I’m feeling right now. My wife has given birth to our darling son.

61. I could try, but my thanks to God would never be enough. Our child arrived safely today, and the mother is doing awesome as well.

62. I’m so joyed that I really don’t know how to explain it. I held my daughter in my arms for the first time today.

63. A life long journey just began today. I became a father to the most beautiful baby girl I’ve ever seen in all my life.

64. This one is going to do great things in life, and he definitely will not settle for less; the strength of his crying was an indication. My son is here, folks.

65. I’m sorry I didn’t share this earlier; I was too enamored by how perfect my baby is. My wife and I are finally parents.

66. All of the tears and laughter we had before this point paled when I saw my daughter’s face. I’m a father today.

67. God does everything in His time, and giving us a daughter at this time is just perfect. Yes, I’m a father!

68. For the opportunity to father a beautiful girl as this one, I know the sleepless nights to come will be worth it. My child arrived today.

69. Today, our family is officially complete. Williams Junior arrived this evening.

70. Matthew finally came through for us earlier today. Our child is here.

71. I can’t wait to change diapers and sing funny songs. Yes, my child came through today.

72. God help me, but the intensity of the love I feel for this child leaves me breathless. I held my son in my arms today.

73. Wife called me a big baby for crying when I saw our daughter. But I just couldn’t help it; she’s by far the most beautiful I’ve ever seen.

74. Every day of my life, I know I’ll send up thanks to the creator for deeming me fit to father a baby as healthy and beautiful as the one. I welcomed my child today.

75. Dad, mum, your son is finally a father! Help me thank God.

76. I can’t wait for you to meet the most gorgeous baby in the entire world. I’m super excited!

77. Her eyes are the prettiest I’ve ever seen. I still can’t believe that we made this miracle between us. The baby we’ve been waiting for finally arrived today.

78. New baby alert! Our family now has a healthy and beautiful addition.

79. I hope I don’t spoil this child silly; Lord knows I would want her to have everything that would make life comfortable for her. Yes, you read right!

80. This ride hasn’t been easy, but I can finally say that it was totally worth it. My girl was born today.

81. My baby boy is being cleaned up. I had to hurriedly send this. Yes, our son is here!

82. Is it too early to say that my life has taken another turn since I saw my child? Our darling baby is finally here.

83. Dad, how were you able to keep the guys from my sister? I need all the tips I can get; my baby girl arrived minutes ago.

84. Lord knows, my wife deserves all of the finest things of this world. She had our baby earlier today, and she was so strong.

85. Mum, you finally have a daughter to spoil silly. Yes, your grand-daughter is finally here!

86. Let the funny songs and dance steps begin. My son, king of my heart, has arrived this world.

87. My soul is happy and content. My heart is settled. My child has arrived.

88. To see parts of myself and that of my wife in one person just leaves me breathless. I want to cry and dance and jump at the same time. My wife has given birth to our baby.

89. The Lord surely has great plans for us. See how I’m in awe of the boy he’s blessed us with? You guessed right!

90. I’ve never witnessed such strength and resilience. At some point, she was encouraging me to hold firm. Yes, my darling gave birth to our son today.

91. I really don’t know if to jump or shout, but I know I can’t keep still. My baby has arrived!

92. I’ve experienced happy moments, but holding my son in my arms takes the cake. Our child is here.

93. Our little man has arrived! You should have heard his cry!

94. Honestly, nothing on earth can dampen the joy I feel knowing that my baby boy is finally here. I’m a proud father now.

95. The joy I feel is beyond this world. But I do know that I am a happy and content man. My child arrived some minutes ago.

96. The sunshine in our lives finally came through today. My woman gave birth to our baby minutes ago.

97. Our precious gift from God finally arrived today. Our baby girl is finally here.

98. After nine long months, our bundle of joy finally arrived at the early hours of today.

99. God has blessed us with a good and perfect gift. Say hello to the new addition to our family.

100. You all are invited to come coo over the most beautiful baby boy in the entire world. My son is here!

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