Romantic Good Night Bae Text Messages

2023 Romantic Good Night Bae Text Messages

In case you never know, when it comes to the matter of the heart, the night cannot be described as “ungodly,” for love is at its finest at this very hour. I mean, the stars come out in their beautiful numbers, the moon appears just in time and what else?

Your bae can’t help but steadily think of you, because at this moment, everything speaks romance and oozes passion, so much so, love abides in it. Hence, you shouldn’t let such an opportunity to let your emotions speak for itself pass you by.

Bae an acronym for before anyone else / before anything else is used for both gender – yeah because love has no disparity.

So, go ahead and let your bae know that your love for them goes beyond the day and into the night with these 2023 Romantic Good Night Bae Text Messages.

Good Night Text Messages for Him or Her

Romantic Good Night Sms for Lovers.

1. Your peaceful face whilst you sleep bequeaths the beauty of the night. Sleep tight, bae.

2. My night is a million miles far from loneliness because you’re in it to keep me company. Good night, bae.

3. I’ll trust the deceitful darkness at night because I’ve found you in it. Sleep like the angel you are, my bae.

4. As darkness settles down on earth at night, so does your thought rest on my mind, my bae.

5. Nothing makes the night more pleasant, than your sweet and memorable goodbye.

6. The night is masked with darkness, but its true nature is as beautiful as you are, my bae.

7. Because of you, my love, I’ll rather choose the night over the day. Sleep beautifully, my bae.

8. All I want before I go to bed is your promise to wake me up with a warm kiss.

9. If I could spend a night by your side, darkness would take flight.

10. You’re an angel of love; you come in form of a brilliant light during the day and as a dark starry sky at night. You remain beautiful, nevertheless.

11. Heaven comes down every night just about the time your presence swirls around me.

12. You’re the mother of pearls laying on the seafloor of my heart. I go in search of you every night.

13. You command the night to look beautiful with every smile you give. Good night, bae.

14. A million stars are born once you confess your love to me at night.

15. Our love grew from the dust to the boundless sky, making me watch out for the perfect sky at night to view its sight.

16. Without you, my night will only bring me nothing, but the moon and the stars.

17. Through your lovely eyes, I’m forced to see the beauty that the night possesses.

18. Envy sears through the night, cause you effortlessly outshine her rare beauty.

19. The silhouette of you is cast through the wide sky, so I could sleep in love.

20. I’m most glad, that the night comes to beautify you than to overshadow your beauty with its acute darkness.

21. When I see you, I remember a beautiful night that I cannot forget.

22. Good night, bae. Be my lover in my dream and unto reality when the morning comes.

23. You’re the calmness that covers the earth when it’s dark at night.

24. My world is filled with twinkling stars all because your eyes are sparklingly beautiful like the night sky. Good night, bae.

25. It’s a privilege to have a love that lasts even in the darkest hour of the night.

26. The power of love is known at night, whilst its beauty is seen in the day. Good night, my bae.

27. You’re my knight when it’s dark and my Romeo when it’s bright – by so doing, you prove your love to me. Sleep tight, bae.

28. The language of love at night are your kisses and warm touches. Good night, bae.

29. The night is short because time has learnt to run fast as you empty your love at my humble feet.

30. Everything stands still when you bless me with a precious kiss at night, my bae.

31. Take the stars from the night and I wouldn’t be afraid, but take you from me and my night will become mourning.

32. The majesty of the great night is seen when your love pierces through its darkness.

33. You’re the splendour of the night, whilst the stars and the moon are its servants.

34. Good night, bae. Keep me in your thought just as the night keeps the stars in hers.

35. I make it through the night because your love awaits me in the morning. Good night, bae.

36. The night is always young and beautiful just like you.

37. My bae, the diamond stars take after your splendour so much so, it is named after you.

38. I see your lovely eyes in the sky at night. It makes my heart grow fonder in love.

39. At the sight of the dusk, my heart is lightened with a thunderous sound of love.

40. At night, You and I make great music of love together just as the sound of the sea. Good night, babe.

41. No matter the stench of darkness, your lovely fragrance still fills the night, my bae.

42. Beauty does not belong to the day alone. I know this because I see you at night.

43. I long for your tender eyes to meet mine at night, for it heals me of all fears. Good night, my bae.

44. At night, I look into your eyes just to fall asleep in love.

45. Let’s never go to bed when our heart is at war with each other. Stay awake, my bae.

46. Because I’m in love, my heart never sleeps at night.

47. Good night bae, touch the heaven sky if you’ll like to dream of me.

48. When the night gives me its darkness, I look unto you to give me your light. Good night, bae.

49. My world is built in a night, once I see you in my wildest dream. Good night, my bae.

50. I hope to see you again in the morning. Hence, I’ll keep my farewell with me, my love.

51. Love is stronger at night, cause it walks through the darkest path without a light to guild it’s from falling.

52. When the night sets in, I see you beckoning on me to fall asleep in your strong arms.

53. You’re the only reason I make it through the night, for you’re my strength.

54. Good night, my bae. Smile throughout the darkest hours, for it is the only light the night knows.

55. If the stars fall on the earth, I’ll be there to catch the brightest of them all, cause you’re the one. Good night, my love.

56. The stars have appeared with love in my heart whilst wishing you a lovely night, my darling.

57. Because you’re my bae, I’ll think of you just before I sleep for the night.

58. Share a pillow with me someday. It’ll be my greatest joy, my darling.

59. The night I’ll have bae with me, I’ll let her know she means the world to me.

60. Sleep like you have no worries. Wake up like you miss me all night.

61. It is a good thing to be in love, but far better to be in love with you, bae.

62. The moon has nothing to hide all night long, just like I’ll display my love to you before her eyes.

63. If you let me, I’ll be your bae for life. If you don’t mind, be my bae forever.

64. I’ll cover you with the blanket of love. Worry not through the night, my darling.

65. When the stars steal sleep from my eyes, I’ll end up thinking of you all night long, my darling.

66. Before I kiss the galaxies good night, I’ll tell them what a lovely lover you are to me. Good night, bae.

67. I wish to rest my head on your shoulder, waking up to the pleasantness of your kisses; this is my prayer before my head sinks deeply into the pillow.

68. Know that there’s nothing more I’d love more than you because, in my eyes, you come before anything else.

69. Let the melody of our love caress you to sleep. Drift so far away into wonderland whilst thinking of me.

70. Every breath I draw at night will bring stars to your sky and love to your heart.

71. I don’t mind that you’ve stolen my heart away. All I want is a lifetime of love with you, my bae.

72. Only from your lips can kisses be so pure and true. Only from your eyes will I see the meaning.

73. When the night draws nearer, I wonder what a silent night would be by your side. Have a good night rest, my bae.

74. Your love has found me. Hence, I’ll answer your name even in my dreams.

75. I’ll never drive past you when it’s raining, instead, I’ll dance in the rain with you. Sleep tight, my bae.

76. Life gives us good gifts sometimes. For me, you’re my good and perfect gift all the time.

77. I’m contented with the taste of our love. It’s aroma will I let rise to the place beyond the sky.

78. I’ll do you no wrong, neither would I hurt you in the dark. Cause you’re bae and life to me.

79. When you wake up, your best bet would be that, I’m still madly in love with you.

80. The wicked man can’t hurt our love. The jealous man can only try to be us from afar. Good night, my darling.

81. Love isn’t all easy, but I’m ready to see it through with you, my bae.

82. Every part of me expresses your love somehow even to the point of my dreams at night.

83. My heart travels not anymore around the world, for it has found a home in your heart.

84. My love isn’t for sale but made for you on a platter of silver, my darling.

85. I’ll wipe your tears with kisses and adorn the ankle of your feet with the glitz of love. Good night, my darling.

86. Let this be a token of my love for you through the night. I’ll be sure to bless your heart before the cock crows.

87. Nothing wakes me up faster than the thought of seeing you once again in the morning.

88. In love with my bae. So, let the stars assemble in the shape of love in the sky. I love you, bae.

89. Let’s stamp on the sky the colors of our kisses. Let it be our guide to each other when next it’s dark. Good night, bae.

90. The road that leads to my heart is narrow because only you can walk through it to its core.

91. Every new night rekindles my love for you till the sky is burned up with its fire.

92. If you doubt my love for you, you’d doubt the moon when it appears and the sun when it glows.

93. Good night to my bae. I promise to love you with all my strength and might once it’s dawn.

94. The cutest pyjamas would be one made with the two of us in mind. Waiting to share that with you, my bae.

95. Hear my little confession in this silent night; it’ll take further than forever for my promises of love to you to be broken by sin. So, sleep tight, my bae.

96. Now the clouds are dark, for it is time to go dream of forever with you.

97. Love like a river. At the bottom of my heart, you shall swim your misery away. Good night, my bae.

98. You bring smiles to my face at night and I see the stars lighten up with excitement, for I have found love that is true.

99. This heart is full to the brim with the pure waters of love, overflowing into nowhere else but your heart. Good night, bae.

100. My love will not jilt you by the altar, but go with you thenceforth you go. Even travel to the clouds where the last star sits brightly at night.

101. I love you, my darling. So, I’ll make you my bae for as long as I breathe.

102. Your melody is sweetly beyond my ears can contain. With joy, I shall listen to it chase away the night.

103. I’ll forgive the night for separating our lips, I’ll embrace the morning, for it brings us closer than ever.

104. Sleep tight, my darling. Build your dreams upon the promises I’ve made to you.

105. Slowly but surely, we’ll conquer the night and wear our laurels of love with pride, cause it can’t separate us upon the darkness it brings.

106. Someday I’ll watch you sleep. Some night, we’ll caress our baby to sleep. Good night, my bae.

107. We’ll not break up before dawn. For our love is stronger than the strength of the galaxies. Good night, bae.

108. To the one whose arrow of love has pierced through the core of my heart; I hope you have a wonderful sleep, my darling.

109. Inside a cold world, we found love. Under the dark sky, we can see it in our words. Sleep tight, my bae.

110. My tributaries of love would empty their passion into your heart. For together we’ll make an ocean of love without an end.

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