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1 Day Left for My Birthday, I Can’t Keep Calm

Is there any day as amazing as one’s day of celebration? Birthday is one of such astounding occasion which comes only once in a year and has some measure of uniqueness in its celebration.

You sure always celebrate people on their own days and you’re left wondering on what to do or how best to wish yourself on your own birthday.

Trust me, the best love you can ever get on your birthday is the love and endearments you give yourself. No one, after God, can love you as much as you love yourself.

So, why not start ahead before the D-day to reveal your happiness and gratitude to God for gifting you with another good life to memorialise. If you’re looking for the best wishes, do not keep calm. Check out these loveable quotes to wish yourself a wonderful birth celebration.

I Can’t Keep Calm, It’s a Day to My Birthday Quotes

It’s a Day to My Birthday, I Can’t Keep Calm Quotes and Saying.

1. The queen in me revitalizes for the dawning of a new year that’s coming up in the next few hours. It’s a new year of a new me. Yippee!

2. The Queen’s birthday is tomorrow. I’m gonna celebrate the new me in so many special ways.

3. Last year’s celebration was awesome, this year’s gonna be supercilious. I can’t wait for tomorrow to come.

4. I’ve got the ground prepared for tomorrow’s celebration. I’m confident in God who kept me all through the past years.

5. What can I render in appreciation unto God? His love for me is unquantifiable and indescribable. It’s my new year of a better me.

6. God has made me smile and crowned me with beauty. I am grateful for another year. Tomorrow’s gonna be great!

7. Waohh how time flies, just like yesterday when I celebrated my last birthday. Tomorrow is another day to be reborn. Happy birthday to me.

8. Grateful God has got me in His mind, and so I can rejoice for adding to my years. It’s my birthday tomorrow.

9. The better and stronger I become is attributed to the many years added to my life. Happy birthday to me.

10. New life and more attainment I wish myself as I mark another special moment in a day’s time. Hearty cheers to me.

11. My life, the best gift I’ve got, my birthday, the greatest blessing on earth. Happy birthday in advance to me.

12. Who am I that the Lord is mindful of? For all the goodness and benefit which I daily receive. I glory in the joy of another beautiful year.

13. For the love joy and gifts endowed unto me. I wish myself more of these in this new year on earth.

14. The journey of 364 days is ending today, with another commencing tomorrow. His protection all through the journey is my wishes.

15. The past 364 days was awesome. The coming 364 days will be fabulous. And as I journey ahead tomorrow, I pray He keeps me cloaked under the shadow of His wings.

16. For the past 364 days, God has kept me alive until today. And I’m wishing He protects me more as I embark on another 364 days journey. Cheers to a happy birthday in advance.

17. Who else deserves the red carpet celebration other than me. This is to mark a glorious new year come tomorrow.

18. I am a celebrity. I have seen the beauty of another graceful year. Happy birthday in advance to me.

19. As each birthday draws near, my joy usually knows no bound. All glory to God. Happy birthday to me.

20. Beholding the breaking of a new dawn has radiated my face with a beautiful smile. All to the beautiful celebration of me. Tomorrow’s going to be great.

21. He has made me smile. My world is illuminated with great blessings. I pride in the radiance of another new year.

22. The older I grow, the closer I want to be to the fulfilment of my dreams. I wish myself a glorious birth anniversary.

23. Glad my plans to have a fantastic anniversary will materialise. Tomorrow’s gonna be dope.

24. If asked what my heart desires for my birthday, it’s nothing other than to be with the one I love.

25. I’m not just plus one, I’m also plus wise and strong. And I wish that as I get older, may my oil of gladness get better.

26. No day makes one feel so good except on birthdays. My heart bubbles with joy on another occasion of my birth anniversary coming up later.

27. I feel so good. My heart leaps for joy. It’s another year to declare to the whole world how adorable I am.

28. I am a source of joy to the whole world because of the many treasures deposited in me. It’s another era for more release. The world awaits the coming of an amazon come tomorrow.

29. Heaven rejoiced the day I was born because the day was so colourful to reflect the dawn of a new era. Tomorrow’s birthday will reflect the dawn of a transformed life.

30. The sky was filled with stars on the day I was born. A pointer to the birth of a royal king/queen like me.

31. Heaven rejoiced the day I was born because the day was so colourful to reflect the dawn of a new era. My birthday reflects the dawn of a transformed life.

32. My eyes refuse to lock up in sleep, waiting earnestly to witness the nick of 12 o’clock and give myself the warmest congratulations.

33. The more birthdays I celebrate, the more life I live. Heartie cheers to my new year full of greatness and pleasant surprises.

34. If every day were to be birthdays, the whole world would be painted red in celebration of the special person that I am. Even by tomorrow that I mark it once in a year, I still deserve the very best of celebration.

35. My birthday has taught me a lot of things, much more is the gratification and accomplishment that it brings with it.

36. Each time my birthday draws closer, it brings me closer to the fulfilment of my dreams and passions. I revitalise in the dawning of this new year.

37. My soul rejoices and my heart throbs with great delight. Feel so wonderful on this occasion of my birthday.

38. My birthday is not just an ordinary day but it marks the launching into my dreams as I hope for a better future.

39. This time last year, I was nothing to be reckoned with. But as tomorrow marks another year on earth, my life will blossom into lots of manifestation.

40. No memory lingers in my thought as much as my birthday does. It’s always a day to remember for good.

41. The gift of another birth anniversary is really worth celebrating. Come tomorrow, I wish myself all the peace, joy and love that the moment brings.

42. Who else can love me more as much as I love myself? I am myself’s crush and no 1 cheerleader. Happy birthday to me.

43. Wrapped in the golden basket are special gifts for a beautiful soul like me. I wish myself all the lucks in heaven and on earth. Tomorrow is a special day in my life.

44. No one can celebrate me as much as I celebrate myself. Happy cake and fun-filled day to me in advance!

45. All day long, nothing else fills my heart other than the ecstasy that a new year brings. I wish myself all the best in life as I celebrate a new year ahead.

46. As each new year rolls by, I always have a recourse to testify to something significant. This birthday coming up in few hours is never an exception.

47. Last birthday, just like yesterday; the new one, just in few hours to come, I wish myself a smashing birth anniversary ahead.

48. Been excited all day in preparation for tomorrow. My eyes will not submit to sleep until I witness the early hours of another glorious year.

49. God has made me smile. There are bountiful testimonies that I’ve been a blessing to many around. I wish myself more exploit as I wrap up a year to another graceful year.

50. It’s really a blessing to touch the lives of many around. I pledge to do more as this new year of mine rolls by.

51. Whoopee!!! The new me will be reborn and rededicated in few hours time. I can’t wait to witness the dawn of a sweet day.

52. As each new year draws by, the first person to wish me a happy birthday is no one but me.

53. I don’t but have the course to celebrate the birth of a regenerated being as one year folds up and another unfolds.

54. As one chapter is closing, another is about to be opened. Heartie cheers to my new year in advance.

55. My life and the grace to witness another new year is the best gift I could ever crave for.

56. I’m confident and also praying that this new birth celebration will not be to death but to longevity and riches.

57. I wish I could age younger, but the secret to living longer is to stay happy. I’m happy it’s my birthday tomorrow.

58. Dedicating just a day to celebrate my great worth is never too big a thing to do. I Iove the woman/man I’m becoming.

59. Every time spent on earth counts, as one needs to make good use of his life while it lasts. Happy strong day to my birthday!

60. If I don’t enjoy my life now while I’m still young, when will I enjoy it? Sooner than later, it will be pretty difficult to do what young women/men of my age do. I’ve got my life to enjoy come tomorrow.

61. Daily as I live, yearly as I grow, I move from one generation into the other. Sign of oldies. Congratulations to me.

62. Living daily and growing yearly has been an expression of God’s grace. Thanking God for my life as another year is about to unfold.

63. A wonderful person was begotten on a very distinct day. Tomorrow marks another day to celebrate a king/queen like me.

64. No day on earth is as matchless as the day I was birthed into the world. I wish myself a happy birth anniversary in advance.

65. Not many enjoyed my kind of rare opportunity nor received my kind of special grace. I remain ever special. Heartie cheers to this new year of mine.

66. Whether it’s today or it’s still some hours away, it’s a singular honour to celebrate my awesome personality on this day of rebirth.

67. My story and lives changed completely on this unparalleled day that I was born. Yes, the eve of my birthday is as special as the D-day is.

68. Despite having no desperation for fame, I can still boast of a good name. All thanks to God for crowning me with another year filled with great testimonies.

69. That my star would shine brighter and the heavens be opened for me are my desires for this new year. Happy birthday to me in advance.

70. That I could come this far and live this long is by His unmerited grace. Long live to a pretty damsel as she marks another turning of leaf tomorrow.

71. I hope and aspire for the best vibes come tomorrow. Gonna rock my day to the fullest.

72. The best gift I owe myself is to love me the more and develop more capacity for greatness. Happy birthday in advance to me, myself and I.

73. I’ve got more reason to smile because another year will soon be added to my age by tomorrow. I’m so glad for this day!

74. The best motivation I’ve got now is the better version of me that I’ve become. So, to become more, may I live to be old and still be strong.

75. No doubt, this is a bigger opportunity for me to broaden my horizon beyond limitation. The more I live, the more I learn. Heartie cheers to a new year in advance.

76. No seeming circumstance can deprive me of the joy of the moment. I’d rather take pride in the success of today and hope for a better tomorrow.

77. This year’s birthday will surely turn around every untoward situations for my good. So shall it be!

78. My birthday goal is to keep aiming higher and not be a disappointment to those looking up to me.

79. I’m on the verge of writing a thrilling story for the future which will be far better than the past. This is to mark a remarkable new year of my life.

80. I’d lived good years in the past. I’m aspiring to live more glorious years as long as I live. Happy birthday to me in advance.

81. I can say confidently that God is rewriting a better script for my life. Tomorrow marks my new year of a new era.

82. I’d rather be grateful for where I am as many are aspiring for the kind of height I’ve attained in the few years I’ve lived. Grateful for the grace of another birth anniversary.

83. No worries at all about aging. I’m rather more focused on the attainment of my full potentials.

84. Heartie cheers to a refreshing moment of cupcakes, champagne, light candles, bubbling music, in a frenzy atmosphere. All to mark the unique day of a celeb like me.

85. I could say I know myself but this is another opportunity to know more and grow better. Happy birthday to me from now till then.

86. I don’t want to grow old as I have more life to live. The youthfulness in me springs up daily as I live.

87. The more I grow, the more birthdays I celebrate, the better I have something to live for, and the more I love myself.

88. I came out through a hollow in tears. Now is a day to behold a hallowed being and be filled with great smiles. I wish myself longevity.

89. My greatness thus far and protection all through the past years can only be attributed to God who was on my side. It’s another season of jubilee. Yippee!

90. The more I live, I live for Him who’s been with me since my conception. Grateful for another new birth!

91. I escaped through the journey of the womb narrowly. I look forward to journeying more in life bountifully.

92. I am the best and the only version of myself. No one can be like me. So I pride in the legend I’m becoming

93. The care I receive from people is massive. The love and grace I enjoy from God is beyond my comprehension. I long for more on this birthday and beyond.

94. Spending the last 12 months, 52 weeks, 364 days, and 8736 hours, in good health is worth commemorating. I wish myself more of these good moments ahead.

95. Treasures are hardly found. No wonder I’m a treasure blessed with uncommon favour. It’s another birthday starting from now till tomorrow to be blessed with heavenly riches.

96. This birthday is such that will surely bring lots of smile to many faces because they are coming to celebrate a living gem.

97. Testimony will surely abound for many after my birth celebration. Reason being that I am a blessed personality in every ramification.

98. I approach this beautiful day with great thrill and delight. My hope is high for the wonders and goodies ahead. It’s a day to my birthday. I wish myself all the best!

99. My wish for the new year: that my heart merry with the gift of an invaluable blessing of a new age and not frail at the deficiencies of the past years.

100. Who says I won’t throw a party? I’m going to paint the town red because it’s a special year I will be celebrating come tomorrow.

How do you feel about these birthday wishes? Trust we serve you well to have got your desirable quotes or wishes for self. Thanks for liking and sharing.

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