2020 Romantic Morning Texts for Bae to Wake Up To

2023 Romantic Morning Texts for Bae to Wake Up To

Bae isn’t just about anybody in your life. Certainly, not the one you’d ignore in the moments of trials. Instead, bae is the recipient of your love, the one who has the sole right to your unblemished affection. He/she comes before anyone and anything else.

A little description would help;

When you have someone whom you can’t wait to share your day with as soon as dawn transforms into restful dusk, if you’d rather have that one person be the first and last in your thoughts other than anyone or anything else then, it’s safe to conclude that such a person is your classic bae.

So, if you’d place no one above her, if you’d rather spend the rest of your life with him then, select from this unique collection of 2023 romantic Morning Texts for Bae to wake up to.

They’re the right words to place your bae right on top of your world as soon as the day breaks.

Good Morning My Bae Messages for Him or Her

Sweet Good Morning Text Messages for My Bae.

1. Loving you from my end. Adoring you to the ends of the stars. Top of the morning to my love.

2. You have my undivided attention from dawn till dusk. And in my eyes, I lay bare my feelings for you.

3. Wake up to a refreshing love encompassing of great passion and warm adoration.

4. All my feelings for you will never dry even if settled in a hot desert of distress.

5. It’s a miracle to have you love me without refrain. This testimony, I’ll guide jealousy till I can share with the angels.

6. I’ve made up my mind to love you. Hence, in my heart, you will always be my bae.

7. Love truly is unconditional because there is no time limit for this feeling I got for you.

8. Before anyone else, I’d love you. Before anything else, I’d reverence you in the morning.

9. As the cock crows in sparrow-fart, my mouth yearns to yell how much I love you when its dawn.

10. The privilege to see you again is the greatest blessing of sunrise. I love you, bae.

11. Every moment you’d share by my side, I’ll be sure to make it one you’d wish to remember.

12. Have my kisses, bae. As untainted and refreshing as they are in the early morning.

13. You’re a man after my own heart, for I’m well pleased with your move and caresses.

14. Wake up to sunshine, but to my love most importantly. For it is what you’d see before the sun rises and after it sets.

15. Ignore the sun and let my love shine upon you as you arise. Good morning, my bae.

16. No one else can capture my heart like you have. Even in freedom, my heart will return into your bosom.

17. My love for you is never-ending. It is a story I’ll tell with the light of my eyes. Good morning, bae.

18. Without a ring, my heart has promised to be yours still. Top of the morning to you, bae.

19. Loving you feels like kissing heaven good morning. For I feel the nearness of paradise around me and in my heart is an inexplicable element of joy.

20. My lips are watered by your love. Hence, they thirst for you cause you’re not around. Waiting for you, my bae.

21. I can’t hurt you, neither can I hurt the fly that rests on you. Good morning, my love.

22. I’ll think about you before anything else, for your love is antidote to my sorrow.

23. No love has a refined taste as fine as the one I place before you in the morning. How do you do, bae?

24. The proudest moment of my life is walking around town with your hands in mine. I love you, bae.

25. Our steps are the same because pure love has consumed our hearts. It’s you forever, bae.

26. You’re my bae forever, for nothing else comes even close to you, my darling.

27. If I had to choose between you and anything else, I’ll choose you, my love, because you’re my bae.

28. Lies told cannot tear us apart, mischiefs made cannot destroy our dreams. For before the lies, I’ll hold on to you first, my darling.

29. My love awaits you in the morning. All it needs are your welcoming arms. Do you accept my love again today?

30. Your name is my favorite word, your heart is my favorite place and your kisses are my choicest reward.

31. The eagles cannot steal my kisses away from your lips. The dragon cannot take you away from the touch of my love.

32. The tears of love have I cried, for the weight of love overwhelmed me; a pleasurable burden I’ll rather bear for you and I to be.

33. If you give me your love, there’s nothing I wouldn’t give back to you. If you hold me, dear, there’s no place beaming with joy, I wouldn’t strive to take you.

34. I was made to love you and raised to be yours for the rest of my life. Good morning, bae.

35. In the midst of so many good choices, I’ll travel the narrow path with you, for you alone resonate with my heart.

36. One life have I got. And it will love you forever. Welcome to my world of love, my darling.

37. You give clarity to my dreams. For you’re the light that shines into its core. Good morning, my love.

38. Like a gentle breeze caressing the oceans, I wish you’d never go away. Be my bae forever, my love.

39. Love has got one eye and mine is set upon you forever.

40. A lay man without the knowledge of words, you’ve inspired to write with the ink of love. Good morning, my darling.

41. Even when I’m behind my schedules, I’ll send you a love note because you’re bae.

42. Nothing else proves my love for you than my unwillingness to ever let you go. Good morning, bae.

43. Suffer me to bear your cross with you, for it is a joy being by your side.

44. I’ll love you for the rest of my life. For that long is the least my heart can go. Happy new day, my darling.

45. I’ll put you first before my self. For it is what love does when she finds her bae. You’re my bae, my love.

46. Watering you with the dews of love every morning. I hope you continue to grow only in my heart.

47. You’re the object of my affection. The only one that’ll receive every drop of love dripping from my heart.

48. Be my bae for life and I’ll be your all till I fly into the clouds.

49. Who else can I love than you, for you’re the breeze that caresses my ocean.

50. The earth was built on faith. But my world is laid on the slab of your love. You’re my love forever, my darling.

51. My heart is large but to love you with every inch of it. My arms are wide, so you’d feel comfortable inside of them.

52. My love for you will find reasons to do everything for you whilst avoiding any reason to turn her back on you.

53. For you’re my bae, I’ll place you far above the sky, where no man can contest.

54. You’re the liberty I sought. And with my whole heart, I’ll hold on to you.

55. For I have found bae, I’ll keep her near till darkness splits into light and light into eternity.

56. In the night, I dream of kissing your eyes with mine to experience the magical feeling of love all over again. Good morning, bae.

57. I love catching your glimpse even while I sleep, for it makes my night more starry. Welcome to a new dawn, bae.

58. When nightmares lance through my heart like an evil arrow, the thought of you brings me profound peace and joy.

59. Good morning, my bae. You’re before anyone else, that’s why you receive my first breath in the morning.

60. Dive into my heart this morning, like a swimmer into a sea of passion. Good morning, bae.

61. My soul is fed with your pictures in my mind and my stomach is fed with your butterflies.

62. I’m your boo while you’re my bae. Nothing can change this fact.

63. Immediately, I recognised you as my bae, cause our love was destined from above.

64. I’ll come to you every morning in form of romantic words.

65. Hello, bae. As you breathe while reading this, my heart breathes with you.

66. Our love is stronger than the force of a hurricane. Hence, we remain undefeated, my bae.

67. My heart is where I can find you and in your heart is where you can find me. Bae, touch your heart and I’ll be there.

68. I see you in the breezes that blow. I feel you in the bird that sings. Above all, I see you as an angel of love.

69. Whenever I think of you, my heart naturally feels engulfed by happiness.

70. I’m immersed in the pool of your thought. You’re always on my mind, bae.

71. No love is like the one you give to me. From a distant shore, it can be felt.

72. A sea of lovely emotions were built in me the first time I saw you by fluke. Good morning, bae.

73. Your love spews fire like a fictitious dragon. I’m glad to see it burning in your eyes, bae.

74. If I ever stop loving you, my world will be flooded with soulful tears of misery. So, don’t you ever live me, my darling bae.

75. You’re like a goddess who took me from the miry clay and unto a strong ground of love.

76. Mine is to love you and yours is to accept my love, dear bae.

77. Nothing fixes my worry than your smile, my darling.

78. I’m your covering; the veil that shields you from the pain of love.

79. My love for you is so pure more than a crystal diamond in the sky. Good morning, bae.

80. If you stand beside me, my world will perpetually know peace.

81. Your love is the wings on which I’ll fly to heaven with you, my bae.

82. I do not want to be ignorant of your love, else it will be my doom.

83. I’ll follow you, not just to paradise, but to the depth of hell, if it ever comes to that, my love.

84. Heaven stands still as you walk majestically on the face of the earth.

85. My bae breaks the wings of angels with every move she makes.

86. I’m super proud of my man, he’s a rare diamond. A bae that comes first in the midst of a stream of men.

87. I noticed you in an overwhelming crowd, cause your brilliant crown pierced through my eyes in a matter of seconds.

88. You never make me angry, cause your mesmerizing eyes work magic on me.

89. My darling, love is strong, but your hold over me is stronger.

90. I solely embraced the woman that I am, because you accepted me first just the way I am.

91. The world may see your pretty eyes, cheerful steps and displacing figures, but all I see in you is your sheer kindness and humble love. This alone triggers my heart to love you recklessly.

92. My eyes are set on you like the Cross of Calvary, cause you’re the saviour of my heart.

93. Bae, if you look at me, I’ll instantly melt in your arms. Try this when you see me.

94. I glow because your soft sweats have been mixed with mine and hence, we’ve become one.

95. I stutter when I’m asked to describe my feelings for you, for it’s beyond my comprehension.

96. When the morning comes, I’ll give way for your light to overpower me.

97. Bae, heaven and earth cannot come in between us, for we’ll always be together.

98. The beauty and honour there is to love is you, my bae.

99. Our love does not need speed, but an everlasting end.

100. Everyone claims to love you, but few makes the sacrifices. Bae, I say I’m in love with you because I’ll sacrifice my world for yours.

101. You walk through my mind with the pure feet of love. Never leave your footprints behind, stay till forevermore, my bae.

102. My everlasting covenant is with you and it is to love you till the end of time.

103. Good morning, love. I wake up to see the sunshine rising at my feet, cause you were on my mind as I slept throughout the night.

104. Because you’re my first and last, that makes you my bae.

105. I’ll take care of this moment of love, cause it’s meant to last a lifetime, my bae.

106. Good morning, bae. Grow older in love today, so as to age like the star.

107. My blurry vision became clear the moment I gazed at you.

108. Even in the lion’s lair, I wouldn’t hesitate to love you and denounce the rest, my bae.

109. My best life is planned around yours. Bae, you’re my present and future.

110. Bae, love is another name for you. You’re a flawless diamond emanating the sparks of love.

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