Celebrating 5 Years of Togetherness Quotes for Someone Special

2023 Celebrating 5 Years of Togetherness Quotes for Someone Special

We are all blessed with that dogged human who has constantly shown unwavering love and support for five years.

Five years may not sound like forever but it’s definitely long enough time to detect bullshit or genuine love.

It is a consensus that gratitude is the right attitude for 2023. Show love and support to that person today! We have made your decision easier with these messages;

Happy Five Years of Togetherness Wishes Quotes for Him or Her

Sweet Happy Five Years of Togetherness Wishes and Quotes for Lovers.

1. We must be really special and meant to be together for us to have weathered the storm together in five years with so much grace. Happy anniversary to us.

2. I have heard times without number that being friends with someone for five years and more automatically qualifies the person as family. You’re family now. Happy anniversary.

3. Happy 5th anniversary to us. I am so glad I have had the best five years with you.

4. You’re worth all the good things you’ve gotten for the past five years and more. Happy anniversary.

5. You believe in me than anyone I know and make me believe in my self like no other. Thanks, friend and happy 5th anniversary.

6. You’re a perfect example of friendship love and light. Happy 5th anniversary to us.

7. I love you so much. You should know by now that I won’t stop. Happy 5th anniversary to us.

8. Let’s have another 5 awesome years together and more, and more. Happy anniversary.

9. You’re worth celebrating daily. Your friendship is such a blessing. Happy 5th anniversary to us.

10. Since I met you, my problem has reduced drastically. I can’t even explain. Such a good person to be in love with. Happy 5th anniversary.

11. Five years with you has brought me bliss and opened my eyes to the possibility of being a better version of me. Happy 5th anniversary to us.

12. Loving you has been an highlight and I am definitely not letting you go soon. Happy anniversary

13. You have been really wonderful. Telling me and reminding of how special I am. Happy anniversary to us.

14. I’ve been opened to teamwork, tolerance and tenderness with you as my love for five years. Happy anniversary to us

15. It’s been five solid years of wonders and really special moments. Happy anniversary to us

16. I love you more than life itself. I realize now than ever before that you are the one I want in my life forever. Happy 5th anniversary to us.

17. I have watched everything that has been in contact with you grow with so much fervency. You are a friend worth giving all. Happy anniversary to us.

18. I look at five years ago like it’s yesterday. I’m sure it’s because you have made it the best five years of my life. Happy 5th anniversary to us.

19. I had the hope five years ago that I would still be able to stand in front of friends on a day like this to declare my love for you. I’m so right to have hoped. Hat 5th anniversary to us.

20. I remember how confused about love I was before I said yes to you. Now, I am a living proof that love abounds. Happy 5th anniversary to Us.

21. You’re my perfect significant other. I have had five years to come to this conclusion. Happy 5th anniversary to us.

22. Your love is sweet, strong and has stood the test of time and circumstance. Happy 5th anniversary to us.

23. If I were not in this relationship with you, I would probably be somewhere jealous of the woman you’d be giving all the love you now give me. I celebrate five years of genuine love and happiness.

24. I believe we deserve accolades for the five years we have used together and for how worthy of emulation we have made our relationship. Happy 5th anniversary to Us.

25. Friendship is much more beautiful when it actually takes two. I’m glad I’ve had years of beauty with you. Happy 5th anniversary

26. I wouldn’t change anything about the last five years because it has been spent with my favorite person in the world. Happy 5th anniversary to us.

27. You matter how you are loved and your arm of friendship will never have to stand alone. Cheers to five years of hand holding and genuine friendship!

28. I am one lucky son of God. I have had you who’s both a source of inspiration and a perfect definition of love as love. Happy 5th anniversary to us.

29. I always wish you nothing but the beat each year we observe our anniversary. This 5th anniversary is not an exception.

30. Love indeed happens to people most times when they are not looking. It happened with you and I haven’t had reasons to take my eyes off you since you gained my attention. Happy 5th anniversary to us.

31. You are a friend worth loving and celebrating in a grand style. Happy 5th anniversary to us.

32. I’m so excited about our future together! Don’t blame me. The last five years has taught me to expect only happiness with you. Happy anniversary to us.

33. Friends come and go. Family never leaves. You’re family! Forget blood. Happy 5th anniversary to us.

34. I would never have thought that I am capable of loving or worthy of being loved if not for you. Thank you and happy anniversary.

35. I still remember our first meeting like every good memory we have created. Happy 5th anniversary friend.

36. Your love is one of the best things that has happened to me and your friendship isn’t one to take for granted. Today, I celebrate five years of both love and friendship.

37. You make this friendship thing so easy and enviable. You’re genius and I adore your ways. Happy 5th anniversary dearest!

38. I am sure that I would still be back five, ten years from now to tell the world if my gratitude. You have proven yourself more than once. Happy 5th anniversary to us.

39. I would easily pick you as the best part of my day if I was asked to pick. You’re a routine joy. You’ve been for five solid years. Happy anniversary.

40. You are a friend that has stuck close than a brother and have played the role of a mother every now and then. I celebrate our 5th year together!

41. Every day should naturally be about celebrating amazing people like you and every opportunity to celebrate your sacrifice as a friend should not be neglected. You are that worthy! Happy 5th anniversary to us.

42. My love for you has waxed stronger with each passing year. It would have completely solidified at the apex of our lives. Of this, I am sure. Happy 5th anniversary to us.

43. You have been a double portion of happiness with this joy you carry around and ensure you distribute to as many as care to take from you. What a wonderful five years if friendship with you.

44. Five years of loving and being loyal to one person is a whole lot. If no one gives us kudos, I will. I am so proud of our five years together.

45. You light up my world with your words and set my heart on fire just with a flash of your smile. Happy 5th anniversary love.

46. I am indebted to this friendship. You have been such a great seed of blessing. Happy 5th anniversary to us.

47. You are in the position to receive all the good tidings I have for you today as you have been a source of blessing in the last five years.

48. You are a gem! A one that is pure in heart, loving and caring to a fault. Happy 5th anniversary to us.

49. I now know what it feels to be loved genuinely and cared for passionately. Thanks to you! Happy anniversary to us.

50. Your kind is one of the rarest in the whole planet. Who else forgives a friend in advance like you? Happy anniversary, really!

51. We deserve to have a true celebration of how far we have come in the face of all the challenges. Happy 5th anniversary

52. You are loved by me, I hope I never give you a reason to doubt and if I do, I believe you won’t make it. Happy 5th anniversary to Us.

53. I feel like a success already. Could this be because you are? Definitely! Happy 5th anniversary.

54. You are the one that I know how to talk to best. Thanks for being a listener indeed. Happy birthday anniversary to us.

55. Never doubt that you are a force to reckon with In the world and also a standby go to friend in the times of trouble.

56. I want you to be happy now and happier as the years pass. Happy 5th anniversary.

57. I won’t change my mind or neglect vows. I promise to only renew them or make them even better. Happy 5th anniversary.

58. Honestly, there has been outraging challenges and times when I felt like damn all consequences. Thank God for the voice like yours. Happy 5th anniversary

59. Beautiful, your imperfections are exactly the things I love and magnify into beauty in my head. Don’t feel the pressure to change. Happy 5th anniversary.

60. It still surprises me. How can one still have a crush on his partner of five years. You’re so easy to love and I’m happy to say you deserve to be celebrated indeed!

61. Everything I could have hoped for, I have made with you in five years! Happy anniversary to us.

62. Wherever you will be five years from now, I hope I am there right beside you. Happy first 5th year anniversary to us.

63. My friend in whom I am well pleased. I’m blown away by your kindness daily. Happy 5th anniversary.

64. You have made me believe in love. This you have done in the space of five years. Happy anniversary to us.

65. We will be fine love. I know this now just like I did five years ago. Look how we turned out. Happy 5th anniversary.

66. I hope we find solace in this fifth year as we have found in other years. Happy anniversary to us.

67. Great friendships still exist! You’re a standard, my friend. Happy 5th anniversary to us.

68. I thought I didn’t know how to stay with someone for more than few years. You proved me wrong. Happy 5th anniversary to us.

69. I love what proceeds out of your mouth and how your heart works to connect with mine. I get you. Happy anniversary!

70. Cheers to the woman of my dream who hasn’t left my emotions to wane. Happy 5th anniversary to us.

71. Today is significant. It is the one I get to celebrate one of my biggest achievements yet!

72. I saw the window of your soul before I said yes and I have realised that I can not go wrong with my eyes and your soul.

73. There is nothing as settling as knowing someone somewhere is ready to give you all you have answers.

74. One thing defines my good mood. The presence of this love that is you. Happy 5th anniversary to us.

75. You are mine and I am yours until the end of time. My vow five years ago still stands! Happy 5th anniversary to us.

76. These things that you do are truly praiseworthy. Everyone loves you for it and I do in spite of them. Happy 5th anniversary to us.

77. We love and are loved by continues understanding of the language of the heart. That is where I got it right with you. Happy anniversary to us.

78. You are the husband of my dreams. Exactly the one I thought I wanted. In real sense. You’re more! Happy 5th anniversary.

80. Someone told me years ago that I deserve love the way I have dreamt it, glad I found it. Happy 5th anniversary to us.

81. Come into my heart again and again. As much as you’d like to be mine, I am yours! Happy 5th anniversary.

82. I am sure that five is a special number and that a wife like you is rare. Happy anniversary to us.

83. We’ve enjoyed the best of our friendships this year. May the coming years even be better. Happy 5th anniversary.

84. I know a woman! She’s diligent, loving and a carrier of so great a love. She’s the mother of my children and today makes it five years since we have been together.

85. Happy 5th year anniversary. It feels so great to celebrate a friendship so dear!

86. I am making so much progress because some people like you haven’t let me be complacent. Happy 5th anniversary

87. You are the love worth living for and joy worth dancing for. Happy 5th anniversary.

88. You have taught my heart to love without reservations and my feet to walk just where the need to show love is.

89. I am awestruck today again. How you manage to surprise me after five years is behind me. Happy 5th anniversary to us

90. Loving you has been a blessing. A pronounced one evidenced by 5 years of total bliss! Happy anniversary.

91. I knew we would last from first meeting you and I confirmed that you are my forever when we have our first kiss. Happy 5th anniversary.

92. This is like very few years out of the several years we still have to befriend each other. Five years worth celebrating.

93. I know it would not be easy to get used to living with one person forever. You have however made forever so near and five years so sweet. Happy 5th anniversary.

94. Just a reminder that you are a unique one. You deserve all the love you can get. You have mine in folds! Happy 5th anniversary.

95. Anniversaries make us reflect and just pick reasons to be grateful and so better. I’m glad I have the grace to celebrate the 5th one with you.

96. You are so easy to love and relate with as you have always been since I net you. Happy 5th anniversary to us.

97. Love happens! Grace can be personified! I knew these since I met you. Happy 5th anniversary to us.

98. God will continually make us friends and help us settle our differences. Happy 5th anniversary.

99. Baby, I love you more than you would even imagine. So happy to be celebrating five years of being together with you.

100. I started living when I met you. You’ve taught me in five years things I would never have known if I hadn’t met you. Happy anniversary to us.

The five years you have spent in Unity with this person definitely deserves to see one of these messages.

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