Trending Announcement Sms for New Born Baby Arrival Messages

2023 Trending Announcement Sms for New Born Baby Arrival Messages

The birth of a new baby in any home brings joy and the happiness that comes with it is beyond words. New baby, either a boy or a girl brings blessing and makes the parents proud of the gift of having a child. This is a good news to share with family and friends. It births emotions that leaves the family with so much solace. The parents can’t just wait to have everyone hear about their newest member and the precious blessings. But sometimes you could be overjoyed and not get your words together.

Here we reached down to your heart and got the words out. We have compiled lovely messages for you to announce the birth of your new baby. We are sure you will love it.

Announcement Messages Quotes for the Birth of a Baby

Sweet messages to send as announcement sms messages and quotes for the arrival of a new baby boy or girl. Make it known to your friends and family the arrival of your new born baby by sending the following announcement sms for new born baby arrival messages.

1. I’m so overjoyed right now! A new family member is here. So cute and lovely. I haven’t been able to put her down, I just want to keep staring into her eyes for as long as possible.

2. We are glad to inform you that we now have our baby. Born healthy and strong!

3. I’ve watched with keen interest how that belly keep increasing in size by the day. Now I can understand why. My new baby boy is so big and charming.

4. Congratulations to my family! I’m so glad to let you all know that we are now multiplied by one and he is just as cute as everyone.

5. Hey, the little Queen waves her hand. She arrived a moment ago and I’m really happy to let you know.

6. See my blessing. She came out without stressing her Mother. We are glad to have her.

7. Celebrate with me! I have a new gift of a child. She is so wonderful.

8. We have been waiting for this day and it is finally here! A new baby girl in the family. God bless your birth sunshine!

9. I gladly announce to you all that after much struggle with his mom, we now have a new champion in the family.

10. I haven’t felt this good in a while. I hold him in my hands and I can feel the other me sleeping happily. He must be tired from the journey. Yes, I’m excited to let you know about my little king. He was born today.

11. Cuteness is in our gene. My little prince is looking so adorable in his crib. Celebrate his birth with us.

12. A journey of nine months calls for hours of sleep. We now have a new beautiful baby girl. Rejoice with the family.

13. This is to let you know that I have a baby and she was born without itches. It is such an amazing feeling.

14. I just have to let you know about our baby before anyone else. He is a boy and I feel blessed.

15. Let us celebrate! I have a pleasant news of the birth of a cute baby boy for you. The boy is mine and I feel blessed to let you know.

16. It worth it waiting for this gift. I knew it would be awesome to see who has always been hiding in the womb. She is here and as strong as a baby can be.

17. God has answered our prayers and it was a safe delivery. He is a boy!

18. I can’t help but smile as I text you this. God has been faithful and here we are with a new family blessing.

19. I know you will be as excited as I am. We now have a baby girl to the family. It was a beautiful delivery.

20. Congratulations to us! On behalf of every member of this family, I make known to you the blessing of the newborn baby girl.

21. Thank you for your prayers through the pregnancy. God has answered us and we have a healthy baby boy.

22. Celebration time for the family! It’s a baby girl!

23. Your advice all through the pregnancy process is a blessing. We are glad to inform you that the baby is here all cute and awesome.

24. I’ve had to cry and smile and kiss a lot today. You know why? My baby was born and he is super cute!

25. I have the list of all I want to buy and where I want to take my newborn baby to already, but let me pause and inform you before I get carried away. I’m so excited that she is a girl!

26. We feel proud to be called parents today. Our baby is here!

27. That big stomach that made everyone look towards my wife has been deflated and a baby boy was born!

28. For standing by the family this nine months, we can’t thank you enough. The baby is here and she is beautiful, just like her mom!

29. Now I have more responsibility! I have an awesome son that needs my attention.

30. There is joy in this family today. My son is born with so much cuteness.

31. Everyone looks forward to seeing his or her first child. I have always looked forward to it and I’m glad I didn’t miss out of the exciting moment. I now have a child to call my own!

32. My sweetheart is here and I now have two sweethearts. Mother and our daughter are doing well.

33. There is a joy that comes from having a newborn and it is with this joy that I announce the birth of our daughter. She was born some hours ago.

34. Children are a beautiful gift from the Lord. Join us to praise God for the birth of my little princess.

35. I can now sleep well, but not until I’ve stared so much at the new member of the family.

36. It’s been God all the way! And the boy in the stomach is here!

37. See what God has done! He has blessed us with a baby girl!

38. Celebration time! This is to let you know that I have a new baby. Mother and my son are healthy.

39. Sorry for always disturbing you through the pregnancy. There will be less of that now. We now have the baby.

40. God has been faithful to his words! Celebrate His goodness with us. We now have a baby!

41. We now have our little angel in our arms. She speaks of perfection!

42. Our heart is booming with joy. This can only be a blessing. God bless our baby’s birth!

43. My replica is here! I can’t help it but rejoice.

44. Children really change a thing in you. My heart has been beating so sweetly since I set my eyes on my new baby girl!

45. Can you feel the light in my message? It is the joy of becoming parents.

46. When you see your child looking so much like you, you just have to love him with all of you. He is a cute boy!

47. Eyes like that of his mom and nose like mine! I can’t wait to see him grow and take him places with me.

48. Rejoice o earth! A star has been born and was born into my family!

49. I can’t stop smiling! She is so adorable!

50. The news of the season! A new child is here in our family and she was born strong and beautiful!

51. You know what? Baby boy is here and he was so nice not to trouble his mom during delivery!

52. Oh yes! We do have this little princess and she was born some hours ago. A precious gift she is!

53. Our gift came in human form and he has been making us smile all day.

54. We could go to the end of the earth just to announce our joy over this beautiful child.

55. He came out with every organ in shape and he looks so much fun to be with. Celebrate with me.

56. It is more joyous than we imagined! He is a boy and we love him!

57. We are glad to announce the birth of our child to you all. She has been everything we expected.

58. I’ve watched her stomach grow from little to big and I have been expectant. My expectations were not cut short.

59. Let’s celebrate! I have a son!

60. Like a gentle boy he is, he has been sleeping all day and I have been admiring him too.

61. I feel a calmness in my spirit to tell you that I have a beautiful daughter!

62. Thank God my wife is now free and the freedom brought much joy. He is a cute baby boy!

63. Our home has increased by one today! We are blessed to announce our new baby girl.

64. It’s a boy, everyone! I love him when he was in the womb and I love him more every passing hour.

65. Our baby girl is so lovely! She was born some hours ago and I’m glad to tell you all that she is healthy!

66. Our home is increasing in numbers and the increase this time is a boy!

67. We have been waiting for her and she arrived, all shades of beautiful!

68. My heart has melted into butter today. I was so humbled! It is a girl everyone!

69. My wife is one of the strongest people on earth. She should make it to the Guinness book of record for carrying this big baby!

70. I feel calm in my spirit. Not the usual calm, but a new one. I guess that is what new parents do feel. She is adorable!

71. My sunshine is here! She is such an amazing little cutie being. I love her so much!

72. My anticipation for this day almost turned to anxiety, but today, everything is settled and I feel overwhelmed. I’ve been blessed with a baby boy!

73. Showers of blessings I feel and I want you all to share in my joy. It’s a baby boy!

74. Smile, dance and rejoice with me! My little baby girl is born!

75. Pregnancy is no joke and I appreciate my wife for nurturing this beautiful girl for nine months.

76. Our heart is delighted! A newborn is in our midst.

77. Come and see what the Lord has done. She is a bouncing baby girl!

78. Adorable is an understatement! My daughter is so cute.

79. Seeing my baby’s face makes the stress of pregnancy all worth it!

80. At a point, I wish I could do away with pregnancy, but every kick in there made my world lively and now she is here and healthy!

81. At first sight, everything about her spoke awesomeness! We are glad she is alive and healthy!

82. It is a new season for our family as our new baby girl will bring new things to the home. Rejoice with us!

83. There is a new baby everyone! She is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen after her mom.

84. Help me tell everyone that needs to know! Our family is plus 1!

85. Now I feel so happy to send this message to you. The pregnancy came as a girl!

86. To my strong beautiful wife, I bless her for the grace to carry the pregnancy to term. He is a boy!

87. Meet our new baby boy! He is so adorable!

88. I want to introduce you to a new family member so you won’t be shocked when you see my house all scattered. He is my newborn baby!

89. I’m glad to have him and everything within me celebrates his birth.

90. I need to expand my house. I know have a new baby!

91. I feel so at peace! My baby boy is here!

92. From the body changes and the stress of labour, I have been gifted a son to make me quickly forget the struggle.

93. Friends and family, this is our glorious gift. She is an amazing baby girl!

94. We are so delight to announce the birth of our baby boy!

95. Our lives have been ushered into something beautiful with the birth of our son. Please celebrate with us!

96. She is looking so bright! God has been faithful through the pregnancy and the delivery!

97. He is a dream come true for our family! Friends, celebrate the birth of our son with us!

98. If I were privileged to shout, I would have screamed from here just to tell you the good news that I am finally a father!

99. Today is beautiful! It will always be a day to remember. A day my son was born!

100. This is the best news of my life! I am now officially the Father to the cutest son. I feel so blessed!

101. Our princess came at the right time and we celebrate her birth!

102. We have a champion to look up to. He is a lovely baby boy!

103. Children are truly an heritage from God. Our baby is so cute and we can hold back the news from you.

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