Good Morning Inspirational Prayer

Good Morning Inspirational Prayers (2023)

The morning is the most important part of each day as it sets the tone for the rest of the day.
A good morning subsequently translates to a great day.
Therefore, it is vital to start your morning in the best possible way!

You should always be thankful to God for the gift of each new morning and appreciate the unique blessings that come with each one.
You should also be kind enough to extend good morning wishes to people you care about and just about everyone you encounter.

As the sun brightens up the day, we are here to make sure that you and your loved ones have the best of inspirational prayers for a good morning in 2023 and beyond.

Inspirational Good Morning Prayers for Daily Inspiration

Start your day with these good morning inspirational prayers and feel on top of the world throughout. There is no limit to how inspiring you can make yourself be, or anyone you send these inspiring good morning prayers with. Share with your lover, friends and loved ones.

1. It is another beautiful morning and a wonderful opportunity to have an incredible day.
May God’s light shine through for you this morning and the rest of the day.
Have a beautiful day my love.

2. What a privilege it is to see the break of dawn yet again, thank you Lord for the gift of life, friends and family.
I hope this day goes well and ends in so much goodness.

3. I don’t know what the day might bring but I am just grateful to see another morning.
Today, I affirm that everything will work together for my good!

4. Good morning Dad, I hope this message meets you well and I pray you to have a beautiful morning and also enjoy the rest of your day.
Make sure to start the day with a healthy breakfast.

5. What a miracle it is to see another beautiful morning!
The sun is already looking up on my end and I trust it is where you are.
My darling, I hope you have a fantastic day.

6. It is a new day, rise up and make sure to have the best start to this beautiful morning and you know that I am praying for you.
Have a beautiful morning dear friend.

7. Wake up each morning with a grateful heart and watch how amazing your day will be!
Hey love, I wish you the best of mornings and an amazing day ahead, I love you.

8. It is a new morning, focus on today and on being present.
Put your best foot forward and everything will turn out in the best way possible!
Dear best friend, have an awesome day.

9. You get only one chance to spend this day so start this sunny morning with the most positive energy.
Morning blessings to you my baby, have a beautiful day.

10. Once there is life, each morning we must rise like the sun and be as bright and beautiful as we could ever be.
Sweetheart, be as bright and beautiful as the sun today.

11. The sun is up to wish you a good morning, have the best of today my love and just remember that everything will be as great as you need it to be.
Do have an incredible day.

12. Good morning Dad, you remind me all the time how important it is to be a good human; thank you.
May the day be good for you.

13. We can change the world from our corner every day.
I hope you have a good morning and this day brings you moments of positive change for the better.

14. If I had my way, I will stay in bed all day long.
Dear Lord, kindly give me the grace to be productive today.
May I have a good morning!

15. When you wake up to God’s light each day, I want you to remember the privilege you have been given for yet another morning.
Today, be your best self.

16. I am not alive this morning because I am worthy, it is because you oh Lord have blessed me with the gift of life.
I pray today turns out just as amazing.

17. You are up again, awake to another beautiful morning.
Today you get another couple hours to do the right and good things.
Sending you lots of love for the day.

18. Each day brings new possibilities of things that could be and happen.
Take a chance on life and God will do the rest.
My dear friend, have an amazing day.

19. Today could be the day that makes all the difference and that’s one of the beauties of life.
I hope you truly have a productive and beautiful day.
Good morning my darling.

20. Waking up to another morning each day never gets old because each day has its package and here’s yours!
I pray that God leads you through the day, Amen.

21. The sun never fails to find its way in the morning no matter how gloomy the clouds may tend to be.
In that same way, I pray you always find your way every day no matter the circumstances.
Good morning sis.

22. I know that you have an important meeting this morning that will mean a lot for your business, I hope it turns out as great as you need it to.
Congratulations in advance, good morning dear.

23. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is not here yet so why worry about any of them.
I need you to be present here today and live it out.
May God be by your side today and always.

24. I hope this good morning message is the first thing you read today and I hope you get to smile knowing that I thought of you.
Have a blessed and beautiful day.

25. Look out the window and watch how calm everywhere is, how the sun is slowly coming out from behind the clouds.
No matter how slow the day may seem to be, be calm and trust God.

26. Mornings are sort of new beginnings at least for each day and sometimes it avails us the opportunity to make a fresh start.
I pray this morning renews your zeal and reaffirms your purpose.

27. May I never forget what a privilege it is to wake up healthy and hearty each morning.
Thank you, dear Lord, for another beautiful day in the land of the living!

28. By no power of your own, you are here; alive and well this beautiful morning.
You do have a duty to live right for yourself and for everyone around you by God’s grace.
Good morning love.

29. Receive the wisdom to navigate through today at work and everywhere else you find yourself.
Have a beautiful morning and a splendid day.

30. May you find the strength to go about your today’s activities with enthusiasm and graciousness.
Above all, do have a filling breakfast.
Good morning * insert friend’s name*

31. Let the brightness of this new day encourage you to keep going and never give up.
May your health be renewed and your mind made whole.
Good morning dear aunt, have a wonderful day.

32. We get so used to waking up each morning that we often forget how much of a blessing it is to be alive.
I am grateful that you are awake this morning, now you too must give thanks to God.

33. Have you told God how happy and thankful you are to witness another beautiful day this morning?
If you haven’t, I urge you to!
Good morning dear.

34. When a new morning comes, we get ready for all the blessings that come with it!
May today be fruitful and wonderful for you at home and at the office.
Have a beautiful day.

35. Each day is like a rose; beautiful but with some obstacles.
I pray that God’s grace will guide you through it all and crown the day with incredible success.
Mommy, have a beautiful morning.

36. Each brand new day should be better than the previous!
I hope that this morning and the entirety of today will be absolutely good to me and my loved ones.

37. When I see the sun rising from the east, I am reminded that God has been and still is faithful to me.
I don’t deserve this goodness Lord, yet You love me anyway.

38. No other blessing beats the gift of life because you have to be alive to have any other thing!
So, start the morning with a sincere heart of gratitude and watch your day be at it’s best.

39. Even when the day doesn’t look bright enough, make sure to create your own sunshine.
May God’s love and light shine into your life and make your day beautiful.
Have a good morning.

40. Why worry about the mistakes of yesterday when you have a whole day to make something beautiful out of today.
Be thankful and do have a lovely morning.

41. Where there is life, there is hope!
Sometimes you just have to be thankful first for the life you have before you worry about what’s going on in your life.
Have a good morning bestie.

42. Forget about yesterday, it is gone.
What matters the most is what you choose to do today.
I pray you make the most of today!
Good morning dear.

43. I can never be tired of being thankful to God each day I wake up.
Once again, I lift up my voice and say, ‘thank you, dear Lord, for the gift of another beautiful morning’.

44. Happiness comes when you have a grateful heart.
Mom, may so much happiness fill your life today and always as you go about your business today.
Good morning Mom.

45. I know that you are one of those people that wake up with a smile on her face, I also know that today won’t be any different!
Good morning my sunshine, I hope you have a beautiful day.

46. Today might actually be the beginning of something new, you just have to believe!
May your morning be special and may the rest of the day be incredible.
Have a good morning my darling.

47. I hope you woke up today feeling special because you are!
My darling, I pray your day brings you moments of fulfilment and pure happiness.
Have a beautiful morning.

48. I woke up this morning feeling like something amazing is going to happen to me today!
I sincerely pray that my feelings become real, I could really use an amazing day!

49. You are an inspiration to so many people and I pray you continue to be.
I hope you have an amazing morning as always and continue to be your incredible self.

50. Life can be a challenge but when you have God, everything feels a whole lot better!
It is another morning and I pray that you remember that you have God today and always.
Have an inspiring day.

51. The way you start your morning goes a long way to determine how the rest of the day will look like.
Start your morning with so much positive energy and allow good thoughts only.
Good morning my dear.

52. Make sure you have a smile on your face in the morning and don’t let anyone or anything take it away from you all day.
I hope you have the best of the day today and for everything, be thankful.

53. Lay a beautiful foundation for yourself this morning!
Start the day with a grateful heart and a positive attitude and watch yourself glow all day.
Dear bestie, good morning and do have a lovely day.

54. Life isn’t perfect but your morning can be, starting with this good morning text of mine!
Wishing you God’s grace this entire day and beyond
For real though; please smile * insert smile emoji*

55. Start your morning strong with happy energy, that way you can decide how you want to feel for the rest of the day!
I hope you have a beautiful morning and an excellent day.

56. You can’t decide how people will treat you today but you can decide how you react to people and things.
I pray you find the strength to have the best reactions.
Good morning best friend.

57. Life is not about how many chances you get, it is about what you do with each chance you get.
Hey sweetheart, here is another
morning to take a chance in life.
I hope you have a good day.

58. I am beyond thankful to be experiencing another sunrise.
From this moment till the sunset, dear Lord, please direct my steps and give me fulfilling results for all the efforts I will make today.

59. I woke up this morning thinking about you and so I am sending you my best wishes for the day.
I hope you have a blessed and beautiful day.
Good morning my dear friend.

60. Sunflowers and sunshine; both bright, yellow and colourful!
Good morning darling, may your day be as bright and as beautiful as you need it to be.
Sending positive vibes your way too.

61.A quick reminder that if you want to have a great day, you need to start the morning with God!
Good morning love, I hope you have a great day.

62. Is it too late to send in a good morning message? I hope not!
I just wanted to let you know that I’m rooting and praying for you to go out today and be the amazing human being that you are.
Enjoy your day.

63. Just taking a moment to wish my best man a very good morning!
My darling, I’m praying for you that everything you need to get done today will happen as you need it to.

64. It is my prayer that every morning I wake up, that I do everything possible to make sure that I am on my best behaviour and by God’s grace, today will be no exception!

65. I pray for you this morning that God’s peace will fill you up in ways you can’t explain to help you feel calm and collected all through the day.
Good morning Dad, have a beautiful day.

66. As the rays of the sunlight up the earth, may God’s light illuminate your path today and may you radiate God’s glory wherever you find yourself.
Hey darling, good morning and do enjoy the day.

67. I pray for so much goodness and mercy in my life today; enough to take me from this morning till the end of the day.
Thank you, Lord, for answered prayers.
I intend to have a good morning.

68. You are a continuous source of inspiration to me and the rest of the team.
May your skills and talents be renewed this morning and always!
Good morning * insert name of colleague*

69. Happy new day * insert name of friend*.
I hope this morning brings you nothing but good and positive vibes for the entire day.
Do have an incredibly beautiful day.

70. Good morning my love, rejoice for the joy of the Lord is your strength!
Have an exceedingly fulfilling day crowned with the best of results.
Remember to keep an open mind always.

71. God’s mercy never comes to an end, it is new every morning.
May every good thing be renewed in your life as you begin another day and may the day end joyfully to God’s glory!

72. Knowing that I have someone like you to work with makes me look forward to the mornings.
I hope you and I get to meet all our targets for the day.
See you soon, good morning * insert colleague’s name*

73. Your ideas can become reality only if you believe and put in the work.
I hope this morning brings you closer to seeing your ideas turn to reality.

74. My dreams are totally valid and every morning that I wake up, I am reminded that God has given me another chance to get to work on them.
Dear Lord, please perfect all that concerns me today, amen.

75. Starting out your morning right can go a long way in making your day better.
So this is me sending you an early morning message praying that your morning starts in the best possible way.

76. I hope you find moments of inspiration this morning to put your mind in its best state so that you can have the best of today!
All my love to you my darling, have a great day.

77. O God, in your kindness You have given me life yet another morning, I pray that You give me the grace to be my best self today in your wondrous world.
Thank You, Lord, for my family and friends!

78. The dawn breaks and another beautiful morning is revealed.
My darling, I hope you radiate like the sun today and light up the world around you the way the moon shines when it is full.

79. You can’t lose with a grateful heart!
May so much happiness find it’s way to you this morning and for the rest of today.
Have a fruitful and colourful day.

80. Today, I choose happiness and every form of positive energy.
I am basking in God’s glory and my light will shine for everyone to see God’s goodness! Amen.

81. There is no such thing as too much kindness, I’m choosing to be kind to everyone I encounter today because God has deemed me worthy to see another morning!
Thank you, Jesus!

82. I hope you have your breakfast mixed with a lot of goodness and happiness and may today bring you unexpected good news.
Have an absolutely wonderful morning my darling.

83. Another morning, another new day and yet another opportunity to live this beautiful life God has given you.
I trust you will make the most of today dear.
Good morning sis.

84. You find joy in the moments of happiness that you encounter every day, may this morning usher in tons of beautiful moments for you and yours today.
Good morning buddy.

85. Hope in God is making plans for an uncertain future.
I pray that this morning and every other one after renews your hope in the things you are waiting for.
Have a wonderful day.

86. Take a moment this morning and reflect on all that God has done for you so far, you will be amazed at all your blessings!
Wishing you a morning of gratitude and praise.

87. May God in His goodness receive your morning supplications just like a burning incense goes up to the sky and may you receive answers for your prayers.
I hope you have a lovely day.

88. Feeling good about the day starts with having a great morning.
I wish you a beautiful morning so you can go ahead and have an even more incredible day.

89. Our lives are connected one way or another.
As you start your day this morning, I hope you get the grace to have a great day and in turn make someone’s day better too.

90. Wishing you good morning is beyond just the words and courtesy, I genuinely pray that you have something beautiful happen for this morning.
So have a good morning my dear.

91. Mornings represent hope and brightness, I hope your day is filled with all the love and sunshine there is, may God be with you today.
Good morning sweetheart.

92. A new morning means that you get to have another day to do the things you need to do, so make sure to start it right!
I pray you to get to finish up all that you need to do today.

93. And even if the sun doesn’t come up today, create your own sunshine!
Shine bright today and carry out your work with diligence.
Have a beautiful morning and an excellent day ahead!

94. Everyone wakes up to the same morning confirming the goodness of God all over again.
I hope your day brings you nothing short of new blessings and grace.
Good morning mom.

95. What a breath of fresh air it is to see another morning, I return all the glory to God for His endless provisions and many gifts.
May today bring me beautiful moments.

96. There is a chance that today could end up being one of the most beautiful days of your life!
So get up and have a great morning through Christ who strengthens you!
Sending you lots of love for the day.

97. A new morning ushers in new ideas, thoughts and feelings.
My prayer for you today is that you get the best of these new gifts and use it for so much good.
Have an absolutely beautiful day my love.

98. Tell yourself that today will be a good day and watch it happen!
I affirm with you that today will be absolutely beautiful.
Darling, I hope your morning and the day turns out perfectly well.

99. No matter how dark the night is, the morning always comes in all its glory!
May your morning make you happy enough for the rest of today.
Good morning sunshine.

100. The sun will always shine whether we watch it or not.
I hope that you never seek anyone’s approval to live the life that you want.
May the new morning motivate you to be your best self.
Love *insert your name*.

We hope that you and your loved ones always experience the best of mornings and incredible days to come.

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