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Perhaps, it has occurred to you to learn most of the IT concepts whirling around networking? Being a data center specialist, you may need to understand the difference between data center management and routing and switching roles.

However, if it turns out to be confusing, breathe a sigh of relief. In this post, you’ll see breaking down details of the Cisco CCNA Data Center certification and one of its exams that you need to pass in order to become Cisco certified. But before that, here’s what you need to know about the new Cisco certification program.

Cisco Certification Ladder

By way of preface, Cisco’s career track starts with the entry-level CCENT 200-301 and CCT credentials that are known to verify a candidate’s basic knowledge of networking concepts and terms and system devices.

The next set is made up of the Associate – grade certifications that are built on the knowledge from the previous badges’ learning and on the profound experience.

The further three Cisco certification levels include Professional, Expert, and Architect, with newly introduced Specialist credentials coming in-between to certify a candidate’s awareness of specific technology concepts in security, data center, or video.

Focus on Associate-Level Cisco Certifications

By analogy with a ladder, Cisco’s Associate-level certifications lie just above the Entry level. As said above, they are known to equip IT professionals with foundational networking skills helping them stay competitive in the market.

Some of the most popular intermediate-grade Cisco certifications include CCNA Routing and Switching for networking experts, CCDA for design professionals, CCNA Cloud, and CCNA Data Center that’s intended for data center professionals.

Keep reading to find everything you may need to know about the Cisco CCNA Data Center credential and the whole path of getting it.

What Is Cisco CCNA Data Center?

It’s no longer a secret that the skills of data center networking professionals are quickly evolving. And the most important step you could take is to enroll in continuous programs that will help maintain the validity of your capabilities and give you an edge in the job search market.

So, CCNA Data Center targets installation, configuration, and maintenance of data center technologies. And it addresses all the relevant data center concepts including their implementation, design, and maintenance.

CCNA Composite: Shift to New CCNA Program

Get to know now that the Cisco Systems will be unleashing a new CCNA composite badge by February 24, 2023. And what this means to aspiring candidates for CCNA Data Center is that they should get certified by February 23, 2023.

Being validated before this date will earn you the CCNA Data Center credential and a training badge to best highlight your skills. Going by the recent developments, the expected replacement for this specific credential will be the composite CCNA badge bringing together the nine current CCNA-badges like CCNA Data Center, CCNA Security, and CCNA Wireless, to name just a few.

This move is also likely to allow IT experts to specialize professionally as soon as they complete their CCNA consolidated track.

What’s Involved in CCNA Data Center Badge?

To become a certified data center professional, you need to pass 2 exams, Cisco 200-150 alongside Cisco 200-155.

Now, this first important Cisco 200-150 exam focuses on your ability to understand and work with a wide range of data center properties including storage and networking, networking concepts, and physical infrastructures.

How Can You Prepare for CCNA Data Center Exams?

  1. Make Best Use of Cisco Training Resources

Regardless of your career level and a chosen career path, Cisco will always commit to your certification journey. So, ensure you get their resources and use these to your personal advantage when working on your CCNA Data Center credential.

From the study groups to the classroom training and practice tests, seize every opportunity that can bring success to your certification journey.

  1. Refine Your Practical Skills

This exam with a code of 200-150 focusing on data center physical infrastructure will qualitatively test your practical skills and ability to implement and maintain data center networks. For this reason, you should refine your hands-on capacities before scheduling your exam.

Whether through the Cisco Virtual Labs or the efficient VCE Exam Simulator, you should make it a point of polishing your confidence before enrolling in the CCNA Data Center exams.

  1. Use Reliable Materials from Reputable Training Websites

It goes without saying that passing the Cisco CCNA Data Center exams among other tests will surely require you to use some of the best study materials. And if you’re working on your Cisco 200-150 exam, you might have bumped into one of the best training websites like ExamSnap.

You will see actual and updated questions and answers for the test in its 200-150 Premium Bundle with more training tools inside, and pass your Cisco exam smoothly! If you have a limited budget, you can practice with free files as well. Though such dumps are not verified by IT experts, you can check how well you are prepared for the test and if you find a mistake, that would mean that you can easily tackle exam questions.

Career Prospects with CCNA Data Center certification

Being CCNA Data Center certified will definitely give you an edge over the crowd of uncertified professionals. Let’s see now some of the most esteemed IT job roles that involve the knowledge of the CCNA Data Center credential, which are a data center manager, a data center network engineer, and a data center technician.

And according to the PayScale website, the annual salary of the CCNA Data Center certified specialist is about $77,000.


Now as you have a comprehensive guide to the Cisco CCNA Data Center certification and its associated exam, Cisco 200-150, you can get ready to pass it. So, have you ever desired to validate your data center management skills and excel in your career? There could be no better way to achieve this goal than doing it with the ExamSnap website and its productive exam dumps!

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