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All Vital CompTIA A+ Certification Information: From Details to Preparation Resources

The specialists with the CompTIA A+ credential are generally the great problem solvers. They are equipped with the relevant skills to provide support for core technologies in today’s business world, ranging from data management, Cloud, security to a whole lot more. A+ is a recognized industry standard for the candidates who want to launch their career in the IT sector. There are various companies that hold this CompTIA certification in high esteem. Among these are Intel, Ricoh, Dell, HP, Nissan, and Blue Cross BlueShield. They are the leading organizations around the world. Therefore, earning this certificate is a great way to position your career for better opportunities in the IT industry.

CompTIA A+ Certification: Requirements

There are two exams that should be passed in order to obtain the A+ certificate. The codes of these tests are 220-1001 and Exam Dumps Practice . These exams are designed to validate the baseline security skills of the IT support professionals. They measure the candidates’ ability to configure the operating systems of devices, including Widows, Chrome OS, Linux, iOS, Mac, and Android. Their skills in troubleshooting core service and support challenges will also be measured. The applicant’s ability to apply best practices for scripting, documentation, and change management will also be evaluated in these two tests. The examinees will also be tested on their ability to implement standard data backup and recovery techniques.

By earning the CompTIA A+ certification, you will validate your competence in a range of domains. These include hardware, software troubleshooting, operating systems, hardware & network troubleshooting, networking, mobile devices, security, operational procedures, and virtualization &Cloud computing.

CompTIA A+ Certification: Prerequisite Exams

The exams that lead to the award of the A+ certificate are 220-1001 Core 1 and 220-1002 Core 2. It is important that the candidates take the first test before progressing to the second one. The CompTIA 220-1001 exam is designed to evaluate the skills of the students in networking technology, Cloud computing and network troubleshooting, virtualization, hardware, and mobile devices. The CompTIA 220-1002 test measures your skills in expanded security, operation procedures, software troubleshooting, and installing & configuring operating systems.

Each exam contains 90 questions with the time duration of 90 minutes. The question formats you can expect in the delivery of your tests include multiple choice, performance-based, and drag and drop. To register for the exam, the applicants have to go through Pearson VUE and pay the fee of $226 per test. The passing score for CompTIA 220-1001 is 675 on a scale of 100-900, while CompTIA 220-1002 comes with the pass mark of 700. The exams are available in various languages, such as English, Spanish, Japanese, German, Portuguese, and Thai visit

You should know that there are no official requirements for getting the A+ credential. However, the vendor recommends that the test takers have between 9 and 12 months of work experience before taking the prerequisite exams. If they don’t have the required hands-on experience, they can develop the same through a virtual lab.

It is very critical that you prepare for your certification exams before you attempt them. As far as study materials are concerned, you can be sure to find a huge resource base one the CompTIA training platform as well as all over the Internet. The official preparation options available on the vendor’s website include study guides, eLearning, training courses, videos, virtual labs, and brain dumps. You can find the links to each of these tools on the exam webpage. In addition to these, there are also a wide range of study materials that you can check out online.

CompTIA A+ Certification: Recertification

The CompTIA credentials are valid for three years, after which you will lose your certification status. In order to prevent this process, you have to renew your certificate before it expires. There are different options of renewal that you can consider. For instance, there is a great variant of earning the Continuing Education Credits. You can get them by participating in training or seminars that are industry-related. You have to earn at least 20 points to qualify for renewal. As soon as you get the required points, upload them to your CompTIA account and your credential will be renewed automatically. The second option is to obtain a certification of a higher level such as Network+ or Security+. If you don’t recertify before the expiration of your certificate, you will lose your status and you will have to retake two exams again to regain it.


Earning an IT credential gives you a competitive edge among your peers. With CompTIA A+, you can explore different job roles and you can easily and speedily climb up the career ladder to achieve your career goals. The job titles you can consider with your certification include a system support specialist, an end-user computing technician, a desktop administrator, a field service technician, an associate network engineer, a technical support specialist, a help desk technician, and a data support technician.

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