Apology Messages to a Friend

Touching Apology Messages to a Friend in 2020

There’s not a single friend in this world who has never had to use an apology at one point in time or another. Such a need has come to stay because humans were not created to be perfect.

So, it isn’t strange that you wish to express your heartfelt remorse for betraying the love and trust you once shared with a good friend or for not caring nor checking up on them at the right time.

Having disappointed a friend should not translate into losing the friendship you’ve built for years, nor should the wrong that you have done cost you the friend you shudder to lose.

All you need to start fixing your crumbling friendship is an array of words that elucidates your emotion and can convince the one who’s offended.

With these 2020 touching apology messages to a friend, there’s no losing any friend this year. Instead, you keep them even closer.

Make a choice and come back with a testimony.

Most Touching Apology Messages to Send to a Friend You Cherish

Get him or her to forgive you for betraying their friendship and feelings of love by sending any of these apology messages to that friend that cares and you cherish. Be ready to say you’re sorry, even in your heart and forgiveness is on its way.

1. Days shouldn’t have gone by without my words to you even if it meant crossing oceans to send them to you. I should have been there for you, my friend. I regret my failure all night and wish for reconciliation all day long. I hope you’d have me back as a friend again.

2. Your forgiveness is my prayer every day. I promise you that I’d be a better friend if you give me a second chance. Ours shouldn’t end this way. I’m sorry.

3. Do not banish me from your world. Cause in my heart I nurse a dream of caring for you till the end to make up for this costly mistake I’ve done against you.

4. You were a better friend to me than I have been to you. Kindly, let me be the best one to you for the rest of my life. I’m sorry, dear friend.

5. My conscience consumes me with regret. I hope you free me with your forgiveness and let me be a better friend to you this time.

6. You deserve better than I gave. I’m sorry for letting you down the way I did. From the depth of my heart, I hope you’d let me be there for you once again.

7. My mistake towards you has thought me the essence of good judgement. If you let me, I’ll be by your side practising such a luxurious lesson.

8. Years ago, I would have thought that our friendship would last forever. How disappointing that I am the cause of our breakup. Please forgive me for all the stupid things I’ve done to you.

9. Betrayal has broken our ties but forgiveness can amend anything. Kindly, forgive me for letting you by your lonesome. Now, I know your side is where I should be.

10. I want to right my wrongs before you even if it takes forever. I want our friendship back, cause it hurts to see you glower at me unlike the times before.

11. Friends are supposed to have each other’s backs, I wish I had done that and more. But it’s not too late to be a good friend to you. Please, forgive me, dear friend.

12. A friend in need is a friend indeed. I wish I was that friend to you. Please, forgive my stupidity. I promise to be a better friend.

13. It breaks me for being such a disappointment to you. I wish my choices were in alignment with the tags we bear. I’m sorry for not being there, my friend.

14. Nothing matters more than your forgiveness to me. Please unburden me of the yoke of guilt. And I’ll live my freedom to please you.

15. If I had checked on you at such a crucial time of your life, I wouldn’t be pressed down with guilt. Please forgive me for not being there when you needed me the most.

16. I need your forgiveness and I want to be your friend again, a true friend this time. I hope you let me be by your side.

17. I wish I had treated you better and I’ve honoured our friendship with the respect it deserved. Forgive my betrayal, dear friend.

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18. I don’t need a new friend. But I have learned to be a good friend. Please, let me be that to you this time.

19. I can’t call myself a friend of the decade but I want to be that to you in this new decade if you let me. Please forgive me for erring.

20. If I could turn back the hands of time, I would have been the best version of a friend to you. I’m sorry for my mistakes, bestie.

21. I’ve since learned to be a better friend to you even if the sun turns red and the moon shines darkness. Please forgive me for not being that before now.

22. Friends are forever. Please make ours be till the end through the generosity of your kind heart. I want to make it up to you.

23. All I want is an opportunity to be the friend I wasn’t to you before; I’ll show up every day of my life for you and check up just to make sure you’re fine.

24. I sit still imagining ways I could earn your forgiveness, I hope my little words can penetrate your heart and my actions let you see how much I am regretful of my mistakes.

25. The joy I have in this misery is learning to be a better friend to you. I’m sorry for being a disappointment to you, dear friend.

26. Times won’t heal this wound if I can’t earn your forgiveness. Pardon my mistakes, sweetheart. I promise to be a better friend now.

27. You can imagine my world without the very beautiful and rich colours of our friendship. It breaks my heart that I wasn’t there for you when you needed me. Please forgive me, deary.

28. One good turn, they say, deserves another, but I failed to reciprocate your genuine love. Till the end of time, I want to make up for that. Please let me.

29. I do not want to live my life regretting what I’ve done to you. Instead, I want to live this life making up for all the wrongs I’ve done to you. Kindly, pardon me.

30. Nothing may blot out what’s done in the past. But the future can help mend a broken heart and a severed friendship. I hope you forgive me and we make the best of our friendship henceforth.

31. It kills me day and night that my mistakes are not just nightmares but a real event that occurred. I’m sorry for not showing up to help, dear friend. I really am.

32. Regret is the greatest sorrow especially if it concerns a true friend. I’m sorry for hurting you so bad with the words I let out of my mouth. Please, forgive me.

33. As time passes by, I lose the opportunity of being a good friend to you because of the things I did in the past. I’m sorry, dear friend. I hope to explore the future with you.

34. I’ll check up more often, give more often and secure the honour of our friendship until forever. I’m sorry for hurting you, dear friend.

35. I am ashamed of being envious of you. A very sad reality that shouldn’t have been. Kindly, forgive me for letting such emotion ride me.

36. You should be the last person to have a feel of my anger. I’m sorry for dragging you into the middle of my chaos. Please forgive me, my dear friend.

37. I’m sorry for misunderstanding your motives. I should have listened better and acted wiser. Please, forgive me, dear friend.

38. Breaking my promise to you fills me with guilt. I hope I can make up for it, dear friend. I’m sorry for putting you through such a disappointment.

39. Nothing haunts more than the act of betraying a good friend; sleep eludes at night and hope is a little far away during the day. Please forgive my betrayal, dear friend.

40. It fills me with the misery that I let your secret out of the protection of our friendship. It’s a hard one to fix but I promise to fix it anyway, my dear friend.

41. Please, give me the chance to show you how regretful I am of my actions. My words can’t express that enough. But I’m determined to be a better friend to you, deary.

42. I should never have lied to you even with a knife to my throat. I’m sorry for not confiding in you with the truth. It doesn’t mean that you’re not worth it. It only means that I didn’t do the right thing, my dear friend.

43. I don’t need to feel the breezes of the sea if they don’t blow mercy and forgiveness upon me. I’m sorry, dear friend, for not being the kind of friend you signed up for. I hope to be now.

44. One more try would fix our friendship. I promise that I wouldn’t let you down this time. Please accept my honest apology.

45. I do not want to sit on the bench of your strangers. Please make me your friend again and I’ll be a true one, my dear.

46. It’ll be my pleasure to keep you warm when its cold and be your companion again when it gets lonely. I’m sorry for the errors I made in the past.

47. I don’t know what else to be than your friend. I’m sorry for compromising our friendship in the moment of trial. I just want to be a better friend to you now.

48. I need you more, dear friend. Please, let me be there for you like I should have been. That would ease my heart and unburden my soul.

49. I’m sorry for being a friend who couldn’t be loving enough to not let us drift apart. I’m sorry for letting our ship sail away without us in it. I want us back together, my dear.

50. I’m sorry for not covering up for you when I should have. My inadequacy is unjustifiable, so, I ask for your forgiveness, dear friend.

51. I would rather try to win you back as a friend than to cry a river and wallow in regret. Kindly accept my arms of friendship once again, dear friend.

52. If there’s any way I could make it up to you, I’ll like to know, for knowing you were the best thing that ever happened to me. I’m deeply sorry for messing our friendship up.

53. Like a little flower growing by the spring, our friendship started small but flourished well and blossomed into a tree of many branches. I’m sorry to have destroyed what we had.

54. The memories of my betrayal hunt me every night of my life. Only your forgiveness can afford me the peaceful sleep I so desire. I have no right to it, yet I hope on your benevolence to spare me your forgiveness. I’m truly sorry, dear friend.

55. I feel sorry for making such a bad joke. I was insensitive and above all, stupid. I hope you’ll believe me when I say, I’ll never be this ignorant again. Love you, dear friend.

56. A good friend would never leave the other stranded. I’m sorry for not being an angel when I could. I’m hunted by my folly.

57. All I do all day is brood over my mistake. Some mistakes shouldn’t have been made. Mine is one of them. I cannot turn back the hands of time, but the future can be made better if only you’ll accept my apology. I’m so sorry, dear friend.

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58. You’re a friend cum brother. It’s one of the guy’s code never to snitch on each other, yet my foolhardiness ripped our friendship apart like an old garment. Be merciful enough to forgive me. I’m sorry, brother.

59. Trust should never be broken, cause no matter what, it leaves a scar. I cannot ask that things go back to the way they were, but I plead that you bear no grudge towards me. I hate that you nurse so much pain within your heart. Please, accept my apologies.

60. I am in the wrong. I failed myself when I betrayed you. I turned a deaf ear to the voice of my conscience. I’m sorry, I hope you can see that all over me.

61. My tears wouldn’t do much, so I rather would look for means to amend that which I have destroyed. Believe you me, I’ll make it up to you, once again.

62. I’m so sorry, dear friend. I defiled our friendship by taking what was yours. I let jealousy and my insecurity have the best of me. I’m sorry for coming in between you and your boyfriend. Forgive me, please. I’m more broken than many shreds of glasses.

63. I’m sorry for impaling our friendship with my dishonesty. I was once a man of character, but now I know what it means to be a man of dishonour. Forgive me my sin, dear friend.

64. The reason I bray like a donkey and brood like a man on a death row is because I have offended an innocent soul. The only way out of my misery is your forgiveness. Please, take pride in pardoning me.

65. I’m sorry is the only thing that comes to my mind when I think of you. I should have been there for you, cause you trusted me even more than a friend.

66. To err is a friend, but to forgive is a friend better than a brother. I’m sorry I judged without listening to what you had to say. Now I feel worse than a sinner.

67. I plead that you assuage me of this burden of regret and anger which I feel towards myself. Your forgiveness would do me better than the touch of an angel.

68. What kind of friend am I for not caring enough? I am a disappointment to myself. I know my wrongs and thus, I admit them. I hope it’s not too late to make up for my shortcomings.

69. I bemoaned the eventuality of losing a friend like you to anger. Oh, pardon me and I promise to keep my emotions in check thenceforth.

70. It’s my duty as a friend to check up on you. I failed to do so. I hope you can forgive me for this. I promise to do better.

71. You considered me your bosom friend, but I failed to act like one. I should have taken your battle upon myself and deliver an armada if need be. Nevertheless, I left you by your lonesome on the battlefield. I’m sorry is not enough, I’ll rather make it up to you from this day.

72. You took me by the hand like a sister, yet I didn’t fail to turn my back on you. I’m the worst person on earth, I thought to myself. All I want to do now is rectify my mistakes. My apologies, dear friend!

73. I robbed you of your happiness. I took your loyalty for granted. I’m no better than a foe. I don’t deserve your forgiveness, yet I hold onto the frail voice that tells me of your mercifulness. Please, forgive a friend who was once jealous of you.

74. Together, we can conquer the world and silent our fears. Please, don’t leave me. I want to be your friend forever.

75. Our friendship is the most important treasure of life to me. I’m sorry if I cannot reciprocate your feelings for me, but I promise you that my arms of friendship would always the wreathed around you.

76. You shared all you had with me so breezily and humbly, but I never did the same when it was expected of me. I’m sorry, my friend. I apologize for my misbehaviour.

77. I’m sorry for not keeping my emotions in check. I should never have raised my voice against you. It was monstrous of me. I promise to treat you better as a friend.

78. I’m sorry for ruining your relationship because of my jealousy. I wanted to have all your attention to myself. How selfish of me! I hope you can forgive me.

79. I’ve learnt my lesson, though in a hard way, but that is the joy I can find in this. I’ll never forsake a friend in need again, I promise you, bestie.

80. I admit that I was jealous of your win when I should have drunk to your victory. What a shame. Dear friend, kindly forgive a broken me.

81. I’m sorry for making a cruel joke out of your pain. So thoughtless of me. I’m ashamed of myself.

82. I secretly was vying against you when I could have been more supportive and less insecure. I’m sorry, my dear friend.

83. I wish we both could act like the past never existed. But, that will be cowardly of me. I admit my wrong and humbly plead for a second chance.

84. You chose to be my friend in the face of sniggers and sneer. While I chose to betray you even when your loyalty was never a facade. I’m deeply sorry, my dear friend. I was a coward.

85. We were friends who would hold each other hands through the good and bad times. I’m sorry I became the friend that left when the winds of strife blew the most. Please, forgive me.

86. I should never have given up on you, for true friends weather the storm together. In you, I found the brother I never had. I wish I acted more brotherly than cowardly.

87. You and I are meant to make it together to the end of the world. Our journey continues irrespective of our fights and arguments. I’m sorry about the altercation we had.

88. I’m sorry for keeping you in the dark, for not trusting you enough with my problems. I’ll behave better in the coming time, dear friend.

89. I hope we can both forgive each other and put the past behind us. Let me be the first to call it a truce.

90. I’m sorry for breaking our pact. A good friend keeps to her word. It will never happen again, I assure you.

91. I want to be your friend forever. I want to be the sister you never had. But, how can I be any of these if you remain angry at me? I hope you truly believe me when I say I’m sorry.

92. I’m sorry for failing to show up. I let my emotions weigh me down, thus it drained me of my enthusiasm. I promise to make it up to you.

93. Never again will I let you wallow in depression. Let me help you stand back on your feet. This will make up for my not being there back in the days. I’m sorry.

94. I lied to you without batting an eyelid. It was cruel of me, I admit. I’ll never be that ilk of a person again.

95. My dear friend, I’m sorry for taking your trust for granted. I feel like a piece of filth. Please, forgive me. I’m sorrier than you would know.

96. Actions, they say speak louder than words. Please, give me the chance to make it up to you, best friend. I’m so sorry.

97. Each time I sleep, all I dream about is my betrayal of you. I can’t let you be. I’ll plead no matter how long it takes. I won’t stop asking for your forgiveness.

98. I’ll not fail to support you when you call on me again. I apologize for my misbehaviour. Please, accept that I am sorry, dear friend.

99. I wish I never listened to what the world had to say about you. I wish I followed my instincts. I’ll regret the day I let you down when you counted on me. I beseech you to pardon me, please.

100. Nothing is more ruinous than the betrayal of a dear friend’s trust. I’m deeply remorseful. I hope you can forgive me at least.

There’s no shame in rendering an apology. So, feel free to express yours to your offended friend, cause your friendship truly matters.

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Thank you.



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