Funny Good Morning Texts for Your Crush

Funny Good Morning Texts for Your Crush (2023)

What a beautiful and amazing feeling to have a crush on someone! Are you having a crush on a guy or a girl at the office, at school, or the one you shared a seat with in church last week? It’s totally okay, you know. Or is he/she online and you’re yet to meet in person?

Whether you have the intention of dating your crush, just being a friend or just enjoying the crush while it lasts, one beautiful way to keep the chemistry flowing is humour, and if you think that’s too hard for you to do, then you definitely have not read through this list.

I wrote a hundred texts to help you say good morning to your crush in funny ways, and they got you covered no matter your intentions this 2023.

These text messages and paragraphs will definitely help to make him/her laugh. With them, you’ll know that putting smiles and laughter on faces is not so hard after all. So what are you really waiting for?

The mornings ahead of you should not go by without you sending texts, wishing your crush a good one in a funny way, and all the options I have written for you will get you the best results. Trust me on this one.

Hilarious and Funny Good Morning Messages for Your Crush

Your male crush or female crush deserves to wake up to any of these funny good morning texts for your crush. They are the most hilarious collection of good morning messages and quotes you can get to send to him or her in the morning.

1. You’re making me stay awake when I wake up earlier these days because I text you when I do. Now my neighbours hear the sound of me moving around and think I’m hardworking. Good morning to you.

2. Good morning to you! I’m getting addicted to you. Now, I just need you to tell me what this addiction is called.

3. I got good news for you today: that you’re beautiful. Can you keep that a secret? Good morning to you, dear friend.

4. How do I know you’re from earth. I need proof or I’m concluding that you’re from heaven. Good morning to this beautiful guy in my street—you!

5. Good morning to you, new friend. This is a warning for you to avoid me today because I’ll take all your time if I run into you. I love being around you, you know.

6. So all my green lights and you’re still waking up without me as the first thoughts on your mind? Don’t make me cry, boy! Good morning to you.

7. With the way I’ve been missing you recently, I’m sure there’s a possibility that we were married in our previous lives. Good morning, girl. See you soon.

8. Good morning to you. A little advice for you: can you reduce how amazing you are before we send you back to Jupiter?

9. Look around you and see awesome things, like love, joy, fun, you… Yeah. Good morning to you.

10. Hey, dearie. I hope today gives you a lot of blessings while giving me a chance to catch a glimpse of your beautiful face. Good morning to you.

11. What should I do to make you that you’re totally special? Should I catch a grenade or jump off a moving train? Good morning to you, my friend.

12. Have you had your daily dose of smiles today or are you waiting for me to bring the smiles to you? Good morning to a beautiful friend like you.

13. Good morning to you today. I hope that today makes our paths cross at least a hundred times.

14. How are you this morning? Hope you’re as fine as the beautiful girl you’ll see today when you look at the mirror? Good morning to a special person — you!

15. I can’t wait to see you again. I just hope I don’t forget to brush or have my bath out of excitement. Have an amazing day. Good morning.

16. Good morning to you. Quick question: what’s stopping you from declaring yourself the most desirable man on the planet?

17. My prayer for you today is that your selfies cause your Facebook friends to lick their screens. Good morning to a beautiful friend of mine.

18. Will you believe me if I told you that you’re more amazing than Superman? Please, don’t. You’re just human. But a beautiful one, though. Good morning to you.

19. Today’s a work filled day for me and I’m wishing it’s the same for you. Don’t ask me why. Good morning to you, sweet girl.

20. This is a quick reminder that you are beautiful in a lot of ways and instruction to never forget that. Good morning, beauty.

21. God told me to tell you that you have to spend your day with me. Lol. I just want to see your pretty face. That’s all. Good morning to you.

22. Good morning to one of my favourite people. This is me hoping I’m also one of your favourite people. Lol. Enjoy the day.

23. Do you know that your presence makes my day more interesting? I think you should start a business out of that. Good morning, dearie.

24. There’s something I admire in you, something on my you have. That thing is…erm…YOU! Good morning.

25. Good morning, girl. Aren’t you the most beautiful woman in the world? Wait! When last did you check with the “mirror, mirror in the wall”?

26. I feel jealous that so much awesomeness was put in you. But my jealousy loves you, so you’re safe. Good morning to you.

27. When was the last time you thought about me? Because the last time I thought about you was “tomorrow”! Good morning to you.

28. You’re such an amazing person that I wonder if God created on my you the day he created you. Good morning to you, beautiful boy!

29. I dreamt of you last night and in that dream, you were my girlfriend, so can I start calling you sweetheart from today? Good morning, dearie.

30. Good morning, my friend. Hope you woke up like the king that you are? Now is the time to go out and reign over the day. Where’s your crown, though?

31. Been thinking about you so much recently that, if I stop, I’ll feat that I no longer have brains. Good morning to you, dear.

32. Tell me what you want this morning and watch me do it before you get off the bed! Fine boy like me to the rescue. Good morning, dearie.

33. I just thought you should know that you make looking at pretty girls beautiful. Good morning to you!

34. Hey, girl. What’s one funny thing you heard yesterday? Mine is that you’re not the prettiest girl ever! Good morning to you.

35. Good morning to a girl that has three hundred thousand things that I admire! Yes, good morning to you, my dear.

36. Come to think of it: why do you think I’ve been sending you regular texts in the morning? Mystery of the day. Good morning, beauty.

37. A super handsome boy like you deserves to wake up with a girl like me by his side. Agree or agree? Good morning to you, my favourite classmate.

38. Don’t you agree with me that only one person is as cute as you? That person is you. From a secret admirer.

39. Think of all the people you have a crush on and see if I’m not on the top of that list. Well, good morning for now. See you later.

40. All the beauties on the earth won’t make my day complete. It only gets complete when I hear your voice. Good morning to you, babe.

41. People say you deserve the best, I agree. Did they tell you that the best includes receiving text messages from me? Good morning to you!

42. You’re sure you’re not the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen? I think I disagree with you. Good morning to this baby girl.

43. Your day will go beautiful. How do I know? Because handsome boys deserve days as handsome as they are. Good morning to you.

44. Hello, pretty girl. Do you have a wallpaper of you? I think I need to change mine ASAP. Good morning to you, dear.

45. I hope we all get something good today, and I hope your beauty increases by 25.67%. Good morning to you!

46. Hello, my dear neighbour. This may sound funny, but may your car tires not be leaking this morning. Valid prayer, yeah? Good morning.

47. One of the beautiful things 2023 gave to me is you. I wish I could turn you into a picture and hang on my wall. Good morning to you, dear.

48. I heard your days start on a bright note. Who manufactures the torches that brighten them up, I though? Good morning to you, my friend.

49. I’ll soon go to grab breakfast. Can looking at you and talking to you be a part of my breakfast today? Good morning to you, sweets.

50. Hey, girl. Should I pick you up on my way out today? The drive to work is more fun with you in the car. Good morning to you.

51. Good morning to you. Just thought to tell you that your skin is the colour of honey. In fact, I suspect your skin is honey. Can I lick it to clear my doubts?

52. Do you know that bees can fly, that dogs can jump and that you can make a man like me stare until a car hits him? Good morning, one of my favourite girls.

53. Yesterday, someone asked me to define who a crush is. I described you. Good morning to you.

54. I saw you once, you struck me and it was a while before I saw you again. Are you a hit-and-run driver? Good morning to you, from me.

55. Get out of your house, go into the world, and meet amazing girls, like me. Good morning to you, my “brother”. (Winks).

56. Good morning to you, dear. I wanna do something special for you this morning. Just name it. No private jets, though.

57. Let me introduce you to a guy I like this morning. He is the one reading this text right now. Good morning, my great friend.

58. How best to wake you up this morning except with this text message that’s better than a bank alert? Good morning to you.

59. When last did you hear from me? Just last night? That’s like forever if you ask me. Well, good morning to you, beautiful girl.

60. Good morning, my good friend. In 2023, I want to spend more time with you and get to know you better. I hope to start today. Wanna sit out?

61. What if you wake up to a hundred texts from me telling you how much I admire you, and two hundred more before the day runs out? Don’t get scared yet. Good morning.

62. The day is bright, I know. But is it as bright as your beautiful face? Good morning to you!

63. I wish you love, joy, life and my awesome, beautiful and incredible presence today. I wish you the last one more than the others, though. Good morning to you.

64. It’s magical how I’m sending a good morning text to you. It’s my first time too. Don’t blame me. Blame you for being amazing! Good morning to you.

65. I want to call you “cherry”, but I don’t plan to eat you. So, for now, let me just stick to saying Good Morning!

66. Heyo! Remember the first day I met you. I also remember it too like it’s yesterday. Wait. It’s actually just yesterday. Good morning to you, dear.

67. Words to me are life, and I’m giving one of my many lives to an awesome person like you this morning! Good morning.

68. How best do I tell you that you are a very handsome boy and that I like spending time with you? Oh. I’ve already told you. Good morning to you, fam.

69. Living is incomplete for anyone that has not yet met you. You’re important like that! Good morning to you.

70. Today’s a special day because I get to see a boy a admire so much in it. I hope I make your day special too. Good morning to you, dear.

71. Great things await you today, like me running into you! Good morning, dear friend.

72. If someone like you comes into my life once every month, I swear I’ll be Batman by now! Good morning to you.

73. Hello. How’s Heaven this morning? Have you heard from home? Because you’re definitely not from this physical realm. Good morning to you.

74. Keep lying to me that you’re from earth. You think I don’t know how those from Heaven behave, yeah? Good morning to you.

75. Money’s sweet. Not as sweet as sugar, and definitely not as sweet as you! Good morning, dear.

76. These are the days when I’ll wake up and all I think about is you. I hope they don’t pass, though! Good morning to you, Princess.

77. Good morning, (insert name), you’re just as beautiful as your name. Now I feel like doing a change of name so I can enjoy your kind of beauty too.

78. You’ve not been in school for a while now. Is it until I run mad that you’ll show up again? Good morning to you, dear.

79. Hope you slept like a Queen? Do you mind waking up to special treatment from a King called me? (Winks). Good morning.

80. You knew I had a crush on you and you still remained your same old self. I thought you’d start acting like you bought a plane. Lol. I wish you a great morning!

81. Funny how I see life differently since I met you. I now believe that the beautiful ones are born. Good morning to you!

82. I’m trying hard to not start writing poems for you. So I’ll just say have a blessed morning! Enjoy the day.

83. You look beautiful today. I know I’ve not seen you yet, but I know you’re beautiful. Just agree, don’t argue. Good morning to this beautiful girl.

84. If you see yourself today, tell him that someone admires a lot about him. Also, send my greetings across to him. Good morning.

85. Hey, good morning. This is just to let you know that I’m your number one crush.

86. I don’t want to sound funny, but what kind of food do you eat to stay as beautiful as you are? Good morning to you.

87. If anyone ever talked about how beautiful God makes his creation, that person must have met you, because right now I feel like talking about how beautiful God makes them. Good morning to you.

88. In the midst of the many texts you’ll receive this morning, here’s one a fine girl that admires you and wants you to be a friend to her. Good morning.

89. I woke up this morning with food as the first thing on my mind and you as the second. Good morning to you, buddy.

90. Why have you not been at work recently? The office has been boring without you. Come around today or I’ll just resign. (winks). Do well to have an awesome morning, my favourite colleague.

91. Good morning to you, dear. Do you know the reason people say “good morning” is because you’re in it?

92. This 2023, I’ve had a lot of crushes, but you crush me in a different way. Good morning to you!

93. I’m excited that my morning will have you in it. I think your name is “good”, the one used in “good morning”. Should I say good morning yet or wait till we meet?

94. The scariest part of this morning is that I won’t get to see you in it. I miss you. A beautiful morning to you.

95. I love beautiful girls, and if that’s a problem, I love the fact that I have a problem. Good morning to you!

96. So today’s a beautiful day, but I’m looking for the face of the day to see if it’s as beautiful as yours. Good morning to you.

97. Who wakes up in the morning to remind a girl that’s not his wife of how beautiful her body is? Well, I do. Good morning to you.

98. I wish that your morning is beautiful and that you get no debit alert today! Good morning to you, dear.

99. Good morning to you. Can I have a picture of you so I could send it to the dictionaries to use in defining beauty?

100. It’s funny how you’re the first person I send texts to nowadays. What amazing thing are you doing to me? Confess! Good morning, beautiful girl.

I’m quite sure you also had a good laugh while reading this. I just hope you haven’t forgotten that you have a mission to accomplish tomorrow morning?

I just don’t think you should be greedy with this beautiful collection you stumbled upon. Since you love these funny texts, share the post to your friends so they could also use on their crushes too. Do it for the love, buddy.

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